Best Water Dispenser for Home Buying Guide in 2023

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Has your water started smelling weird to you?

Are you annoyed by the loud noises of your water dispenser?

Or, does your dispenser costing you high maintenance service?

Suppose any of the problems mentioned above are faced by you on a recent basis. In that case, it’s high time you should change your water dispenser and get a reliable one. But it is very intimidating to find the right one for our homes, which would provide the ultimate convenience and full-time access to healthy water.

To relieve you from this tension, we have got the best water dispenser for your home, which is the answer to all your problems.

Not only this, we have gathered all the knowledge which one should be needed before looking for a water dispenser, so sit back and get yourself enlightened.

Buying Guide for the Best Water Dispenser for Home in 2023

Water dispensers being a staple appliance can be paramount if one doesn’t find the best among the bunch to fit perfectly to one’s needs. What is the solution then? To answer this question, we have provided below a comprehensive buying guide that will guide you through the endless arrays of dispensers of different brands, features, and functionalities compiled together. It can be a daunting task to choose a water dispenser without much information regarding the topic.

Top Known Categories of Available Water Dispenser

  • Top Loaded Water Dispensers 

This type of dispenser is the commonly used one. The best water cooler dispenser comes with the ability to lift up to 3 to 5-gallon water. It comes with a gravitational downwards water flow, which enables no usage of a pump during functioning. But it needs to be placed correctly as the water may spill due to the bottle’s heavyweight. The water-containing jug is not discretely hidden and is clearly visible; hence it can be switched on whenever necessary.

  • Bottom Loaded Water Dispenser

In this water dispenser, the need to lift those heavy water bottles until the dispenser’s top is eliminated as a 3 to a 5-gallon water bottle is placed at the dispenser’s Bottom. The best bottom load water cooler has a pump to get the water supply up into the hot and cold water reservoir. The pump may also make a loud noise, as expected by many dispensers. The tube connecting the pump to the reservoir isn’t long enough many times causing some not used water retaining in the bottle.

This dispenser has a very modern, sleek, and professional appearance due to the door covering the jug. Still, one can’t glance and determine the water level in it. To counteract this, a covering water indicator light is provided in this dispenser to alert the changing water duration.

  • Countertop Water Dispenser

This water dispenser takes a bit of space on the counter to regularly dispense water. It is a bottle-less dispenser hence doesn’t require changing a bottle again and again. This dispenser uses an RO (Reverse Osmosis) system for water purification as water passes through it, leaving all impurities and contaminants behind. This also has a push mechanism for hot and cold dispense options.

Other Kinds of Water Dispenser

  • Tabletop Water Dispenser 

It is a portable unit that is ideal to be placed at any house location. This tabletop water dispenser for home acquires less space. These are mostly positioned on tabletops and kitchen cabinets as per their name. It also features a small water tank and is easy to use.

  • Wall Mounted Water Dispenser 

This water dispenser is mounted on the wall itself, and the direct piped connection is to the inbuilt water pipes in the walls. It contains a storage tank that filters as well as refrigerates the water. Even unused water is reserved adequately in the pipes without any wastage.

  • Direct Piping Water Dispenser 

This one is referred to as the bottomless water dispenser type and is similar to the wall mount type because it is connected directly to the primary water source. But the difference is that this water dispenser is usually electric and is equipped with high-quality filters to enhance the water quality.

  • Freestanding Water Dispenser 

In this dispenser, water jugs are used directly by positioning it on top of the unit. The water jug dispenser is bought separately, and water undergoes an extensive treatment process. It is a very economical method, but the only drawback is lifting massive water jugs, which is not easy for everyone.

Self Cleaning Property

The models are equipped with ozone technology for self-cleaning such as tubes and reservoirs in which water is stored. This feature prevents bacteria and germs mitigation in the system and further buildup causing diseases. Even tankless units of dispensers have this self-cleaning technology present in some of the other forms. This property is a relief as no cooler cleaning would be required, and no frequent dispense would be needed.

