Best Vitamix Blender Buying Guide in 2023

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Do you like your drink smooth or coarse?

Is your regular blender not producing the desired results?

Are you a fitness pro? You must be craving your morning smoothie for sure?

For the average smoothie drinker, a smoothie isn’t perfect until it’s perfectly smooth and free of lumps. You’ll need a powerful blender to get the best quality out of your homemade smoothies.

This is where a Vitamix Blender comes into play.

Vitamix is known for its multifunctional features, strong engine, and blades that easily pierce through dense ingredients like coffee beans, fruits, and vegetables.

Buying Guide for the Best Vitamix Blender in 2023

When it comes to blending strength, speed, and longevity, Vitamix blenders are the benchmark. They’re among the most expensive blenders on the market, but their aircraft-grade stainless steel blades will grind coffee beans, puree chunky soups, and liquefy fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens, into completely smooth, clump-free smoothies.

There are various options available, and all blenders are designed to execute the same functions. They will pulverize even the toughest produce into a smooth liquid by crushing ice into a drinkable slush, cutting into frozen bananas, and crushing ice into a drinkable slush.

Each model is designed to mix smoothly (no explosions), break through the hardest ingredients, and last a long time. You can switch and push down on the ingredients you’re mixing without reducing the power or raising the cover with the plastic tamp that comes with every blender, which ensures you don’t need to use too much liquid to get it going.

Having the right & best blender vitamix is a nice factor, but since there are so many versions on the market, it’s not easy. But you can kick all your worries as you can find all the essential features of Vitamix Blenders that we have put before you in the form of a buying guide, that would make you understand more about these blenders.

Features of the Best Vitamix Blender in 2023

Types of Vitamix Blender:

  • Vitamix Classic Series:

Vitamix 5000, 5200, 5300, 7500, and Professional Series 750 and 780 blenders are available.

  • Vitamix S-Series:

Blenders such as the S30 and S50 take up less volume.

  • Vitamix Explorian Series:

The earlier Vitamix E310 / E320 blender versions are included in this category.

  • Vitamix Commercial Series:

A variety of commercial blenders are available.

  • Vitamix Ascent Series:

Vitamix A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500 are among the smart vitamix drink machine included.


Vitamix containers are made of quality plastic called Eastman Tritan copolyester, which is free of BPA. From mixing smoothies and soups to grinding grains and producing almond butter, these pots will do it all. There are a few exceptions, of course.

  • Wet blades containers:

These containers are similar to the low-profile containers, but they have a bigger batch capacity. Wet containers are better for making beverages and water-base mixtures than dry blade containers, which are unsuitable for making wet stuff.

Since containers with dry blades are only suitable for grinding grains. As a result, for those who would select between wet and dry blades containers, we strongly advise purchasing wet containers.

  • Dry blades containers:

These are designed to grind dry ingredients such as corn, oats, and whole grains. They have a smaller body than the 64-ounce containers and a different blade assembly than the 64-ounce containers.

When grinding, the blades are often designed differently to drive the ingredients away from them. Stuff won’t get trapped at the bottom of the bottle this way, and they’ll be easier to grind.

  • Low-profile containers:

These are small enough to go under any cabinets. They are wider at the bottom than narrow bottom bins. They also provide more space for food to circulate, preventing clogging in the corners, which is particularly important when blending chopped vegetables.

These containers are not suitable for one-cup recipes such as salad dressing or mayonnaise due to their large size.


Vitamix blenders have blade speeds of up to 270 mph (434 km/h), which means there would be plenty of speed (and power) to produce a fast, consistent blend.

Vitamix blender for juicing, on the other hand also comes with the 10-speed variable dial. The lower speed of the Vitamix distinguishes it from blenders. This thus enables more flexibility that would ultimately create different types of textures.

This is one of the causes that chefs in most restaurants use Vitamix blenders.

Built Quality & Design:

Vitamix blenders have excellent construction quality and longevity. The tall 64-ounce jar features a traditional design with a vortex that directs the ingredients into the blades, preventing chunky ingredients.

A tamper is often included with the blender, which is used to drive additives into the blades for even blending.

Motor Power:

After speed and capability, one of the most important considerations to remember is the motor’s efficiency. The motor is basically what decides how easily your blender pulverizes materials, so it’s something you can care about. For example, if you want to make nut butter or crush ice, you’ll need a big, powerful motor.

