Best Toaster Ovens for Quick and Easy Cooking in 2021

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Do you love baking?

Do you have a passion for baking cakes, cookies, experimenting with them, trying out new recipes?

Or do you love spicing things up by roasting?

The well-browned, juicy chickens or the restaurant-style tenderized beef, we understand how much a want they are. The smell of roasted chicken that your Granny used to prepare for dinner when you visited her are such sweet memories that must have persuaded you to love roasted food, are we correct? Those remembrances can never fade away.

Do you like the food served warm or hot? Of course, we do agree that none of us like cold foods however delectable they may appear. So are you using separate appliances for baking, reheating, broiling, and roasting as well? Then all those appliances must be occupying a lot of space in your kitchen, right? Well, do you know that a toaster oven can do all these tasks alone? Yes, you heard it correct a toaster oven can bake, broil, reheat and roast too.

Buying Guide For The Best Toaster Ovens in 2021

You can bake cakes, cookies for birthdays, you can make super tasty roasted food for your family and friends, and not only these you can have the basic facility of reheating food with the help of a toaster oven.

The best toaster oven for toast is one of those kitchen appliances that you don’t realize you need until you use them every day. They take up very little room, can be used to replace a variety of kitchen appliances (including your toaster and air fryer), and reduce cooking times, particularly when using the convection setting.

They can toast bread and bagels, but they can also roast vegetables and whole chickens. Since most toaster ovens don’t require preheating, they’re ideal for summertime when you don’t want to heat up your entire kitchen with a full-size oven. So now you must be convinced that how important it is to have a toaster oven in your kitchen. And if you don’t own one then this article is for you as it has all the features that you need to take care of while you are buying a toaster oven.

Features of the Best Toaster Ovens in 2021


  1. Standard Countertop Toaster Ovens:

A standard countertop toaster oven might be what you’re looking for if you’re looking for the best toaster oven for simple cooking methods like heating, toasting, and browning different foods. These are the original toaster oven models before all the bells and whistles like browning levels were added.

A typical best countertop oven can easily accommodate two to six bagel or bread slices at a time. If you decide to go with this option, in the end, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure the one you want has temperature sensors and a cool-to-the-touch exterior. The temperature controls are self-explanatory, and the cool-to-the-touch exterior ensures that no matter how long the toaster oven is in use, anybody who comes into contact with its exterior surface will not be burned.

  1. Convection Toaster Ovens:

Convection toaster ovens have surpassed traditional countertop toaster ovens as the most common toaster ovens in American homes in recent years. The only noticeable difference between convection toaster ovens and regular toaster ovens, for those that are new to toaster ovens, is an inbuilt fan.

Convection toaster ovens come with built-in fans that disperse hot air around the oven, ensuring that your meals are cooked evenly. In comparison to traditional countertop ovens, this technology helps this best countertop oven to cook food faster and at a lower temperature, saving you both money and time. Of course, this means that a convection toaster oven would be more expensive than a regular oven, but if you can afford it, it will be well worth it.

It’s also worth noting that convection microwaves were invented by companies that make kitchen appliances. These devices are designed to function similarly to a microwave, but they also use the same special cooking method as a convection toaster oven.

  1. Infrared Countertop Toaster Ovens:

An infrared toaster oven uses light energy to cook your food quicker than a convection toaster oven. The only disadvantage is that the interiors of these appliances are smaller than those of other forms of toaster ovens, and they are not as commonly available as convection toaster ovens.

But if you can get your hands on one that suits the meals you cook often, you’ll be in luck. They are extremely effective and require the least amount of warm-up time. When preparing frozen foods, this will come in handy. There will be no need to defrost before cooking with this appliance.

Advanced Heating Elements:

One or two heating elements are used in traditional toaster ovens to brown and toast food on both sides. Multiple, flexible cooking elements are popular in higher-end models, which are built to handle even baking, top-down broiling, and convection heating, which circulate hot air around your food for faster cooking.

Some models have special heating elements that quickly heat the device to temperature without the need for preheating, saving you time. If you just plan to use your amazon toaster oven to make toast or reheat pizza, however, there’s no need to go for a high-end or convection model.