Safety Features

These are basically for the children’s safety zone. This is because people with children usually look for water dispensers with child safety features, making them ideal for kids or high traffic areas. The safety measures are basically on the hot water button to avoid unwanted injuries or accidents due to ignorantly pressing it.

Temperature Variations

Water dispensers have both hot and cold water units specially designed to facilitate water at a given temperature range. No need to boil water or freeze it as water dispensers have small but powerful energy-efficient compressors for cooling water. Some standard electric dispenser models are also equipped with smart sensors indicating when the temperature reaches its highest limit. With all the small water dispenser for home features, the requirements of various water temperatures are just a push of a button away. But note to check the temperature limits before purchase as many times manufacturing units don’t match the actual temperature. The best water dispenser is the one with three-way room temperature capabilities with hot and cold dispense.

Water Capacity

To avoid frequent replacing and refilling the jug too often, one should get a water dispenser with large water containing capacity. Every environment, be it a household or a corporate setup, has an individual water consumption level, which one should be aware of and get a water dispenser as per that level. Suppose the container capacity is more than the consumption rate. In that case, the water before getting fully used may get depleted, causing water-borne diseases.

Purification Mechanism

If you are using a bottom or top loaded water dispenser unit, there is no other filtration system. But if one uses a direct connecting dispenser from the primary water source, then a water filter is highly recommended. A water filter removes sediments and minerals which are unsafe if consumed, such as chlorine, lead, etc. After this, one can also install a water ionizer if required.

Noise Factor

One should always consider buying a machine that can be operated quietly without disturbing anyone. The noise produced by dispensers comes due to the working of the pump and compressor inside it. Some of them are really loud, and the noise may get increased when the dispenser gets old. Remember not to put such dispensers in a noise-available environment such as hospitals and offices as it won’t be appropriate as per the silence protocol.


Warranty basically ensures that the product they have invested in is backed up by the company if any fault occurs. It’s like a bonus for cases in which the company will deal with the system if the system is not working appropriately or any issue arises. But all dispensers do not come with a warranty period. However, some of them who come with it have some other limitations to it. So be careful to note this point during your purchase. A comprehensive warranty is an asset to your purchase.

Inbuilt Night Light

Some of the house dispensers might come with the night light feature inbuilt, which can be very beneficial if one is a night owl or a light sleeper. It helps while filling water at night to see the water level is served in utensil as the light is bright enough but not overbearing by any sort.


Water dispensers are a long term investment unit. They are durable, made mostly by largely determined materials like food-grade plastic, stainless steel, glass, and ceramics like porcelain. Construction and built-up is also tough and rigid. Installing a water dispenser is a far better substitute than buying a plastic water bottle every time harmful to the environment.

The dispensers’ range may depend solely on the quality and materials used in it with the latest technology involvement. However, it doesn’t mean that a high-end machine has to be a certified quality product. It is better to set up a budget and a list of functions you are looking for in a dispenser.

Top Variants for the Best Water Dispenser for Home in 2023

Anyone who knows the benefits of healthy and clean water must know how tiring and mind-boggling it can be to find the right water dispenser. In fact, that too on a customized budget.

Thus, we have curated the top 5 best water dispensers to counteract this search, which will fit perfectly in every person’s requirements list. So let’s have a look at them.

1. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser– (Best bottom load water dispenser)

Best water dispenserAvalon water dispenser comes with specialized three temperature setting units to provide cold, hot, and room temperature water output benefits. The dispenser is made of stainless steel and is an excellent combination of sleek construction and durability.

Being a bottom-loaded dispenser, this best home water cooler eliminates lifting and water spilling strains while changing jugs. Its efficient compressor warms water so effectively that even tea, coffee, and other hot beverages can be made of it. Even child safety lock is provided in hot water spout to avoid any rarest chance of accidents, and family can enjoy safe hot water flow.

