Best Self Sharpening Knives for Kitchen & Dining in 2023

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Do you usually lose your knives and waste time searching for one?

Or do you fear your child getting hurt by knives in the kitchen that are not properly covered?

And if you do, all the problems can be solved by this incredible self-sharpening knife set. It shall keep your knives covered also and now with this in your kitchen, you surely would find all your knives at the perfect place and would not waste time searching for one.

If you are a regular knife user then you would have definitely realized that your self sharpening knife set gets blunt or dull after a course of time. This can be hectic for the users who have to sharpen their knives every time they get dull or lose their sharpness. You might also additionally possess some tools or devices for sharpening the knife.

Well, it does cost your time and money. The use of other tools to sharpen is dangerous are there are chances of you slipping your hand and injuring yourself in the process. Also, we agree that sharpening the knives with Sharpening steel is not an easy task. With prolong use of the knives, the edges get blunt and it will require sharpening.

We bet you surely would have thought that your self defense knife never loses their sharpness and remain that same way always.

So, here we are to tell you about one such amazing tool that would solve all such issues.

Buying Guide For The Best Self Sharpening Knives in 2023

Self-Sharpening Knives have become the latest trends and people have come to love these. They are the knives that come with some type of built-in sharpener, usually in the set or sheath of the block. They are available with a storage block and there are individual slots for each knife in this.

There is a ceramic sharpening edge on each of these slots. You will eventually rub it against the sharpener if you bring the knife in or take it out. So, with the process of taking and keeping the best self knife in the block, you will sharpen it ultimately.

Usually, the self-sharpening knives come with a package of a kitchen knife. The self-sharpening knives are portable also and are compact. You can place all your self defense pocket knife in the same place and would not even lose them anytime.

But buying a self-sharpening knife isn’t an easy task as it is not only about deciding to buy one rather it is more about understanding the features and advantages that are offered by it. By having in-depth knowledge about the product, you shall be able to form a precise idea about the product that would ultimately help you while you buy one.

We have stated all the best features that you should search for in the product. Ensure not to compromise while you purchase as the money you spent should be worth the purchase.

Features of the Best Self Sharpening Knives in 2023


Before purchasing a self-sharpening knife, think about how many knives you would require. Do you want a couple of knives or many knives in the kitchen according to your requirement? So, while you buy a set of knives ensure that it has the required number of knives.

Usually, with more knives in the set, it would also cost you more. If you purchase a 12 piece set, they would get an 8-inch chef’s knife, 6 steak knives, a 6-inch serrated utility knife, a 5-inch Santoku knife, and a 4.5-inch parer & also a pair of kitchen shears, and a sturdy wooden block to place all of them.

At least three important knives must be included in the collection of the set of knives and those are, a chef’s knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife. It can contain other kinds of knives as well. Make sure, however, that these three kinds are included in the package that you choose.


The quality of the knives varies with their brands. There are a variety of different kinds of steels out there, and knowing what kind you’re getting is crucial. Generally, known brand names have better steel quality, but in lesser-known name brands, you could still find decent quality as well. So before buying ensure to check the quality of the knife.


Take into consideration the handles of the self defense knives while buying one. Whether they are made up of wood or of plastic, it should always depend on your choice and convenience. Choose the one which is comfortable for your use. But it is advisable to go for the handles made up of wood as they are strong and durable. Further, they are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.


Well, the most interesting feature you get with the self-sharpening knives is the labeled handles in the best self sharpening knife. On the base of the knives, there are labels attached so as to ensure that you pick up the right knife. Only the steak knives are not labeled but the rest are labeled for your convenience.


With the self-sharpening knives comes a knife block with it. This knife block not only makes them look more aesthetic but gives a warm décor to your kitchen. You can keep the knife block on the kitchen counter for display. We are sure that you would love the look that it gives to your kitchen.

