Best Water Filter System for Home in 2023

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Is your kitchen lacking the most important thing – a water filter system?

Have you ever thought about the quality of water you are regularly drinking?

Do you want the best water filter system for your home?

Well, if yes, then we have come up with this article for you.

As pollution is increasing daily, water quality is becoming a top issue in many households. It’s true that the water now reaching our homes aren’t safe to be drunk like this and is of bad quality too. Thus, it gives rise to many diseases and may affect our health.

So, if you are concerned about your loved ones’ lives, you need to do something regarding this issue. Of course, the best you can do is set up a water filter system at your home.

If you want to improve your acquaintance regarding the water filter systems, gear up your seat as we are heading to the next part.

Buying Guide for Best Water Filter System for Home in 2023

Sometimes we can make wrong intuitions about the working and features of the water filter systems while placing them at homes. Thus, it is imperative to have good knowledge about them. Therefore, we have come up with a buying guide that will offer you every possible experience, whether positive or negative, about the water filter systems for a better purchase.

Contamination and the quality of the water

The water’s quality is known to vary from one area to another, on account of pollution. Thus, the amount of contamination also differs accordingly. This is the first thing you will be checking before you make your purchase of the water filter. You have to check what kind of impurities are there in your water. You can sense and check whether there is any foul smell. Look carefully if any sediments or any other particles present in them or find any change in the water’s color. Well, there might even be some corrosion build up which comes through your pipes into the water.

Thus, you have to be quite considerate about these things.

The technology of the Filter System

Once you know what your water is affected by, you can go ahead with checking and comparing the technology that is being used in the purifier. You have to then select the technology according to your needs and requirements. Check all mechanisms you need in your filter. If there are more sediments or particles, then you should go for a RO or reverse osmosis. This is so because RO’s can remove those particles and excessive filter to remove minerals from water. It comes with a semi-permeable membrane. If you want to get rid of the ultraviolet rays, then choose the one with UV protection. Then comes the UF ones, which provide ultra-filtration. However, these RO also keep complete care of the acidic and alkaline balance,

Thus, for every feature, the technology differs. But there is now the availability of filter systems that offer all the elements in just one product. However, it’s just that you have to search for the right one in the available ones.

Usage as per your family

Well, the selection criteria also matter on the usage of your family. So, how much water do you consume per day? Is the water required only for drinking? Are you addicted to using filtered water for cooking and other purposes?

You have to find answers to all these questions that have been mentioned here. Only then will you actually find out your usage. Then if you have a joint family, of course, the user will be more. But a nuclear family has a lesser use. If the user is more, you need a high temperature water filter. But with a small family, you can go ahead with a moderate or low power one.

The amount of electricity consumed

Here, the amount of electricity you are getting and the filter’s electricity must be equally considered. These days almost all the filters need electricity to work. Only a few of them do without electricity. But you need to check on how much energy they need. Different filters have different amounts of electricity usage. The high power ones use more electricity. But then the electricity bill also shoots up like anything. So choose the one that consumes moderate or low electricity.

So, it’s true that the amount of electricity supply you get at your home is also to be considered. It might be possible that you do not get enough amount of electricity at your house required by the filter installed at your place. Thus, consider the electricity point very wisely.

Maintenance of the filter

Almost each and every water filter has some kind of maintenance. Generally, the care of the candles is essential. Candles are inside the filter, which acts as a chamber through which water passes under the purification process. Candles are the part of water purifiers that needs to be checked regularly. If they stop working, then the filter becomes useless. But the cost of those maintenance charges is relatively high. So, make sure that while making your purchase, you enquire about the maintenance costs. Also, consider on an average basis how many times that particular filter has to be sent for maintenance.

Size and Appearance

The water filter size must be considered because if you purchase a too large filter to fit it, you must check it. It will be of no use then. Moreover, it will make the place look more congested. So it is better that you first measure the lengths of the purifier and the wall. Then, you can select the one which is ready to be fit in there.

