Best Wood Salad Bowl for Home & Kitchen in 2023

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Are you aware that salad was preferred to be served in plain wooden bowls only in the early times?

Well, yes! After the wood’s characteristic to intact nutrition and absorb excess salad oil, wooden bowls were a ‘must’ in every household.

So, do you want the best wood salad bowl to serve the nutritious salad to your family? Or do you want the salad dressing to look superb when served in wood to the guests?

Whatever your requirement might be for the purchase, we will provide you with the best wood salad bowl of all the time. Well, the best wooden salad bowl comes with a few prominent and exciting features. They are:

  • It is entirely natural, making it eco-friendly, biodegradable, and renewable at the same time.
  • The wood used is long-lasting and durable, preventing the bowl from breaking.
  • It retains fewer bacteria than plastic, i.e., it is antibacterial in nature.

All these features make a person purchase wooden bowls rather than those metallic or plastic ones. This is, in fact, a wise purchase, according to us.

In the following article, we will let you know the different things you should look for and see to make your purchase of the best wood salad bowl the best.

Buying Guide for the Best Wood Salad Bowl in 2023

Salad Bowls are quite crucial for every kitchen and adds meaning to your healthy life. Not only for salad purposes, but these bowls can also be reutilized for any kitchen purpose you wish for.

Further, these bowls come in various materials such as steel, ceramic, wood, etc. Out of these materials, it is the wood that is the priority of numerous people. But choosing a suitable wooden bowl for salad requires adequate knowledge, which you might generally lack.

Hence, we have a guide that will provide you with mandatory knowledge about the specifications in a wooden salad bowl to be looked for and why.

Wood Material to go for!

Wood is available in various types, among which hardwood is the highly preferred one after its structure. The hardwood’s cellular building density makes it ideal for serving any platter with moisture content, especially salad.

Types of wood for the Wood Salad Bowls

However, there are different types of hardwood, which you can go for the wooden salad bowl. They are:

Maple Wood:

Available in a beautiful color, maple wood is food-proof wood. The best benefit of this type of wood is that it looks stylish and is strong.

Bamboo Wood:

Coming in the wooden grasses category, Bamboo is a good choice for the wooden bowls. The bamboo wood salad bowls come with antibacterial, durable, and renewable capabilities.

Olive Wood:

Olive Wood Salad Bowls comes with an excellent polishing of its earthy and dark stripes, which creates a luxuriant aroma of the food or salad to be served.

Cherry Wood:

The cherry tree’s wood gives a beautiful look when converted into a cherry wood salad bowl. It is durable, stylish, and comes in rich shades, making cherry wood salad bowls to go in trend.

Acacia Timber:

The wood of Acacia is non-decaying and water-resistant, which adds much to its quality. Usually, the wood starts losing its durability once it starts absorbing water. So, with the water-resistant quality, acacia wood salad bowls will do wonders and will be long-lasting for many years.

Teak Wood:

Teak wood salad bowls are also a good choice as this wood comes with water-resistant quality, making it perfect kitchenware.

Wood Material NOT to go for!

In the market, you will find some wooden bowls that you shouldn’t go for at all! Let’s learn WHICH and WHY.

OAK Wood:

If your mind gets stuck in the Oak wood bowl for salad, it is better to leave it and go for another. It is after several reasons. They are:

  • It does not last long.
  • Likely to crack or break.
  • Not food-safe.
  • Soaks Moisture and essential oil

Beech Wood:

When it comes to kitchenwares, beechwood has poor quality as it turns yellow in a few uses. The beech wood affects its durability and doesn’t let it last long.

Birch Wood:

This wood type isn’t reliable at all. It can be bent and twisted, which doesn’t make it ideal for salad bowls.

Features of Best Wood Salad Bowl in 2023

Size of the Salad Bowl

When it comes to size, it plays a significant role. It tells the total people it is serving and eventually adds a great look to the salad dressing. So, according to your family members, choose the ideal size.

However, you should go for large salad bowls. It gives more space to add a variety of salad, serves the entire family, and can be used during family get-togethers.

Bowl Design

Well, there are numerous designs you can find in the salad bowls, which you would definitely love. You can go for them, making sure that their durability isn’t less. Usually, the segmented and laminated constructed wooden bowl for salad doesn’t last much.

Suppose you want a soothing design with long-lasting capability. In that case, you can go for the one-piece construction bowls with excellent finishing.

Enhanced Quality Bowl

By determining the wood type to go for in the salad bowls, you can evaluate the quality. You should always go for the wood type which is available in the best quality. It enhances the durability and makes the bowl long-lasting, thus, saving your money to the maximum.

Weighted Salad Bowl or NOT?

