Best Shower Curtain for Small Bathroom (Don’t publish)

Do you want to maintain privacy in your bathroom?

Do you avoid the growth of the microorganism in your shower?

Do you want to promote the cleanliness of the bathroom?

If you agree with the above-mentioned queries, then you require the Best Shower Curtain for Small Bathroom. It will enhance privacy and will keep your bathroom neat and tidy as well.

It will also assist you in getting rid of the microorganism that is formed in the bathroom. Given below is the list of the 5 best shower curtains that you can buy from as per your desire:

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Curtain for Small Bathroom in 2023


Before planning to buy the best shower curtain for your small bathroom, you must consider the material and check if it is of good quality or not so that a difference between your room curtains and shower curtains can be noticed very easily.

You must choose the curtain which is made up of polyester or even PVC as it is waterproof but not fabric. You must make sure that your product is thick enough so that it can provide you with privacy whenever you are taking bath in the bathroom.

Your product must be durable in nature so that you can use it for a long period of time. You can opt for the cute shower curtains amazon which is made up of cotton as it can easily absorb moisture and you can even use the liner behind it so that it will prevent it from getting too wet.

Colour and pattern

If your bathroom has a bathtub then it becomes a necessity to take care of the whole look of your bathroom therefore the next thing you must look for is the colour and pattern of the shower curtain that you are going to use.

You can choose the curtain which will match with the wall and the things kept in your bathroom or you can simply go for the neutral color as such white. To give your small bathroom an intelligent look, you can buy a trendy shower curtain with a solid pattern on it.

And in case if you are planning to use the curtain as a divider then the patterned design will suit them best. You must keep in mind the lighting which souk comes naturally in your bathroom and could be achieved by the light colour curtain.


There are two types of shower curtain when it comes to style as such the patterned shower curtain and the second one is the solid color shower curtain. To give an elegant look to your small bathroom, you can buy stylish shower curtains that are designed as a decorative material and will help you in enhancing the look of your bathroom.

But the only thing you must keep in mind is the fiber used in it is of high quality. You can use it as a divider in your bathroom and you can choose the one which is made up of cotton material. For a simple look, choose the shower curtain with a solid colour and must be light so that the natural light is not blocked from entering your bathroom.


You must measure the size of your bathroom before buying the shower curtain for it as the most ideal size of the curtain should be just one inch above the floor.

The use of shower curtains for bathroom is to keep the water in the shower itself and not on the floor. If your curtain will touch the floor, then it will be damaged easily due to dirt and moisture and it can also spoil your floor of the bathroom as well.

You can simply measure the length of the trendy shower curtain you require by measuring the height between the rod and to one inch above the floor where you will hand the curtain. In case if you have bought the curtain with an extra length then you can install the curtain rod near the ceiling so that the shower curtain fits best in your small bathroom.

Keeps clean

The shower curtain is not only used to enhance the look of your small bathroom but is also used for hiding the clutter that you have kept inside your bathrooms such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, and many more.

You must choose the waterproof shower curtain that will keep you healthy by maintaining cleanliness inside your bathroom and keeps the air clean as well. You must keep your curtain close so that it can easily get dry and can also control the formation of mold, bacteria, and even fungus.

Look for the shower curtain that will keep your bathroom clean and tidy and free from germs.


You must choose the shower curtains for bathroom that will keep your small bathroom clean but not the one that will clean your pocket as well. Buy the product that will fit best in your budget and you did not need to pay for more when you can have all the required features at the price that you can afford.

There is no need to buy two curtains on both the side of the bathroom when your budget is small, as only one curtain is sufficient to cover your bathroom and save your money as well. It must be durable in nature so that you can use it for a longer period.

Repellent nature

Make sure that the product you are planning to buy is resistant to water so that it can easily get dry and help you in keeping your bathroom clean and free from any mold or bacteria.

It must be waterproof so that it can easily soak all the water or else it will be dropping on the floor and your floor can be damaged. It should be reliable in characteristic and strong as well so that its quality remains the same for a long duration.