Further, all your knives can be stored in a single place and would eliminate the risks of your self sharpening knife block being scattered all over your kitchen. You can easily find all the knives in one place and it would come in handy as you can use them and simply put them back every time.


Every knife has a blade of high-carbon, stainless steel that guarantees that the knife maintains its ultra-sharp edge and makes it easy to cut the food very easily and comfortably. These knives shall last for a long time.


A full tang style is one where the knife is really just one strong forged piece of steel. The knife is more robust and solid because you’re working with a single cast piece of steel. Total Tangs have a strong balance for them as well.


Self-sharpening knife for self defense is not only handy but are very efficient also. They would require no extra effort and would also save your precious time that you could have to spend on honing/ sharpening them. With every mere pull, you would sharpen the blades.


You could wash the knives by your hand with proper caution and care. After washing them with your hands keep them for drying or wipe them with a dry cloth to remove the water. You can also use a mild detergent to rinse them. This prevents the knife from rust and other brown spots that can appear on the amazon self defense knife with the passage of time.


Self-Sharpening Knives are in a way the safest way of sharpening your knives. Without much effort and with a simple drag or pull you can sharpen your knife. There are no chances of the knives slipping and hurting your hands unlike in cases of sharpening or honing with sharpening/honing steel.

The slots and sharpening angles on the knives are optimally balanced. They are also easy to handle and portable enough. You can carry the entire set of knives amazon anywhere you go without any handling issues.


At the end also look at the warranty of the self-sharpening knife. Different manufacturers guarantee different periods of time. While some offer warranty for a limited period, others might offer a lifetime warranty against any damage.

But we would advise you to buy high-quality sets because they would provide a lifetime guarantee on the product.


Self-sharpening knife sets are affordable but the price might vary with each brand. Top brands provide their versions of these sets at a reasonable price. A set of the self-sharpening knife block would usually cost you between the $50 to $100 range.

This can be a pretty good deal considering the fact that they are a lifetime thing and would also further eliminate your chances of buying separate sharpeners for your self defense knives on amazon.

FAQS on the Best Self Sharpening Knives in 2023

How do the sharpeners attached to the self-sharpening knives work?

There are usually two ceramic rods within the modern knife block, positioned at just the correct angle so that when you pull the knife out from the block, it precisely drags the blade edge over them.

just like you would run a knife over a honing rod or honing steel. The ceramic edges will not remove the small parts of the steel of the knife in order to sharpen like those in the normal sharpeners do.

Technically, the block doesn't sharpen the blades, it just hones them. But sharpening requires extracting material, such as steel, and reshaping it to create a new, sharper edge if we want to be precise. This is something that must be done on your best kitchen knives only occasionally.

Honing, but on the other hand, is where you force and straighten the edge of the knife back to the middle. This helps the knife feel somewhat sharper, too. This is something that your knives can do sometimes, and it doesn't wear them down, like sharpening.

Do I not sharpen my knife anymore?

The sharpening of the knife depends on what you shall use the knife for. If you use the knife for cutting vegetables or fruits that are soft in nature, then you shall not require anymore sharpening.

But if you use the knife for cutting meat or hard foodstuffs then you might need some strokes of sharpening. But the self-sharpening knife provides an additional advantage in that you would not have to do much sharpening or frequent sharpening though.

Can the block be used to sharpen the shears?

No, it cannot be used. While several self-sharpening knife sets have all-purpose kitchen shears, in the block you probably wouldn't be able to sharpen them. I n the closed position, you can place the scissors, because there is no access to their blades.

Over time, the scissors will indeed get dull, but you will have to separately use a classic sharpener for each part. A sharpening stone will also get the work done easily and efficiently.

Can the block be used for regular sharpening?

Since it would not be useful and neither possible you could not use the block to sharpen other best folding knife for self defense. Each slot is designed to hold a particular knife included in the package in the optimum size.

This is so several blocks come with slots that are numbered. A particular knife would have a different size and shape, so it would not be effective for the operation.

Are self-sharpening knives worth buying?