Next comes the appearance. It will be big enough to appear on the kitchen wall or wherever it is being installed. So, buy the one which is appealing to look at. These days colorful ones with many new designs are also available. So, you can choose the one with a theme for your wall or with the same color as your walls so it will look more attractive.

A Portable one

Water filters are bought once in 8 to 10 years. But this does not mean that you will keep it at the same place where you had first applied it. You might change its position a few times after that. But it will be next to impossible to shift its place if it is not the best portable water filter. There might be times when your house is getting repaired or painting walls or interior change is being held, or you might shift your home. So, in all these cases, it will become straightforward if you buy a portable one. You can quickly move it from place to place. Portable ones are easy to carry, as well.

Warranty and Authorized dealership

When you purchase a water purifier, make sure it comes with a warranty for a certain period. This assures that the manufacturer is confident and assures you that the product will be working well until that period. And buy it from an authorized dealer. Of course, the warranty will only be given by a dealer who is an authorized one and is reliable. Do not just randomly buy from anywhere. We would suggest you go for an online purchase. But make sure that it is from a trustworthy and dependable online store.

Water pressure

Various water filters work at varied pressures of water like the Reverse osmosis (RO) works at a higher pressure. But the activated charcoal one or the TDS ones can work at a medium to low pressure of water. Now, the force of water that reaches the water purifiers is based on certain factors. These factors include things like the elevation of your house, all your pipelines, etc.


Make an estimate of the water purifier, and then go ahead go look for it. This is my recommendation. If you go without the estimated budget, you will get very confused because there are tons of available markets. If you sort by the price range, you will get the best pieces within that range. So in this way, you will get the best product and that too at the best price.

Top Variants for the Best Water Filter System for Home in 2023

We have now come up with a list of the top water filter systems found at every home. These filters offer good quality and last for a longer time, thus being a penny saver for years.

So, let’s go ahead with it.

1. ISpring Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System – (Best under sink water filter)

Best under sink water filterOur first water filter system is by iSpring. This high-rated system is designed in a unique way to regain the mineral balance and alkalinity of the finally filtered water and keep whole houses the taste intact.

Thus, this under sink water filter won’t take you time to adapt to drink water from this filter system. It comes with a reverse osmosis technology that offers healthy and pure water with 0 percent contamination and free from hydro-harmful minerals like chlorine, asbestos, sodium, etc.

However, when we come to the installation, this best camping water filter is relatively easy to be put in the kitchens. In fact, you won’t need any third person to fix it in the required place. It comes with an installation book and has all the parts too. This time, there isn’t a need to wait to put the best water filter system at home.


  • It comes with an easy visual inspection.
  • The AK filter regains all the healthy minerals and tastes back.
  • It is easy to be installed.
  • This best water purifier comes with 6 stage remineralization filter.
  • There are layered protections for the purified water.

Customers Feedback:

It should have been a quick install considering it was not all that complicated. But after getting up and down too many times, my back was killing me! After a few hours it was done. Once the flushes were completed, I was getting clear and tasty water. The small air bubbles introduced some cloudiness, but the mineral water filter cleared out fairly quickly. After a week, the bubbles are mostly gone. I had only one problem with the installation: the faucet was leaking around the base and was pooling on the sink. Josh at iSpring said they would send a replacement. The replacement was a bit smaller (it actually looks better on the sink) and is leak-free after a few days of use. iSpring seems committed to customer satisfaction and maintaining their reputation as a high-quality water purification company. Good for them. And us!

This is a great system. There was room under our double sink so I installed it there. It was easy to install except for the spigot which was in an awkward spot and I have arthritic hands, so it took some patience. I am a 50+ woman and did it by myself in a couple of hours one evening–the instructions and videos this company offers are second to none. I love that they provide a leak alarm just in case. I turned it on and had no leaks straight away. The water tastes fantastic and I feel better that the best camping water filter is replacing what has been removed. I love that the first filter is in a transparent housing so I can see that after a few months there is rust collecting on it. The only downside is that the pressure is a little low, but I totally anticipated that with my house pressure being barely adequate. I haven’t changed any filters yet but it looks very straightforward and easy to access. So much better than my old RO system.