The salad bowl decided to be purchased should be weighted or not is a cause of concern. Even in two individuals’ families, the amazon salad bowl needs to be carried from one chair to another and then back to the kitchen. If the bowl comes to be heavy, it will be challenging to hold. You would eventually restrain from using it for daily purposes. So, go for the bowls, which aren’t much heavy to carry.

On the other hand, heavy wooden bowls are available with excellent durability and at a heavy sum. There are chances that you will find some expensive, durable, and weighted wooden bowls among them. Such bowls wouldn’t be that much heavy to be carried after their excellent construction. So, you can go for them too!


Once the wood starts absorbing moisture, it will lose its durability and get worn off. This usually happens in low-quality timber. Thus, you must go for the woods which are of outstanding quality or are water-proof. Such woods remain long-lasting for many years and can serve a good purpose at home.

Easy to Clean

The wooden bowls you will purchase should be easy to clean. Usually, the unique salad bowls which get dried quickly can be cleaned with hot water.

But remember! You don’t have to wash them in the dishwasher. Wooden utensils are not made for dishwasher use. They require handwork for longevity. You can use the hot soapy water to add a slight coating of essential oil to an excellent salad taste before serving.

Affordable or NOT!

Which one should I purchase? Should it be an expensive one or a reasonable one?

Such thoughts usually cross the mind when we are willing to purchase kitchenware. But make sure that neither they should control your mind, nor you should go into the words of others. Always go according to your mindset and, most importantly – Budget.

Well, the high quality wooden salad bowls indeed come in an affordable range. You do not have to purchase exceptionally expensive bowls for the best quality. You just have to be aware of the frauds and have a thorough look at the customer reviews and comments before purchasing the selected one.

FAQs for the Best Wood Salad Bowl in 2023

Can I use olive oil on a wooden bowl?

It is entirely OK to use oils on wooden bowls, especially olive oil. Olive oil comes with many excellent characteristics to nourish the food nutrients. So is a perfect option to be applied to the bowl before preparing the amazon salad bowl final salad. It will also enhance the bowl's shine.

But wait! We have more to say.

Using oil over a long period on a wooden bowl will create hindrances while painting or varnishing the wood soon. If you have such a plan to do creativity with your bowl, you shouldn't apply much oil and a long time over it.

How do you get the smell out of the wooden bowl?

If you place eatables on the wooden bowls and don't wash the bowl properly, it will catch mold and foul smell. If it accumulates, you may get rid of mold, but that smell still remains. So, how to get rid of it?

It is relatively easy. You have to use lemon juice and pumice all over the bowl. Take only one spoon of each and rub it thoroughly over the entire wooden salad bowl amazon. This will remove the layers of oil that have been accumulated over the usage. Once it is removed, you need to wash the bowl with hot water and dishwashing soap. And finally, let it dry!

How do you get the sticky residue off the wooden salad bowl?

First of all, you shouldn't go for the foodstuffs in a wooden bowl, leaving a sticky residue. But, if you do, you must know the right way to get rid of it. Well, it is to heat it up. Yes! You might have seen that these bowls are made for heating purposes. But, here you have to do!

You need to place the handmade wooden salad bowls in the oven at 200 to 250-degree temperature, and as the bowl will heat up, the residue will become loose as it will also be heated up. And right then, you need to wipe it off! This is the only most straightforward way to get rid of those unwanted residues.

Are the wooden bowls microwave safe?

You might have heard only about the metal getting sparkled up when used in the microwave, i.e., they are not microwavable. On the contrary, you might not have listened to the same regarding the wooden bowls. But you need to know that the wooden bowls are also NOT MEANT FOR MICROWAVE USE!

Wooden bowls, when purchased, come with moisture content in them. When they are used in the microwave, the moisture starts to heat, and so the unique wood salad bowls. As the water will get absorbed due to excessive heat, the bowl will dry up and crack.

Hence, if you were using the wooden bowls in the microwave unknowingly, we suggest you not do the same from now onwards. It can damage your microwave.

How long do wooden salad bowls last?

It is entirely essential to take care of the wooden salad bowls. If you regularly wash it with water and dishwashing soap. Apply lemon juice and pumice on the bowls to remove molds and pungent smell. This is the way you can let your salad bowls last for a couple of years. On the other hand, if you took complete care of it and purchased the unique wood salad bowls. of the best material, it is sure that your bowl can last for about a century and so on.

However, we will tell you two main things which are essential for you to avoid:

  • Using the bowl in a microwave, unless quite urgent.
  • Dishwashing the bowl! You should prefer hand-washing it.

How to make a wood salad bowl?

Video Transcript:

I’m often asked how long does it take to make a salad bowl and it’s not easy to give a straight answer to this question because there’s a lot more to making a salad bowl than just shaping it quickly on the lathe it all starts with selecting the right wood I prefer to use hardwoods with an attractive grain pattern and without any defects such as cracks or decay when I get the wood it’s on the season which means it’s still wet but this makes it easy to work with but it’s very heavy to handle I have to work quickly as the wood starts to dry almost immediately and it can crack.

