Best Smart Water Bottles to Stay Hydrated in 2021

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Do you keep forgetting to drink water every time?

Do you want to keep track of your water drinking habits?

Do you want to start a healthy lifestyle?

To start with, you need to have a smart water bottle. A smart water bottle serves as a container for water as well as a smart unit.

Update & Latest List of the Best Smart Water Bottles in 2021

We have made a comparison table below to make it easy for you to make a good choice at a glance. Be sure that any of the choices you make will be worth it.

Many health devices exist that show the owner’s relative health data. Smart water bottles are in the same boat. They keep track of essential water-related data and keep records of it.

Buying Guide for the Best Smart Water Bottles in 2021

Your body needs a lot of water to keep your metabolism running smoothly and keep your skin moist and clean. It’s also been proven that the more water you drink, the better hydrated your body is. Water is not a general statement, as many people believe. If you do not drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day, your immune system will be affected in the future.

Drinking enough water each day is easy with the best smart water bottle for Fitbit. They make you think of drinking water now and then. Furthermore, some smart bottles show additional health information. The app then tells you how much water you’ve consumed and when you’ll need to drink some. As a result, it keeps you hydrated while also delivering real-time alerts and regular goals.

These bottles keep track of how much water the consumer drinks. The information collected is normally synced with a mobile app. The app then tells you how much water you’ve consumed and when you’ll need to drink some. As a result, it keeps you hydrated while also delivering real-time alerts and regular goals.

But smart water bottles are not an easy choice. It requires several features that need to be taken into account while you buy one. So, we would ask you to simply go through this guide that would make provide you an understanding of smart water bottles.

Features Best Smart Water Bottles in 2021


Smart water bottles are mostly made of three components.

  • Stainless steel

  • Plastic

  • Glass

Stainless steel is the best material for smart water bottles for hiking. It is immune to mechanical damage and long-lasting. If it comes from a reputable brand, hardened plastic is also a viable option. If you’re still on the move, though, we don’t suggest using glass. It will quickly crack, necessitating a new purchase of a smart water bottle.

Sensor Technology:

The most important role of a smart water bottle is to keep you hydrated. It must have details about your water consumption in order to do so. A smart water bottle with sensor technology that monitors the person’s water intake is used for this purpose. This feature is needed for a water bottle to be intelligent.


The majority of decent smart bottles have Bluetooth, which can be used in a number of ways. Bluetooth is used for some of the bluetooth water bottles to attach to various smart devices that are sponsored. However, the better ones have Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favorite songs or podcasts while exercising or riding your bike.

Battery Life:

The last thing you want to happen is for your phone to die in the midst of a busy day. So, this is why the battery life is another essential factor for consideration. External batteries are used in some smart bottles, while internal batteries are used in others. Some batteries last just a few hours before having to be recharged, while others will last for days.

The characteristics of a water bottle have an effect on battery life. As a result, if you use Bluetooth headphones, the battery won’t last long. If you just use the show to remind you when to drink, on the other hand, the battery could last you a week or more.


The display on most smart bottles is on the side of the bottle. The models with visual prompts adjust the display hue to show that you need to drink more water. Furthermore, depending on the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle, certain bottles change the show lights. Some also come with a transparent display and this would make it visually possible for you to figure out the amount of water present in the bottle.

App Synchronization:

Smart water bottles are an example of smart technology in action. You’ll need to connect it with your other smart devices, such as your phone, TV, or tablet, to get the most out of it. When purchasing a smart water bottle, make sure it can quickly connect with your other gadgets. However, certain bottles are made to synchronize with a particular type of device.

Many water bottles with an app that you can download to your phone or wear on your wrist. The app will keep track of how much water you drink and apply it to your hydration targets. These applications can also send you updates at the appropriate times.


Visual reminders are on most, if not all, smart water bottles. When you need to drink water, the show will light up to warn you. Any water bottles provide an audible echo in addition to the lights. If you don’t notice visual reminders, auditory reminders can be a good substitute.


You should make sure that the Smart Water Bottle you purchase has a high level of quality, such as the ability to monitor your hydration success, sync, and include updates to keep you on track with your schedule.


When purchasing smart water bottles for hiking, make sure it is quick to work, with features that are easy to use, coordinate, and view results in a transparent manner, such as an LCD.