2. APEC Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System– (Best home water filter system)

Best home water filter systemYou can now drink pure and healthy water regularly with the APEC water system. This filter comes with a 5 stage ultra safe reverse osmosis, which adds to its quality. Its quality is quite excellent and has an appealing design that won’t make your kitchen look outdated.

Technology can remove more than 1000 contaminants from water and harmful minerals such as chlorine, nitrates, foul odor, etc. Further, this home water filter system comes with WQA system technology. It keeps the filters long-lasting and treats the contaminated water in the best way. This treatment offers a refreshing water taste and re-contamination of the water.

Well, now let us come to something fundamental – the sound. You might have seen filters making familiar sounds while they are in function, which can be quite irritating. However, these best drinking water filter advanced technology filters don’t create any disturbing sound while working, making it another best option to go for.


  • There is an extended warranty.
  • It’s connecting fittings are of excellent quality.
  • This best portable water filter is long-lasting.
  • Its fittings offer leak-free protection.
  • It is easy to maintain regularly.
  • The designed material is free from lead.

Customers Feedback:

UPDATE July 29, 2019: As you can see below, a year after purchase my water started to taste bad. After contacting customer service, they went above and beyond all expectations until my problem was resolved. I cannot say enough good things about their service. I am a happy customer! Initially my water was delicious. about a year later I started having problems with the flavor. I tried changing the filters more often and contacted the company who made various suggestions that I followed but the water just does not taste good anymore. I live in NYC and my plain old tap water tastes better! but I bought this because of what it filters out. It was a big expense for me and now I am so disappointed .Customer service is good, so hopefully they will have a good solution. will update.

Very straight forward install even with a garbage disposal. All the tubing are color coded and pretty hard to mess up. The instructions are in black/ white and in color. I watched a few you tube videos prior to starting this project to familiarize my self with the best portable water filter, but its not necessary. The entire process took about 1 hour and most of the time was due to double checking everything was in the right place. You can also connect the tubing to your ice maker. After the install make sure to dump about 2 to 3 tanks until the water is super clear. I have suggested this water system to other people and I highly suggest it to anyone who is ready to drink pure water without any imperfections.

After the manufacturer confirmed that this RO system does decrease uranium, radium and radon in water, I purchased this system instead of some well-known RO-systems that cost over $1000. I had my well water tested prior to installation, which showed very high levels of uranium, radon and radium 226. My brother installed this system for me and said it was very easy to install. One of the canisters had a tiny leak, but went away after the best drinking water filter was properly tightened. I could not tighten it effectively. So I had the water tested for radiological contaminants again after the installation and just got my results back. The contaminants have dramatically decreased; well below levels of concern! I am extremely happy with this purchase and am so glad I discovered this system on Amazon.

3.Waterdrop Under Sink Water Filter System– (Best home water filter)

Best home water filterHave you ever thought of going for an under-sink water filter system? If no, then we have a chance for you now. This time we have come up with a sleek designed water system placed under the sink for a regular filtration of tap water whenever used.

This home water filter comes with a stainless-steel faucet free from lead, thus adding to your system’s look. Well, when you talk about the installation, then remember that it is easy to install. As it is a highly innovative product, it has pre-installed parts too. So, it would take you approx. Five minutes to finish up your work. But remember, in your sink, always connect it with the pipe with cold water supply.

Hot water can easily damage the best shower water filter, which can add up to be a new expense for you. However, every 2 years, it can become mandatory for you to get a new filter as their life is not more than that. But don’t worry, as it all depends upon the kind of water that is received.


