Best Soup Makers For Quick & Healthy Soups in 2021

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How about having a bowl of hot soup on those chilly winter nights?

Or how about a hot bowl of soup before having your meal?

Isn’t the process of making soup quite time-consuming?

Isn’t it frustrating that you continuously keep an eye on the soup so that it doesn’t get burned?

This is a serious issue and we call your attention towards an incredibly efficient Soup Maker.

A soup maker is the most cost-effective way to make fresh, homemade, and powerful soup without spending a lot of money. It absorbs the nutritious value of your diet and prepares the best-tasting soup in a matter of minutes.

Buying Guide for the Best Soup Makers in 2021

Soup is one of the most common dishes that can be eaten anytime. You can have a hot bowl of soup in your breakfast or before any meal as a starter. You can also devour this delicacy if you are sick.   Soups can be prepared in a variety of ways and with a variety of ingredients, and they can be very useful at times. Soups not only keep you hydrated but also strengthen your immune system. Soups are one of the healthiest recipes since the main ingredient is seasonal vegetables.

Soup makers incorporate blending and cooking in one step, reducing the need to wash additional pans, bowls, and gadgets or hover over the stovetop when cooking. Most can also render smoothies, which is helpful if you like a fruity concoction.

Since the soup maker amazon is an automatic electric unit, it is incredibly simple to use. To make soup, simply cut all of the vegetables into small to medium pieces and put them in a soup maker. To get the best soup maker, you’ll need to be mindful of a few main factors that play a big role in evaluating the appliance’s efficiency. When looking to purchase a soup maker, you should weigh all of the considerations that we have listed down below, so that it would ultimately help you while buying one.

Features of the Best Soup Makers in 2021

Types Soup Makers:

There are predominantly two types of soup makers. The first is a traditional soup maker, also known as a kettle soup maker, and is made exclusively for soup. This is also a low-cost option. The second soup maker operates similarly to a blender, but with different functionality and functions.

  • Kettle Style Soup Maker:

This is the most popular soup maker on the market. A blade is fixed to the upper lid directly. The ingredients inside are cooked by the heated base layer. Depending on whether you want a smooth or chunky broth, the unit can take about 20-30 minutes to prepare. Making chunky soup takes a long time.

They are simple to clean because they have a large mouth opening. Although some models have a non-stick interior, others do not. Simply apply some detergents, scrub, and rub the model with a dry towel to disinfect it. You can also make smoothies and milkshakes from them.

  • Soup Making Blenders:

They are much easier to run and clean than the traditional types. This soup maker resembles a typical jug blender in nature. The same unit can be used as a soup maker and a blender. When compared to a Cuisinart soup maker, it has more features and functions.

Blades are usually attached to the base of the glass jug in this model. To cook the soup, it uses a heating element or heat produced by the blades spinning. You can see the cooking process since the glass jug is largely clear. When eating, you may also delete or disconnect the jug.


The material of the soup maker is also an essential feature that should be taken into consideration. The soup maker’s cups and pitchers are usually made of plastic, glass, or steel. While some plastic materials are designed to withstand heat and other external impacts others are more delicate.

Glass is known as a solid and long-lasting material. However, if you drop it on the floor by mistake, it will quickly crack. Steel is a durable substance that is less likely to crack. However, it can be hot to handle, and many people find waiting for the container to cool off inconvenient.

The type of material used to produce a morphy richards perfect soup maker will also influence the total cost.


The majority of the soup makers are the size of a pot. These versions are perfect for use in smaller kitchens. These mini soup makers, on the other hand, can only make around a liter of soup at a time. This means you’ll only get three little bowls of soup or two big bowls of soup at a time.

Some soup cooks are very tall. Since they do not fit in cupboards, you may have to keep them on the kitchen counter. The cuisinart soup maker with a greater size has more capacity. This is useful if you have a big family or wish to make a large batch of soup. These soup makers are big, and they can take up additional space.

