Best Portable Air Conditioner in 2021

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Is the hot and humid climate turning your day really annoying?

Owning a good portable air conditioner makes the summer much easier. Portable air conditioners can prove to be your best friend in the scorching heat, as they can be used both indoors as well as outdoors too. And in addition to this, they are super pocket-friendly as compared to air conditioners. Sounds great, right?

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Take a look at the table below to get a glimpse of the Air Conditioner you need.

Apart from giving a cool environment, a portable air conditioner can certainly carry fresh air into your room, and we can assuredly say the quality of air it brings in is much better than the air quality of an air conditioner.

As there are a whole lot of portable air conditioners available in the market, choosing the best can be tricky, so we have got you two best air coolers on which you can rely.

1. Hisome Personal Portable Mini Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner Fan, Hisome Personal Air Cooler Mini Air Conditioner with 4 Fan Speeds and 7 Color LED Light Desktop Table Cooling Fan Evaporative...

The mini air conditioning system offered hereby Hisome, among many others, promises quick cooling without the use of damaging climate coolants.

This hisome portable air conditioner fan can really give a terrific cooling experience in the summers. There is also another benefit of the use of the evaporative cooling of the water: the principle is very straightforward and requires no quirky installation measures.

Furthermore, the Hisome Gadget is very easy to use; you can simply plug it, and that’s it; it’s all ready to use.

This portable air conditioner for room does not require drilling a trough for the exhaust shaft into the wall. Ideal for someone who wants to cool quickly and is plagued with heat.


Upgraded New Personal Air Cooling Fan:

In comparison with the old version, its upgrade air conditioner version is smaller and more innovative. The latest one can tackle the issue of water leakage.

It has 4 gear wind speeds and built-in night light with 7 colours LED for your choice. For personal use, make sure not to put the fan far away as it may be difficult for it to cool down in a small room.

  • Multi-Function Air Cooler:

These personal coolers are equipped with cooling, humidification, and a personal comfort zone. It has 4 gear wind speeds and a built-in night light 7-colour LED.

You can add ice to the water tank easily and moisturize the cooling air with water. NOTE: Only the area around the user can be refreshed with this portable air conditioner for office.

  • Timing Function and 2 Wind Modes:

Our four-speed, 2-4-6-8 hour, cold wind, and natural wind modes are options for the integrated mini desk air cooler. It immediately changes to a natural wind provider when the cooler is short of water.

  • Affordable and Portable:

They have got a portable compact size.  They are designed with an integrated water tank that is comfortable even outside while you are on vacation with your family. The device has a 5V 1.5A USB charger interface, so long as the USB interface is given to the product.

Wherever you are, you can use this fan with much ease: an energy-saving and inexpensive alternative to an air conditioning unit and an effective replacement of a fan.

  • Operation and LED Lights:

For easy operation, a touch switch is used in our portable air conditioner for room. With the integrated LED mood with night light, the air is cooler and creates a relaxing atmosphere at night in your leisure time.

The light can be either set to any of its seven colours of your choice, set to colour cycle mode, or turn off with a tap on the button. It is not provided with a power adapter.

2. AUSHEN Personal Portable Air Cooler Mini Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner Fan, AUSHEN Personal Air Cooler Mini Air Conditioner with 3 Speeds, 7 Color LED Light, Desktop Table Cooling Fan Evaporative Air...

Are you planning to purchase AUSHEN Personal Air Cooler Mini Air small room ac unit to get an easy, cool breeze this summer?

Well, we can say that your choice is not bad and you are in safe hands.

AUSHEN Personal Air Cooler is a mini air portable Mini Air Conditioner that saves your room in any location. The compact and lightweight, functional model is therefore portable.

There are 3 fan speed configurations with a period to provide you with precise results. Again, the model has 7 lights in your room to illuminate. The filter paper is leakproof and offers you the cleanest and healthier air.

This portable air conditioner for office energy-saving model is also cost-effective and will never split your bank. Finally, it is easy to operate and fits with all your tiny rooms well.


  • Upgraded New Personal Air Cooling Fan:

Compared to the old edition, the upgraded version of the air cooler is smaller and more innovative. In the latest one, the company has resolved the issue of water leakage. It is fitted with 3 gear wind speeds, and 7 colours LED light for your pick. You can still see the filter paper with a pull-out pattern! For personal use, this fan can’t cool a small space, don’t take it too far.

  • Multi-function portable air conditioner:

This cooler is built with cooling and humidification to create a comfort zone for your personal needs. It features 3 gear wind speeds (high, medium, low) and 7-color night light LEDs for you to choose from.

You can easily work by adding some ice to the water tank together to humidify cooling air by mist. NOTE: Only the area around the user is cooled by this small window air conditioner.

  • Leakproof and New Filter Paper:

The new filter element adopts a new material, has a high water storage ability, effectively preventing problems with water leakage and can be dismantled and washed to prevent dust effectively. Power Adapter is not included.

  • Affordable and Portable:

It has been designed with a compact and portable size. It is designed with a built-in water tank, suitable for any location, even outdoors. The device has a USB 5V 2A charger interface, and the product is provided for working as long as there is a USB interface.

Wherever you are, you can use this portable Mini Air Conditioner. It has proved to be a powerful alternative for an air conditioner that is cost-effective as well as can conserve energy.

  • Operation and LED Lights:

The AUSHEN product provides an easy operation the button style switch is adopted. The cooler air style with integrated LED mood and night light creates a relaxing ambience at night or at leisure.

Either you can set the light to one of the 7 colour options and set the colour cycle mode (When you turn the light to the yellow colour, press again, and the colour of the light will automatically cycle.) Or by pressing the switch, switching the light off.


Purchasing a Portable air cooler mainly depends on the conditions you live in, your needs and your budget to choose the best portable cooler.

A portable air cooler is the most efficient in the bunch to reduce the room temperature compared to cheap portable air conditioner that is not pocket friendly, and there are chances of leaks that can be dangerous. Electrical fans are less efficient at cooling your personal area, so why not choose a portable air cooler which can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

You can find models made of quality materials that are relatively inexpensive but do precisely what you need and provide you with the much needed cool breeze in the summer heat.

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