  • Its operating speed is quite fast.
  • It is not only for the kitchen. It can work in offices and RV too.
  • There is an installed twist-and-lock design.
  • There are various connecting options available to different facets of this best rv water filter.

Customers Feedback:

This is a quality product and works great. I gave it a five-star for the ease of installation, but in my case, it was anything but. Because the dick head that installed my deep sink didn’t shorten any of the water lines, they were all tucked up and behind the deep sink and I had no way to get in there and cut anything or use a Pex tool or collars, so that I could shorten the lines and bring the T fitting for the best shower water filter down where I could get at them. It literally took me three and a half hours to install the filter, water line T and the two lines to the filter because of the ineptness of the sink installer. If everything had been installed normally, like it should have been originally, it would have literally been a half hour installation.

Right out of the box this looked very easy. The best rv water filter, plastic line already attached to one of three points and a small bag with screws and clips. The valve has a few different fittings that come with it just in case. You simply “intercept” your cold line, install the faucet and filter, plug and play a few lines and DONE!!!!! Only part that could be challenging is drilling thru your sink. Everyone is different so do whatever applies to you. Once installed, let it run for a few minutes. Holy Cow!!!!! The water tastes very very good. We used to have an odor and taste. Both gone and taste very good. Like water should!!

4. Culligan Whole House Heavy Duty Water Filtration System– (Best whole house water filter)

Best whole house water filterThis water filter system by Culligan is a top-rated filter by many residential individuals. It comes with 1″ stainless steel reinforced connectors. These connectors can be easily used as both as inlet or outlet connectors. However, when we talk about its usage, the best filter cartridge can destroy the contaminants. This whole house water filter includes dirt, chlorine, sediments, foul smell, poor taste, and many more.

Further, its material comes with low lead compliance, making this best whole house water filter for well water safe to be used over the years. Its bottle also contains a mounting bracket, filter monitor battery, housing wrench, and filter monitor battery, which are its main components. You just need to add a compatible filter cartridge to make it work effectively.


  • It removes all the contaminants.
  • It comes in a heavy-duty style.
  • The temperature range suitable for its usage is 40°F to 100°F.
  • The pressure range lies to be 125 psi.
  • There is a specification to protect water appliances.

Customers Feedback:

I bought this filter to try and solve the sediment problem from our well. I read some reviews that said the inlet threads were trash, but I thought I would give it a try. I had no problems with the threads. I simply got a few 1″ male adapters and Teflon tape, and they went right in. I did turn it counter clockwise for a bit until I felt the threads line up, so maybe the bad reviews had to do with cross threading, not sure. As far as the filtration goes, it worked great. It is not perfect, but I am not blaming it on the unit itself, but rather my choice of cartridge. I went with the 50 micron, but I plan on plumbing another one of these units in series with a 5 micron filter. I have some pretty sandy water, so I figure the first one will get the big stuff, and the finer filter will get the smaller stuff. Hope this helps!

I purchased to avoid placing shut-offs on either side. It appears sturdy with metal around the threaded input and output. Came with a bracket, screws for mounting the head to the bracket, the wrench, and the filter change timer. Need screws to mount bracket to the wall. It definitely requires a sturdy place to mount. This water purifier for home is about 8.25″ wide. Others are 7″ wide. I needed 3 in a row to fit within 32″ with all fittings using street 90s (not as sharp of a turn). It was just too tight. If I had room, I would use this filter. Also, I wanted to install a pressure gauge. Other heads have an area on top where a tap can be installed into the output port for a pressure gauge. Due to the shut-off and by-pass lever, there is no place to install a gauge on the head.

5. Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System– (Best sink water filter)

Best sink water filterHere comes our final product, the water filter system, by Aquasana. It is known to offer 99 percent of contaminated free water to the drinker. You just need to place this filter system under the sink connected to the tap for clean water every time. However, you even get a chrome faucet along with it, which is quite fancy in the place of a kitchen tap.