Shortlist of Top 10 Best Shower Curtain for Small Bathroom for 2023

1. LiBa Bathroom Shower Curtain– (Best shower curtain liner)

Best shower curtain linerThis shower curtain is resistant to mould and fungus and the dimension is 72 inches in width and 72 inches in height. Along with that, This Liba fabric shower curtain is solid in a pattern that gives your bathroom a bold and simple look and at the same time, keeps the odour out of your small bathroom.

It consists of the active agent that helps you in preventing the growth of the microorganisms that are harmful to the lifespan of the shower liner. This shower curtain liner is designed such that it is waterproof and gets dry quickly and its main function is to form the bead of the water so that it can slide off the curtain.

This fabric shower curtain liner assists you in keeping your bathroom dry and clean and maintains hygiene as well so that your family is healthy. It is durable in nature so that you can use it for a long time and due to its size, it is the perfect choice for you if you have a small bathroom.

It does not matter what is the shape of your shower rod is; whether straight or curved, this liba fabric shower curtain will get fit in both cases. It has the technology of heavy magnets that keeps it away from your body while you are showering.

Customers Feedback:

I want to write something fun about this shower curtain but it’s a shower curtain. It smelled clean it hung easy and it helps keep my floor dry. The fabric shower curtain liner hasn’t tried to harm me while I am washing my hair…that’s a plus. I don’t feel awkward as it just hangs there watching me…another plus. On second thought I highly recommend this shower curtain, it has been nothing but kind to me and I’m honored to call it my friend

2. Barossa Design Shower Curtain– (Best Stall Shower Curtain)

Best Stall Shower CurtainThe size of this shower curtain is mentioned as 36 inches in width and 72 inches in height and it is a grommet type of finishing. The pattern of this heavy duty shower curtain is woven waffle which gives your bathroom a cool and decorative look, making you feel comfortable and enjoyable while you are having the shower.

The type of fabric used in this is cotton and the material used is polyester and polyester blend which makes it rich for the moisture environment. This polyester shower curtain is heavy and weighs around 230 gsm so that it is prevented from blowing cause of hair and touching your body.

This Stall Shower Curtain can update the theme of your bathroom with its looks which are sophisticated and chic and fashionable. It is repellent to water which assists this shower curtain to dry quickly and keeping it and your small bathroom fresh and clean every day.

This stall shower curtain liner is resistant to rust and the metal used in it is grommeted, and the fabric is of high quality that it does not get fade even. It is environmentally free in nature as it does not have formaldehyde so there is no coating and even the smell of any chemicals inside it.

Customers Feedback:

I have had one of these before and they look nice and do not require a liner, water does not seep thru and they drip dry. Once or twice a year I wash them by first soaking in vinegar to remove any calcium build-up, then washing with towels and they look good as new. This one appears to be just the same quality so should last years.

I’m always a bit skeptical about buying online. Because this product was so highly rated by so many people, I went for 2 of these curtains. I rarely write a review, but this product deserves it . The heavy duty shower curtain are beautiful and clearly great quality. In the photo you see that there is a clear liner behind them. I understand the liner isn’t needed, but I don’t want to put the curtains in the tub. For me, they’re for show and boy do they. So pleased.

3. Kikcoin Shower Curtain– (Best Waffle Shower Curtain)

Best Waffle Shower CurtainEasy to install, this Kikcoin shower curtain for the small bathroom offers you the perforated holes of the metal, 12 in total which is resistant to rust.

These holes will be cooperative in supporting the hooks of these waterproof curtains for shower and makes it a lot simpler for you to hang these and gives them the strength that lasts for long.

The fabric that is used in this Waffle Shower Curtain is polyester and its size is 72 inch in wide and 72 inches in height which makes it the Best Shower Curtain for Small bathrooms available in the market.

It is waterproof in nature so that it gets dries quickly and is heavy so that it is properly placed. Being heavy, this feature avoids the shower curtain from touching your body and during wintertime, these waterproof curtains for shower is anti-static in nature. It is formed in a way that gives it the quality of a hotel and makes your bathroom look cool and bright.

