Best Utensil Holders for The Kitchen in 2021

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Are you running late for your office and have to cook breakfast but cannot find the spatula to stir your Oats?

or are you worried that all your utensils are scattered in the kitchen all the time and you cannot find any particular utensil when you need it while cooking?

A messy kitchen with utensils here and there can be a great repulsive factor and would make us cringe.

For all the cooks out there, we have come up with a guide to show you a path to choosing the best utensil holder for your kitchen. Now your Kitchen shall no longer look cluttered anytime, cause all the utensils shall be at a place.

We are here with the idea of a utensil holder for your kitchen to accommodate all your utensil in one place so that you don’t have to run around searching for them. If you are dubious about the types and materials and style of these holders, kick all your worries as we are here to solve the issue out for you.

Buying guide for the Best Utensil Holders in 2021

While in the Kitchen cooking, all we want is our utensils to be in their perfect place and our counters to be clean. Well! This surely also indicates a lot about the hygiene we maintain in our Kitchen. And this issue can be solved by a utensil holder.

A utensil holder is usually an object or space where you can store all your dishes at a place. The cooking utensil holder can help you keep organized and the ladles, spatulas, and other kitchen equipment can be easily accessible. Such holders are manufactured in different materials and come in multiple designs to accommodate your living space or kitchen.

While these also serve multipurpose value and can be used for storing pens, paintbrushes, and other accessories. Utensil Holders are available in wide varieties ranging from wooden to Aluminum steel and from Plastic to coper.



For cooking utensils that you regularly use or find yourself looking for in the middle of the cooking process, a countertop cutlery holder is perfect. It keeps them easily accessible and on-hand so that you don’t have to search through a cabinet. It can also make the decor of your kitchen a great addition.

These types of utensil holders are the ones that can be placed on the top of the counters. So, the utensils can be usually placed in them. They are available in the form of holders or racks.


The in-drawer utensil holders have different sections designed which have different types of shapes. These several types of sections shall make it possible to put away different utensils.

You can either find them with holes or without holes. Although with holes is advisable, but again the material and your requirement should be taken into account. Although in terms of what you can place where this could be restricted, it also makes organizing a lot less complicated. But ensure that all your utensils have grooves, particularly if you own baby-sized forks, chopsticks, or different shaped spoons.

Drawers have absolute measurements, so making sure it fits is the most significant thing when selecting the utensil holder for the drawer Make sure to calculate the inside dimensions of your drawer-width, depth, and height before you even start searching. You can also measure your utensils to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

FEATURES of Best Utensil Holders in 2021


Select a square or rectangular-shaped utensil holder, that could take up less space than a round model, if you don’t really want a crowded kitchen.

Also, while you choose a utensil holder, always keep in mind the space available on your counter. If you have less space available and have a small counter, but you go for a big utensil holder, then this is where things go wrong and you shall end up regretting it cause it will cover up the majority of the space on the counter making it congested.

So, it is advisable to go for a small utensil holder for the dishwasher like the rotatable ones for your kitchen, when your counter space is small, and go for big ones like the compartment ones or the stand ones if you have large space.


If your compartment is a little far and you want your utensil holder in your hand. Then go for a rotatable utensil holder. Also, if you intend to store various-sized utensils along with cutlery, it is ideal to get a holder that rotates. To access the things you need, you only need to turn the holder over.

It is convenient to place your spoons and spatulas in such a holder. It is ideal to carry long utensils, and when in use and also its construction prevents it from falling over or tilting. This is easy and super comfortable for your use.


Well, if you are worried about space. Kitchen Utensil Holders with 2 or more compartments can be beneficial and comfortable to choose from. These can be helpful as they can provide a lot of space to accommodate your utensils and also you can put your tools in place.


The size should be totally dependent on your counter space and the number of utensils you have. Having a big kitchen utensil holder when you don’t have enough utensils would be a waste. So, it is intelligent to go for the size that can easily accommodate all your utensils.

Further, if the height of your utensil holder is small, your utensils shall fall or tilt. But when the size is too long then, you might not be able to find the small utensils as they will hide within and it would be difficult for you to get them. So, it is better to go for the medium size or the size that shall depend on how long your utensils are.


The style and Material of the Utensil holders are also related to what kind of utensils you have. If you have utensils that are made of steel then they won’t match with a copper utensil holder. They should be contrasting for you to give an appealing view.

Purchasing the copper cooking utensil holder will enable it to fit with your pots and pans that are either copper or brass.  A stainless-steel kitchen utensil holder would better suit the decor in the case of a modern kitchen.


The Kitchen Utensil holders can be versatile according to what you pick from the options available. If you go for small rotatable counter-type utensil holders, you get a variety of options with it. You can use it as a flower vase or a pen stand or a stationary holder apart from using it as a usual Utensil holder.