This bottom load water dispenser comes with inbuilt night illumination for better night vision use. It has a light indicator for empty water jug alert. Whenever the water jugs get empty and need to be changed, the light hand starts glowing.


  • There are three temperature settings.
  • It is a UL listed water dispenser.
  • It is an energy Star approved.
  • The dispenser can hold the cold water up to 47 degrees Fahrenheit and heat the water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This hot water dispenser comes with a removable drip tray.
  • Eventually, it is the Bottom Loaded dispenser.
  • There are push-button spouts for convenient use.
  • 3 to 5-gallon jugs can easily be fitted in its bottom cabinet.
  • Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser

Customers Feedback:

I purchased my Avalon water cooler in November of 2016. It has worked great since then and the bottom loading feature is very convenient. A part that dispenses cold water broke inside the cooler a month ago. I contacted Avalon and after a few emails and me sending some pictures, they determined that the part was not something they could send me to replace. So they sent me an entirely brand new cooler. Their customer service is top notch, and this experience shows me that they stand behind the best water cooling pump.

I did a lot of research before making this purchase. Although some folks complained about the noise level, it honestly doesn’t bother me. It is in our kitchen tucked away in a corner almost invisible. I love that it has a light to use when you get thirsty at night and need to know where the water will dispense from. The only complaint is that the hot water button does not dispense hot water at all, it comes out cold. Not a big deal as we never use the hot water option anyway. I also love that I don’t have to load it from the top. At one of my jobs we had the top loader type and there was always huge water marks on the rug around it from when someone spilled while loading a new bottle. I knew I definitely didn’t want to deal with such a clean up at home. This has made us no longer have to feel guilty of hurting our environment with so many cases of plastic water bottle we used to go through as a family of 4. I keep 3 five gallon bottles and recycle them at the store. One of my best purchases yet!

Great cheap cpu water cooler, except cooling broke after about 6 months. However I contacted the company and they even sent me a big box to ship it back in then a new unit which worked perfectly. So this gets 5 stars from me because I am impressed, it is rare to find companies that still have warranties that are worth anything. I was afraid it would be the typical ” pay for all shipping back and forth” which would end costing more than the cooler probably but they didn’t even try to pull any BS. They seem like an honorable small american company, gets respect from me. I already recommended to a friend looking for a cooler.

2. Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser– (Best water cooler)

Water cooler dispenserThe brio water cooler has a self-cleaning harmless ozone technology sanitization feature for the dispenser. It means that one doesn’t need to look at the cleaning procedure. Just switch on the button, and the rest unit can take care of itself.

This cold water dispenser for home is a natural, odorless gas made by combining 3 oxygen molecules transported through the dispenser’s valves to conduct the disinfectant process. These molecules powerfully eradicate all the germs and bacteria to provide your family with safe and contaminant-free hydration. Its night light switch is also helpful in pouring water at night time. This water purifier dispenser for home allows for visibility in the diminished setting.

Brio company has also taken care of one’s family’s safety factor. They have placed a child safety lock above facets that simply can be released to avoid any mishaps with hot water. Lastly, it comes with a digital display indicating the water jug’s refilling so one could never go out on the water.


  • It has self-cleaning ozone technology.
  • Tri-unit thoroughly regulates water temperature control for hot, cold, and moderate water.
  • It is UL and Energy Star approved.
  • The Stainless Steel finishes with a sleek and modern appearance.
  • This refrigerator water filter is equipped with an antirust and BPA-free drip tray for sanitary measures.
  • It comes with a child safety lock system.
  • The dispenser is a power-saving with push buttons.

