Best Under Sink Trash Cans for Your Kitchen in 2023

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Have you recently noticed your ‘under the sink’ area to be dirty and cluttered?

Does it stink where you’ve placed your trash can?

Or, are you feeling it to be a dull and tedious job to line the trash cans every day?

If you feel such things or related ones are happening with you, we can use a permanent solution daily. It is the best under the sink trash cans.’

You must be very well aware that a trash can is a requisite component in all homes and offices. Cans placed in the bathrooms and kitchens tend to smell more than those set in the bedrooms.

Thus, for such issues, the best under sink trash cans act as a suitable spot for the trash cans as there isn’t much room left after the plumbing and garbage disposals.

Buying Guide for the Best Under Sink Trash Cans in 2023

Trash cans come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and materials. Thus, it becomes essential to get superior knowledge regarding it, which makes purchase easy and worthy. This knowledge can be obtained by the one who has either tried it or already know about it, which might not be the case with you.

So, we have made the work easy for you. We tried the different types of trash can kitchen and knew a few things that are essential to be considered for an ideal purchase. These things are listed below.


The material of the preferable under the sink trash can is something you should be considerate about.

Trash cans made from high-end metal and good quality plastic are sturdy and capable of handling many loads. The metal/steel frame makes it a lot more durable and fire-safe, while the heavy-duty plastic ensures no leak and can be used weightily.

In the market, you are likely to find a metal trash can and made of concrete and are not affected by the weather. Such cans do not wear as fast as plastic and metal. However, keeping the mind that you will place it under the sink, concrete isn’t suitable as it is difficult to move and clean.

Size of the Kitchen Cabinet and Trash Can

Metal sure does make your can sturdy, but it can also make it bulky with the frame. It goes with the saying that if you generate more waste, you’ll need a large trash can.

However, the right large indoor trash can is likely to be found if you know your kitchen cabinet’s size. This will offer you a thought of what height of trash can you can get that fits rightly under the sink with the plumbing and disposals or under the kitchen counters.

Well, if your family size is big, a small wastebasket won’t do the job. It will only add to the chores of emptying the garbage now and then.

Thus, deciding what size trash can fits under the sink depends on the amount of load your unit has to carry.

Easy Installation

It is indeed true that kitchens and bathrooms produce a tremendous amount of waste. A pull-out option is right for these places; look for a bin whose installation is quick, easy, and simple with the tracks pre-assembled.

However, if you find the building to be tricky, you can go for DIY as it is likely to finish the job in less than twenty minutes.

The vital thing to note is that the frame should slide freely and smoothly after it is secured with a few screws. Ensure the cabinet doors can open and close as usual with the trash basket upright and in place.

Lastly, you have to find the right-sized pull-out best kitchen trash can that fit in your cabinet, attach them with some screws, and you are done!


Generally, if a trash can is visible, it should have a cover on it.

A good thing about under sink garbage can with a lid is that it conceals your waste as well as its odors. There are under sink garbage can with an automatic lid that has auto-locking the covers, making them pet and childproof.

Lock lids guarantee that your garbage isn’t being tampered with. A cover is crucial to prevent spills and avoid a mess. Covers help the surrounding area keep clean by ensuring that your bin is leak proof.

On the other hand, if flies and bugs are a problem, close the lid with a quick flick of your hand and keep the dirty pests and insects away. Some covers available in the market are swing lids, push caps or the tops that open by push or step pedals.

Sturdy Handle and Grip

A firm handle adds convenience when you are pulling the trash or the inner liner out of the can while emptying it. No-one indeed wishes to take the garbage out on hand, but it’s effortless to take the trash out if you have a strong and firm grip.

Your hands don’t have to touch the amazon trash can or the sloppy, grimy rim or the dirty lid. If you don’t line your bin, you can simply pick it by its handle and throw the trash away.

If you choose more giant bins, go for the ones with rollers and wheels; it adds to easier handling.

Odour Lock

There are trash cans readily obtainable in the markets to keep the unpleasant smell at bay. You don’t want your kitchen and bathrooms to reek of wet waste. Keeping the unattractive smells inside is essential.