This best sink water filter is a 2-stage water filter system that makes it compatible enough to clean only a limited amount of water. Thus, no water is wasted during the filtration process. There are zero chances for any contaminated mineral to be released into the water. Keeping this thing in mind, it doesn’t destroy any healthy mineral clear filter as in the water and keeps the taste intact.


  • It instantly reacts to over 77 contaminations present in the water.
  • The taste of the filtered water is enhanced as it contains all the healthy minerals.
  • It comes with Claryum Technology.
  • The replacement of filters is relatively easy.
  • It is certified by NSF.
  • The water flow rate per minute is 0.5 Gallons.
  • The best refrigerator water filter installation is a cakewalk.

Customers Feedback:

Ok, so, most of my DIY projects result in one to three trips to Home Depot to get stuff I didn’t know I needed. In this case I had this water filter installed in about an hour with nothing needed but what was in the box! What a relief. Faucet looks great and the system is small so it fits nice and snug inside of a cabinet that has a lot of cleaning supplies in it. I’m going to assume it’s doing the job of filtering the water. This was a replacement for a R/O system that I had running to the sink faucet. I decided to replace it with a carbon filter system because I didn’t want to be drinking demineralized water. I still have the R/O water going to the fridge because it makes nice clear ice cubes. I am very happy with the Aquasana system so far and would recommend it.

The best tap water filter here tastes terrible. It’s perfectly safe, just tastes bad. I used to have the PUR filter on the faucet but I got tired of all the space it took up while trying to use something large in the sink. This filter makes it very palatable. Installation was not too difficult, I’m happy with the product. The faucet itself feels a bit flimsy but not too bad, and the flow rate of the filtered water is not very high, about 1/2 gallon per minute per the included documentation. Aside from those two things it’s a great filter.

The tubing in these mineral clear filter is 1/4″ which makes them ideal for in-line installation for fridge and icemakers. I installed it under my Subzero fridge which has existing 1/4″ lines with no problem (just cut the tubing and inserted the ends directly into the filter). The unit is fairly small, but I removed the plastic cover to make it even smaller for an easy fit underneath the fridge. These filters are NSF-certified with actual data provided on their performance and removal rate of various water contaminants which is a huge plus given that many other filters just make claims without actual data to back them up.

FAQ’s Best Water Filter System for Home in 2023

Is bottled water better than a filter system for home?

The answer to this question is straightforward. The water from filter systems can be used fresh. You take out the water, pour it into the glass, and drink it. There are significantly fewer chances for it to be contaminated again. But with the water purifier bottle, the water is stored for days and is not as fresh as the filter systems set up at home. Moreover, there are chances for it to be re-contaminated.

For how long can you store the filtered water?

The purified drinking water can be stored in clean and tightly covered bottles or jars. The container must be tightly sealed so that further, it cannot be contaminated. Then this water can be stored up to two whole days. You must change the water in the containers after or before 2 days. Even the purified water should also not be kept for more than two whole days.

Is it safe to drink water from filters?

This is actually a myth that water that comes out from the filters is not safe for health. But in reality, water that comes out of water filters should be much safer than the normal water. It even reduces work. You do not have to boil water again and again—no need for straining the water. The filter helps you get rid of the harmful impurities. The dirty water which would have otherwise caused you many diseases becomes safer to drink after being processed from a water purifier. And it even saves your time and energy.

How to measure the pressure of water, and what instrument is required?

Water pressure is actually dependent on the elevation of your house from the ground. To calculate the water pressure, you need to remember that every 10 feet above the ground is equivalent to 5 PSI. PSI here means pounds per square inch. You can measure the pressure of water with the help of a gauge. It's effortless to do it with a meter. The required pressure by well water filter system is between 5 to 40 PSI. If it is less or higher than that, you need to check and take appropriate action.

What is meant by the term TDS in water purification?