Within a few hours, I usually work with wet wood in the wintertime which helps me to avoid this situation I have to make some important decisions before I cut up the log and the first step is to remove a section from the end which is full of small cracks and this is because it’s been exposed to the air this reveals the beautiful grain and some of the defects which I’ll have to work around many people assume that a salad bowl is made from just cutting rings.

Off the end of a log but this is not the case a salad bowl is taken from the side of the tree or a plank which gives it a lot of strength just before I cut up the log and Mark it in a way that gives the maximum yield but avoids any defects the powerful chainsaw will quickly cut each piece the sides and these pieces are called ball blanks a chainsaw is a useful tool in a woodturner’s workshop but like any woodworking tool needs to be treated with the respect it has to be sharp to cut quickly and it has to be sharpened correctly to cut straight when you get these two things right with a reliable saw it makes the job very easy the roughly sawn blanks are then brought.

To a machine called the bandsaw to make them round the bandsaw is really an essential part of a woodturner sketch this machine has to be set up correctly and with frequent fine-tuning along with the correct blade for the job it will help prepare the blanks before turning once the blanks are cut into a circle then they’re ready for turning but first I’ll start by sharpening the tool so I can cut the wood with these the wood is wet so it can be quickly shaped with the sharp tool I then create a foot which is referred to as a spigot at the bottom of the bowl.

This will allow me to reverse the bowl and hold it securely in a Chuck while I work on the inside shaping a spigot has to be precise and also the correct size because there’s going to be a lot of strain put on it while hollowing out the inside with a coring tool the coring tool will allow me to save several smaller bowls from the inside of the larger bowl.

Which will help save precious material once the bowls are rough shape to the correct wall thickness they are then sealed to prevent cracks appearing as it dries I have the choice of air drying or killing drying the roughly shaped pieces kill and Ryan is very quick in comparison to air drying but makes the wood harder to work with when the wood is dry the ball blanks are returned to the lathe and turned a second time as the bowls dry they change shape and become oval so I have to leave enough material in the wall thickness to make them round.

Once again using sharp tools I can take heavy cuts to create the shape which I’m looking for and then taking finer cuts which will create a very smooth surface leaving it ready for sanding and with the right equipment and the correct sanding grits the bowl will soon be silk smooth I use an oil finish on each piece which will allow it to be safely used with food once I have the bowl oiled and remove the tenon at the bottom the bowl is now held on the laid using a vacuum choke.

Which will hold it securely for this process without marking the surface all that’s left now is to sign the bowl before it’s on its way to a new home so back to the question how long does it take to make a salad bowl when my answer is 25 years of perfecting technique if you would like a little more detailed information of each step involved in making it bold have a look at my Bowl turning techniques DVD it is packed with a hundred minutes of useful information also check out my other DVDs in the mastering woodturning series you.

What can you use wooden bowls for?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone it’s Tammy from nutmeg notebook calm I have a healthy living lifestyle blog where I share about eating a whole food plant-based diet so please check that out today I’m going to show you how to make my chopped salad in another youtube video I did my big beautiful salad and since then I have started making those in bulk so I will make up four to six to eight sometimes of these salads and put them in the fridge so that my husband Tom and I can just grab one from the fridge when it’s lunchtime and it’s easy peasy which we really like so since I made that video we have also learned how to make chopped salads and my mentor chef.

AJ I’m a participant in chef AJ’s ultimate weight loss plan and she makes a chopped salad and she showed how to do it in one of her cooking videos and I ordered myself a beautiful wood bowl I’ll link to this so my husband will do a video about the proper care and how to wash a wooden bowl like this and then I also purchased what is called a Lu knife and these are made in Alaska and then you see how it has that beautifully curved shape and it works wonderfully in this bowl and you need a bowl like this that’s deep that can hold a lot of vegetables and also it has to have the right curvature on it for this to work so the bowl works like a wooden cutting board and the Lulu is very sharp and makes quick easy work of chopping a salad.

So I’m going to show you how I do that so this is a Ziploc container I buy these at Target it holds just over a pound maybe about 19 sis or so of salad I do weigh them sometimes just you know – trying to make everything even and the salads last a good three-four days in the refrigerator this is what it looks like now if you don’t want your tomatoes chopped.

Up if you want to have those be left whole sometimes Tom takes his out and doesn’t chop them in the wooden bowl I like mine to be chopped there’s also a little bit of Apple in this mixture as well as some little mandarin oranges and that adds a little bit of sweetness and it also adds moisture along with the tomatoes to the salad you see there’s red cabbage and carrots and red onion and baby kale and romaine.