Many trash cans come with an odor control feature with bags of activated charcoal underneath the lid. Cans with this characteristic can be pricier than those without such features.

But you don’t have the money to enjoy the reusable activated charcoal bags?

You can go for the good trash can for kitchen with tight and fitting lids so that the top can work as an odor resistor. Even if your trash can have a massive load, you don’t have to smell a thing!


There should be no reason for your trash to look trashy. A sleek and stylish bin can make your room look tidy and chic. Purchasing a piece that matches the accessories of the rooms and bathrooms will elevate your interior decor.

Use pull-out trash cans for the waste you want to keep out of sight. Simple, elegant decorative trash cans for kitchen cans will please your room’s aesthetics while concealing the items that are no longer of use.

A smooth exterior with a certain sheen and hinges that are carefully covered will add an element of class to your room. You can also upgrade your home with bright and fancy bins and make it fresh (literally!).

Step Pedals

What if your hands are full and you can’t open your lidded bin? There’s a solution to that question as well!

‘Step-on kitchen trash can’ has a pedal that opens the lid for you when pushed with afoot. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, these cans keep your hands clean and maintain hygiene and sanitation.

However, in this mechanism, plastic bins may break due to low quality or regular use. Still, the ones with strong steel or metal foot pedals last longer.

So, step on to the stainless-steel pedals and watch your best kitchen trash can hideaway.

But these steel bins are likely to cost more than the plastic containers, but the expense can be ignored as they have models that serve a long life and look very pretty and streamlined for a trash can.

Slide System

Also called ‘Pull Out Trash Cans,’ these bins can be easily installed in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet under the sinks or countertops. Your trash can for small kitchen doesn’t have to sit outside and create an ugly sight. It can go inside your neatly organized closet.

Choices available for these bins facilitate all the features listed for you, including lids for odor control and numerous containers for organizing your waste. You can now separate your recyclable materials and compostable items into different bins.

Features such as a smudge-proof exterior, multiple internal containers, and tight, whisper-quiet lids for odor lock and smooth opening and closing will make you fall in love with your garbage can.


It’s not everyone who has the money to spend on sink dustbins, especially those with motion sensors and voice activation ability. Some standard features like soft-close tops and pedal openings are available for less than half of the price of the best voice activated trash can.

But wait!

You don’t have to sacrifice functionality just because you don’t want to spend hundreds on garbage. You can opt for cans with swing lids, if not pedals so that you can access it easily even when your hands are full. However, plastic cans are budget-friendly and can fulfill all your trash requirements.

On the contrary, if you have tons of money to splurge on garbage cans, then there are a variety of different choices available. They offer a sleek stainless-steel build with fingerprint-proof technology so that your room can always look pretty.

FAQs for the Best Under Sink Trash Cans in 2023

How do I dog-proof my trash can?

Things that we all are annoyed about are returning home after a long day at work and finding all the trash scattered across the floor as your dog has easy access to the trash can.

So, you can now make your trash can dog-proof by locking it with child-safe locks or placing the can away and out of your dog's reach, on the countertops, or inside the cabinets and closets.

If you are looking for a new dog-proof kitchen trash can with pet-safe features, go for under sink garbage cans with automatic lid. You can also go for the hefty ones for your dog to knock down or the ones that open by pushing a pedal.

How can I hide my kitchen trash cans?

Like we've mentioned numerous times now, under the sink kitchen cabinet is the perfect spot for your pull-out trash can. If you do not have a cabinet installed, you can drill some holes and hang a curtain so that the trash cans are hidden well beneath.

If you are disgusted by the various smells your trash produces and don't have an odor lock bin, then buy a garbage can for kitchen that can be rolled away by wheels. You can either place it in the garage or the patio (don't forget the lid). You can also opt for small bins, which can be hung with the help of lid flaps

What is a Smart Trash Can?

Technology is creating innovations faster than trash cans now, open and close by motion sensing. If your hands are occupied, just hover them above the bin and the lids open and close noiselessly.