The term TDS refers to Total Dissolved Solids. These solids are mostly inorganic substances that are present in the water. Though some amount of organic substances are also present in them. These are mainly found in the salty composition. Inorganic substances like calcium, potassium, sodium, chlorine, carbonates, bicarbonates.

Sulfates, magnesium, and other such impurities can be found in the water. They come into the water through various sources like tube well, springs, etc. The water from these sources is high in TDS. Other human activities like agricultural wastes are also responsible for the addition of TDS in water. If the level increases over 500 PPM, then it becomes hazardous. They can be really dangerous for health and can cause many diseases.

How To Install A Whole Home Filtration System?

Video Transcript:

Hi guys. I’m Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, The Expert Plumber. Today I’m going to show you how we install a water filtration system for a whole house system and we’re going to talk about it right now. A water filter cleans out the impurities that are in water that we really don’t need in it whenever we go to drink it or take a shower in it. So today I’m going to tell you about water filtration systems and what all it takes to install them. Whenever we get out to the house the first thing that we have to do is locate where the water lines are and dig a hole so that we can actually install the water filtration system.

Once we get the hole dug, we’re going to go a little deeper than we need to so we can put a gravel base in to set the system on top of. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to cut our copper or pex. We’re going to prefab as much of the system as we can, that way we can get as much work done so that when it comes time to cut the water line we’re keeping the customer where they’re without water for as little time as possible. Depending on what water distribution system you have coming up to your house, whether it’s pex, quest or copper will depend on how we do what we do. We do like to run as much as we can in copper.

We just know that it’s been around longer, it’s a very durable product but as you will see in a little bit we also do a lot of work with pex in different systems. So what we’re going to come in and do, we’re going to prefab as much as we can, we’re going to put it all together, we’re going to fit everything up to test it to make sure everything fits right. Once we get all that done then we’re going to actually set the tank in the ground. We’re gonna line it up, set it the way that we want it to do whatever it is that we need to do. As you can see here there’s already an electrical outlet that has been installed there. You will need an electrical outlet to plug it in that way it can regen when it’s supposed to once we get it installed we’re going to fill it with water about 3/4 of the way.

The carbon is already inside and what we’re trying to do is get this to absorb as much water as we can that way when it comes time to burp it and flush it out, we’ve got most of the work already done. Now here we’re soldering together fittings. This is a pex system and we’re tying in copper to the filtration system. So what we’re doing is we’re soldering together the adaptors and getting everything ready. Every time there’s a threaded joint we want to make sure that we get the right thread sealant compound on there to make sure that there are no water leaks in the future.

You know Dr Oz said one time you should also shower and especially bathe with toxin-free water. Chlorine, which isn’t just found in swimming pools but also in our tap water, dries out the hair as well as the skin. The problem isn’t the straight chlorine but what it turns into. Stronger toxins. These can irritate your skin and eyes but may also cause other health problems in higher concentrations. Now it’s time to turn off the water What we’ll do then is cut apart the waterline where it comes into the house.

Now here we’re removing the existing ball valve because it’s really not any good. So what we’re gonna do here is we’re going to take our pex adapters and we’re going to install a 3-way bypass. As you can see here we’re using a crimp ring system putting everything together and torquing everything down to the right specifications. Now as you can see the first line going in shows how it would go if you did not want to go through the filtration system. Then the other path shows how the water line goes over. Now we actually had to go over and drop down to try to keep it down below the frost line, come around to the side of the water filtration system where we wanted to go in and then come up and back in without having to reroute the line as it went into the house.

The system shows that going through the filtration system and then coming back out going down into our three-valve bypass to the valve that actually allows it to go inside the house. Now here we’re getting the drain ready to go. So what we’re doing this for is: a water filtration system backwashes or purges itself out. The good thing about this one and part of what we like about the Flow-Tech system is it only does this about once every three weeks and it uses about 10% of water as a water softener would. Then what we do, we run the drain over, tie it into the drain. We filter the system out, purge it, flush it, make sure everything is doing like it’s supposed to do.