Customers Feedback:

Very happy with this purchase the best water dispenser for home week in. The cold water is very cold and the unit is quite. It was easy to set up and the instructions were all very clear. We bought this because we were tired of paying $10 a month to rent our water cooler from the bottled water delivery company. (We had spent far more on water cooler rent than the cost of the unit we were renting and the company where we were renting for wanted to sell us our 7 yr old top loading water cooler for $120). This unit was a bit pricier than other bottom loading coolers but it seemed to have the most potential to blend in with our kitchen decor. It’s a vast improvement from the ugly white cooler with a big blue bottle on top we were being charged rent on. My only regret is that we didn’t buy this Brio unit years ago.

Came a day late, and box was a bit roughed up, delivered via UPS so not a reflection on Amazon. But, be that as it may, item was in perfect shape. Everything worked as it should. Easy setup and installation. Water cooler is self sufficient so once you plug it in it pretty much does the rest it’s self. In regards to some of the reviews left by others about the noise…You can hear the hum of machinery but its no more noisier that like a mini fridge or like, fridges with an ice maker. It’s not a factor, not a deal breaker, and it won’t keep you up at night or annoy you during movie night. Glad I got it. Totally satisfied with it. Most importantly, the wife loves it since it was for her anyway so, I do indeed recommend this one.

Amazing customer service! We ordered this water purifier dispenser for home last summer, and we loved everything about it. It looks attractive, it’s easy to change out the water bottles, the hot water is steaming hot and the cold water is ice cold! Unfortunately, the cold water function stopped working effectively. I called the customer service number and was offered some suggestions for resetting the temperature control. When it didn’t fix the problem I called them back and they immediately replaced the unit! Wow! They sent me a FedEx return label for the malfunctioning item and shipped a new one right away. This is what is meant by standing behind your product! The new unit is absolutely perfect — imagine how impressed we are!!!

3. Igloo Hot & Cold Water Cooler Dispenser– (Best hot and cold water dispenser)

Water dispenser near meIgloo water dispenser by Nostalgia manufacturing is a perfect candidate for home dispensers unit, especially for the kitchen. It is a top-loaded water dispenser that allows a clear visual display of water level in the jug.

One can refill or change the bottle as per the water level when it runs low. This water cooler dispenser innovative design makes it space utilizing and a freestanding, slim cooler which can be placed irrespective of the area covering issues. The most essential feature is to keep child safety.

which is pre-mounted as it comes with 2 spigots for hot and cold water. Hence it is a necessity to provide a lock for safeguarding desirable water interaction with children. It is very convenient to dispense and refill water in this dispenser.


  • This countertop water dispenser has dual temperature water zones.
  • It can hold up to 3 to 5 gallons of water jugs.
  • There is a visible water jug unit.
  • It is space friendly.
  • The dispenser is best suited for kitchen purposes.
  • There is a detachable drip tray for easy sanitization.
  • AlcaPure Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter by RKIN.

4. RKIN AlcaPure Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter– (Best water filter)

Filtered water dispenserAlcaPure is a sleek, modern, and stylish countertop water filter that can beautify and household. This reverse osmosis water filter comes with a reverse osmosis system, removing up to 99% contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, lead, PFOA, PFOS, and other sediments. It purifies alkaline water, providing a superior taste to it.

Water in this water filter system is loaded as well as dispersed from the front unit. This countertop has high powered filters for thorough cleaning of water. Sediment filter removes sediments such as metals, germs, and dirt particles from water, activated carbon filter for absorbing all poisonous gases and post filter for end polish of water by providing specific taste to it. Its tank can be removed for easy cleaning even filters can be changes for annual cleanup or replacement.


  • This alkaline water dispenser for home has a high capacity of 4 stage purification technology.
  • No installation or assembly is required.
  • It comes with a space-saving design.
  • It has CE certified pump for durable performance.
  • LED indicator is present for system status.
  • Its AC adaptor is suitable for 110V and 220V.
  • The dispenser is a 7 to 8 ph. alkaline water purifier.
  • It is BPA free.