Using it as décor can be eye-catching and would add to the ambiance of your place. So, you get a long list of such versatile ceramic kitchen utensil containers to choose from for displaying anything you want.


Sometimes, you have a habit of keeping back the utensils immediately after washing them. Or if you are in a rush you put the utensils back at their place unintentionally after washing them.

Then don’t worry about the fact that the holder shall stink with all the water draining out from the utensils. Because we got a wonderful solution for the same. You can find trending wide varieties of Kitchen Utensil Holders with holes. These holes shall help in draining out all the water from the utensils after washing them.

Also, there is are several sizes of holes in the holders. Some have large and some have medium while others have very small or micro size. So, it always depends on the size of your utensils and the vessels that you shall be keeping in. You can find a compartment and kitchen counter utensil holder where you can put all your immediately washed utensils with water dripping and the water shall flow through the holes in the container.

So, your utensils can dry out in the holders and the water will also drain out. This can be the most comfortable thing in the kitchen.


The utensil holders are available in a wide range of prices. It depends on the material and the size of the utensil holders. Copper, wooden, or brass utensil holders can be costlier than stainless steel, steel, or plastic ones. Further, larger sizes will always be costlier than the smaller ones.

These are also available in several sizes and forms so the price would vary from mere 200 rupees to several thousand depending upon the holders you choose.

But while you go for less priced utensil holders do not compromise with qualities. Always remember to see the review of the utensil drawer organizer before buying.

FAQS on Best Utensil Holders in 2021

What kind of material would be suitable for the utensil holder?

Utensil holders made of stainless steel are the new trendy types of Utensil holders that are preferred by a majority of people. Of course, stainless steel would be the simplest to clean, as when it gets a little murky, you can easily throw it in the dishwasher. Metal will therefore be heavier than your plastic or wooden utensils and will thus be less likely than a plastic holder to tip over.

If you want more of a fashionable kind of utensil holder, you can go for a wooden utensil holder kitchen. The wooden ones are available in several eye-catching designs. They can be found in different styles from compartment ones to rotatable holder ones. But make sure to notice that the holder has a rubber base so that the holder doesn’t slip.

You also get copper and brass material of utensil holders available in different designs. But stainless can be preferred overall as it is sturdy, robust, and would not break or get scratched around.

Can the utensil holders be washed?

Stainless steel utensil holders are the hassle-free ones as they can be easily washed with a dishwasher without tension about it getting damaged. The same goes for the plastic ones too. But the copper utensil holder amazon needs to be hand-washed carefully with warm water and gentle dish soap.

But with wooden utensil holders, soaking can lead to it splitting or cracking. So gentle care is required while cleaning and for that warm water and mild dish detergent can be used.

What kind of good utensil holder should be available at the best price?

The stainless steel utensil holder set can be the best choice amongst all. Wooden, ceramic, copper, or brass utensil holders can be available but would be a little costlier. But again, it would also depend on the size of the utensil holder that you want. The larger the size, the more the price and vice versa. But buying stainless steel kind of utensil holders shall be profitable.

Can the utensil holders be mounted on the wall or kept in any place?

Yes, they can be. If you have less space on your counter, you can mount them on your wall. But for this, the rectangle utensil holder can be used for this purpose.

The wine rack utensil holder can be used to keep at any particular place. Well, these, utensil holders can also be used to store vegetables and fruits.

How to organize your kitchen utensil by holder?

Video Transcript:

If you have your utensil drawer a mess and you want to organize it or get an idea on how to organize it please keep watching hello everyone welcome to the channel if you’re new here hello my name is Betty and today we’re doing a DIY for kitchen utensils because kitchen utensils being everywhere I believe is one of everyone’s biggest problems in their kitchen so to start to take out everything from your drawers including all your utensils and your plastic ware silverware knives everything that you’re trying to basically condense into what our project is going to be today.

And put them into little piles it’s a great time to purge if you haven’t already this Dollar Tree basket is the one that I’m going to use obviously Dollar Tree carries I believe two other colors in this basket this one is like that tan khaki color there’s a dark brown and a black one and also in the basket we have before big cans in three little cans and in the cans I’m going to put the utensils in the four big ones and the plastic ware and silverware in those small three little ones so basically what we’re going to do we’re going to make it look nice to just put everything.

In there because there is no drawer space that I can actually stuff everything in there without looking for it and without it being super cluttered so my stove is right there this is why I’m putting it in the corner okay here I am showing you the paint color of choice I am going to paint all the cans black because my kitchen is black and I’m going to use the multi-purpose multi-surface color I believe I picked it up at like Walmart.