Nobody wants to spend money on a smart device only to see it fail within a few days. As a result, look for a smart water bottle that can handle any violence. If you love adventure sports, camping, or walking, though, you can look for a durable water bottle. The bulk of the water bottles are made of glass, but there are a few metal ones that can handle a pounding.


More businesses are getting active with smart water bottles as a rising theme. You must notify the actual brands that operate on smart water bottle amazon in the throng. Furthermore, this is a matter of health and fitness, which you clearly do not want to jeopardize. The majority of us are brand loyalists who believe that a brand’s name equates to consistency.

It also deals with smart bottles. More so because of the unexpected surge in demand, which has resulted in the emergence of new products on the market. They claim to have all at a low rate. But we would advise you to check the features of the product that you are buying as well as ensure that the product is reliable through the customer reviews. Also, ensure that the brand you are opting for is fulfilling your needs and requirements.

User Reviews:

There are some things worth watching ratings for, and there are others that aren’t. The first group contains smart water bottles. It’s a lot more likely that goods with positive feedback would really do you well. You may also search for professional recommendations online. It will assist you in obtaining an expert opinion on the specific product.

You need to read the user reviews to know more about the product and its advantages and disadvantages. Go for the one that has excellent product reviews, as the people who have used it have expressed their concerns and you can trust them.


Notifications at daily intervals are what you require. Look for a smart water bottles for backpacking that shows alerts via a variety of media, such as text, smartphone applications, illumination, vibration, and sound.

Generally, you need to take care of what your requirement is. Keeping your needs in the prior position would ensure that you do not leave out any of your needs while you are shopping for one. Buying is a one-time thing, so you would really not want to regret it later. So, you can list down all essential factors by referring to the guide and then start your shopping.

Other Liquids:

Keep in mind that certain smart water bottles can be used as a thermos. You can store coffee, tea, and other liquids in some versions. Keep in mind that you’ll have to rinse those water bottles on a daily basis. Our recommendation is to use vinegar to clean your smart water bottles. To begin, double-check that your smart water bottle can hold liquids other than water.

Available Prices

For the time being, an affordable smart water bottle would suffice to meet your hydration needs. But later on, you’ll need to invest in a more costly model to keep on track with your objectives. In addition, the cost of a smart water bottle on amazon is determined by the number of features it offers.

You should aim for a smart bottle with all of the functionality you need at a fair price.  A smart water bottle will cost anything from $15 to $100 or more.

FAQs Best Smart Water Bottles in 2021

Is having a bottle with various warning choices absolutely necessary?

Some smart bottles use sound to remind you, while others clearly vibrate, while even others use LED lights to alert you. There are a few exceptional smart water bottles for backpacking with a variety of notification choices. Having multiple prompt options for reminders isn't necessary at all. One is appropriate!

Is it worthwhile to invest in smart water bottles?

To begin, you must recognize that smart water bottles are not a basic requirement, while drinking water is. The use of a smart lightweight water bottle just aids the operation. Smart bottles are well worth the investment if you are concerned about your health and fitness. However, if you aren't, it may not be much of a help.

Do I need to opt for a branded smart water bottle?

Buying a branded water bottle is all up to you. One thing you can be sure of is that if you buy a smart water bottle from a reputable company, the consistency would be outstanding. Brands that maintain a high level of consistency are smart choices to choose from.

What should be the capacity of the smart water bottle?

Water bottles come in a range of sizes and capacities. Some have a 500ml capacity, and others have a greater capacity. You should pick the one that best fits your specifications. If you're out on a morning stroll or to the gym, you'll want to prioritize capacity so you don't have to keep refilling your glass. So we would recommend you to go for the one that can fulfill your needs.

Is there a difference between smart water bottles and normal water bottles?

Smart water bottles perform all of the purposes of conventional water bottles and more. Some of them can be used as a free-hand speaker, while others come with a microphone. Some of them use glowing lights to send notifications, while others use different calming sounds to send notifications.

Furthermore, some of them use soothing music to help you sleep better. In a nutshell, The lightweight water bottle for running is a smart device that is designed to look like water bottles.

What is the best smart water bottle?

Video Transcript:

What is going on guys joey Suggs here welcome back to the channel welcome to today’s video is going to be going over two things that I love dearly two things that are very close to my heart possibly the two best things I bought in 2020 and that is the hydrate spark 3 and hydrate spark steel smart water bottles so like I said I’ve been using these water bottles for quite some time now uh and I’m gonna go over things I like dislike similarities differences between them both I’m gonna try and keep this short sweet to the point really get down on the details.