If you only have a small amount of room in your kitchen, you can measure it first and then buy it accordingly. The bigger versions are a little more difficult to move. Cleaning them can be a hassle as well.


Even if most consumers do not put a high emphasis on style, some people choose to purchase a soup maker that complements their kitchen’s overall aesthetics and ambiance. The soup makers’ look ranges from model to model. Such models have a matte finish, and most have a shiny finish. It is solely up to you to select the style of the soup maker.


Another significant thing to remember when purchasing a soup maker is the capacity of the maker. You would first know how many people you can serve the soup to. A tefal soup maker amazon capability usually varies from 1-2 liters or more. For a pair, a 1-liter jug is appropriate. However, a jug with a volume of 1.6 liters or more tends to be appropriate for producing soup for 4-6 people at a time.

Consideration of capacity is important as you would not want to end up with a small soup maker where you have to double up your work of making soups. And also do not end up with a larger one, that would again make it difficult for you to clean.


You can go for a variant that is designed to be lightweight. The model should be built in such a way that it will comfortably blend into your interior, making it compact. As a consequence, before purchasing a soup maker, make sure to check the weight.

Control Mechanism:

Most soup makers have a range of manual and automatic settings. The automatic settings have been designed to allow you to choose tasks by pressing or pushing a button. The majority of the settings are all manual, and you’ll have to pick them when you cook.

If you’re busy at the moment and don’t want to waste any more time preparing the broth, go for a model with automatic settings. However, if you want to be more interested in the cooking process, use manual settings to keep an eye on the whole thing. You can also control the texture of the soup with manual pulse settings.

Some certain best soup maker USA have almost all of the settings you’ll need to produce soup. There are also certain portion control options for when you don’t want to make an excessively small or large bowl of soup. A soup maker with a portion control setting can be very useful for those on a diet.

Soup makers with more settings usually cost more than those with fewer settings. As a result, instead of purchasing a gadget with needless choices, think about what settings are most important to you and then purchase a soup maker that contains all of them.

Blending Options:

Most soup makers may make either smooth or chunky soup, but some often have a medium-texture setting for added versatility. You can also mix spices by hand, so if your soup is too chunky, you can give it another go. Most models have a smoothie configuration for cold mixing, and some also have almond milk, jams, and purées settings.

Cooking Time:

This is also an important point to make when purchasing a soup maker. The majority of people want to purchase the best rated soup maker because it saves them time and effort. In most cases, cooking a soup in a soup maker takes between 20-30 minutes. Some soup makers, however, do not encourage onions to be sautéed in the soup. As a consequence, the mission will take longer. As a result, you’ll have to pay a bit more money to get a model that will do all of the prep work for you, saving you time and effort.

Sauté Feature:

A flavourful soup can be made by sautéing or frying any of the ingredients. The soup maker machine with a hot plate base helps you to fry a few vegetables, such as garlic, onion, bacon, or other spices, with a limited amount of oil, making the process simpler. It also greatly increases the taste of the soup. Some versions, on the other hand, encourage you to fry or sauté the vegetables or meat before cooking them.

Interrupt Feature:

This feature comes in handy if you fail to add any ingredients before beginning the cooking process. You can stop the process in the middle and add the ingredients inside using this feature. The procedure will restart after the ingredients have been applied.


In order to save you time and effort, a soup maker should be multi-functional. Any of the higher-end versions have features such as the ability to sauté, simmer, mix, reheat, render puree, split ingredients into chunks, and more. Some of the models also make sauces, smoothies, and a number of other dishes.

If you just want to make hot soup, a device with blend, puree, and chunky settings is a good option. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated culinary experience, look for the best soup maker usa with extra settings such as sauteing, heating, and so on.


Cleaning any gadget or utensils can be the most hectic task and thus, time taking. But with equipment, you need to exercise special care. Some soup makers come with a self-cleaning option. Simply apply some water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid to it. When you turn on this program, it will heat and mix the solution while also cleaning the jug’s interior.

