Best Train Horn For Trucks in 2021

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Are you worried that your truck horn sound is not loud enough to clear the traffic ahead?

Is it true that you are facing issues with the horn that you have installed in your truck?

Are you planning to renew the horn of your truck?

We know that when you drive a big truck a horn plays a very vital role as an accessory. Well, it is important to use a horn that has a promising feature that produces a huge and powerful bellowing sound that helps you clear the road in busy traffic.

Well, a train horn can be used for a variety of purposes on the track, both practical and frivolous, and it’s a perfect way to personalize your vehicle. And this sound will slowly and inevitably capture everyone’s attention.

Buying Guide For The Best Train Horn For Trucks in 2021

Train horns are among the loudest horns, and pressing the horn to get heard by other drivers would produce the most recognizable signal. Although some train horns can be mounted under the hood or in the truck bed, others can be mounted on the roof or on the top of the vehicle’s hood.

This will give your vehicle a distinct look and personality, particularly with the sleek black or gleaming chrome horns. Adding a train horn kit to your vehicle will boost its value, but choosing the right one is important.

So if you are planning to purchase a loud train horn for a truck or thinking to replace the old one with a new one then this article is perfect for you as we have tried to provide all the features as well as price details you need to keep in mind while you buy the best train horn for trucks.

Types of Train Horn:

  • Low Frequency:

Depending on its size, girth, and length, a train horn emits sound waves of varying frequencies. A low-frequency air horn creates low-pitched sound frequencies. The sound, on the other hand, is loud and powerful. Cruise ships, semi-trucks, and cargo freighters all use this form of a horn.

It warns anyone that a vehicle or vessel is approaching. This air horn’s sound travels farther and more powerfully than other air horns. We suggest having a low-frequency air horn if you enjoy being outside or own a large truck or watercraft.

  • High Frequency:

A high-frequency horn, unlike a low-frequency horn, has a very high pitch. The high-pitched sound it makes, however, irritates the majority of people. It’s also ineffective because the sound it makes isn’t very loud. It’s possible that you’ll have to hit the horn many times for the echo to travel far.

A high-frequency horn is typically used in small compact vehicles and is also used at sporting events.

Types of Train Horn Kits:


You can purchase your train horn kit for truck as individual parts, just like other aftermarket kits. This allows you to customize your package by choosing the horns, tank, and air compressor, then combining them to make a unique kit for your car or truck.

The benefit of this style is that you don’t have to stick to a particular brand and can produce whatever sound and functionality you want.

  • Complete Kit:

There are plenty of pre-made kits available if you don’t want to spend time putting one together. This is the best option for someone who isn’t familiar with train horn kits or wants to save money. When you purchase a full package, you can be assured that it will function properly.

  • Weather Resistant:

The majority of the train horn kits for trucks aren’t designed to be used and used outside of the car. They aren’t immune to water or the elements. This means they could be affected if they get wet. Units that are weather-resistant are fully sealed. This is the best form of a kit for mounting in a truck bed or on a cruise.

Sound Production:

When selecting a truck train horn, this is the most important thing to remember. You must recognize the sound that the horn can make as well as the type of sound that you are comfortable with. There are two types of air compressors and tanks on the market: one that uses air compressors and tanks and the other that uses a direct drive system.

If you choose the direct system, it will come with a small air pump that allows air to be pumped directly into the small collection of horns. The air compressor then builds pressure in the tank until it reaches 200 PSI.

When you buy a trumpet, you’ll notice that it comes in sets of two to four trumpets, which are built to blend the sound and quality of the horns. Most horns on the market have three to four trumpets, which make a louder sound than a conventional train horn for a truck. When buying a horn for your truck, pay attention to the kind of sound it makes.


After you’ve made your order, think about how easy it would be to mount the horn on your vehicle. You’ll need to find out where you’re going to put it and which component it’ll go on. There are different sizes of air horns on the market, so you’ll have to find out which one is easiest for you to mount, or you’ll have to hire a professional.

However, if you want to do it yourself, you can watch some online videos to see which one would be the easiest for you to DIY. You can also read the instruction manual that must be provided with the kit of the truck with train horn.

Air Requirements:

Tank power, work pressure, and the duty cycle of the compressor are three essential features of a truck’s air system that you should consider when purchasing a truck horn. The air pressure working device must adhere to a rule that states that the higher the pressure, the louder and higher the sound made by the horn will be.

The tank’s ability refers to the amount of air that can be contained in the tank and specifies how long the horn can last before needing to be refilled with air. You must complete on and off cycles running time at a limit in percentage form to measure the service cycle in the compressor’s ranking.

You’ll need to think about the tank’s size to make sure you get the right service cycle, planned usage pace, and multipurpose air, which is also essential. Before deciding which air horn is best for your vehicle, you must weigh all of these factors. They will have an effect on the horn’s tone, duration, and consistency.