That you care about if you guys are excited for this can you please do me a favor and hit that like button the like button does help the video out it helps my channel out helps the video get out to more people so thank you for doing so and if this is the first time you decided to click on one of my videos hey what’s up would you like to subscribe would you like to be part of my community going forward I think you would so press that subscribe button down below click the bell notification you’ll be notified whenever I post new videos now let’s get in and talk about these water bottles.

All right so as these are literally glowing right now let me go over some similar some similarities between the two water bottles so these are both smart water bottles they’re both made by hydrate spark so they’re both going to come with the same awesome hydrate app now I did an entire video reviewing this water bottle it was actually a really good video if you want to check it out it’s going to be up here and I go into depth on the app and how it works and everything like that but the brief understanding of it is both these water bottles are going to track your water intake throughout the day and let you know remind you to drink more water throughout the day.

You’ll be able to go in and see it on your phone or on your apple watch whatever it may be and since they both share the same app they also have a last found option so if you leave your water bottle somewhere it’ll tell you where it was last found which is really nice because I leave my water bottle like everywhere all the time I’m horrible about it so for me it helps me out a lot and another similarity these both hold about the same amount of water the hydrate spark steel.

Comes in actually two different sizes a 21 and a 17 ounce this is the 21 ounce this is the only option for the hydrate spark 3 but they are literally about the same size and they hold about the same amount of water another key point is the durability of these things this one I have been using for almost a year a little over a year and this one I’ve been using for about three months I can tell you they both are very very durable I’ve had almost no issues with this at all a little bit of wear and tear here and there this one I’ve had literally no issues with period and I think it’s gonna last a very long.

Time and when I tell you that I use these things every day as I use them every day all day long from the time I wake up at five in the morning to the time I go to bed at like 9 30 10 this is by my side one of these water bottles so I’m like really using these things and I would say another similarity is the accuracy of the tracking of the water um the hydrate spark steel is supposedly supposed to have a little better tracking you’re supposed to be able to put ice in it.

I don’t ever put ice in my water bottle but it will keep it colder longer if you want to this one you can’t really put ice in but I would say that they’re both very accurate in calculating the water that I take in every day and that is pretty much all of the similarities between two water bottles uh so I’m gonna be focusing mostly on the hydrate spark steel today because like I said I did a full review on this one already but I am going to be comparing the two back and forth and by the way, hydrate spark is really your only like seriously good option for a smart.

Water bottle at the moment there’s not a lot of brands out there doing it very well like hydrate spark is so the price difference between the newer model the hydrate spark steel and the older model the hydrate spark 3 is about 5 bucks I think 10 bucks if you get the larger size like this, either way, you’re spending a stupidly ridiculous amount of money on a water bottle so depending on whether you find the things that I talk about in this video worth it to you it’s worth it to get this one if not then maybe you save 10 bucks and get this one.

I’m gonna tell you right now my personal opinion is I like this one better but there are some things that you might not like and might be a deal-breaker for you so let’s get into those right now one bonus for me that I enjoy from the hydrate spark steel is that there’s no rod going through it now if you’ve never looked on the inside of a hard of a hydrate spark 3 let me show you so the inside of the hydrate spark 3 has this rod and that is the sensing.

The mechanism for the water bottle although it’s fairly accurate it also is fairly annoying to have to work in and out of this rod especially because I like putting powdered stuff in my water bottle pre-workouts things of that such so for me having the rod in there was kind of annoying uh now compare that to the hydrate spark steel it’s pretty much just a standard stainless steel water bottle or stainless steel bottle and it’s easy super wide and I can put whatever powders I want in there also speaking of the build of the water bottle so you get two different.

Lid options whenever you choose your configuration whatever this is the I think they call it the chug lid but pretty simple it has a push and then uh you’re able to drink it like this right and then they have a straw option literally just a different lid but it’s more straw and it has a straw that goes all the way down not for me but if you’re someone who likes this draw option go for it um mine also has a lock so if you’re like on a bike ride may be on like a really hard hike or something you can walk this and it’s not going to go anywhere I have definitely had some issues with this water bottle with I dropped my water bottle a lot and I’ll drop it sometimes and it’ll it.