Space is likely to be limited in your kitchen, regardless of its size. You will need to narrow down your choices based on where you want to put your toaster oven—ideally, close to an outlet and with plenty of space for ventilation. Before making a final decision, make sure to test your counter space to ensure that your model of choice will suit.

If prep space is limited, a smaller or under-cabinet model may be preferable to a larger unit with more advanced features.

Automatic Cook Settings:

If you often cook the same foods in your best small toaster oven, you may want to look for a model with automatic cook settings and presets, which allow you to cook popular foods like pizza and baked potatoes with just the touch of a button. You can configure presets on some models to fit your preference and most frequently cooked dishes.

Timers and Alerts:

Your toaster oven can, in principle, cook food well without needing constant attention and will alert you when it’s finished. A built-in timer with an alarm that sounds when the food is ready is included in the better versions. An automatic shut-off feature can also be very useful for preventing burnt toast and other smoky situations.

Temperature Range and Adjustments:

Temperature flexibility can be helpful depending on the type of cooking you’ll be doing in your toaster oven. This feature allows you to do anything from toasting bread or nuts at a low temperature to broiling chops or fish at a high temperature of up to 500 degrees. It’s also good to be able to fine-tune the browning degree on toast settings.


Many foods cook quickly in toaster ovens, so being able to see what’s going on is beneficial. Most models have a large transparent glass door, which helps you prevent blackening toast, drying out pizza, and other forms of overcooking. Some have interior lights, which make it easier to check on foods without having to open the door and lose the heat.

You should consider reading user feedback to avoid models with low-cost glass doors that can cloud up after extended usage. When deciding which professional toaster oven to buy, consider the form and volume of cooking you’ll be doing, the amount of counter space you have, and your budget. It’s also a good idea to think about some unique features that could appeal to your cooking style.


Having a wide range of programs can offer you a variety of choices when it comes to cooking your favorite meals, depending on what you want from your toaster oven. Unsurprisingly, a toaster oven is useful for toasting bread, but if you want to do more, a model with toast, bake, broil, and similar presets, particularly a smart oven, would expand your cooking possibilities.

These programs and presets can take a lot of the guesswork out of cooking, allowing you to set it and forget it while still having great results.

Rack Positions:

When looking for the amazon toaster oven, you might not think rack positions are that critical. The racking options, on the other hand, can both increase and decrease your cooking options, particularly if you want to cook multiple types of food at the same time. If you want a model with several racks, make sure they are spaced far enough apart if you want to bake tall foods or products that rise, such as cupcakes or bread.

You can make this simpler by removing racks, but this will not always work while cooking several items at once. Although toaster ovens have adequate interior space, poor rack positioning may reduce their effectiveness.

Safety Features:

Toaster ovens can get extremely hot, very quickly, posing a risk of burns and burning. Toaster ovens have many features that make them safer, such as racks that automatically pop out for quick access when the oven door is opened.

Some professional toaster oven models have innovative features that help keep the hot door out of the way when retrieving food. When you forget to turn off your toaster oven, an automatic shut-off feature comes in handy. Drip trays and broiler pans are simple to use and help prevent grease flare-ups; these devices are particularly useful if you want to cook meats in your toaster oven.


When toaster ovens are turned on, they normally use between 1200 and 1800 watts of electricity, which means how hot the temperature will get and how long it will take to cook. This will assist you in selecting the right toaster oven for your needs based on the type of food you want to prepare. If you just use your oven to toast bread, a powerful oven will not be enough.

However, for frozen pizza, baked goods, and larger foods, such as whole chickens, a high-wattage alternative will suffice. However, for frozen pizza, baked goods, and larger foods, such as whole chickens, a high-wattage alternative will suffice.


You can end up with a lot of crumbs, melted cheese drips, or grease runoff due to the types of foods you’ll be frying in your toaster oven. It’s easier to keep your best toaster oven for small kitchen clean with a crumb/drip tray that covers the bottom and slides out from the front some of them are even dishwasher-safe. You can also ensure if the bakeware that came with your model is dishwasher safe as well.