Yes, they are worth your money. It not only saves your time sharpening knives at home individually it is also easy to store at a particular place. They are crafted from the same steel and manufactured by reputable firms as other knives.

How to Carry a Self Sharpening Knife for Self Defense?

Video Transcript:

How you doing guys my name is Chad I’m here at t1g and today we’re going to be talking about some different considerations when we’re looking at knives I’m not going to get into the whole aspect of what makes a fighting knife and what does it.

but we’re going to be talking about how to open them under duress it’s fine if you got a knife on you it’s fine once it’s open but a lot of people can’t do that transition from in their pocket or wherever they’re holding it out to actually using it so that’s kind of what we’re going to talk about having a couple of just a small sample of knives down here.

If you look at a lot of these ones nowadays they like a lot of the spring action switchblade ish type knives and I’m not bashing one knife over the other I’m just saying hey look at the pros and cons between different knives with what you’re going to be using it for if it’s nothing but for cutting wood and steaks and fine have you a utility knife if you say you’re going to be a knife fighter then it needs to lean more towards an actual knife that supports that type of use so if we’re looking at like push buttons or spring activator or anything like that understand it, yes they’re fine but it does go off of spring over time Springs where outbreak get loose whatever.

If I’m looking at a knife personally I try to carry more of a fighting-type knife so when I’m looking at the knife some of the considerations I take into account are when the spring goes down if it doesn’t open do I have a secondary way to open it or at that point does it become a blunt instrument that I hold in my hand and then it starts wrapping you in the head with it to get the desired result so that’s some of that’s alike an assisted opening some of your other ones or more of your mechanical type openings where you actually have to do something physically to open it besides just pushing a button these are the ones.

I tend to carry a little bit more for me it works a little better and there’s no springs or buttons or anything for dirt to get in wear outbreak whatever if I don’t open this then it’s on me that’s where the repetition of your training needs to start to come in and it’s not just hey I’ve done it 2,000 times it needs to be done properly for the perfection of your technique that you’re trying to do reality is the fastest way to get a knife out and into play is to have a fixed blade there is no opening there is none of that stuff to go along with it there’s nothing to worry about spring wise it’s just pulling it and do whatever you’re going to be doing with it.

Whether it be in a bad situation cut me rope tape whatever okay but those are the faster ones the only problem is is they’re a little harder to conceal or hide or even wear around on you sitting down standing up getting in cars out of cars so that’s why a lot of people tend to carry folders and that’s what we’re going to be going into next is actually talking about how to get to a folder get it out and open and ready to work under duress alright guys so now we’re actually going to talk about how to open a folder.

If I have it there’s a couple of different things you could do me personally I like to have it in my pocket as it sits like this which is called tip down there are different types of knives this is a training knife that you can kind of get anywhere online look them up that way if I am practicing with it initially I’m not getting the cuts and dropping a good knife on the ground and chipping up the blade and everything else but it does have different alternate positions.

That I can put this clip if I want to carry it tip up if I’m left-handed then I can put them on the other side you’ll notice that on mine I actually put skateboard tape or grip tape to help facilitate the draw so when we’re talking about doing anything whether it be drawing a gun drawing a knife or doing any kind of action to get it into play there’s kind of three things that I go by one is I need to facilitate a movement to help me draw it okay I either need to combine movements to help make it faster or eliminate movements that can be taken out that are not needed for a certain draw.

So when I look at that and take those three things into account that’s kind of how we here typically do our drawing over knife so if I have it in my pocket it can’t come back to the types of pockets are types of pants that you’re going to be using blue jeans which are kind of cut down in a cross are typically your best ones because it doesn’t have a slant cut pocket if you’re wearing some of your five Elevens and things like that we know that in that slant deep cut pocket the knife can kind of get turned twisted and everything else but if I’m trying to draw my knife under duress the first thing I need to do initially just reach down and slap myself in my pocket in the region of where my knife would be what that does is it lets me know where it’s at if you think you’re going to come straight.