These bins are also provided with sensors that alert you when they are full and need to be emptied. Further, they are equipped with voice activation ability, and you can command the best smart trash can when to open, close, and lock the lids.

these, however, are very pricey and demand high maintenance, making them unsuitable for domestic use.

How do you make a trash bin pull out?

Once you've collected the measurements of your cabinet's inner space, mount the slide system directly on the floor. Assemble the frame in the front to have a smooth and easy passage for the trash flow. Screw-in and fix the slide system after adjusting it according to your needs.

As you finish, pull out the closet multiple times to check for any inconveniences. However, you may have to oil the slide system after every few months so that it can glide effortlessly.

What size trash can fits under a sink?

The size of the best under the sink trash can should depend on how much space you have under your sink. There should be enough room left to dispose of the garbage.

Cans are available that fit the standard size cabinets if you want your amazon trash can kitchen can be a pull-out. For picking the right bin that suits you and your family, measure your cabinet's dimensions and decide on the one that works with those proportions.

How to get a trash can underneath your sink?

Video Transcript:

Hi, guys welcome back to the crafty home if you are new here welcome my name is Tanya today I’m going to be talking about a project that I did in my kitchen a few years ago I want to share it with you because I know that a lot of people face the same challenge in their kitchen and I wanted to be able to share with you what I did so if you have been following me at all you know that we have a fairly small kitchen we do not have a lot of cabinet space or a lot of drawer space and it’s the kind of kitchen that you would normally have a trash can off to the side somewhere where we used to keep.

It was beside our refrigerator kind of where you come in from the garage and the problem I found with that was that a lot of stuff got spilled both on the fridge on the floor and on the wall so I felt like I was constantly cleaning stuff up also it was in the way for where we also put shoes when we come in from the garage and I also hate the look of trash can out in the kitchen it’s not the most attractive site and for me, it just was also inconvenient when I was cooking because I’d have to go from my sink across the way to my trash can or from my stove again across the way to my trash can and it wasn’t convenient for me so I started looking into how to get the trash.

Can underneath my sink generally speaking when you’re getting one that is pre-built they are for taller cabinets so for example underneath my sink I have a very standard stainless steel sink there are two cabinets underneath and then there are two faux drawer panels and those just cover the distance that the sink depth is so it is too short of a cabinet to do a standard under the sink pull out trash can normally you would have a trash can cabinet that sits separately from underneath the sink again I live in a small home my kitchen is small I don’t have any taller cabinets like that or cabinet space we also live in a rental property so it’s not like.

I could go switch the kitchen cabinets out so I decided to come up with this system so that I can put my trash can underneath this sink so that I could have it out of the way and more convenient for me to that being said let’s go ahead and get into it first thing I had to do was measure the height of the cabinet that I was going to use I chose to do underneath the sink because I only kept cleaning products underneath here and I had enough space to keep my cleaning products on the other side of the cabinet so on one side of the cabinet is my dishwashing dish.

Washer tabs sponges and cleaning products and then on the other side of the cabinet that is where I ended up putting my trash can so I measured the height of my cabinet and also the depth of my cabinet back to the pipe so on most standard cabinets you would have an underneath the sink you would have a garbage disposal and also pipes for a dishwasher so you do want to make sure to measure how far back something could go after measuring these things I went ahead and shopped for a wooden box.

Because I knew I wanted to screw in drawer pulls into that you can get drawer pools at any hardware store they’re basically what you would use to attach a drawer to a cabinet and they have all kinds of different sizes and quality ones I got the ball bearing ones and so I knew that they had to get screwed into wood or at least something that would hold the screws so I went to home goods and I got this decorative box I mismeasured my cabinets.

So I did have to customize the box and by bringing the side in but once it was done it fits in my cabinet perfectly if your kitchen is like mine you have your kitchen sink and then you have these faux panels that literally don’t do anything but they block where the sink goes down and then you have the cabinet below so this is not a standard height for a cabinet when you’re putting a trash can underneath so we’re just gonna work with what we have sorry about the dishwasher.