A nonstick interior and a door that raises up instead of down, which helps you avoid having food on the inside of the door during retrieval, are both useful easy-clean features.

Available Price:

To determine what toaster oven price point is right for you, consider both frequency and type of use, as you would with any appliance purchase. Toaster ovens are available at a variety of price points, ranging from $30 for small batches of toast to $500 for larger models with high-tech features like convection settings.

A countertop convection amazon com toaster ovens may be worth the higher price tag if your range or wall oven doesn’t have a convection feature and you like to bake or are particularly interested in faster, more energy-efficient cooking.

FAQs for the Best Toaster Ovens in 202

Is it true that a toaster oven is superior to a microwave?

Yes, it is, particularly when you need to crisp up food by broiling, browning, or toasting it. Microwaves usually cook food slowly, resulting in soggy or soft results. The best toaster oven for small kitchen will also keep your food warm for an extended period of time without adding moisture.

In a toaster oven, can you use aluminum foil?

Yes, you certainly can. Since toaster ovens do not respond with foil as microwaves do, you should be healthy. When using aluminum foil to line a baking pan or tray, however, use caution because it could spark if it comes into contact with the heating elements.

Aluminum foil use instructions should be included with your toaster oven. It's important that you obey these directions to avoid damaging your toaster, countertop, or anything else in the vicinity.

Is it safe to use a toaster oven?

Toaster ovens are just as dangerous as you make them, and they can get heavy, just like any other kitchen appliance. Allowing the amazon prime toaster ovens to cool down after use will reduce the chance of burning yourself, and you can do this by turning it off at the mains until done. This is annoying since it will reset any functions or timers you've set up, but it will also prevent you from keeping the toaster oven on overnight, which may result in a fire.

Is it possible to bake raw meat in a toaster oven?

Raw meat can be cooked in a toaster oven if you follow the correct procedures and use caution. In the same way that you wouldn't put raw meat on top of the rack in a regular best uses for toaster oven without a tray or plate, you shouldn't put raw meat on top of the rack in a toaster oven. This is because the meat juices can drip down, making it impossible to clean at best and potentially damaging the heating elements at work.

How to toast bread in a toaster oven?

Video Transcript:

In today’s video, I’m gonna be showing you how you can toast bread with this toaster oven – the first thing you want to do is make sure that you have chosen to open your toaster door open and now once you have that toasted oil oven open what you want to do is take this tray out because if you take because you need to take this chair before you toast your bread because the bread will only get toasted on one side like this bread will only get toasted on this side, not the backside because the coil because there’s a coil on top and on the bottom right there.

I don’t know if you can see the coil right there is on the bottom and there’s one on the top now what you want to do is take this tray out like so and what you want to do is put in your bread you want to toast like so I’m gonna put that and now what you want to do once you put your toast or your bread in your oven you want to close the door and now I’m gonna show you what these buttons do I mean don’t pay attention to these two knobs the one you want to pay attention to is this one the one at the bottom I’ll leave a link in the description to where to what these knobs do now what you want to do is you see these three dots these three little pictures right there I don’t recommend you put it on this one good if you’re toasting bread.

Because you can burn your bread with this one right there I recommend you put your bread on this one the one after the at the top up from the bottom this one the one that looks like bread, not the one that looks like a circle put it to the one that looks like bread right there now I’m going to put it to this one right there and you should see right there that the toaster is turning on and I will be back when the toaster is done you see right there the toaster will be on like so and there sometimes you see that the bread is burning right there.

So what you can you see right there the toaster beeped with that little ding that means that the toaster got your bread toasted don’t worry about the toast if you see that it looks burnt don’t worry about it now what you want to do is be careful because this toast can be hot and the components like the grill can be hot so be careful when taking it out make sure you have a plate but my plate will be this little toast to tray now what you want to do is take your toast out with caution because you can burn yourself you see right there my toast got toasted right there what you will see is that your toast.