Customers Feedback:

I highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for there whole house water filter. I have been looking for a way to get clean water for nearly 10 years. My wife has been buying bottled water, which I know is basically tap water, so I have gone through several units and filters over the past decade and this is the only one that she likes and is willing to use. We purchased the ZIP in December of 2017, it works great and the water taste awesome! It is very easy to setup and use. The customer service is also phenomenal. Our initial unit got damaged during the delivery process and I called the company to let them know that it was leaking water. They sent out a replacement unit right away no questions asked. The ZIP is a great product and Puricom provides fantastic customer service! If I could give the ZIP 10 stars I would!

Buying this water filter system was the best decision we ever made. My husband and I live in an apartment and noticed right away how terrible the tap water felt and tasted. We spent tons of money on bottled water and realized this couldn’t be the best environmental solution or for our health. I searched for countertop RO filters and ZIP is truly the only one that looks great AND does the job. We’ve had ours for over 1.5 years now and LOVE it. You simply poor water into the bottom tank, press the button, and minutes later have great tasting & healthy water. Puricom’s customer service is amazing. I have called and emailed, and each time they respond within minutes. Eric has helped walk me through a troubleshooting issue (user error), as well a how to replace the 3 filters after 1 year.

If you answer to the above question is “NO”, then you need this machine. I use this filtered water not only for drinking, but also to boil pasta, making tea and even making ice with a countertop ice maker. Do you have a water filter in your fridge? Well, I tested the reverse osmosis water filter. The TDS (total desolved solids) in the fridge water was 348 ppm (parts per million). Recommended is not more than 500 pps. Bottled water is around 8 ppm and the filtered water out of the ZIP is around 25 pps. I hate to tell you what the city tap water is. I’ll just say i’ts just under the recommended level. . You put 1 gallon in the filter and get 1/2 gallon of filtered water out. It takes about 20 minutes. I make a lot at one time and store the filtered water in 1 gallon milk containers. Usually about 6 gallons at a time. Bottled water can get a little expensive. So, which water would you drink and cook with?

5. Rinkmo SOOPYK Water Dispenser– (Best 5 gallon water dispenser)

Home water dispenserSoopyk water dispenser comes with a durable stainless steel framework made of food-grade steel, rigid, anti-corrosive, and high-temperature-resistant steel. This water cooler dispenser for home has a UV light purification and sterilization mechanism, which kills all the germs from water, providing the family with healthy water consumption.

This 5 gallon water dispenser also has fast cooling compressor refrigeration with low power consumption, which will provide accessibility to cold, hot, and moderate water without much energy usage. It also comes with an empty bottle indication to alert the refilling of water.


  • It comes with self-cleaning technology.
  • It can carry up to 3 to 5 gallons of water jugs.
  • There is a tri temperature setting.
  • It has a durable framework.
  • There is a child safety lock.
  • It comes with a removable drip tray.
  • A dispenser is an eco-friendly machine.

Customers Feedback:

 I want to say this one is the best choice for someone who cant lift heavy objects. The top despense water cooler we had at my moms was such a pain for her to refill. I set this one up in minutes for her. Just be sure to let it run water for a good few gallons before drinking or you can taste the tubing. Not delicious. I cleaned it the first round it was easy once i soaked the tube and put tray and all removable pieces in the dishwasher. So maybe soak and clean to remove weird taste. It taste great now! Water gets ice cold. And hot is just as hot as a tea kettle. It takes a second to switch over if using back to back. But we really like this it was quite the investment.

The hot and cold water dispenser for home is perfect for our home. We wanted to add a free standing water dispenser next to our coffee and beverage bar. This one will use either a 3 or 5 gallon bottle of water. The unit arrives nicely packaged. We followed the directions for installation EXACTLY and allowed the cooler to rest for 24 hours in place before adding any water bottle. Now with this new water cooler we just connect the bottle to the hose located in the bottom of the cooler and we no longer have excessive heavy lifting to worry about nor the usual spillage we had trying to get the bottle of water in the right place. This new Water Dispenser is not only very convenient, but it saves us a lot of money by not having to purchase bottle water all the time. Great investment!