Smaller Vitamix blenders, on average, aren’t as strong as larger Vitamix blenders. They have a 750-watt engine that is only suitable for salsas, spicy soups, and smoothies. High-capacity models, on the other hand, have a peak horsepower of over 1400 watts, making them capable of handling any delectable creation you want.


When you just want something easy for smoothies, a standard Vitamix drink machine with speed control knobs, switches, toggles, or dials will probably suffice. Consider a touchscreen interface with applications for hot soups, dips and spreads, and frozen desserts if you choose anything a bit more high-tech.

Some versions also have built-in timers and wireless networking that can sense container sizes and change program settings and overall blending times accordingly.

Preset Programs

Some versions have pre-programmed settings that allow you to control the speed and length of the beverage you’re making. Others have as little as five preset scripts, and others have as much as a dozen. These take the guesswork out of figuring out how to do it manually and encourage you to get the exact texture you want.


The bulk of countertop blenders weigh between 10 and 20 lbs. It makes no sense how big they are to handle because they fit perfectly in our kitchen cabinet.

They won’t take up much room on the shelf and we won’t be pushing them so much. The streamlined-shaped Vitamix food processor model is recommended if your kitchen shelf compartment is too small.


Vitamix blenders are made of robust, high-quality materials that guarantee the machine’s long-term functionality. They can also operate successfully for several years with only minor maintenance.

Not only that, but they look well-made, sound sturdy, and are incredibly handy, allowing you to create a wide range of culinary creations easily and efficiently.


The Vitamix blender is versatile enough to fill a number of roles. Despite the fact that blenders and processors are not the same, they can also do many of the functions that a food processor can.

You may also use it as a juicer or grind coffee beans in a hurry if you strain the fruit and veggie smoothie via cheesecloth afterward. It may also be used as a replacement for an immersion blender.

Smoothies, spicy soups, dips (such as hummus and tahini), almond butter, salad dressings, flavored alcoholic beverages, and much more are all possible using the Vitamix blender.


When choosing a Vitamix model, capacity is critical. Some Vitamix blenders are designed for large-volume meals, while others are designed for smaller parts. Make sure you have the perfect blender for your needs by paying attention to the serving sizes.

If you’re looking for a vitamix blender for juicing to suit your unique needs. You can either purchase a compact blender or, if you are a Vitamix brand loyalist, purchase one that includes a 20-ounce single-serving travel cup in the kit or separately purchase the compatible blending cup.

If you’re a professional chef who cooks hundreds of thousands of smoothies per day in a smoothie restaurant, though, the one with the 64-ounce pitcher is the better alternative. The full-capacity container is a strong contender for satisfying smoothie cravings at get-togethers with friends and families, as well as in commercial settings.


Countertop blenders, like Vitamix blenders, are famously noisy when in service. If you’re concerned about noise, the new Vitamix Ascent series or Vitamix 36019 (The Quiet One) have a special noise-dampening feature called the sound hood that helps to minimize noise levels.


Vitamix provides a range of interfaces from which to select, depending on your needs. The manual button has the simplest marking and is the easiest to use.

Then there’s the flip and dial interface, which is also simple to use but, in my opinion, a bit too old-fashioned.

A touchscreen panel interface with a digital timer is the best choice available in the new Vitamix drink blender. They can be a little confusing for elderly people to understand, but they have hassle-free service and walk-away comfort.

Smart Features:

If you’re too tired to keep the start button manually for a longer period of time and want walk-away ease, go for one with advanced smart features including variable speeds, preset settings, and a digital timer, among others.

The Vitamix app’s wireless capability and control come in handy and save time. However, you will have to pay a little more for the additional warmth and convenience.

A Vitamix blender with wireless capability will attach to the company’s app, which includes additional programs and recipes. If you’re able to put in the work to master it, you will broaden the capabilities of your new blender.

Ease of Use:

Blenders with pre-programmed settings and a programmable timer are ideal if you enjoy the ease of modern trends (for example, the Vitamix A3500). Selecting a model of variable speed is also a good idea.

One of the key benefits is that it helps you to produce a larger range of products and provides you with more accuracy (all conventional models offer this feature, for your information).


The warranty offered is determined by the lender you choose. The warranty offered generally vary with every manufacturer and thus, there comes a wide range of warranty period offered on the Vitamix blenders, i.e., ranging from one year to seven years. The Certified Reconditioned models, which are as good as new, come with a five-year warranty for their users.