Do your toast is burning as it gets at the point where you want it but the toaster isn’t done like so I’m gonna show you what I mean by that like so for example you see the toaster just wait for it to warm up again you see right there sometimes you think that you say that you’re chosen is done like right now, for example, the toast is done right there and you’re saying that the toaster isn’t done that’s the toaster isn’t done because the beep hasn’t gone off like so what you want to do is you.

Can either this knob right here you can twist it to where it beeps like so you were hearing you will hear the noise go super loud like so like that or what you want to or if you’re toasting done you can do this method or what you can do is either unplug the power cord to turn off the toaster so that’s it for this video guys and how to toast bread or anything in your toaster please like and subscribe for more how-to videos like these ones.

Do all toaster ovens get hot on the outside?

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody what we have here is a conventional toaster oven by Black & Decker all the chemical control and very easy to operate as you’re gonna see right there the dimensions of the first toaster oven are it’s some 21 inches wide 14 inches deep and 10 inches tall so it’s not the biggest you can get but it is certainly a decent size I think for its where it’s located here’s a microwave for it next to uh next to it just for a little bit of comparison it’s very simple to operate inside.

You have the usual stuff you have your rack you have a baking pan and you also have your crumb tray on the bottom the country’s pretty dress down that’s having a little bit this has some interesting elements I have seen its elements like this on a toaster that we used to have way back there kind of like clear in design same with the two top ones right there don’t whole you can see that but yeah they’re up there as well they do work very well.
Just they don’t really glow as much as you would as much as the other ones would but they do still do their jobs certainly over here you have three levels you can put the rack on this is the bottom this is the middle that it’s on right now and up top you see says broiled only that’s the top section for right there and yes this oven can do a bake broil end toast on the baking mode just the bottom coils operate embroil just the top ones and for toast.

Both the top of the bottom operate and here I’ll take this out you can see a bit more of it, yes the inside is pretty clean because you haven’t really used it yet so obviously is using more and more that will change what see what’s interesting is the middle section has a little stop there so when you pull the rack out it holds right there which isn’t really a bad thing in case you ever baking anything in here you only want to put this out a certain amount and not and not have a drop out that’s not that’s really not a bad thing to have I and the crumb tray is pretty interesting so it’s in there right now but the way you actually take it out is down here.

That’s a pretty interesting design now initially I was concerned about that because I wasn’t sure if there was like a lip in there that wouldn’t have the crumb catch on the inside edge as you’re pulling this out if you know what I’m getting with that but I did try um you know with some poppy seeds myself as an example and when I pulled this crumb tray out they all came out with the tray itself so that was good that wasn’t it that was my little concern about it having pulled out from the outside like that I think that’s pretty cool honestly.

I’m how they have that uh set up as such over there on the inside you may notice some like a kind of roundish mint right there and the vent right here convection fan is the fan takes air in from there and blows it out the top now the fan only operates in baking water if you use broil or toast the fan doesn’t run only a baking motor runs then there’s one interesting thing about the controls here is that you actually.

Have a separate timer for the baking and broiling options and then one for toasting so they’re actually separate from one another I’ve actually never really seen something like that before so that is pretty interesting one thing I love about this is that each timer has its own bell if you listen carefully here they’re two different tones that are just awesome I thought that was really cool things I saw why to notice that this toaster oven has its own timers like that as a matter of fact here’s your um thermostat right here and this mechanical control here.

The clicking and you have a status light that’s on whenever it’s running obviously the interesting thing is that in order for ROM let’s see for example you want to toast something um if you put the temperature in anywhere but toast if you notice I’ll turn via the toast timer and those how the light didn’t come on I’ll put it to toast see how it comes on like that so there’s one interesting thing about it is the album it’s how I in order if you want to use the timer for toasting you.

Put it in toast if you want to use the timer for the baking and broiling has to be in there so really I think that’s actually a pretty cool thing it considerably mechanical I think it’s also one of the cooler things about it too so like I really like how it has its own functions like that that is pretty interesting one important thing to note is that whenever you use a toaster oven for the very first time what you should do is you should run it for 20 minutes with nothing in it oh it’s like you know know what food because there could be some stuff in there for the factory.