It increases the privacy of yours while you are taking shower in your small bathroom and along with that it is easy to maintain and can be washed by machine only.

4. Lagute  Shower Curtain– (Best hookless shower curtain)

Best hookless shower curtainThe material used in this Lague Shower Curtain is polyester and PEVA and has got the rod type of finishing and along with that, it is mini square in pattern.

This machine washable shower curtain is designed with fabric that is qualitative in texture and has the classic plain square pattern which makes you feel comfortable and gives your feeling of a hotel spa during your shower time.

Due to its color and pattern, this machine washable shower liner can be used as the decoration of your home by installing it in your small bathroom or spa room.

This hookless shower curtain consists of the SnapHook which makes it easier for your to hang your curtains on the rod and in a few seconds only and thus it helps you in saving a lot of your effort and time.

This water repellent shower liner used in this is PEVA 6G which is removable due to its feature of the snap–on clasps and it is heavy in weight so that it can be in its place all the time, preventing it from blowing. It is easy to clean due to its fabric as such the polyester and is waterproof in nature and you can wash it in a gentle mode in the washing machine.

Customers Feedback:

I have a small stall shower with no bathtub in a basement apartment. I need a peek-a-boo shower curtain to help with circulation and mold. This product not only has the peek-a-boo that I was in search of, but was available in such a pretty floral pattern. Most peek-a-boos are basic white or beige, this was a really nice change and has really helped make my bathroom very pretty!!

We really love it. The machine washable shower liner lining is a bit flimsy, but that works just fine for us. It keeps the water in, which is what it’s there for. We don’t need anything heavy or bulky. And the outer design is delightful. Doesn’t look cheap or anything, looks lovely. I’ll just be glad when the steam from the shower gets rid of the wrinkles from being folded, because I’m way too lazy to iron it 🙂

5. River Dream Shower Curtain– (Unique shower curtains)

unique shower curtainsIt is constructed in a way that you do not need to be concerned about hanging it as it did and thus this River Dream Shower Curtain is called the “split Rings”.

These amazon shower curtains are meant to save a lot of your money and efforts as you are not required to buy the hooks to hang it and not even to remove the rod as well.

It includes the fabric snap–on for the replacement of the liner so that you would not be worried about searching for the liner. this amazon shower curtains liner has got a clear window on its top so that you will receive the natural light and breathe the fresh air as well.

These unique shower curtains are not transparent, so your privacy is maintained, and you can enjoy your shower with no worry. The material used in this shower curtain is of high quality as such found in the curtain install in an expensive hotel. These cute shower curtains are light in weight and weigh around 200 gsm, so it makes it stationary in its place due to its heaviness.

It is repellent to water which means it is waterproof and thus will avoid water to spill off in the tub keeping it dry.

FAQs for the Best Shower Curtain for Small Bathroom in 2023

What are the types of shower curtains available in the market?

There are many types of shower curtains available for your small bathroom in the market from where you can consider buying.

When coming to the most recommended curtain, the cotton shower curtains stands at the peak in the list. It gives your small bathroom a very expensive look and is very easy for you to take care of it. This type of shower curtain is easily available in the market and in verities of colors and patterns based on your theme.

Then comes the decorative shower curtain on the second number in which cloth material such as silk or rayon is used which gives your bathroom a royal look. The next one is the vinyl shower curtain liner, which is a natural water repellent, so you do not need to worry about mold and fungus.

It is affordable in price and fits your budget and is available in a simple design which gives your bathroom a very nice look.

How to wash your shower curtain?

First, you need to give your shower curtain, a machine wash and you must ensure that you have taken out the shower hooks before. For avoiding the formation of the wrinkle lines on your shower, it is suggested to wash a towel also with it and it should be clean.

If you have cute shower curtains that are large, then you need to add a full cup of baking soda along with the washing powder. Pour enough warm water inside the washing machine, till your shower gets sink inside it. In case, if there is mold present on your curtain, then you are required to use the bleach in a half-cup on your white color shower.