Down and get into it right off the bat maybe but it’s not an every time thing okay because it might mean the knife might have been shifted during your scuffle or whatever so I’m going to slap my pocket from there I’m just going to drive my thumb in and down then I’m going to come up to what’s called a tabletop position notice I’m keeping it close to my body I don’t want to have it waving around out here to where it can divert get hit knocked out of my hand.

I’m trying to keep it close to my body at this point a lot of people will tell you to go blade side back to at least get it open while I’m trying to fend with this hand a half a dozen to one half there’s the other every situation is different alright guys what I’m going to do is take it away from my body so you can see it a little bit better on this one you can see that the mechanical opening is this nub that sticks up off of the blade are you going to do is take your thumb on it and like you’re shooting marbles could date some people if they know what I’m talking about they’re okay.

But all it is is a mechanical opening of you opening the blade once it’s open from here then I would turn it and get into whatever grip I’m going to be holding whether it be a hammer grip saber grip or if it was a double-edged blade a complete grip depending on my training or what I’m going to be trying to do with the weapon so step by step real slow as initially.

I want to slap my side of my pocket kind of find out where it’s at drive my thumb in and downs draw up and out to the tabletop open and in turn and get to the grip that I want from there it’s whatever techniques that you need to follow on with if you have any comments leave them hopefully you liked the video and we’ll see you on the next one.

How To Use A Knife For Self Defense?

Video Transcript:

I’m Kevin Michalowski editor of concealed carry magazine you shouldn’t stab someone if you’re using a knife for self-defense back here again with my jazz mic thanks for coming in I do it killer now we’ve talked about using a knife for self-defense and making it part of your everyday kit but a lot of people think that you grab a knife and you stab somebody in the chest and the party’s over that’s not really how it works is it it’s not what like anything else in self-defense the primary thing you need to be concerned about stopping power.

You’re trying to stop the threat so first of all you need to think about when would you bring a knife into play obviously you have to be justified in doing that so you’re facing a situation where you’re really convinced you really believe that you’re in fear for your life or in fear of greatest bodily injury just like with a firearm that’s where you probable deadly force exactly yep so definitely cross that line to the lethal force at that point what you need to think about is in what context is a knife appropriate as far as the tactical aspect of a beating how would you apply it obviously it’s going to be against a contact distance weapon if he’s got a firearm.

You have a knife then it doesn’t work yeah then it’s then getting out of that exactly so using the knife against somebody who’s armed with some other contact distance weapon stick brick bottle board baseball bat whatever it might be that’s where it’s appropriate but now what you have to think about is how does the knife actually stop and it’s very different than what you would do with a firearm if you’re trying to hit me in the head.

With a tire iron I take the firearm I shoot center-mass what I’m trying to do is basically caused enough shock ideally affect your central nervous system where I shut down your entire body so that arms drop swinging yep that’s the basic process of trying to do that with a knife if I’m stabbing you in the torso while you’re hitting me in the head that’s a net loss I’m probably going to win that scenario exactly it’s just not going to work because the knife doesn’t deliver enough shock.

It doesn’t create enough shock quickly enough to be able to shut you down that way so what we look at is what is the real threat the weapon in your hand always the hands right and when you attack me with something if you’re swinging something in my head what you’re giving me is the best target I could possibly hope for the way that this thing works the muscles of your forearm the flexor muscles here pull on the tendons in your wrist and that’s.

What a lot your fingers too close so for you to be able to grip any kind of weapon in your hand all this stuff needs to be connected using the knife to disconnect it what we call defang the snake the Filipino martial arts the hand the arm is the snake the weapon is the Fang so by cutting that basically disconnect that mechanical connection of muscle-tendon and bone the hand opens the weapon falls to the ground and that’s the quickest way to end a fight.