I like the style of the filtered water dispenser for home. It reminds me of the robots in futuristic sci-fi cartoons. The unit is pretty quite overall. It does have burst of power when you need hot/cold water as it is low. The light indicator shows if it is heating and cooling. I took a video to capture the noise level of the passive heating/cooling and I trigger the power mode by draining a lot of cold water. It seems to keep up with the demand. There’s also a hot and cold switch in the back if way you don’t need hot water during summer. It’ll save some electricity that way. I did cycle out about 6 large cups of water (2 each mode) before drinking. I would recommend that just to make sure you flush out everything. It’s the same as any water filter, you want to flush out the initial stages. The bottom loader is much easier than the top loader I’m replacing. I can just push it in after connecting the valve. It is also inside a dark container so no more algae from the sun. I’m very happy with it so far.

FAQs on Best Water Dispenser for Home in 2023

Are the water dispensers BPA free?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a common industrial chemical found in plastics such as polycarbonate and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastic is often used in making containers for storing food and beverages such as water bottles. Whereas epoxy resin plastic is used for coating insides of metal products like food cans.

bottle tops, and water supply lines. Sometimes, these substances may seep into the consumables and damage the brain, prostate gland of a fetus, and children, even causing blood pressure issues. Hence, it is essential to check before purchasing that the hot and cold water dispenser should be BPA-free.

How to clean the water dispenser?

Most people prefer self-cleaning water dispensers as maintenance is low in those machines compared to the water cooler. It is advised to clean your water dispenser once every 6 weeks or whenever the bottle is changed. Cleaning can be done simply by pouring some boiled water into the cooler and draining it through.

Scrubbing should be done inside the crevices and around the taps with soft bristles brush; even a toothbrush can be used. Some people advise to use vinegar and bleach for cleaning, but it depends entirely on the dispenser’s material.

Is the installation of a water dispenser complicated?

No, most of the dispensers don’t even require significant installation methods or, say, tools. The system setup is very convenient and can be quickly done if one follows all the instructions given in the instruction manual provided with the best home water cooler. If someone faces installation problems, then the company can send a professional worker who would set the dispenser for you or call a helper by yourself. Water dispensers usually are compact with small stature, which makes them ideal for homes and can be easily placed or fitted at any corner of the kitchen.

Is the water dispenser safe to use?

The use of dispensers is straightforward as well as safe for every environmental surrounding. They come with a safety lock feature to lock the hot water tap to protect kids from accidents. And as far as water consumption is considered, water dispensers are safe, and there is no doubt about that. It purifies water and provides us with clean drinkable water in two ways, hot and cold. Some dispensers also have an inbuilt filtration mechanism to purify polluted or dirty water and make it healthy.

Which water dispenser type is best suited for home purposes?

There is no certified answer to this question. The best water dispenser for home is gritted by plentiful aspects likely to be the space of a home, family size, water intake level, budget, children safety measures requirements, etc. Most people prefer countertop water dispenser for their homes. It is easy to maintain, and water holding capacity is also appropriate. Even its water jug is visible, and the water level can be clearly seen and timely to be refilled.

How to Clean the Water Dispenser?

Video Transcript:

Hi guys my name is Marcela and today I want to show you how to clean a water dispenser today many homes and offices have a water dispenser and they’re so convenient you can have fresh cold water whenever you want and also had water to make a tea but the other day I had a cup of tea that didn’t taste that good and I was wondering if it was because of the dispenser.

So I opened it and it was very surprised what I saw today I want to show you how to clean it say you’ve always had fresh water safety is always first so first thing we’re going to do is unplug the dispenser then we’re going to take the water container out and get out all of the water that might be inside of the dispenser from both hat and coat there are different kinds and styles of water dispenser but basically most of them should be the same they all should have the big bottle water of the big container on top of a base this base can they lift so we can wash the inside what happens is that.