In an HOA situation, this is a great installation. They had no problem with it and neither does our homeowner. Hey guys, as you saw we installed a water filtration system today for a whole house system. Now there was kind of some crazy piping there but it was because of the installation where the water line came in and where we wanted to actually bury the tank. It’s not always that crazy. Sometimes we actually put them in a garage. It’s actually a better installation, that’s where we installed mine at my house and I like it, but for some situations to save the customer money, to save you money installing it in the ground might be the best thing to do.

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment down below. Hit the subscribe button or just let us know what you think. My name is Roger Wakefield with Texas Green Plumbing, saving you money one drop at a time.

How to Installing Under Sink Custom Water Filter System?

Video Transcript:

Hello, welcome to easy to learn today I will set up a low-cost water filter system for my warehouse as the water in my the warehouse has rust and it is very common in the area where this is a four stages water system you will need to buy three stages of the water filter housing and in the fourth stage I will use clear inline the cartridge that will be fixed on the top with two clip brackets we will also need a water filter quarter-inch tube plumbing tape to water.
Filter diverter valve cartridge clip brackets to mount the clear inline cartridge on a top of the filter housing water filter connectors now I will remove filter housing to install the filter cartridges in the first stage, I will use washable ceramic cartridge 0.1 microns so it can remove algae rust sediment choler shigella Salmonella clip sealer and suspended solids in second and third stages you will need to buy a refillable water filter cartridges using a refillable water filter cartridges are a more economical solution compared to buying standard ready-to-use water filter cartridges these cartridges can be filled with your filtration media of choice in order to create a filter the cartridge that’s custom to your specific needs.

I will start installing the ceramic the cartridge in the first stagehand tight in the housing then use the filter housing wrench and simply give an additional quarter inch turn do not over tighten the housing I will start preparing the second stage I have removed in the foam inserts because I will need to rinse filtration media I will use activated coconut shell carbon in the second stage to make it easier I will use a funnel to fill the cartridge activated coconut shell carbon absorbs a wide range of impurities and contaminants including chlorine odours pigments and nonpolar organic chemicals from the water here is different filtration media that I will use in this water filter these are three types of mineralized walls to restore natural trace minerals those minerals are.

Acquired by the body such as iron zinc lithium magnesium potassium and iodine this media here called KDF KDF is a high purity copper-zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process to remove chlorine lead mercury iron and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies I will use KDF media in stage 3 now I will fill stage four with a mix of mineralized balls my cartridges are ready to rinse with water let’s see how they will look like and their order in the water system here in the sink, I will stop rinsing the filtration media and to make sure it is dust-free install foam inserts then add filtration media back again give it one more quick rinse.

Install the cartridges inside the water filter housing hand-tighten the housing then use the filter housing wrench and simply give an additional quarter inch turn do not overtighten the housing now I will install stage four on the top of the water filter housing so I will prepare water filter connectors to join Stage four to the water filter system a plug couple loops of Devlin around the thread to screw them together to turn elbow connector clockwise same applies to the other side I will need to add an elbow connector to the clear inline cartridge. A plug couple loops of death lon around the thread to screw them together turn elbow connector clockwise same applies to the other side

Here I will need about two inches of water filter tube to connect stage four to the water filter system connect the tube by pushing it inside the elbow connector then install locking washer here is how it will look like now I will need to secure top cartridge with clip bracket I am going to do some final connections to get the filter ready to use this water filter system is now ready to use Kinect filtered water and put a tube connect my own water input tube it is important to check for water leakage after installation there is no water leakage and water the filter works well if you liked this video and found it helpful. Give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to my channel for more detailed video tutorials by clicking the subscribe button thanks for watching if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below

How to Installing DIY – Reverse Osmosis?