And baby spinach and red pepper and little pea pods and it’s delicious so whatever vegetables you like so all I do is throw them all in the bowl and then I start chopping and you want to keep your fingers away from the edge of the I’m just chopping can you see how it’s starting to get chopped up and I just keep moving the lettuce around two or three bowls okay this is for me show you I don’t like to waste any of the goodness so there we have it there’s the chopped salad beautiful now you can put the dressing on this if you want to sometimes I have a wonderful creamy.

Balsamic vinegar dressing that’s on my blog that’s super popular with plant-based eaters and non-plant-based eaters on my dad and so you could dress it with that if you want now we use this as our main meal for lunch most days and so we add some things to it so I really like the nutty flavor and texture of wild rice so I like to add a few spoonfuls of that to the greens and you know add as much as you want it has a wonderful texture I usually make a great big pot of that in my pressure cooker and then divide it up into four cup servings into some Rubbermaid.

Or glad ware plastic containers that have lids and then I’ll put those in the freezer and I can just pull out a container at a time so this is a 2 quart Correll Bowl I bought these about a couple of them off of Amazon and I bought a couple at Walmart and they were actually cheaper on Amazon with Prime Free Shipping and there are two quarts so they’re nice and big and they hold this whole collet so then what I do is I just put it in here and this does take a long time to eat it is a lot of greens but it’s so nutritious and when you’re eating a whole food plant-based diet you’re really giving your body all the nutrients that it wants it’s very satisfying this also has a lot of water in it a lot of fiber so super healthy okay so at this point I usually add some balsamic vinegar.

And I really like this Napa Valley Naturals grand reserve it’s four percent acidity and it’s very thick and syrupy and kind of sweet so even people who don’t care for balsamic vinegar oftentimes will like this one because it’s not astringent not a so if you’re a vinegar lover I know that you will like it so I’d like to put this on do a fair amount and gotta grab my spatula sorry kind of stir that in it just adds a really nice flavor but you know if we’re traveling or like this weekend we were at a two-day workshop when we took salads with us and we didn’t put any vinegar on him or no dressing and they were perfectly fine with just all the toppings that we like to use okay so this would be good in and of itself like this but I like to kind of dress it up a little bit more.

So I have some quinoa and I make this ahead and my pressure cooker my instant pot and that way we have it in the fridge and we can do all kinds of things with it you know we can have beans and salsa and corn turn it into a nice little Mexican dish if we want we can add it to greens and beans and say I’ve got a little bit of corn here that he cooked in my Breville air fryer which I love if you don’t have an air fryer or thinking of getting one check out my video for the Breville because we love it and everyone that I’ve talked to that spot it has thought.

It’s been a wonderful thing to have in their kitchen you can do so much with it corn on the cob is so great in it that’s a lot of flavors hey I have some Brussels sprouts I also cooked these and the Breville and you know I’m like food to be pretty when I eat it so they say we eat with our eyes first so if it looks pretty before you start eating it your mouth is already watering and thinking oh wow this is gonna be so great so the Brussels sprouts I don’t do anything with them I just go ahead and put them in the Breville plain but you can certainly add balsamic vinegar or muster or a combination of both this is some kabocha squash.

That I oven-roasted and the skin gets all nice and soft and you can actually eat the skin this is an organic one and I just scrub it really well before I cook it and I roasted it 400 degrees for 35 minutes and it gets kind of caramelized and it’s so delicious and then these are love beads these are precooked they come from I get them at Costco but I know that some grocery stores also have them I’ve seen them at Whole Foods, of course, they’re cheaper.

If you buy em at Costco and I love cooked beets and they have a pretty long refrigerator life there’s nothing added to them but they’re precooked and they come whole and you just slice them and then I do have some great I have to add a few little grapes here I like a little bit of fruit with my salad that it just adds moisture and a little bit of sweetness which is really nice okay there you have it this is one of my chopped salads that I like to eat for lunch I have this Tom and I both have this almost every day for lunch and I very what.

I put on top of it just depends on what I have cooked in the fridge sweet potatoes are lovely Japanese sweet potatoes a chopped Yukon Gold and you know whatever you like you don’t have to make it exactly like mine you can do whatever suits your tastes and that is a chopped salad so see the link below for the bowl and the aloo knife and the vinegar thanks a lot you guys see you next time bye.


You are likely to find the wooden bowls you might have not even dreamt of ever in the market. You can go for them, but not without the buying guide we have prepared for you. It will help you make the wisest purchase ever and make your product last for centuries.

Also, we suggest you buy the best wood salad bowl, which comes with multi-purpose services. This will make your work easy and let you save your money from purchasing other unnecessary bowls and make a complete mess in the kitchen.

So, you are now free to purchase a suitable bowl. You can make the best wooden salad bowl set to flaunt among your friends, relatives or create a unique impression among the customers if used in a hotel.

ALL THE BEST for your purchase!

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