Available Prices

Any blender has a price tag to accompany it. While the best-rated Vitamix blenders will cost over $500, there are some excellent discounts on less expensive vitamix drink blenders. They perform just as well even though they don’t have as many bells and whistles.

FAQs for the Best Vitamix Blender in 2023

Can the Vitamix blender prepare hot soups?

Vitamix's friction heat helps your soup to heat up while it's being prepared. Every minute, the temperature of your soup will rise by ten degrees.

Are the Vitamix Blenders reliable?

Yes, the wonderful designs and advantages show that these are dependable and excellent versions. They are dependable, which is why they come highly recommended and reliable.

What is the quietest Vitamix blender?

The Vitamix 750 has a distinction for being the quietest Vitamix blender. It makes 40% less noise than any other Vitamix blender available. So, if you want to buy the quietest vitamix blender then this is the one.

What is the lifespan of a Vitamix?

Blenders from Vitamix are made to last for a long time. When compared to standard blenders, Vitamix blenders are known for being more robust. Depending on the product and manufacturer you own, Vitamix also offers a 10-year warranty.

Is it possible to use a Vitamix blender instead of a food processor?

Although a Vitamix can do nearly all a food processor can, there are certain tasks that a food processor excels at. A vitamix food processor, for instance, is better at slicing and shredding vegetables. Carrots, cabbages, and onions are suitable for mixing in the Vitamix.

It, on the other hand, will quickly clump up medium-soft cheeses like cheddar. But whether or not you can replace your food processor depends on what you need it for.

How to use your Vitamix blender

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Marsha Edwards and I’m from breakfast thanks to Vitamix we were able to supply your school with a Vitamix blender so you can start giving the children some healthy options to start their day now I have my good friend Andrew Vitamix and she’s going to show some wonderful recipes hi my name is Anthony and I have been with Vitamix for over six years and in that time I have had the unique opportunity to not only learn about this machine but I’ve been able to develop recipes and really enjoy all of the versatility this machine has to offer.

And I know that as soon as you’re finished watching this video you are going to love this machine and have so many great ideas to feed your children with okay first we’re going to get started by going over some operating tips and some safety tips for your Vitamix first we have your base the base has an on/off switch here on the left and a high variable switch on them on the right as well as a variable dial that goes from variable 1 to 10 now the variable dial.

Is a is what you would use the variable speed dial is what you use for things like smooth salsas or things that you want to have a texture with the high-speed setting is the highest speed that the blender operates at and it’s great for smoothies thick mixtures like dips or if you have something that’s processing a lot of frozen fruit into a puree or something you want to use your high-speed setting now there is a proper way to turn the machine on I’m gonna demonstrate that for you you want to make sure the variable speed dial is selected you make sure your variable speed dial is at 1 turn the machine on increase to 10 relatively slowly walk it back down to one and turn the machine off when you’re doing a high-speed blend you want to do the same thing walk it to ten and then you’re going to select high now that high position is what you want to use for things like smoothies dips?

Anything that’s really thick or you want to you want a very smooth texture with okay so I want to show you also something else about the space you have a cord wrap and it conveniently hides your cord for easy storage so you can wrap the entire thing underneath when you get your blender out of the box it’ll be completely hidden underneath here.

And it does extend the six feet so there’s plenty of room to plug into wherever you’re going to be using your blender here we have your container and your container is a solid one-piece construction the blades are very sharp so you want to be careful when you’re trying to wash in there they do not come out so you don’t need to take them out for washing the container is BPA-free plastic so it’s very safe and your lid is it kind of unique.

When you put the lid on it has these two little lips here you want to make sure that you hear a click on both sides now if you could hear that but it clicked on both sides and you want to make sure that this is entirely secure because when you’re blending anything if you inadvertently hit the high-speed or you’ve got some a lot of fluid in there and in your and your you turn a machine on suddenly if your lids not secure this thing could blow off you could paint your ceiling paint yourself you don’t want to do that so make sure it’s very important that your lid is secure it comes with a lid plug and this lid plug is also a two-ounce measure and all you do is you unplug it unlock it and it pulls right out now some of the newer lids they’re brand new of course.