And the guy can no longer hold the weapon or use it against you probably at the very least going to give you time to step back and reassess and reevaluate exactly you’re solving the problem at its root first of all and also as far as using the knife one of the things we need to be concerned about from a legal standpoint is the legal system is also biased against knives and the reason for that is most of what the legal system sees if the felonious use of knives.

Knives used as weapons against innocent people so even though you may be fully justified in everything you do in self-defense the way I like to say it your work product if you will look different than what a criminal would produce right so the idea of somebody comes in with 50 stab wounds to his torso and you say well that was self-defense.

Because he tried to hit me in the head with a tire iron versus the idea of somebody hit you in the head tire iron you cut down to the bone he drops the weapon you back off even if it the police show up and they have no idea what happened it’s much easier for you to articulate the fact that you were the good guy in that scenario and you were forced to defend yourself and you did so not only in a way that was effective but also something was legally justifiable and something that’s going to keep you out of prison in the long run and I think you’re using the minimal amount of force in that case.

If you’re making one cut or maybe two cuts at the most and then you’re stopping and stepping back to assess you’ll be able to defend you’ll be able to articulate to the investigating officer this is what I did and it stopped him and then I called you guys and come here and help exactly one thing that people also forget they’ll think about well thrusting is still going to be the most effective thing that I can do because historically that’s always the way that.

It worked well historically when you look at the knives that people were thrusting with they were much bigger so when you think of a full-sized bowie knife somebody at the soldier on the battlefield with a dagger or something like that you’ve got some serious weapons that you’re working with what we’re going to be carrying what we’ll be using to defend ourselves or things that we can carry legally based on the laws in our area so if you’re carrying something the three-inch blade it has a very different wounding effect than what you would have with a blade that’s a foot long so especially.

If you’re looking at the three-inch blade against a 300-pound attacker the idea of stabbing into the torso it’s going to take a long time for that to have any effect but a three-inch blade the arm of that 300-pound person cutting that forearm to the bone still no problem so to target areas forearm where else well actually three so we have is we’re concerned about somebody wielding a weapon first of all the grip on the weapon secondly 4.

Because the bicep bends the elbow allows you to chamber and strike tricep extends the elbow that’s what allows you to hit so the coordinated motion of that weapon-wielding arm is based on those two muscle groups but then the real go to that we look at is a quadricep so basically the thigh specifically the front of the thigh the first few inches right above the knee, okay what that does is that extends the knee joint and that’s what allows you to support weight on that leg if you can cut that and drop somebody look even if to the ground exactly mobility.

Kills that we call it so at that point you have somebody who they’re stationary even if they still have the weapon and the capacity to use it they don’t have the ability to deliver it to you so again when you look at ability yeah there’s all these elements of making a deadly force if we take away their ability to pursue us we can then escape exactly and I tell people all the time the primary element of self-defense is to just cause enough dysfunction.

So that you can escape and if we’re doing that cutting the card except or cutting any part of the arm not like you said defanging the snake we’re taking away their ability to attack us exactly you want to disable the threat you want to eliminate the lethal threat so you can keep yourself safe once you have to look at is the attributes of the knife how the knife does that most effectively.

And especially the small knife that we can carry illegally today well thank you very much I appreciate that thanks for the opportunity appreciate it I’m Kevin McHale ski editor of concealed carry magazine if you like these videos please share them with all your friends and remember to subscribe to our page we’ll give you more great information every week you.


The self-sharpening knife block defends against harm to your knives and completely eliminates the need to sharpen them. You don’t have to think of when the time to sharpen your knives is right or how to do it right anymore.

Its edge is automatically balanced every time you remove or replace a knife, and the best professional knife set is held sharp and ready at all times with no extra effort.

It is not merely a tool rather it is a stylish storage place for all your amazon self defense knife. You can also consider gifting this to anyone who you think needs this the most. Go for the set that you think is suitable and fulfills your requirements and is within your budget.

This article would be helpful for you and would guide you to understand and make the right decision in arriving at the best set.

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