During the rinsing cycle, you must add half a cup of the vinegar to it which must be in the distilled form. Wait for the final round to end and then you should let it dry in the bathroom only and not in the sun or outside.

How to take care of your shower curtain?

It is important to note that you protect your shower curtains from getting tear by keeping them aside carefully. You need to install it correctly so that the lifespan of your curtain does not get affected.

When setting it up in your small bathroom, it is significant to follow up with the manual and guides given with your product. The weight of your curtain must be handled properly and that can be simply done by the strong poles. Although the shower curtain for bathroom window is used more for the decorative purpose still it gives you privacy.

Water slash, moisture can cause damage to your curtain if it is not waterproof so you must clean it on a regular basis. The maintenance cost of the shower curtain is very low, and it will also be increasing its durability as well.

How to hang your shower curtain in your small bathroom?

To install shower curtain liner in your small bathroom, you must first measure the height of your bathroom and for that, you need to take accurate measurements of your curtain.

Then after that, you must maintain 2 inches of space between the floor and the curtain so that it can soak up all the moisture and keep your room clean and dry. Then, you must set the curtain rod and for that rotate it in the clockwise direction so that its length gets increased.

Then install it to the marked location and you can also make use of the level to ensure that the rod is straight mounted. Then the last step is to hand in your shower curtain and for this, you need to check the hardware first as it is going to be permanently set there so you need to be extra careful.

Is there any need for the hooks to attach your curtain with the rod?

It is not necessary that all the shower curtains available in the market need to have hooks attached to them when you are hanging them on the curtain rod.

You must make yourself clear before purchasing the curtain about the need for a hook whether your need it or not. The shower curtain for gray bathroom with no hooks includes the perforation or hole or even the buttons to get attached with the rod of the curtain by simply slipping through the rod.

This will give your bathroom a seamless look and can also reduce the price of the whole setup by not buying hooks or rings for the curtain. So, it simply depends on your preference whether you want hooks or not.

How do you make your custom tub shower curtains?

Video Transcript:

Welcome back to Brooklyn design I’m Rebecca Robeson and today I’m filming from my bathroom why well last week I ‘uploaded a video if you haven’t seen it go see it after you watch this one on 10 clever things that I ‘did to my bathroom on a budget I ‘didn’t change the fixtures of my faucets or my countertops or my cabinets but I ‘did do a lot of other things that made a huge difference in here and I ‘promised you in that video I ‘was going to show you exactly.

How I ‘made my custom tub shower curtains when we first bought this house its bathroom with a little bit of a disaster but I ‘did like a few aspects of it one of it was there’s a skylight right over the middle of the tub which is great it’s a Roman tub which means it sits up above the floor the steps kind of lead up to it makes it feel a little bit like a sunken tub and it had this ceiling too tub ish complete and total mirror and I ‘thought that was really nice too so I ‘looked at it I ‘though you know I ‘need to make this something really special something romantic something kind of dramatic so one of the things I ‘did was add sconces to the walls and then I ‘decided.

I ‘need to make a custom tub curtain so I’m going to show you today exactly how I ‘mean this is so exciting oh my gosh and I’m here to watch it all right I ‘can’t believe it nine years of hard work consistency and a whole heck of a lot of fun made this happen we did it right now I’m gonna take you back 15 years ago as if I ‘was making this for the first time here’s what I ‘did I ‘went to my local fabric store and I ‘purchased six yards of fabric and I ‘liked this fabric because look at it it has this shame to it that is so kind of shimmery and sparkly.

And it’s also kind of see-through so what I ‘did was I ‘took this six yards and I ‘cut it in half so you can see here whoops I ‘can’t even see here I ‘don’t have my glasses on I ‘turned at the top of the fabric over and I ‘created a pocket that was three inches which would allow me to put a one and a half or two-inch rod inside of it and on the top another additional inch which gives it kind of a fancy little fringe edge when you gather it I ‘measured in advance to make sure I ‘knew how high I ‘wanted this curtain I ‘came up with eight-foot six so with two panels now out of that six yards of fabric I ‘had two three-yard panels I ‘used that top six inches and the bottom.