Design and Fit:

The train horn kits for pickup trucks have a distinctive style. There are infinite options, from a single trumpet to five trumpets. However, for most consumers, this is a simple indication that the configuration of the air horns should better fit the capabilities of their vehicle.

This is why it’s critical to start with the best design possible. According to personal experience, some truckers can only install their air horns underneath the truck, while others prefer to have them mounted anywhere on the truck.  Truckers, on the other hand, have been known to swap air horns from vehicle to vehicle.

Some truckers, for example, move the air horns on their personal vehicles when they are not driving during the winter months, and in this case, a lightweight design may be a safer option. The design of the air horns appears to be more critical than many new users realize.

Air Tank Size:

The train horn kits for trucks are available with air tanks ranging from 1.5 to 8 gallons. You’ll be able to blast your horns for longer in a single burst if your air tank is larger. As a result, you’ll get more use out of your horns. More gadgets and features on your vehicle can be driven by a larger tank. The largest tanks could also be used for an air suspension kit.

Number of Horns:

The number of horns you have has little to do with the volume of your kit. The number of horns used will determine the sound’s richness and tonal variety.

A kit with just one or two horns would sound flat. The tone of a kit with five or six horns would be more harmonic. Having more horns necessitates a larger air tank to support the additional horns.


Air compressors are examples of optional extras. Some air horns only have one air compressor, while others have two. Some of the loudest air horns are powered by air from an onboard air system and do not need an air compressor. Even in this situation, they can have the appropriate durable hose for connection.

However, particularly if truckers are installing the air horns themselves, it is also necessary to consider the appropriate instruction manual along with these extras.

Using air horns safely:

Truck air horns, above all else, should be used safely. Aside from staying current with state and local regulations, truckers can not use air horns, except when they are permitted. This is why the horns can only be used when absolutely necessary. Sounding them too loudly or just for fun might potentially frighten drivers.

This is why, in addition to the very strict regulation in this field, common sense is also needed. Any of the rules apply in the morning. Horning is prohibited in some areas, such as those near hospitals or schools.


A minimum warranty policy should be in place for all best train horns for semi trucks. This warranty period usually lasts up to a year and covers any potential manufacturing flaws.

However, some suppliers have additional benefits, such as lifetime customer service. So, in the future, all of the questions that truckers might have can be easily answered.

Available Price:

Train Horn Kits come in different price ranges. The ones that come under $500 are small packages with one to three horns attached to a 1.5- to 3-gallon tank. These kits should be able to produce a four to six-second honk period. The kits that come within the price range from $500 to $2,000 and usually have three to four horns.

Tank sizes vary from 2 to 8 gallons, allowing you to honk for six to 20 seconds. These are high-end horn packages that can have up to six horns for $2,000 and up. The air tanks hold 6 to 8 gallons of air. The sound generated has a rich tone and can last anywhere between seven and twenty seconds.

FAQs of the Best Train Horn For Trucks in 2021

Is the sound of the train horns affected by the number of train horns?

Contrary to popular belief, having more electric train horn for truck does not imply a louder pitch. However, it does have an effect on the sound quality. Only one sound can be generated by a single horn. Using several horns to achieve a more pleasing, multi-tonal sound is possible.

Are Train Horns Harmful to Your Hearing?

You should be aware that excessive noise will cause your hearing to deteriorate. It's difficult for them to hear again after the ear stops listening.

An air horn produces 129 decibels on average. And sounds that are louder than 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. This means that air horns for trucks have the potential to cause hearing loss.

Can the horns produce a variety of sounds?

Each horn is built to produce a distinct sound, but you can always add more horns to create a variety of sounds. Keep in mind that the bigger your air tank is, the more connections you can make to it.

You may add a second horn kit and assign each sound to a different button. Many of our air horns for trucks like real train horns, but we also have kits that sound like noisy horns or boat horns.

Are there any horns that are noisier than the train horns?

The answer to this question is yes. Though higher-end train horns can be heard from up to two miles away, chime horns can be heard from approximately the same distance. Many of the horns can be heard from a distance of a few blocks. So if you want much louder horns than the train horns for your truck you can find it too

How to mount train horn on truck?

Video Transcript:

Say I’m ready for the trials and tribulation to see I still care for strong what’s up to you two welcome back so you knew I finally got the boost the f-150 bags I’m about to install the train horn guys so I don’t know how long this videos gonna tape now it might be a two-part one part it all depends on how well I do so I got one of the brackets here so what we’re going to do first is no oh you know what I want a spray paint just crap because I don’t want to rust is it was spray painting what’s your thing I could just do a soft coat just a soft.

All right so this is the side that y’all actually it won’t see but this all right you don’t have to be the perfect and only reason why spray-painting this guy’s because I don’t – don’t drive first I don’t want it to rust so that’d be a huge disappointment but I’ll put this up there and it rust so I didn’t do a heavy spray paint or nothing I just spray painted just a little bit so I know finished product budget finished product spray paint and like I said I only did this because I don’t want to rush I don’t really care how it looks underneath or anything but it will look good with this black stuff.