So they’re going to stick a little bit so with time and with your with using them it’s going to be a lot easier to remove one unique feature of the Vitamix is this tamper the tamper is absolutely necessary to process thick mixtures and as you can see with the lid properly in place the tamper does not hit the blades does not matter how much you Jam that in there to get the ingredients processing it will never ever touch the blades now there are a few people out there who become quite familiar with their Vitamix and I am guilty of this I did this probably my second year working for the company.

I’ll admit it was processing and there was something stuck kind of on the side I just wanted to use my tamper to kind of put it back into circulation here and it sucked my tamper right into the blades now the blades are rotating at 240 miles an hour and it creates a very strong suction so if you try and do that it’s going to draw the tamper into the blades and you’ll eat about two inches off this tamper and ruin everything that you’ve tried to make so just be very diligent about operating this with the lid in place now the other thing I want to talk about is when you use your tamper again we talked about you want to use the tamper for thick mixtures like dips.

And really thick smoothies if you’ve got a full container of ingredient and you’re starting to use the tamper first off of this base rote of the container rotates on the base they call it it’s floating and that’s actually by design that’s a good thing so when you’re if you’re trying to tamp tamper and you’re not careful this could easily fall or tip over so what you want to do is when you’re using the tamper you either want to secure it I’m right-handed so I’m using my right half of the tamper and I’m holding the base really steady and it helps keep it in place.

Or if you’re left-handed you can hold the handle and use it but you always want to make sure you’re securing it somehow because it’s very easy to tip over if in fact, it does tip overall you have to do is just shut the Machine off and start over now one thing I wanted to tell you too is that there is automatic shutoff protection and basically what that means is if you’re blending something very thick very heavy maybe the room that you’re blending in is very hot the motor protects itself by shutting off so once it gets to a certain temperature it’ll just completely shut out you will have no power anything and that’s actually preventing it from breaking so it’s a wonderful safety a safety mechanism how you get your machine up and running again is to take the container off the base make sure your power is down is off unplug the unit and you can place the base either in a cool room near a window.

Or even in a cooler for about 20 minutes 20 to 45 minutes it’ll come back and be fully functioning I’m going to go ahead and start with probably the most popular thing to make in the Vitamix and that is a smoothie now smoothies are so much fun because literally the sky is the limit with regard to what you want to create you can use all kinds of different flavored fruits and vegetables as you see here I’m going to go ahead and make a green smoothie and it’s green by design I like that green color and as you can see there’s a lot of green things we have some fresh spinach some cucumber some zucchini grapes a little bit of carrot a little bit of red apple some banana pineapple and ice and this is going to be this is not a recipe this is just something that I bought a bunch ingredients and I’m going to just throw it in there and we’re going to go.

And that’s exactly how I want you to think about the machine because it’s fun it’s not structured it’s just having fun with whatever you have on hand and whatever you think the kids are going to like so the way they load the container is extremely important when making smoothies first you want your liquids so I’m a little bit backward but I’m gonna put a little bit of water in here and that’s just to make sure that the consistency of the blend is nice and first you start with your juicy ingredient so here I have some grapes that of course are naturally juicy and very sweet it’s always a good base to use for a smoothie some fresh pineapple nice big chunk.

There we’re going to put some banana in there bananas are nice for texture makes it really plus it’s a nice sweet fruit and then the next set of things you put in there are the harder vegetables or fruits so put some zucchini put some cucumber which is real nice gets a nice flavorsome carrot and we’re going to also now put our leafy vegetable in and this is spinach but you can go ahead and use kale you can use Swiss chard you can use romaine really any leafy green that you like and this is about I don’t know four cups or so and as you can see I’m packing it all the way to the top oh you know what I forgot.

I forgot my Apple we’re going to put this Apple on top just a little quarter of an apple and finally, some ice, and I prefer to use frozen fruit in this particular smoothie to maintain the green color you’d have to use frozen pineapple frozen peaches or frozen mango and I prefer frozen pineapple because it’s got that real sweet taste but we instead we use the fresh pineapple today so you can put ice instead but the frozen fruit is nice because you can get a really intense fruit flavor without diluting it sometimes too much water or too much ice will dilute the flavor okay now this may or may not eat our tamper but you always want to keep it on hand and close by again the variable switch is down and we’re starting at variable one and I’m going to blend this one on high for about 30 seconds or so okay beautiful green color really really smooth and that’s the kind of texture and consistency that you want when you’re so with your smoothies this blended for about 30 seconds.