So taking my raw edge I ‘took it and I ‘folded it under once and folded a second time and then I ‘topstitched along that line and this is what I ‘came with up with was an edge a hem like this now at this point it’s time that I ‘go ahead and press this so that it has a beautiful flow to it when it hangs because this is the synthetic fabric I ‘turned it over and I’m going to iron it from the backside, my mom taught me that if you sew on the backside instead of On the front side, you’re less likely to get that shine although kind of like the fact that.

This fabric has shot how many of you still iron anymore kind of outdated so many of our clothes don’t need to be ironed or we send them to the cleaners I ‘got to admit I ‘don’t bring my iron out that often anymore but I ‘love something that’s freshly pressed how many of you press your pillowcases if you do leave me a comment I ‘want to know fresh-pressed pillowcases are a luxury that’s what we do for our clients up there reveals we wash their sheets and we press their pillowcases is that helping a lot of you probably have just a standard 8-foot tall ceiling.

And you’ve got short shower curtains don’t you & I ‘know because I’ve seen them they’re everywhere and I ‘am a huge proponent of making those shower curtains go all the way to the ceiling so if you want to see a video on how to take a standard shower curtain that you buy at the store there is a video on my channel was one of the very early videos that I ‘did of Sharra’s dorm room where we bought two shower curtains and we sewed them together to make one long tall shower curtain it’s a really great video it’s old content is very old.

But the content itself and what I ‘teach you is extremely relevant so I ‘will link in the description box below the video that video you can go watch it yes I ‘was much younger and I ‘had different hair alright so panel number one is going to go up and I ‘want to show you I ‘cut a little slit about six inches in and there’s a reason for that I ‘had mounted to the ceiling a double bar and typically these go on the wall but I ‘got a ceiling mounts.

Because I ‘wanted it to go up as high as possible I’m gonna do this in heels I ‘always climb ladders and heels don’t you this is a retractable rod like a telescoping rod so I’m gonna put the rod in the middle of the pocket that I ‘sewed on here move it up three inches and I ‘think this rod is only an inch maybe an inch and half goodness favors the hole and then look how easy this is just to literally gather right on top of the rod now do you see how I ‘have that little piece left here that’s because I’m going to put the rod in this little mounting bracket and on this site I’m gonna put the rest of this on I ‘left that little slit there so that I ‘could have some fabric on this site as well and that allows it to go all the way to the wall now you’re gonna notice here that.

There is an additional rod and what are these for that is what adds so now for the second panel bring this up when I ‘originally made these my thought was that I ‘would have one panel on either side hanging down so at this point I ‘could leave it like this and have a curtain on either side but I ‘was thinking you know I ‘wanted something more romantic more dramatic more sparkly and smoky I ‘decided to hang these crystals and mirrors on my curtain to make it extra sparkly but only on one side now you might want to be in the tub so this is gonna take a couple of pair of pliers.

Because at the top of the strings I ‘added a wire split ring and that’s one how pretty is that and see the reason I ‘wanted to do it this way on this top rod is it gives me the flexibility to put it wherever I ‘want these are from West Allen so I’m gonna randomly move these about every other one will be a crystal and then the mirror of a new customer mirror now watch this one instead of it being on the front I’m gonna take it over the back essentially what I ‘do is all the mirrors every other one will be on the backside look at that inside of the tub itself and you’re gonna be able to see this like beautiful shimmer coming through the curtains.

So here’s how I ‘swag guys you ready this is design gold I ‘take my hand here and I ‘cut it and I ‘go like this and then I ‘let the fabric drop into my hand and I’m going to pull this over swag right here over the top I’m gonna pull this through on the other side and then I’m gonna grab it and pull it through that top rod only you see that so now you can see why this top edge didn’t really need to be finished on the end you can if you want to it certainly doesn’t hurt too I ‘must have 15 years ago just been tired oh maybe I ‘ran out of thread or.