However, the burned food particles cannot be eliminated by this program. If the machine you chose does not have this feature, we recommend rinsing or washing the soup maker directly after cooking the soup. This would make scraping the ingredients that have been attached to the surface even smoother. When cleaning, though, keep your fingertips away from the knives as there are chances that you end up hurting yourself.

If cleaning is an issue you should also look for a soup maker machine with dishwasher-safe pieces or pre-cleaning options. Some soup makers have non-stick coatings that make the process of cleaning it smoother.

Convenient Use:

We advise you that you must pick a model that has an easy-to-use functionality or provides basic functionalities. A soup maker has a lot of functions and settings that can be confusing to use, particularly for beginners.

A decent soup maker is one that is simple to assemble and comes with thorough instructions. The instructions should also be easy to understand and thus, easy to apply too. No one would want to buy a soup maker that would waste your time when you try to understand its functioning.


Buying a kitchen gadget with a warranty period is always a smart decision. Electronic devices will fail at any moment, and a warranty is necessary if you wish to fix them without costing additional money.

For most brands, the electric soup maker amazon comes with a 2–4-year warranty. This warranty period shall vary with the brands and thus, go for the one that not only has a good warranty period offered but also has a lot of good features attached to it.

Available Prices

The expense of a soup maker ranges from INR 1500 to INR 3000. Some of the costliest ones have a higher price tag. The price varies depending on the model’s ability and features. You need to also look for other essential features that are available with the soup maker. The feature and type are the price regulating factor here.

FAQs for the Best Soup Makers in 2021

What ingredients can be used to thicken the soup?

Thickening ingredients such as rice, corn-starch, or other thickener starches may be used to make the soup smoother and thicker.

How much time does it take to make soup in the soup maker?

The smooth soup-making program cooks the soup in 20-30 minutes, while the chunky soup programs require 30-40 minutes to prepare.

Is it feasible to use frozen vegetables in a soup maker?

The soup maker is a system that gradually heats the ingredients to create a tasty and relaxing soup. So, in order to make soup inside, you must use the appropriate amount of vegetables. If you use a huge quantity of frozen vegetables at once, the philips soup maker can be harmed.

Do the soup makers make noise?

Generally, not all soup maker makes noise. It is completely based on the model in question. The key point is that a soup maker that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare will create a lot of noise. The less noise is made, however, the longer the preparation time is. So choose the one that takes up to 40 minutes to make the soup.

Is it simple to clean a soup maker?

Yes, washing a soup maker is quick, but the process varies from one maker to the next. Certain soup makers have an auto-clean feature that helps you to fill it with water and then press a button to clean it. There is also some Blender and soup maker that require you to clean them with soapy water. Purchase one with a non-stick coating, since it will make washing easier.

How do soup makers work?

Video Transcript:

Okay, right now I’m in LD my friend at work just saw me an idea was amazing thing called a suit maker family canister all the ingredients in leave it and it blends mixes heats and keeps food hot you having to do anything so here it is so I’m gonna get one take it home and see if it lives up to the hype let me know if you think it will or not okay I’ve got the suit maker here Sam to turn it around and get some ingredients to make some soup look I get some carrots next I’m gonna get some leeks carrot week and potato soup uh brother and get some potatoes with us on my feet carrot leak and then I’m gonna get some vegetable stock I’m gonna try some nor.

Yes, I’m gonna keep it simple so far vegetable stock leeks potato carrots, and my food maker let’s make ourselves hello welcome to that 101 now I am well excited because it was unboxing this is an impulse buy it’s a soup maker I’d a few hours ago but didn’t even really know this thing actually existed I was in my classroom end of the day the kids have gone home and one of the cleaners was in and they were saying oh what we’ve been making today though some carrots on the floor in the food room because today in school I was making the kids with his knife skills and were using carrots too but net and different types of cuts of carrots soup.

There were some cars on the floor and she asked me how do we making soup I said no and she sighed talking about soup and now she had a soup maker as you didn’t use and she gave it to her daughter and thought has been making lion bear suits and he’s like apparently, supers are really really amazing now this what she said she said soup make makers are awesome because all you have to do is throw ingredients in a bit in water bear stock leave it and it’ll make the entire soup for you that means it will it’ll cook it blend it and even keep it hot all.