Video Transcript:

Hi, I am going to be installing today a reverse osmosis system that I purchased off Amazon, it’s from us water systems this RO system you can purchase that with or without a faucet today I’m going to be showing you an installation with my own faucet so we can look at different variations of it behind me I have some tools that you’re going to need in order to do the installation I am gonna start with just unboxing the system so the filters tubing and tools that I need it’s really nicely packaged this is a faucet that it comes with but I won’t be using this today but I do believe in the US water systems website that it has installation video for this boxset I did not hire a plumber for this the job I’m going to be doing it myself but you can hire a plumber to also install this the first set of the procedures.

Says to mark the centre for the 7/8 Pole and so that’s going to be about right here and so we’re gonna go ahead and drill that hole the next step is to install the drain saddle in the hole that I have right here drilled and you simply place it right over the hole it goes on really easy I’m just gonna see if I can line it up good so I just want to make sure that we haven’t moved the bracket at all and make sure the hole is still there so I just used a straw to make sure it goes all the way through so that’s definitely not in the manual but something that I would do in my own all right next, I’m gonna install the Engel stop the valve it tells me to make sure that my water is turned off which it is and I’m gonna install it right into this line all right so I’m gonna go ahead.

And thread put the tape on the thread just make sure when you do this that you do it counterclockwise I think probably three wraps will do it we just want to make sure we don’t have any leaks and that’s nice and tight okay next I’m going to go ahead and connect the faucet line a nice seal because of the tape that we clean all right next we’re gonna hook up all the easy connections and the tubes this orange line right here goes right into the angle stop and that is the main water line you kind of want to push it until you feel it gives a little bit and then you know that it is connected next we’re gonna connect the black tubing into the drain saddle that I installed earlier push until we feel it gives the blue line it comes with a faucet adapter and when I looked at this and looked at my faucet I actually can’t use this so what I did is I decided to use an elbow and this is a reducer that allows me to feed in from a smaller line into a larger line either do.

That’s a good fit there so we’re really tight on both sides good deal all right next steps are installing the membrane and the filters themselves I’m gonna go ahead and unscrew this there is a place for this to go I see I’m gonna go ahead and feed this in next we’re just gonna go ahead and use the lubricant that was sent to lubricate the o-ring make sure that we get a really good seal to go ahead now it goes and here again just pushing it until I can feel it goes all the way in first I make sure when you’re doing this that you make sure you lubricate it this filter on both sides it’s exactly the same so it’s seated right down in I’ll go ahead and get it seated make sure that it’s nice but it’s got the sediment filter in drop it down into the housing itself.

Again as we put it back in it just naturally seats this tool here all right next, we’re gonna go ahead and thread this again make sure you do it counterclockwise we’re gonna install the tank shutoff now okay so it comes with this little handy stand so I go ahead in a sum up connect the tubing for this so next, we’re going to go ahead and start hooking up the RO system and the actual tubes to the actual unit go in the right here again up and that goes right here this end piece goes in right here and slides right in so I’m gonna go ahead and turn the water valve on and that is now on the next I’m gonna go ahead and turn the tank on and now we just wait for it to actually go through the system itself as it fills up into the filters so I did just turn a faucet on for just a minute and then you see there’s black coming out of it one thing you want to make sure that you do is to allow the water to kind of run through the black is just the carbon that was probably settled.

Maybe in one of the filters and now that that’s going I have filtered water one of the things I do want to mention is that I did reach out to us water systems their customer service team I spoke to individual jewelry and he helped me walk through what I need to do to make sure I do the sanitation correctly one the thing also I did is before I installed this system I did go on to u.s. Water systems website and I was able to look at some of the installation videos and match it up with my current setting because again I didn’t use their faucet but I used my own so I wanted to make sure that every step I did correctly so if you’re having any issues with your install I would definitely recommend either giving them a call or checking out their website for their DIY video so welcome had left the system running completely out I hope this video was helpful and I have our water now.


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