It’s running right now so the first thing we’re going to do is take some measurements in the cabinet so you want to know basically how high your whole cabinet is so mine’s 21 inches and then you want to know how high your pipes are and because you need to be able to clear that with whatever container you do so mine is around 12 inches and I’m actually going to measure from this other part it’s about 11 and a half inches that I have for clearance right here and then for depth I don’t want to go any further than this pipe so I’m going to go right here and that gives me about 17 and three quarters for that so the height this part is what’s going to matter for your trash.

Can but the container that you put it in will matter this height this depth and then this width so you also need to know how wide your cabinet is across and minus 14 inches but also take into account this little notch right here because it has to clear this when it comes out so when these pull out it needs to be able to clear this so if I’m measuring from that which this is the problem I ran into when I made mine so I had to do some modifications to mine but it’s 13 and a half inches wide right so I was able to find this box at home goods and it was meant to just be an organization great obviously and it had handles and because I mismeasured my width across my cabinet.

I ended up having to modify this so basically I popped this side off of this front I cut off a piece and then I nailed it to the inside and then I took off this part right here because this hits that little notch right there so if you measure properly you won’t have to worry about that but the next thing you want to do is find some of these sliding drawer poles you can get them basically at any hardware store I will link some below or the ones I got these are on ball bearings and you screw.

The bottom parts to the bottom of your cabinet and then you’re going to screw the top part to the bottom of your drawer or box that will pull out and I brought them almost all the way maybe about a quarter of an inch from the top here uh because I wanted this to sit pretty flush with my cabinet so I’m gonna put it in so you can see what it looks like.

So once it’s in let’s see if you can see it just slides on these and then just like any drawer you push it in and as you can see it sits flush with my cabinet and I can pull it in and out so the reason we measured our height right here on our cabinet is because of the trash can that’s going to go in here I ended up getting this trash can um I think I got it from Amazon I’ll link one below its just rubber made and it’s a 21-quart four-gallon trash can and so this obviously is not a typical size trash can it’s kind of like a medium one um that you would use in your kitchen.

So anything that we have that’s big like car-like cardboard boxes or bags or whatever to throw away we actually just put in a trash can in our garage that sits just right outside our door everything else goes in here and then when this is full I take this out and I just fill it with whatever boxes we put out in our garage so that makes a full trash can and this works really well for us and then as you can see I have space behind this so this is where I keep the extra trash bags I just buy them from Costco that’s why there’s such a big role and then you can keep grocery bags extra grocery bags back behind that or whatever it is you might want.

And then I still have room on the other side for all of my cleaning products so I have my dishwasher tabs and sponges and my cleaning products and then I have some more here on the cabinet and so there’s plenty of room in this for everything and as you can see let me take this out so you can see when I slide this back it goes just to that pipe right there and leaves room for the pipes that go behind for the dishwasher so it fits perfectly I am so happy with this so that I don’t have to look at my ugly trashcan anymore and it keeps it concealed.

And I can close it up and that is where my trash can now is it works out really really well for me as far as cooking I’m able to cut my vegetables and crack eggs and everything else anything that I need to throw away is very easily done there when we get done with any meals I’m able to scrape plates and things into the trash can right there by my sink and it just makes a lot less mess and it’s also more pleasing to the eye overall aesthetically for my kitchen.

I hope this was helpful for you even if you can’t do the same exact thing I do hope it inspires you to think outside the box and be able to do your own thing when it comes to under the cabinet trash storage if you like this video please leave it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel to see more videos from me I post on Tuesdays and Fridays so there’s always new things to see thank you so much for watching I will see you in my next video.

How to Organize Under The Kitchen Sink?

Video Transcript:

Hey there so I wanted to show you guys how I finally organized underneath our kitchen sink this has been a long time coming and it’s I don’t know why it took me so long to do this but it just I never seem to get around to it and I can never figure out exactly how I wanted to organize the space so I finally just did the best that I could I think with the space it’s not super complicated it’s pretty simple but I’m pretty excited about it and if you guys are interested what I usually do with Eevee when I’m blogging here’s an example she loves looking at herself.