When this is inside there’s always water in here so this is touching water the whole time making it dirty then we’re gonna take out this plastic that is inside and if you can see it got really dirty we’re going to wash it and then we’re gonna put it back whatever is inside we’re gonna clean and wipe as well we’re gonna make a mix of warm water a little bit of dish soap and we’ll also add 1/2 cup of vinegar to disinfect the pieces then we’re going to submerge the pieces then we’re gonna start washing it so we can clean it and disinfect it.

If the pieces weren’t really dirty then you can live in soakin in the mix that we just made with water vinegar and dish soap well that soaks we’re gonna clean the inside of this cleanser for that we’re going to mix three cups of hot water and a quarter cup of vinegar inside we’re going to use the soft side of the sponge when we do this were not going to add any soap just the sponge with water and that’s it to clean the plastic pieces that are at the bottom those cannot be removed.

We’re going to use a toothbrush to clean the crevices and if the truth if the toothbrush is not enough then we can also use a q-tip to go all the way to the back of each a little piece now we’re gonna pour the mix that we just did with water hot water and vinegar and we’re gonna leave it soaking for about ten minutes now that we left this soaking for about 10 minutes we’re going to clean and we’re going to use the same water with vinegar to clean the inside be very careful because the water might be is still too hot.

Then we’re gonna drain the water from both cold and hand so you can clean both tubes now that we drain all the water through the pipes we are going to give the final wipe down from the inside and we are going to add hot water so we can drain this again and get the order and flavor of the vinegar we’re gonna leave it for about 10 minutes again so the whole thing can get really clean in the inside then we’re going to put the pieces back together and we’re going to put the bottle of water or the water container on top of it.

Now we’re going to wipe down the whole area from the outside including this train this train we’re going to wash it with soap water and vinegar or you can also put it in the dishwasher when we wipe out the outside we can also use a toothbrush to clean all the little crevices from the pipes to remove the dirt and the lint that is in between we can use a painter’s brush or we can also vacuum it whatever is easier for you now we’re going to put back the bottle on top of it.

And that’s it guys with these simple steps and you’re going to make sure that your water dispenser is always clean and working efficiently if you liked this video please give it a like don’t forget to subscribe and share it with your friends and I would so much appreciated you let me know what would you like me to click next but before I go I want to ask you do you have a water dispenser it’s so do you have it at home or do you have it at your office. Or maybe both let me know in the comments below thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next.

How to Clean Water Dispenser?

Video Transcript:

Do a cleaning routine on any of these coolers bottom loaders kaykai coolers and top loaders first of all unplug your machine this is to enable hot water to cool down so that when you actually come to do it you don’t scroll yourself alright what you need to do then is take a old bottle right preferably use one of these disposable ones because once you’ve mixed on the mixture the the bottle needs to be disposed of or you can keep it and just use it for cleaning just you know just specifically for cleaning.

So not really we’ll be using one of these because these are the rigid expensive box is a five liter or an amish that is in gallons one gallon I think just over a gallon of vinegar we need to do is pour the entire contents of that into the bowl then using tap water of your own faucet refill this bowl all the way up to the same level that the vinegar was and then put that into the bar and that’s your solution fifty-fifty.

The unit stand for about half an hour the wash should be cold enough but always remember that it may still be hot so don’t you know put your fingers in it so what you need to do this is the drain plug cover and it’s on all units if you look this on 7-series and on k case it’s all the same so what you need to do is unscrew don’t get yourself against the unit and remove what all then start to pour out what you can do is lean it backwards at the same time you press the hot and just keep it like that until the water’s stops then take it off you don’t need to put this back on cause you’ll be you’ll be taking off later so keep it to one side so that you know where it is?

You can put your solution you’re out waters on coal doesn’t matter so once the waters fill the tank and actual what stop going down you need to leave it for an hour to let the solution do its work within the hot tank once the hours up what you can’t what you need to do then is take a joke and draw couple liters from each tap.