Didn’t do it that time but it’ll pop open and it’s just kind of annoying if I’m spilling water also like I mentioned earlier this one can take the ice and apparently it’s better at tracking ice or something I don’t know I read a bunch of reviews that the hydrate spark 3 was not very good of accurately measuring when ice was being put in and this one apparently they fixed that in like I said I don’t use ice so it doesn’t matter to me but if your someone who does could be a deal-breaker so like we saw earlier and we’re about to see right now both of these water bottles light up to one remind you to drink and if you have the hydrate spark steel it’ll actually light up every single time you take a drink to let you know that it registered the sip the difference is that the hydrate.

Spark steel comes with a little puck and that is your light source so this is the sensing puck that sits at the bottom of the water bottle and that is what provides the light the other one is the sensing rod itself has the light inside of it and it glows all the way through but not nearly as bright really a preference choice but I enjoy both of them honestly but I think I like this one a little better it’s a little brighter okay now this one is a big one let’s talk about batteries versus charging so on the hydrate spark 3 the way that they did the battery and this back panel right here this unscrews and you get a watch type battery I would say these last anywhere from like.

Two to three months typically uh and they’re very hard to find okay I say they’re very hard to find if you can order them on amazon and just keep them at your house but it is pretty annoying um that they’re like a not very streamlined battery so I think they tried to fix it on the hydrate spark steel but in my opinion, it’s not any better the way this thing charges is via this puck you can see right here that it has these like three metal pieces on it and I’m assuming you have never seen that before because it’s some kind of proprietary charger that I’m sure.

I’m gonna lose eventually and I’ll have to buy another one so I don’t know it’s it’s kind of hit or miss on the charging aspect pretty much what I do this lasts about anywhere from like a week to two weeks what I typically do is every Sunday night before I go to bed I just stick it on the charger and then it’s ready to go first thing in the morning I have no issues throughout the week it depends on your personal preference whether you like having a battery or you like being able to charge it on the go, either way, I don’t love either of them so you kind of has to pick your poison on that one okay and sticking on the.

Bottom of the bottle the hydrate spark steel the weight of this senses how much water you’re drinking is through the puck in the bottom obviously but it sits not really flush with the bottle so that it can weigh it pretty much and because of that it has a little bit of wobble to it and I actually emailed hydrate support and was like hey guys is this normal should I be having this issue is this too bad is it gonna fall over pretty much and they said no this is how it was designed we made sure that it wouldn’t fall over it is a little wobbly but it’s nothing to worry about and I got, to be honest, I have not spilled it or like knocked it over or had any issues with it so it’s a little wary like.

It’s a little worrying to me but I haven’t had any issues yet and that compared to the hydrate spark 3 just sits flat and I’ve never had an issue with that either the one thing I really do like about the steel is that you can customize the glow of the water bottle um you can pay five dollars to have it like super customizable what I think is one stupid and a ripoff they should make that free but you can definitely choose from different color ranges.

And you can make it do a rainbow or you know blue I keep mine on blue I just like the blue and that compared to the hydrate sparks deal you only get one color green and like I said does not glow through very bright so I’m a huge fan of being able to customize my glow if you will also cleaning it’s really a preference this thing is very easy to clean the hydrate spark steel uh all you have to do is get one of those brush brushes like the water bottle brushes to stick it in clean it out very simple the hydra spark 3 is dishwasher safe and the reason it is is that it comes apart at the top and the bottom and whenever you do that you’re literally just left with.

A plastic cylinder that you can toss in the washing machine or dishwasher and it’ll come out super clean I don’t really mind cleaning the steel one and I’ve cleaned this one a lot there’s a lot of like crevices and like screwy things that collect mold and stuff like that so I’ve been enjoying cleaning the hydrate spark steel more personally also one thing I have really enjoyed about the hydrate spark steel is that there’s no more sweating uh this water bottle the hydrate spark 3 would sweat a lot like if I would leave it in my car and there was a cold drink in there I would come back and they’d be like because of the rubber surface and then the sweat.

Oh I didn’t like it at all never had any issues with this and I have noticed a huge huge difference in how long my drinks stay cold in the hydrate spark steel and for me guys that kind of wraps up everything that I found as far as similarities differences what I like and dislike about both of these water bottles if I left anything out and there are any questions that you guys have please leave a comment down below I will promise to get all of them answered if I physically and mentally can answer them and that pretty much wraps it up.

I would say if I were to just buy one of these I would buy the hydrate spark steel because for me the benefits outweigh the cons and I’ve really been enjoying using the water bottle thus far let me know what you guys think in the comments down below like I said at the beginning of the video if you’re new to the channel subscribe I cannot believe this but 95 of people watching my videos do not subscribe and that hurts my heart so if you guys are new subscribe if you enjoyed the video press like and with that I will be seeing you in the next one peace you.