So I prop her up in front of the mirror and she just laughs their head off hi baby girl you looking at me now here you are okay back to the cabinet I’m going to open it up and show you what I’ve done basically like a lot of people we have our trash under the sink and it wasn’t always that way I actually usually have it on this wall we have a different trashcan and I would just put it on that wall but I wasn’t liking the idea of having our trash out anymore um you know like when people come over then I want to be looking at my garbage so and even just with Eevee getting older um I know she’s gonna be walking before I know it so to get the trash out of them the main part of the kitchen.

Was Michael so I just picked up this trash can is from Home Depot and it has this little side um latches like this lifts off and it basically holds the kitchen garbage disposal can in place which was really key when I’m putting it under the sink because I’m basically just gonna like pull it out and throw stuff in and like put it right back or even just like stick stuff in through the top so I didn’t want the trash bags falling in because I know that’s such a pain so that trash can was really great and it fits perfectly in this space it’s you know we couldn’t go any tolerant pretty much to the top but I didn’t want to think too much smaller because you know I want to be able to hold um more garbage.

Then a smaller garbage pan could hold so this one is a little bit smaller than what we usually had um but it’s okay I don’t mind the change in the garbage you know more frequently it’s okay and then next to it we had our recycling trash can and what I did was I just printed off the recycling image from the computer and I just cut it out and use some packing tape to tape it to the front and I know this might seem like a little bit anal but we have a lot of people coming to our house um like we have a Bible study that meets here sometimes and just you know a family in general when people come over it’s nice when they open up a cabinet of yours to not feel like they’re gonna do something wrong.

Like if I clearly label it there shouldn’t be any confusion so that’s what I did um you know black and white going with the garbage can so it works and then this shelf is the one that I picked up at the Container Store it’s the large two shelf organizer and this is how I wound up using it the top shelf I just reserved for like cleaning bottle brushes um some extra sponges for cleaning and then the back I have some soap which is actually I use that to make our laundry detergent so I just stored it in here just to keep it out of the way and then down here this is how I decided to organize and contain our dishwashing soap normally.

We would have the like the cascade bottle would just not bottle like them the cardboard box I would usually just stick it right here but I just liked the clean image of just you know like I have this spot and then two garbage cans I didn’t want little things like tucked into the to the sides so I got these just a plastic um container and actually picked these up at Home Depot they’re only 99 cents which are you know a cent cheaper than the dollar store.

So I was actually going to go to the dollar store to get the plastic shoeboxes but I saw these at Home Depot and you know 99 cents can beat that so inside I just you know open it up and pour the Cascade powder lung dishwashing detergent inside and I just put in a little extra um like measuring scoop that I had and this is a teaspoon and I think it takes about two or three teaspoons depending on the amount of dishwashing detergent that you need and that’s also another little tip I know those little pods for dishwashing is pretty popular now but personally.

I mean to our families not that big it’s just my husband and I and then Evie and obviously, she’s not eating food yet so sometimes you know take a couple of days for us to accumulate entire dishwashers worth of dishes so sometimes I’ll run it when it’s not completely full just because I want to use the things that are in there and we have like a quick rinse like a cycle on our dishwasher so it’s really nice to have you know the actual powder detergent and I can add as much or as little as I want versus the pods I would have to probably use too.

Much so you know if I’m doing a lighter load so anyways that’s my little you know aside for dishwashing detergent plus I mean guys this stuff is so much cheaper than the pod so that’s my little tip and it fits so nicely in this drawer there’s only like maybe an inch in the back of space so that is how I decided to organize underneath our kitchen sink and Evie what do you think about it yeah you’ve decided you excited mommy I talk to you later guys bye.


Good trash cans are essential for a neat and organized home. While selecting, you need to see under the trash can size, material, and most importantly, how it matches with your interiors.

You are also advised to go for easy to clean or wipe clean surfaces. Cans should not overflow but keep the surrounding area sanitary and remain furtive.

All such features are easy for you to get in the best under the sink trash cans. A good trash can for kitchen is an investment that can last for years to come.

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