And I’m going to use e6000 because we’re trying to put aluminum and together so yeah and I’m using newspaper because I don’t want to get my table all dirty and have to clean it later and I know it cleans up pretty easy but yeah I don’t want to do that anyway and I’m also going to use come on hand move it I’m doing the voice-over because my AC is freaking out.

So yeah sorry guys okay there we go we are well I am using both a sponge brush and a hold makeup elf brush that broke off so I’m just using the top I kind of wanted to see what textures both of them were gonna give me so that’s why I’m using both you don’t have to obviously you can pick the color of your choice it doesn’t have to be black here we go okay so meanwhile those cans are drying in a beautiful color I am gonna work on this basket.

In this basket, I am going to put this black ribbon and the sunflowers because that is the theme of my kitchen I have two safety pins there but by the way, they’re not gonna work out okay I’m telling you right now I want to be able to change the theme or the ribbon and accessory of my basket as I change my kitchen throughout the seasons or holidays like Falls coming I’m giving you an example here of the ribbons and the accessory.

That I would put on this basket for the fall when I changed my kitchen to fall-themed so as we are gonna start here there we go so I measured the ribbon to the size of the bin of where I wanted it and I’m going to find the center and basically hot glue it on there you obviously need scissors and I brought out my hot glue gun for this reason because.

I tried to do the safety pins and that did not work out very well at all so hot glue it is I mean I didn’t really want to use hot glue but we’re gonna have to just because it’s not that bad like you can take it off the plastic it doesn’t really stay on plastic very very well so it’s not 100% permanent so we’re good so here we are finding the center of this ribbon and there it is hello center of the ribbon and here I’m about to show you that I’m putting it in the columns and not the rows so it can stick better I guess or adhere better to the plastic.

Since that piece is sticking out so just put in a little bit of the glue and hold it on there and it’s the second row or yeah it’s on the second row but on the column part that I’m putting this on because I don’t want it all the way to the top and make it look weird I guess I’m going to be hot gluing the corners because that is where the safety pins failed on me the first time I mean you live and you learn this is real life guys in real life because that was a total like I filmed I don’t know like 10 minutes of it and then I realized that it wasn’t gonna work out and I was like the man it was funny I mean it’s a DIY I’ve never done it before so I’m here doing it with you guys as you’re watching so now on to the sides all that hot blue hair like.

I swear it’s an impossible thing to like get off like you will find hot blue hair everywhere I seriously like I think I have it all and then I’ll look and the Sun will hit you know the daylight will hit in a certain angle and I realize that there’s more hot glue hair everywhere so I kind of just gave up and just and I just continue to do everything our top glue everything and then take it off because it was not working out trying to take all the hot glue hair off I don’t know what I was doing here I’m going to be 100% honest and no idea.

I mean was trying to show you guys but that didn’t work out very well as you can see interesting very very interesting so here we are at the back of the basket with some more hot blue hair and I’m measuring just to see where I’m going to put these ends together and just hot glue those together to the basket yep that is why I’m trying to say and voila is it wala or voila it’s what lies in it Wow okay note to self it has been noted oh I’m not even done so interesting voila so excuse my mess back there I just realized that it’s my water Berger Cup and other items it has water I promise so there’s the center.

And I’m showing you where I’m going to put this flower and trying to get rid of all those hot glue hair good hot glue hair guns bear with me and my speech my horrible speech cuz apparently I cannot talk today yeah okay well I’m picking a flower because the lady at the flower counter and literally just shoved like to kill my freakin flowers and by the way, those sunflowers are from Dollar Tree so I took one off I took through the prettiest one I could find and I’m gonna cut that bottom piece off you know how it has that little stem oh there.

I was showing you the like how she shoved it into the bag and I was just like a lady their flowers calm down but yeah that’s where I’m going to put it looks pretty Center to me so we’re gonna we are going to put hot glue on that like plenty so I can stick because again it’s plastic and it’s trying to cut it or I’m trying to put it into a two-on-two ribbon I really cannot talk today excuse me I’m so sorry but there we are and there you have it it is on that, voila and those I’m gonna use for other items in my kitchen so we’re gonna save those for later and here’s the pretty sunflower I’m just showing off my DIY basket so I’m checking to see if those.

Are dry and they feel pretty dry but I’m still gonna let them dry off a bit more because I want to be sure that they’re 100 percent dry and not just dry or fake dry I don’t know what I call it so oh well totally backward so we’re gonna use the e6000 here I’m just showing you how I’m going to position them into the basket they’re pretty dry so I just giving you a visual here before I glue them I’m going to actually find where the label was you know how that glue stays on there from the label I’m going to find those pieces and glued them together so here we go so I let these sit for a little over 24 hours so they’re pretty solid they are very bonded together with the e6000 so I’m going to grab the pin now and put them in there and put all the utensils.