Inside the one device now previously to make a soup you’d need at least a good size of good-sized pot sauce for saucepan the cookie watch it so make sure it doesn’t bubble over then you’ve got a flavor at this hour the other and then make it blended any so it’s not massive Pallava or hey apparently with this it’s know how long this pen to take will go over in a minute it’s almost at about 20 minutes and the awesome but you’re totally stopping put some water in walk away come back in let’s call it half an hour 45 minutes whoever and you’ve got delicious piping hot soup sounds a bit too good to be true it does a little bit but I’m all-in now cuz.

I bought one I went out but once you have to work abroad the idea of just having soup in like it with no effort so I haven’t even opened it yet and you get a knife open this thing off okay so to begin within the top part we have a power cable nothing unusual there it’s a regular power cable not unlike what is in the kettle that’s one side it’s how the way past re and here we are again here we are actually it’s the top of it so here we have clearly a blade which is designed to blend not quite sure exactly how this work.

Yeah, there’s like a digital display or some description where you put the time is what I view in the top and then underneath we have this far here okay so this is the basis as a maximum of one point six one thousand and six hundred milliliters which is 1.6 liters which is quite a decent capacity that so this is a looking it’s a regular kettle this kettle holes think of two liters or 0.5 liters you get an idea it’s it’s quite a substantial thing I think it comes up to about halfway because obviously, you’ve got the top part mechanism as well so it probably.

Ends upholding similar amounts to maybe a kettle all right now I could do the man thing and not look at any instructions and just see what happens but let me see let me get you to read some research and see how this thing works properly do not immerse in the water I love the idea okay so I’m supposed to sort of my ingredients now because I don’t know exactly how this is gonna come out it was gonna come out good but I don’t want to waste a shitload of ingredients so it’s gonna make a very basic soup I’m gonna have 1 leek 2 potatoes.

1 carrot and I’ve got some vegetable sake I’m using a Knorr vegetable flavor pot thing alright so chop them up throw them in blender water till we end up with okay I’ve chopped up my veg and now it says to put your veg in but I’m just wondering it said this is the amount of water you put in and this is quite a lot water it looks almost like a liter and a half I try to think this is enough vegetables or stop for that something I’m experimenting a little bit I may add a little bit more stock or some more flavoring according to how much water.

I think ultimately goes in here but the first thing and I put the vegetables in and I take a have a look so I’ve got I correct my potato just chopped all chopped roughly and typically says to add a little bit of olive oil at the bottom to prevent starchy vegetables from sticking so you go so put a little olive oil at the bottom stop the vegetables from sticking perhaps I’m gonna throw the veg in now the whole point of this is that it’s not meant to behave the same care hassles actually making soup so tend to be much quicker so so far it’s not – not too bad my vegetables.

Fill up to just about the minimum mark I suggested so here we can see my vegetables are incomes about halfway now where my finger is they are two markers one that says minimum on it says map maximum so he says you put your ingredients in so it doesn’t exceed that and then the water cannot exceed the maximum which is there so I’m gonna pour water in until it fills up to that level so I’ve got to the cold to vegetable stock pots from normally it’s not delicious actually into that it’s going to put a bit of garlic and some big curbs right that’s all the soup making I want to do next I have about to end this thing on okay I’ve had a good look at the issues well-gotta sort of look at the.

Instructions and it cannot make sense so I’m gonna put it in here plugin now let’s see about more selection there’s smooth chunky juice blend okay so I’m gonna say smooth all right by looks of it I’ve selected smooth only to do now is press on and it’ll start the cooking time and the current time will count down should take about 21 minutes alright so I think it might do some blending automatically if you want to blend it more we can hold to blend setting oh that’s what happens oh I can hear it you hear it adds the heat up like a kettle all this is exciting this is very exciting so we’re gonna come back in about 21 minutes and we’ll see.