If you blend shorter because you might be in a rush it may look finished but in reality, you need at least 30 seconds because the longer this blends the more the flavor compounds are released and the sweetness is released so the better tasting the smoothie so make sure you always do at least 30 seconds one other tip I want to note when you’re turning off your machine we talked about how you turn it on you start variable one go to ten and then you select the high-speed setting when you turn off the Machine make sure you return the variable speed dial down and you walk the dial back to one and then shut off the Machine and that is very important it’s actually kind of good manners because when you’re if you’re sharing this blender.

And you keep it on the high speed and then someone else goes to turn it on whatever is in that container is going to shoot up so you always want to make sure that you start you walk the dial back down to one and turn off the machine okay now I want to show you a very simple basic fruit smoothie in fact this is my absolute favorite it’s bright red in color and it’s so incredibly sweet all it is is some grapes and some frozen strawberries and a little bit of ice now this recipe works so well because even if your strawberries aren’t in season and sometimes when you buy in frozen you don’t always know what you’re going to get the grapes always make it really sweet which brings me to another point when you’re making any smoothie.

If you make it like that green smoothie we made earlier and you don’t like it if it’s not sweet enough you don’t think the children will eat it or it’s just not right there are a few ways you can actually fix it without having to dump it all out one is to add more grapes because grapes always add that sweet intense flavor make sure that the green grapes because red grapes will make it brown fresh pineapple or frozen pineapple well also sweetened it really nicely as well as a half a banana a ripe banana so adding a little bit of those kinds of ingredients will completely.

Transform your smoothie and make it a lot sweeter and I guarantee the kids will love it so we’re going to blend this one the exact same way on high speed for about 30 seconds and then I’m going to show you some other things after that’s kind of neat okay okay now this is just like I said a basic fruit smoothie and it’s really sweet kids will love this now we’re calling I’m kind of called this build a smoothie so if you have a nice base smoothie like this you can add to it and create a breakfast smoothie now normally we know once you get your recipe set you don’t have to do it in two parts like.

I’m doing right now you would all you put all the ingredients in at the same time but this is a good way to actually build a smoothie that you can think the kids will like so we have a half a banana added and I’m going to add a half cup of oatmeal and we’re going to go ahead and blend this and you can also add some more strawberries if you’d like to make a little bit your red color but this is a wonderful way to get a very high fiber hearty breakfast smoothie in for the morning and I just added regular rolled oats nothing fancy and the Vitamix process.

Is so smoothly that you don’t taste any of that grittiness you just have a very hearty breakfast smoothie for the children to enjoy and start their day with I want to show you how smooth this actually is and you know this recipe there’s no dairy in it you could, of course, add along with your banana and oatmeal you could also add yogurt or you could add soy milk for your vegan children but I chose just to do a non-dairy version just for for the video and as you can see beautiful alright next I want to show you two different dips and dips are great vehicles for fruit or vegetables to be dipped into kids love to play with their food and what about it but what better way.

To do that than with a dip this is a citrus dip and I’m using Greek yogurt plain Greek yogurt which is my favorite Greek yogurt has a lot of protein it’s very filling and I think that’s a great item to start any child with in the morning if you can’t use dairy and I notice there are soy plain soy yogurts that you can use because this is an unsweetened version that I’m using right today you can add a little bit of lime and orange and even adding the peel in and the peel gives a really intense flavor which of course any typical blender probably wouldn’t be able to process through.

An actual lime or orange peel but the Vitamix can do that and we have some honey and you can really probably use any sort of sweetener you’d like but honey gives a nice kind of mellow sweetness to it alright and I’m just going to we’re going to blend this about 15 seconds on high speed I got to make sure that lids clicking on it there it goes again the new containers are a little bit harder to get to work, okay here we go that’s it you’re done and this is a wonderful dip high-protein dip to use with strawberries or pineapple as you can see really really smooth.

With little tiny flecks of the citrus peel in there and a wonderful flavor the kids will love dipping their fruit into this all right the next tip I’m going to do is hummus and this is a roasted red pepper hummus really full of flavor again the Machine processes thick mixtures really well but you really should learn how to load the container correctly to do this even more efficiently and so we have some lemon juice some chickpeas roasted red peppers.