And silverware in there okay for this one I’m going to add some games to keep my knives pretty straight in there okay you can do just with black beans I think it’ll look better just for the fact that they’re you know probably nicer looking and then for those miscellaneous items like wine key and the little wine stopper to keep the wine fresh they’re just gonna go right here in these little gap areas the can or our beer opener or whatever.

I’ve heard all that this is called and my husband has a big one there on the side and that’s basically it that’s what it should look like I have all my utensils back here mostly use utensils of air and a stew and the least frequents on the back and this roller, to be honest, I have no idea what to do with this you have any ideas on how to store.

This would be great because I really don’t really have an idea on how to store it I don’t think my husband bakes because I basically burn everything I bake so yeah I don’t know what to do with it I don’t use it thank you for staying until the end of the video I hope you liked it I hope it helps you in your kitchen I hope it’s a solution you were kind of looking for I do appreciate your time thank you for stopping by till next time have a great day guys you know when you’re cooking and then all of a sudden you realize you need a spoon to stir something in a pot that you’re cooking and then you go digging through your utensil drawer.

To either find it at the bottom and your food’s probably burning and you don’t want that right like that’s my problem currently so we’re doing this kitchen DIY for utensils meat sphere obviously you can move it around since it’s just like there’s no termination of termination it’s not even a word together these two out blew them together and then these excuse me these three particular lips you get oh my god I just realized that it’s not gonna stay and you know how to use the hot glue gun and they Oh make it live and you learn right obviously kind of Duns DIY before oh my gosh that’s a lot of work coming No every day if you like these type of videos give this video a comp a thumbs up.

How to Make A Kitchen Utensil Holder?

Video Transcript:

I’m Gail with mean switch shopping I was in a bind with not enough space for my utensils we’re gonna make this one and I’ve walnut and cherry so let’s check it out we have a pretty small kitchen and over here in this little corner, we have this little canister container thing that holds our kitchen utensils and it worked fine until I got into woodworking this thing is so crammed and I’ve got this it’s made a lot like the beer mugs I have this large piece of walnut and some leftover cherry I want a piece of cherry that’s the same length as this more almost just like.

The beer mug, I’m gonna cut a bunch of strips now I’m just cutting all my strips down to a 90-degree angle I’m glad I did a test on here because it’s knowing I’m looking at it this is too tall make sure to write your secret message on somewhere in Nick I’ll go back over all this and spread the goo out with a brush after I get all the slots filled all right this is the scary part we’ll probably slip this that maybe overnight turned out pretty good I mixed up sawdust and glue to fill in some gaps I had but once I sanded that away you’ll never be able to tell that there were any gaps I think with a little bit of elbow grease I could get it flat doing it this.

The way I need a bigger sheet hand sanding for the wind this time we’re you dead by night protection just putting a round over on this I’m gonna use plywood for that because I’m trying to conserve as much cherry and walnut wood that I have left so I’m gonna use this plywood you’re never gonna see it it’s gonna be inset so yeah man sanding those to fit was really a pain and I got some gaps but I don’t really care because it’s gonna be inset and you’ll never see it yeah and what is it what kind of wood I don’t know is it cherry that’s.

Walnut Adam knows his stuff no I don’t you got it right they were lucky yes you and you get a double feature because I was simultaneously working on this and I’d like to give a shout out to Jeff the Hokey for pointing out the fact that um maybe this is common woodworking knowledge maybe it’s not I didn’t know it once you get all your slats cut you divide 180 by the number of strips you have and that’ll give you the angle that you need I hope you liked it if you did enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up I’d love to have you subscribe.

To the channel as well because I have new woodworking videos every single week and those have now been moved to Friday I was releasing my videos every Monday Monday just doesn’t feel like a good day to release videos because everybody’s at work or you know when they get home from work maybe they just want to go to bed or turn their favorite TV show.

On instead of checking out videos so now I look forward to my videos they’ll be out Friday if you get the little notification bell you’ll be notified every time a new video is uploaded so thank you very much for watching and I will see you next time.


So, we hope all your doubts and worries have been over by now.

Hope this detailed pathway of choosing the best utensil holder would have provided you a clear idea of what to opt for. Now that you have a wide variety of utensil holders to choose from and a well-formed idea, be the wisest while you choose.

But always remember to ensure your space and comfortableness while you opt for anything because the last thing you would want is you regretting the thing that you brought because it didn’t fit well.

This utensil holder for the kitchen would add to the decor of your kitchen and would keep your dishes organized at a place now.

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