What is the best way for me to find the perfect smart water bottle?

Setting your criteria is the easiest way to find the right lightweight water bottle for running. You must first decide what you expect from your smart bottle. Certain bottles have entertainment features but not a hydration screen, whilst others include both. While some are only available with Android or iOS smartphones, while others work with both. Make sure you know what you require when looking for a smart water bottle.

Is BPA present in Smart Water Bottles?

The negative effects of BPA in plastic water bottles have received a lot of attention. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that is used in a variety of resins and plastics.

According to some studies, BPA may leak from a water bottle into the water, causing potential side effects. Behavioral disorders and issues of high blood pressure are examples of these side effects. Although we can’t ensure that all smart water bottles are BPA-free, the majority of producers would have done so.

Is a Smart Water Bottle Worth It?

Video Transcript:

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for checking another video today I have a product I’ve been using for a couple of days now it is the hydrate spark 2.0 and what it is a smart water bottle and it’s meant to keep you on track with your hydration set goals for drinking water each day it’ll track how much water you’re consuming and it’ll help with anything from weight loss to preventing headaches to just being more hydrated and throughout the day so I wanted to pick it up and just do a quick review on it to see if it’s worth the $55.

And let’s get into it all right so here it is out of the box just kind of your typical looking 24-ounce water bottle a little pop top right here you just press this button and it pops open and you got a press pretty firmly again to close it and you hear that snap in and a couple of things that it’s not right off the back because this might help you make a decision right away is you can’t put anything other than water in this water bottle you can’t put your shakes your juices or anything else in there because it might damage the sensor that’s inside of it and.

We’ll take a look at the sensor in just a second here but can’t put it in the dishwasher again that might damage the sensor and actually break the sensor and last you can’t put it in the freezer you can put ice in this water bottle but don’t put it in the freezer you might freeze the sensor break it doesn’t do that bad idea all right so you might be looking at this and thinking that looks like any other water bottle you know what makes this smart and what you have to do is you unscrew this take this on you’ll see this long white plastic tube and that’s actually.

The sensor so when it’s inside the water bottle it’ll actually track how far the water goes up and calculate that into ounces and then it’ll put it on to an app for you so as you keep drinking and this keeps going up it’ll keep calculating that put that into an app and tell you how much water you’re drinking and then as you’ve refilled it back up it resets and it does it again so that’s kind of how it tracks there’s also a light in here I believe it’s in this area that’ll glow at you if it’s time to drink water or if you’re flying behind your daily goals and that’s pretty much it.

That makes it a smart water bottle other than that sensor it’s pretty much just like any other water bottle so setting this up was super easy all you have to do is you take it out of the box and it comes out like this you unscrew it you take this sensor and you pop it off and you just give it a good yank there it goes pops off and all you have to make sure is that Dex the battery is inside of this little compartment right here and you just have.

To make sure that these grooves’ triangles line up there and that you screw it until they line up right into that groove so you can’t screw it anymore that make sure that the battery is touching the sensor and turned on then you just pop this back.

In to the top you look kind of hear a pop just like that you’ll want to make sure that it’s facing this way because this is the light sensor so you’ll want the light sensor facing the front and then you just gon screw it in and you’re pretty much good to go then from there you download the hydrate spark app and connect to the water bottle and it’s pretty much that simple so I just want to show you the app quick when you first download this it’ll help.

You kind of do the setup and connect to your water bottle but once you have it set up this is what it looks like this is kind of your dashboard so I’ll show you how many ounces of your total goal that you’ve drunk so far have kind of this fill-up meter so if you want to look at it that way so they’ll fill up how much you’ve actually drunk and then I’ll show you the blinking white dots are actually where you should be so I’m a little bit behind today so I need to drink more water and they’ll tell you the percentage of your goal that you drink how many bottles.

To go and that sort of thing over here you can connect to social media and challenge your friends if you want to see who can drink more water it’s not something I’d personally do but maybe you want to do that this is just kind of your daily view and your daily goals so you can see how much you’ve drunk each day I personally like I said I had to reset this and reconnect it to my phone a few times so, unfortunately, there’s not a lot of data here but this would this is kind of where it’s all stored this is kind of your profile where you can shop add more hydrate bottles if you want you can click on the Settings up here and you can see you can edit your goals your reminders the grow the connected apps that’s where you can actually connect to Fitbit.