What we end up with sounds like he’s blending okay let’s see the big reveal so I’m gonna take the lid off now when we just participating in raw ingredients let’s open the lid just twenty minutes later oh wow this is like two people it smells like a soup that’s nice alright so here we are okay the path obviously the eating so we have without a doubt visually we have soup it looks good it’s blended really smoothly smooth enough ever understood before I’ve got some talks made from some homemade wholemeal bread but the proof of the pudding is always immunity let’s see the sing tastes like blended it’s cooked it’s amazing, not hard to watch all the way to start to watch over to stove the seed has bubbled over double-checked so now I’m gonna add another whisk.

Fit the mess the thing that could have put everything in one container put some water in and walk away or might have completely done soup almost too good to be true so let’s taste this ooh it tastes like yes Father thank you for this good food all right take it’s piping hot as well so it’s piping hot soup that is delicious that could be when the best soups have ever made Wow and of course how are you sorry suit comes out he is not an anomaly in the community but in terms of these are things we can’t judge obviously a different recipe.

So we’ll do it a bit later which may or may not like so that’s variable ingredient what is unequivocally successful with this is that it’s hot it’s smooth everything’s cooked well and that’s really the mission of making soup and of course you can try various recipes but this simple recipe of is potato leek carrot with some vegetable stock garlic with a herb that is a delicious soup I’m really excited about whether.

That’s one of the best products bloopers I’ve ever used I’ve been like George Foreman eat when you’ve got a big the grill I’m so proud of it I put my name on it I’m so proud of this particular soup maker I’m gonna put my name on it food this is gonna call that food tech 101 soup maker maybe I’ll catch on mail and make a little contact me after – but I’m so proud of it I put my name on it that is a fantastic product now obviously all the time we’ll make different things on the seat if we can make different types of soups and stews.

And other things and also obviously have to see as well our durability so how long-lasting is it but for now, this is a product I all I did was throw through ingredients into something not much bigger than a kettle put some water in walked away and it did everything for me no mess and it even keeps it hot absolutely fantastic get yourself some makers I’ll put a link to this particular one I’ve got to come on from Aldi but there.

May be others around so I will look around see if there are others I look at the design I could tell if there are others that are just the same but branded differently but this is in reality our downfall is that if you see it now you have to go now because tomorrow there’ll be no trace or no sign that they were ever in the shop ever at all and they may never come back.

I’ve got lots of things in Aldi you go back the next day think I can all of them go back there’s not even the aisle where the things were has disappeared so if you want one you got to go and get one quick so I’m gonna post this probably the same day so this today’s in September and if you see it we’re gonna all go LV if not you might go to get but for me, I’m gonna add my den now absolutely fun product at but–at 101 and go out.

What should I look for in a soup maker?

Video Transcript:

Well today Denise went and surprised us by getting the Morphy Richards suit maker from Argos is it Lewis who was the cheapest one and the last one on the shelf as well big difference yes so just gonna get it unboxed here polystyrene things I like yeah normal yeah with a severe table laid destruction manual and all that sort of thing and I’ll see you normal warranty stuff and juice and blend Yester did here quite impressed it’s not a lot of people say it’s big and that to me that’s not as big as what I was expected to be I’m gonna come on the Box I was expecting it to be possibly about this sort of height you know couldn’t fit all ingredients.

Can adhere to the base the soup maker Joon-kook and this is normal minimum-maximum on the inside you like it quite thick are actually on the outside but it’s embossed or there too so you can still see it yep I think what we’re doing the leaking potatoes leeks while we’re singing vegan potato roast vegetable in tomorrow I think to see how far we could on yes so on the other side is delicious homemade soup in under 25 minutes 1.6-liter capacity.

And pause function to add seasoning had four settings know a couple of people that’s already got these innate they say then of the limit that makes the lovely soup so yeah looking forward to using it so pretty much take it out in the Box just flipped it in turned it on the socket and I love being a little tougher on myspace Steve’s chopped up a leek 700 what was it 700 grams of potato and broaden throat onion because we’re going to do potato and leek soup today so I’m just gonna pop that and I’ve also given it a little bit of a rinse out it’s us to rinse it.