Maybe one of my kids was sick I ‘don’t know but I ‘didn’t do it leave me a comment you guys let me know if you like this video if these were helpful hints for you go watch the video on how to make a long shower curtain out of standard shower curtains that you can buy anywhere the link is in them in the box below remember we have another design session coming up it’s gonna be amazing it’s on spring accessorize is everything in your home it’s how you make your house beautiful without spending a lot of money and you can change it up for the seasons which is what we’re doing for spring all right there’s a link in the description box below as well as up here in the video all right I ‘will see you guys next time thumbs up.

What is a shower curtain?

The shower curtain is simply used for two reasons as such, it provides enough privacy to the person who is in the bathroom and along with that, it prevents the water splash to enter the area you are taking shower.

They are translucent and are usually designed with the strong material of plastic or vinyl fabric. They are commonly used in the shower tub and is easily available in any hardware stores that sell home appliances, and it is a recycling product as well.

How do I decorate my bathroom with shower curtains?

Video Transcript:

Hi guys it’s Michelle today I’m going to be showing you the other part of my bathroom which is the shower tub area and how I hung my decorative towels just showing you some pictures of my last video and if you haven’t seen that already I’ll go ahead and link it below so let’s go ahead and jump right on in okay so this is the towel bar right here which I got from Lowe’s that I’m going to be adding my decorative towels too so what I have done here.

I put I have the great in white scheme going on so I put a gray bath towel and then this gray black and white hand towel on top and then these tassels were found at Lowe’s and believe it or not they were only like I think $5 for the pair and they worked so perfectly just to give this area a little bit more interest rather than just having the two towels there and I absolutely love the way this came out and it was super affordable the Maison Paris towels are actually from Burlington.

I got those a while ago now over here in the shower tub area I have some curtains here and I have them held back with these magnetic clips they were found at Ross a while ago and I think they were only like $5.99 for a pair and I am holding them back with a command hook and it just I just love these they’re so glam and they just add that extra bit of sparkle that I need in the bathroom and on the other side I have the exact same clip and I’ll show you a close-up of that in a minute holding that side as well and I absolutely love these I moved them around the house a lot and like I said they were really affordable from Ross I think there were six dollars a pair.

It was something along that line it wasn’t much and I’ve seen those in there since I bought them this is not beautiful I love them so I’m going to show you the entire area in a minute and also have a lot of pictures at the end so these shears right here.

I ordered these from Amazon the and I have three of them on each side they are 108 inches long they go all the way to the ceiling I have super high ceilings so that’s why I needed to do that holding the shower curtain is I have these chrome hooks because the metal that I’m using in here is mainly Chrome so everything kind of coordinates together over here I have this beautiful picture above the towels.

And it actually has rhinestones on the picture I used to have this in my master bathroom but I decided to put it in here because play with that French kind of French glam theme that I have going on this is the other side of the bathroom like I said I showed all of this in my previous video and I will have that link below so I’m just going to kind of show you around the tub and shower area and how it came out I have the curtains all the way to the ceiling.

And I just used another shower curtain rod another tension rod to hold it up at the top and then I have you know the regular shower curtain that people would use to get in and out of the shower lower down and these curtains do not move at all my daughter has used the shower.

I have used the shower to make sure and they don’t move at all if a towel rack hanging on the other side of the door for towels and robes and whatnot but I forgot to show that.

but I do have a picture of it coming up so guys if you like home decor interior styling or just trying to turn your home your house into a home go ahead and click that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on anything and for those of you who suggested some home decor sites for me on my last video thank you I have been checking them out because I am trying to stay out of the stores so guys I’ll see you in the next one everybody stay safe.


It is a desire of every human being to keep his bathroom clean and it must provide you with privacy also and for this, the shower curtain will be considered as the best choice for it.

It will help you in getting rid of the microorganisms and molds that are formed due to the water being deposited in the bathroom. It is highly expected from you that this review will assist you in getting the perfect shower curtain and the important information you should know.

With this, write up you will be aware of the factors to consider before purchasing it.

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