So I want to get ready to actually install the corn what to this one and then install it underneath my truck so stay tuned alright so all these holes are a quarter of an inch I don’t remember to put what this is right here but it had to be you know I think it’s like five sixties or something so this is the bracket that so trades holders are going to go on just like that they can have so poverty I’d even have to buy my freaking boat it comes with both already which I’m gonna use because they’re black but these black bow still how smart is that so I have to use these because otherwise.

I’ll holler you know like that’s stupid all right and there you go, guys, so I laughter Dino is tight it down so it won’t move nice and tight now it’s time to actually drill this into the actual truck alright guys so that’s like beaming in my face I’m not a hundred percent sure if this is going to work because this thing is heavy I don’t know if my drill all right guys so I gotta start doing Tom laughs just kiss my memory go quick so I freakin got it up right here so I pre I don’t know if y’all see me but I pre-drilled the holes for that so this is sturdy but I overtightened this one so now forced to put one here and probably the other one right here so oh ma to drill those in right now and the horn.

Is actually attached and it’s 32 just like really sturdy but I don’t know over tighten them guys don’t over tighten it but I’ll be right back once I get these tool in and we should be good just focus a matter of seconds so that’s what I’m bro for tiny too tight but I got four or total of my goal with the pursuits but I’m far but this guy’s no space for the exhaust everything so I want to proceed or putting on the compressor and Dan I don’t know if I want to wire everything today that’s why I was saying it might be a part two video but I want to proceed to put the commercial I mean a bracket for the compressor pre-drill those holes and then get the actual compressor and all that up here.

I want to see if it’s dirty because I was thinking about having my friend do a tech will right there tackle right here but it doesn’t feel like I have to do it this seem like it’s on pretty strong so we’ll see y’all when I actually put the compressor but y’all want to see how it looks up here so far this how the train horn looks I hope y’all see my crack isn’t that wet all right so the wires are free oh just give you our word advice wear glasses or safety glasses we do it is because it is ruled coming down or gov rule. But I just closed my eyes and turn my head so it’s a lot of little hot metals so I’m about to put the compressor actually on this bracket lift it up and then put this stuff on mana stuff got me out of breath but they had these little rubber things sure add other things.

What’s your thing I know it’s for a celebration alright guys so currently I almost have the compressor fastened tight so all I do is get this look at this somebody come look at this they’re not change that’s all you really have to do to tighten it up and as you can see it’s floating so I didn’t a drilling hose but I here remember it’s already pre-drilled so honestly all I have to do is hold it up to do one right here one right there I did do the wrist hold up by itself and then tomorrow well I’m gonna do this part first so you can see how it looks underneath and then tomorrow I’m going to do the wiring and all that good stuff so I’ll show you how it looks once I put it in the booster f-150 I’ll tell y’all guys right now this crap it’s going to be freaking heavy my big boy pant.

Saw man up let’s go okay baby you got to give you second milk look how that one cell tower screw does it though don’t let this crap break up Giselle go to the house so you got a little three-year-olds freaking four-year-olds freaking bother you about a day above so they’re gonna house you bother me while I’ll do this crabs crab hitting whoo no got it, huh I need the hardcore so you can stay out here no she can’t what uh what are you talking about man oh no I gotta loosen it up yeah what see over here tell my buzz like just leave it alone I didn’t like the other White’s on the replace the tripod uh alright guys so look at that great grass blood show today.

So I officially put the trained heart on does officially are so it’s officially on guys as you can see so I think what I want to do here like I told y’all in a previous video I want to run a hole straight to here and this is where I can like to err up tires and stuff and just take that key all officers I don’t have a spirit it’s harder no more so this is the actual horns right here there’s all it nice and three see a whole truck is shaking and this is the compressor and then I’m just gonna do the wiring I wonder that too long because it’s getting late right now so that’s gonna look freaking awesome so this is a why spray-paint galactic ft black as well so often I Drive around real fast to make sure.

Nothing gets loose and everything is secure, yeah but it seems like it’s secure self-tapping screws hold on strong as hell so I just got the negative which I could run literally right here I could do that right now with a self-tapping screw honestly yeah I could do that I’ve heard there was a wire somewhere else or I could either probably put it over one of these screws but yeah run the wire negative here and then positive I want to have it go to actually fuse somewhere where that this is at they call it the day on that but yeah I’ll see y’all guys tomorrow we’re not doing a worrying piece.


To get the best output and the longest life out of the loud train horn for truck, make sure it has at least three of the four characteristics mentioned above.

It will ensure that you are having the best price possible in order to keep you safe. Keep the sound level, air tank, compression, and installation set in mind. We genuinely hope you have fun shopping and stay healthy on the route.

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