Out before use was just pretty much so all the doctor it’s quite a lot going in fill it up to the maximum line which is can’t really sing it now and then chicken or vegetable stock so it’s going along the top gonna cross the smooth chunky juice we blend just select until you get to what we wanted on smooth dough yeah more than 21 minutes in 21 minutes and that’s good Lane school yeah going up and down which is it heating up then partying it gets slightly noise input and some people say it’s no different to use in the blender and it’s only for about 30 seconds anyway yeah yeah just some sounds like a kettle boiling that’s all it sounds.

Like up wish our kettle something got quiet yeah it’s pretty much it’s gonna leave its 521 minutes yeah so there’s the display going up in the three marks just mean it’s heating up you can see it’s all lit up on smooth there hopefully you can tell that in the camera the blend function, by the way, is just if you want even smoother at the end of it you can sort of pull sit you gotta hold your finger down on there Pandey so that will pulse it but yeah.

If you can if you listen you can hear how it’s actually quite quiet during the boiling process mmm-hmm in the blend in power won’t come until near the end nothing is about the last couple of minutes or something like that’s how loud it is bland you know it’s quieter than a half line-level then it’s gone back to heating up again yeah that wasn’t anything that loud people say it’s really loud but I don’t think it’s out loud off goes really quiet yeah it’s loudish but not as bad as I was expecting one-second weird metallic beep I don’t know how while ice picks it up on the camera but there you go are you excited you know it doesn’t but it is because.

I checked there the data on we previous video files and it is new enough let’s see how it goes here Wow smell see what I say mmm looks lovely and smooth didn’t it does grab a spoon Oh smells nice so here we are a moment of truth feels really hot yeah careful on the thing cause it is hot still enough I would say to people again mmm looks like tomato puree this one, not tomato puree apple sauce nice little bit bland maybe should have put something extra in but it’s cooked and let’s take a soup well yeah we hope so yeah that’s hot good well.

It’s the first time I’ve used it so you know good good good well it’s done we’ve tried it the pepper on the top and a little bit of salt it came out slightly bland but that’s nothing to do with the mixer that’s just the ingredients yeah so like I say you put a bit of salt and pepper in oh yeah and what do you think Thanks nothing weeds let me see I came to see maybe some herbs awesome ago yeah so nicest don’t mind I said it wasn’t lords left absolutely Lords left so we’ll need pretty much moved from the maximum bar down to there I think.

I might be slightly higher at her but still, Lords left so yeah success looking forward to meeting other things let’s cook soup all weekend, and just so we do our final thoughts on the Morphy Richards suit me a guy, yes I love it yeah I’m really impressed with it and it does everything that it says it’s supposed to do um yeah I think it’s really good to buy with the money and I don’t side to it no no no anything was when I went when I’ve done the first line of soup because I was that much ingredient and I couldn’t say you better lane.

Was so I don’t know whether I should put the water in first then the ingredients no you’re supposed to put the ingredients in first and get me handling how’s it look and see what they wear the boat I never was but a bit don’t fine anyway so yeah ease of use that easy tell easy it’s you know is I’ll afterward cuz they then you’re just pretty much rinse it under the hot tap we don’t submerge it obviously because it’s it is electric yeah but when you do when you tipping it off it’s not attached to it at all no yeah yeah but you can’t submerge the joke no-no really good really impressed with it says what it doesn’t what it says on the tin you know the type of thing as the saying goes the go in the books I’ll you got ya with.

The instruction book there’s like loads of recipes in it you know like soup recipes so to get you started off so also to know I meant the chicken and sweet corn soup Slammin Lendl of chicken and mushroom raspberry smoothies down to your basic vegetable soup and tomorrow and puzzles and things like that you know just to get you started size-wise as I said on the videos they not as tall as I was expecting something a bit about another four inches tall so learn that so it’s not bad decision yeah listen and it’s not as noisy.