You may have three taps so make sure that you do every single tap on the 7 series 3 so once again from each what about a liter at least from each what you need to do is draw the cold and lita draw the hot a liter and what you need to do is stick it on to full cup put yeah joginder and do the full joke a fall the ice cup size was many times as it takes to get a liter so once you trained the leaflet from each tab kk what you need to do then you need to unit and once again leave it to stand for half an hour 45 minutes so that the water coming out the back is gonna be cold or not so all you need to do it’s just all smell of vinegar your solution 5050 what I suggest with the top loaders is that you keep draining water.

until the entire bottle is empty so that when you pull it off you’re not gonna get water everywhere what you need is take your wrong tap water as we’re using this to flush so it doesn’t need to be filtered water or anything it can be just any water I want you to filled and allow you look it in and allow the unit to topple right so we don’t need to wait an hour for it to actually warm up this time because all we’re doing is flushing the water there the the vinegar out so as long as it’s plugged in and it’s sucking up sucked up the water what you can then do is get me good again.

And each faucet drain water until you’re sniffing you can’t smell vinegar do that or although and as before was the bowls empty you can actually take the cap out replace it and you knew as the other units pressed until you get you can no longer smell vinegar also don’t forget you need to keep doing large cup size and all the thingy until you can no longer smell vinegar once you’ve no longer smell vinegar can do it’s just yeah a small cook and take a tiny sample of war smell it and have a little taste if you can still take if you could taste vinegar and you need to carry out the process so keep repeating the process even if you need to do two balls you know you keep going until you can no longer smell and no longer taste vinegar so now that you’ve got rid of the spinnaker smell.

And the vinegar taste the cooler is clean and ready so what you need to do is just take out your old tap water you can if you want leave the water in it’s totally up to you but what I would because this water’s not not filtered and just from the tap then I would get rid of it so once again open back press red and there’s a merit is only just a little bit you cold even the smell and the taste is gone I recommend that you just keep going until all the waters gone.

How to Clean Mountain Glacier?

Video Transcript:

You’ve made an important choice bringing bottled water into your home it promotes a healthy lifestyle one of the things that we suggest is that you clean your cooler either every three to six months here are a couple tips that you can use while cleaning your water cooler a couple things you want to stay away from anything with an abrasive surface you don’t want to use abrasion within the reservoir or on any parts of the cooler the second tip is to stay away from cleaners.

you want to avoid any kind of strong chemical that could leave a residue or a film behind in your cooler cleaning your cooler is a simple process we’re gonna take a few minutes and walk through the steps it’s easy and here’s how you do it the first step in cleaning your water cooler is to unplug the power source and then remove the bottle of water from your unit the next step is to remove the easy load insert if that’s installed in your cooler as this one is next we want to drain any remaining water within the reservoir if your coolers equipped with a baffle move that now the baffle the easy load insert the drip tray and the spicket are all top rack dishwasher safe the next step is to carefully pour boiling water into the reservoir.

Once the reservoirs full of boiling water let it sit for three minutes next wearing rubber gloves and using a scrub brush clean the inside of the reservoir upon completion of cleaning the reservoir simply drain the water through the spigot we’ve successfully cleaned our reservoir and now the next step will be to remove any remaining residue within the unit and how we’ll do that is this simply pour some more boiling water right into the reservoir and drain it out again simple enough even though the components of the mountain glacier cooler system our top rack dishwasher safe you may choose to use your sink to perform this function after installing your cleaning.

Components back into the cooler the next step is to simply install a new bottle of mountain glacial water then plug your unit back in an important step of reassembling your cooler is to bleed the air out of the red air spicket failing to do this could cause a problem with your heating element make sure you have a steady stream of water coming from the spigot and you’ll be ready to go there’s only one thing left to do enjoy water the way mother nature intended for more information on the full product line available through mountain glacier please visit our website at


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