That may need to burn off so if you put it into toast mode and then run it for 20 minutes it should warm up it burns up anything that’s in there and then it should be fine this one’s a little bit more restrictive again because of the separate timers because this does advance faster than the other timer does but again that’s only a one-time thing so it’s really not a big deal you can just turn this 220 use the toast timer to make it run.

And then if this is about to expire just turn it again until that goes to zero and then you know you’re all set all right so let’s go ahead and put something in the oven all right so over here we have some store-brand white bread from stopping shop so what we’ll do is um we’ll put in a tube we’ll put in two slices and then we will see how it toasts now I don’t like my bread too toasted usually but since I’m doing this for demonstration purposes a bowl a little bit more than that this is the medium toast setting that’s the darkest one obviously we’ll see how the medium setting does so let’s pull this out and we’ll put the two.

Slices right on the rack that’s what it says to do okay put it back in and now you will just send that a little bit more I guess alright so now what would do is close the door put the thermostat to toast that click right there is for toast and then we’ll set the timer to the medium setting and you can hear it clicking there you go think a little bit further that’s okay yeah you can see the status light is turning it up and you may be able to hear the toaster oven a humming a little bit cuz you know all the all four coils are energized now till you see much air up there right now it has to warm up so let this warm up some and then we’ll see how it’s doing okay time.

Is uh still clicking along you can definitely smell the bread toasting that is one smell I love is toasting bread it’s really nice now again you may notice you can’t you can see a little bit of on the rear bottom coil you see that it may be a little bit on the front here now if I go down below I hope you know it’s really hard to see that let me use my hand let me see if it’s harsh me to get that for you guys but um the upper coils are certainly glowing opal okay maybe now you can see if they are glowing a little bit more orange than the bottom ones which are how it works in every toaster oven it always seems like the top ones always a glow more than.

The then via bottom ones but it’s not been doing this job I can smell the bread toasting oh you know what actually I’m it started arcing a little bit yeah definitely doing the job okay we’ll let this get near the end and then we’ll come right back oh yeah that’s definitely toasting well should momentarily turn off oh just like that good timing all right and so on actually there is some toast does have its own temperature limit and I have heard this up and actually click it before and then click back on so that is good that the, if the thermostat does work well where we’ll go all the way up and then it just you know go on and off accordingly, doesn’t just stay on all the time so there’s the toasted bread that was on the medium setting all right obviously.

You want to be careful when you take this out because it’s very hot so I’ve got a plate over here let’s open this up and that the handle is cool to the touch so that’s good use a potholder to take the rack out oh that looks beautiful yes so for medium toasted bread I’d say that’s uh I say that’s perfect so get the plate and we’ll slide these outright on a plate they do get a little stuck to the rack I know I’m noticing so you’ve just got to maybe spray it down or something initially I mean if you have an idea to do that and there’s your medium toasted bread.

I say that came out very good they look a little bit darker on the camera than they do in person but um if ever wanted toast bread in here I’d say that’s the perfect setting to use as the medium one actually you can show the crumbs just from the toasting so it begins you just slide it back in there and then close it up well everyone there is your black and decker.

Mechanical convection toaster oven very very happy with this purchase I’m really glad that we got the mechanically controlled one you know it’s really on really nice and reliable as a matter of fact they had an electronic control one that was kind of rung similar design is this that was at least 100 to 200 dollars more no thank you okay these mechanical controls probably be a lot more reliable than the lived any electronic one that’s going to be out here and I’m very happy with this purchase it definitely toasts bread well as you can see very nice and operates extremely well nice good size easy to operate and just works great very happy with it thank you very much for watching and take care.


Toaster ovens can be lifesavers when it comes to breakfast, snacks, and dinner prep. With so many models to choose from, it’s important to consider your cooking volume and needs, your kitchen’s available space, and the features that will be most useful to you in your daily cooking and meal prep before making a final decision.

We like appliances that have multiple features, and any best toaster oven for toast you buy would be a step up from a regular toaster in this regard. Furthermore, as more advanced configurations, versatile heating elements, and unit sizes become available, you may find that you use your new toaster oven just as much, if not more than your traditional range or wall oven.

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