As I was expecting given some of the reviews people saying it’s noisy you know it is to a certain point Bologna when it’s blending only one is blood it’s not even that was a couple of minutes over time but it’s only like feeling cuz 30 seconds or 10 seconds or whatever like little bursts so that’s absolutely fine I can see it getting lots of use though.

You know God especially you’re dying to use it you know you people what can I stick it in people Kentucky listen I will try this to try this is like blue cheese and all sorts of things in common blue cheese or whatever it was yeah but really good art at the moment I can’t fold it you know it’s obviously gonna be one of the things if you keep it out on the bench in the kitchen it’s gonna be a pain to keep shiny.

You know like anything chrome in the kitchen your kettle or whatever cause it picks up grease in the air and all sorts in your so it’s gonna be one of them but apart from that confounded whatsoever that’s how I thought so if you here’s the thought from what I was thinking I mentioned it Denise for her parents know the traditional way you know the way yeah pressure cookout with your Harmon attentive yeah here do it old school way like didn’t stand over the pan stove in it and all that’s on it now so well they’re getting on in the years.

Yeah fend off they know how to do in the make lovely soup you might enjoy doing it but you know they don’t really want to be standing over a pan so they could just do this they may be cooking the ham because it was a pretty kooky meet and throw it all in then leave it you know like put it on whatever smooth or chunky or one event and leave it and they’ll do it not with the older people don’t have to stand over there the cuca all the time.

You know this morning you seem quite impressed or I make it you don’t let him use this see what he thinks yeah give them a shot maybe no idea for Christmas if it turns out they like it yeah Christmas ideas yeah yeah yeah so that’s anyway a perm one impressed yeah definitely so yeah go and check it out obviously doo bit of research find out the best prices you can somebody even mentioned the Morphy Richards on eBay a page where they got it I think 39 pounds the bought one for.

So it’s even worth checking out there and we got ours 444 of these smaller naming but I was impatient I just wanted it yeah $44.99 that Curry’s just don’t buy that house that did say that I stopped would price much if I had at all that but I didn’t know that right and the girl didn’t know if I saw you know if you have quite enough forward but if you’re not frightened to asking it to say Lee would you price much it’ll pop you say yes anyway.

But I just didn’t know about mmm yeah cool yeah I’m just trying to think if there’s anything funky before anybody asks partly you can’t do ice cubes in it and us what cat panda you can’t do ice cubes in so don’t go through an ice cube into it then probably damage the blade or something on the border something like that what hasn’t tried the smoothie is yet on it just trying to what do know because we did think we’ve got a fan who’s pregnant at the moment what did think would be under to baby food now probably come.

But you’re gonna probably end up making too much because it’s like one and a half liters of baby food that’s a lot of baby food you know sir which is a shame cause it would probably be quite good you know you’ve got the multi-cut freeze that couldn’t you just put in think what ya leftovers are whenever equal to me at the baby food bath and put it in blended that one suppose it has to be full no cause I bleed I don’t know how far the blade goes down the bottom I don’t know if it’s if it Nellie touches the bottom or I don’t know.

But you can’t batch freeze the food yeah when you check the destructions it tells you about but freezes and this stuff like it can come to freeze them so no doubt you could make baby food and like portion, it all off and then just when it’s time you know just heat it up or whatever and remember if it’s the vegetable soup I can’t see any problem you know no but it’s an idea and of you experienced mothers out there and veggie people you probably know.

Better than us so yeah just leave your comments below any way you know it’s a to see what you’re thinking if you tried one of these machines the Morphy Richards soup maker let us know what you thought of it so that’s it thanks for popping by and thanks for listening to us Chad everyone about this device and we’ll catch you soon.


Soup preparation can be simplified by the use of a soup maker. We understand that when you’re shopping for a soup maker amazon, you want the best one you can find that meets all of your requirements while remaining under your budget. And this is why we have brought you this buying guide that would make your shopping much easy.

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