And Apple health and then this last thing over here is where you can manually add waterless so if if you’re like me and it didn’t record a few times you can go in and add the water yourself so that’s basically it for the app very basic very easy to understand but you know it’ll keep you on track it’ll send you reminders and I’ll do all that great stuff so they hydrate spark 2.0 will keep you on track with your hydration a couple of different ways first as it’ll send you notifications it’ll tell you kind of your daily progress if it’s time to drink water.

If you’re falling behind it even sent me a joke one time just randomly just kind of reminder that hey I’m here time to drink some water and you can customize all those so if you don’t want to get jokes or something like that you don’t have to get those but it’s very nice that way if you have your phone it gives you a little beep saying hey a time drink some water the second way is that it’ll actually glow at you if its time to drink water is kind of just a reminder so if you don’t have your cell phone on you it’ll just give you a nice soft glow a few times.

Saying hey it’s time to drink water or you’re falling behind a little bit time to drink some water and you can customize the glow for a number of different you know notifications or features you can have it go fast you can have a glow slow and you can come completely customize it which is pretty cool so there are a few things that I find just a little bit annoying about this product that you may or may not but I thought I’d just let you know anyway first is that it’s not rechargeable so if the batteries run low or die on you you’re gonna have to replace them second is that it’s actually disconnected from my phone a few times which is kind of annoying cuz they have to go in and set it back up again and kind of reset everything that’s happened twice in the week.

That I’ve had it and third is that after every drink you take you have to set it down on a level surface like this like a table or something levels that it can balance out the water and know exactly how much water you drink well if you’re working out and you slam this water bottle and you just go and refill it up again and set back down it’s not going to track how much water you just drank because you didn’t set it down after you finished it I’ve done that a handful of times in the week that I’ve used it I’ve just finished off the bottle instead of setting it back down I just when refilled again set it back down and didn’t track any of the water that I drank that last time.

That I finished the bottle off so if you’re okay with just remembering – after every drink you take even if you finish the water bottle to set it down and make sure that it recognizes that all the water is gone you know this is gonna work great for you but it’s sometimes hard to remember and it won’t track it if you don’t do it so what do I think about this device honestly it’s a little bit of a mixed bag I think this can be great for you know a wide audience like people that are training for something whether it be a marathon a 10k 5k climbing moon

Your training so this would be great for those people that have chronic headaches or migraines or something like that and you need to make sure you’re staying hydrated to keep those away this is gonna be a great option for you guys and even the people that just you know maybe you’ve been to the doctor and they told you you need to drink more water throughout the day this will be great to keep you on track send you notifications.

Through your phone, it’ll blink lights at you if you’re falling behind or if you need a drink with more water it’ll be great for those people for kind of the other people that are just looking for a new water bottle you love water already you drink enough but just looking for a new water bottle you know this does come with a few caveats to it like I said you have to set it down every time that you drink and let it measure even if you finish the bottle.

You have to make sure you set it down before you go refill it back up again otherwise I won’t report accurately like I said in my unit and disconnect it from my phone a few times so that’s been a little bit annoying so for people like me, that already get enough water and just looking for a new water bottle I honestly will probably just go and get a nice water bottle for a regular water bottle for a half the price that this one cost and just kind of keep track of it me I think it’s just a little bit easier that way but like that’s not to say that this is a bad product.

I think it’s a great product but it’s just not for me I would rather just keep track of it myself since I drink enough water the way it is so just keep that in mind I think this is great for a lot of people it might not be for everyone there are a few downfalls to it but overall I think it’s great for people that really need to make sure that they’re drinking enough water throughout the day alright ladies and gentlemen that’ll wrap up this video appreciate.

You guys watching if you liked it make sure you press that like button and if you really liked it make sure you press that subscribe button I’m gonna come out with more videos in the near future I’ll throw a link in the description for the hydrate spark so you guys can check that out if you’re interested again thank you for watching and we’ll catch you on the next one.


The modern world is under siege from a slew of diseases. Drinking plenty of water could be the only way out of this terrible situation. Even if one is committed to good health, drinking enough water becomes difficult.

For a long time, smart water bottles have been available on the market. Modern lives have become much simpler as a result of the smart features they provide. The best smart water bottle for Fitbit would make your life much easier and healthy while you are busy working all day.

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