And the water I have the leftover water here and some garlic and some salt so we’re going to go ahead and put the lemon juice in first and these chickpeas are two cans they’ve been drained and go ahead and put those in and the roasted red peppers now this is going to be very very thick definitely going to need your tamper I’m going to put a little bit of liquid there and I’m reserving the liquid that was in the jar in case I need to thin it out as its processing we have a raw clove of garlic and I’m just going to add a little bit of salt and you can salt it when you’re done if you don’t if you think it needs a little bit more now strong flavors like garlic ground black pepper onion anything like that you really want to start with the least amount possible because the blades are moving so fast and it cuts the ingredient to such minute level that the flavor.

Just explodes so you want to make sure that you start with the smallest amount of the stronger spices when you’re when you do a recipe, okay so here we go definitely gonna need our tamper okay in about a minute we have a really creamy red pepper hummus dip if you look at that color beautiful nice and vibrant and this is just one of many things you can do with hummus we have hummus recipes that have Italian spices in them they’ve got none real spicy ingredients in them so you can really have fun and make any sort of hummus that you like that you think the kids will enjoy one more technique I’d like to show you is something similar to a food processor.

We call it chopping it’s a dry chop and I’m going to go ahead and chop some carrots and some onions and it’s really a kind of a neat thing to show you everybody I’m going to select a variable speed of about for my turn the machine on making sure again your variable speed is selected I might be a little faster I’ll bring it down to three and the beauty this variable dial is you can start slowly and then increase it to increase the fineness of your chop I’m going to go ahead and drop in some onion I’m gonna increase it a little bit to get a little finer.

And that’s it you’ve got chopped onion that you can use for omelets or anything that you’re going to need to chop vegetable for I’m going to put this back on I’m going to go ahead and put the carrots in as well and these are cut into big pieces so I’m gonna grab a few I’m gonna go ahead and turn this on again drop them in one of them and that’s it you’ve got chopped carrots and chopped onions how convenient all right one of the last things I want to show you is how to properly clean your blender after you’ve finished now the cleans up very simply.

But it’s a good idea after every batch of blending that you’re doing to give it a good wash well what we have here is just about three and a half cups of water literally one drop of soap dish soap and you’re going to blend this on high speed for about 15-20 seconds and this should get off a lot of the residue that’s left in the container from blending and after this, you simply watch or rinse it out and let it air dry now there may be a time when you’re doing something sick like thick like that hummus where you might need to get a brush in there or sponge and that’s fine as well just use a little bit of soap get it down in there if you if you’re using something without a handle just be very careful that you don’t cut your fingers now that you know the right way.

To use your blender and we’ve discovered some really fun things to make in it I want to make sure that you know the book that comes with your machine has a lot of recipes in it as well but feel free to explore and just play with your Vitamix and find some wonderful recipes that you think your children will love so thank you, Anne, for showing us these wonderful tips on how to use our Vitamix blender welcome we really appreciate all the wonderful things that we’re going to learn from watching this video and what we can do and explore and we sure send us there your healthy recipes on Vitamix would love to hear about them thank you thank you.

How do I clean the Vitamix Blender?

Follow the steps if your blender has a pre-programmed Clean setting:

Firstly, after every use, rinse the container with warm water. Before filling the container halfway with warm water, apply a drop or two of dish soap. Safe the container’s lid by plugging it into a locked spot. Before turning on the computer, pick the Clean alternative.

When a loop is over, the processor will turn off automatically. Pour the contents out and give it a thorough cleaning. Turn the bottle upside-down to air dry it.

If your Vitamix food processor doesn’t have a Clean setting, follow these instructions:

After each use, rinse the container with warm water. Before filling the container halfway with warm water, apply a drop or two of dish soap. Safe the container’s lid by plugging it into a locked spot. Start with Variable Speed 1 and gradually rise to Variable Speed 10 before changing to High Speed.

For 30-60 seconds, run the machine at high speed. Pour the contents out and give it a thorough cleaning. Turn the bottle upside-down to air dry it.


A Vitamix blender will do it all, from grinding coffee beans to mixing smoothies and heating soups. You can also make hot soup (without the use of a stove), nut butter, baby food, sorbet, and a whole lot more. The Best blender vitamix is designed to pulverize the hardest ingredients into flawless purées, from fibrous raw vegetables to frozen-solid fruit.

Since Vitamix blenders are such a large investment, it’s critical to find the right one for your needs. Also, through this buying guide, we have ensured that you understand your requirements and needs and thereby make a wise choice.

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