Best MP3 Player For Running in 2021

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Are you a fitness freak?

Does that early morning run or the evening jog brighten up your entire day?

Does music give you the much-needed motivation that helps to add up miles to your walk or does it calm your soul while taking a good run?

Well, that’s true listening to your favorite album lists while doing physical exercises is so relaxing. It may be the only reason that enables you to leave your comfortable bed and run to burn plenty of kilojoules, right?

So while running do you use phones? Phones have the potential to be excellent music players. However, they are a bit heavy as they have long enlarged batteries and can sometimes be excessively distracting. But instead, MP3 players are a really great substitute as they are very lightweight and allow you to run listening to your favorite music without being distracted.

Buying Guide For The Best MP3 For Running:

When you don’t find a compatible partner music can serve the purpose and not only uplifting mood but also providing you the motivation to go on. Now you must be convinced how important it is to have an MP3 to be your companion while you run.

However, you’ll need to invest in the best running mp3 player to get the most out of them. There are a lot of mp3 players on the market, and choosing which ones are the best can be difficult. If you are planning to purchase one then this article is perfect for you as it provides you with features as well as price details that you need to give special heed while you purchase the best MP3 for running.

Features of the Best MP3 Player For Running in 2021


  • Flash Memory Players:

It’s tiny and lightweight. It can’t hold as many songs as a hard drive. Exercisers will love these. It’s because its storage space is incredibly small, ranging from 10 to 570 songs on average. As a result, people with large collections are less likely to purchase these.

However, the mp3 bluetooth player can store up to 2000 songs in some cases, and the battery usually lasts for 28 hours. These are chosen because they are ultra-compact and have no moving pieces, resulting in no skipping. One of the best mp3 players for running is this one.

  • Hard Drive Players:

These are suitable for people who need a large amount of storage space for their entire music collections, podcast downloads, videos, and images, among other items. However, since it has so many different features, it uses more fuel. As a result, the battery life is significantly reduced, ranging from 8 to 20 hours for music and 6 hours for video playback. It is favored due to its enormous power. However, due to its huge scale, you might be hesitant to carry it to the gym or jog.

  • Mini Hard Drive Players:

These are much smaller in size and only have 8 GB of internal storage. They’re smaller and easier to transport. In terms of features, they are comparable to their larger counterparts. They are, however, prone to skipping if there is a lot of movement. In reality, neither the large nor the small types of batteries can be changed; only rechargeable batteries are available.

  • MP3 CD Players:

They are a type of CD player that can play music and audio files and are far larger in size. The audio files are burned to CD discs and then used, so a CD burner is needed. It is less costly than the previous options.

  • Hybrid Players:

MP3 players are no longer only for listening to music or watching videos, thanks to advancements in technology. Satellite radios, the DVD player, sunglasses, and swim goggles are examples of optional features. Hybrid players are those that have certain extra abilities.


Always check the size of the player before proceeding to select the ideal mp3 player for yourself. If you’re looking for The smallest mp3 players that you can take with you while running, you should always do some research and consider a variety of choices.

Make sure you’re still paying attention to the size of the player you’re about to choose. There are various mp3 players, and choosing one that is lightweight and portable would make it easier for you to hold and manage all of the time.

Waterproof Unit:

When you’re racing, you don’t want your MP3 player to split. Make sure you choose an mp3 player with a waterproof unit, as this will make it a lot simpler for you while you’re running. When you’re racing, you’ll be sweating profusely, so make sure you get an mp3 player with a waterproof unit to prevent any issues. You can look up various choices on the internet to find the best mp3 player for running.

Display and Usability:

Another thing to remember is the monitor of the mp3 player you are buying for yourself. When looking for the best mp3 player for running, pay attention to the monitor and overall usability. It will allow you to use your MP3 player while running.

The display is very critical, and you should always check the ease of use to prevent any issues in the future. Make certain that you choose the best mp3 players with bluetooth with excellent usability and a clear monitor to prevent any problems.

Audio quality:

One of the key reasons we suggest buying an MP3 Player over a Smartphone is that MP3 Players are designed to have better and more improved sound quality. Since not all MP3 players are equipped to include this feature, it is important that you check the product specifications or customer feedback before making a purchase.

Battery Life:

Each model’s battery life varies greatly, and how long a full charge can last is largely dictated by the device’s functions and how you use them. Even the smallest battery life professional mp3 player will normally last at least a few hours, so you should be able to get a full workout in between loads.

If regular charging isn’t a choice for you, you’ll probably be happier with a model that only has basic audio functions and can go days without charging.


Most people associate resolution with video; however, in this case, resolution refers to audio. A thorough understanding of audio technology is needed to comprehend resolution. Let us not waste time going there; instead, when buying an MP3 player, make sure you get one that can play audio at a minimum of 44.1kHz with a 16-bit sample rate and width. Remember that any MP3 player that meets or exceeds this requirement can provide higher audio quality.

Storage capacity:

Nobody today will buy an MP3 player that can also play CDs or DVDs; this is the era of built-in storage. Different MP3 players have different amounts of built-in data storage. An mp3 bluetooth player storage capacity can range from 1 GB to 256 GB; it’s up to you to choose the right computer with enough storage space.

However, never choose an MP3 player with the smallest storage capacity. Consider getting a computer with at least 4 to 8GB of memory.

File format:

Most people believe that an MP3 player is only capable of playing MP3 files; however, despite its name, the device can play a variety of file formats. The performance of an MP3 player is calculated by the number of file formats it can play. We recommend that you buy an MP3 player that can play as many different file formats as possible.


This is where the majority of people become perplexed. A button or touch-sensitive controls may be used in an MP3 player. In our opinion, if you’re buying a high-end MP3 player from a reputable company, you can only get one with a touch-sensitive control. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, look for gadgets that just have buttons for controls.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Buying a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player is ideal. They eliminate the chance of being entangled in wires. They’re even perfect for running without getting hurt. Purchase a cheap mp3 player with the most recent Bluetooth update. For an MP3 player, Bluetooth 5.0 is ideal. As a result, look for this edition if you want crisp audio.


Although you won’t need a large number of ports on your computer, you will need a few. To begin, you’ll need a charging port. The MicroUSB port is used by most audio players and has been the standard for quite some time.

Despite this, manufacturers are expected to begin implementing the USB-C specification in the near future. USB-C is more convenient because it is reversible, and it also transfers data faster. It’s not worth buying or avoiding a gadget just because it has USB-C, but having one is always a good perk.


Another thing to remember is whether or not the mp3 player you use for running has good features. You should analyze the software’s interface so that you can make an educated decision when choosing the running mp3 player for you. It is the proper course of action to take in order to avoid any of the concerns you are currently experiencing. It will make things simpler for you if you pay careful attention to the software version.

You’ll be able to come up with a better solution if the app is simple to use and you can thoroughly review everything. Before you go out and buy the ideal mp3 player for yourself, make sure you pay attention to these details.

Available Price:

When buying an mp3 player, the price is a critical factor to remember. Fortunately, there is a model available in the market for every wallet. The bulk of the devices cost less than $100. This means that purchasing a running accessory such as an mp3 player does not have to be expensive.

FAQs for the Best MP3 Player For Running in 2021

Is there still a market for MP3 players?

There are various live music streaming services available. None, however, can compare to the enjoyment and excitement that the wireless mp3 player for running provides for runners. Furthermore, most mp3 players are waterproof, so you can listen to them when swimming! They also have excellent battery life, allowing them to outperform smartphones. As a consequence, they still exist!

Is it true that MP3 players are better than phones?

When it comes to music to listen to while running, mp3 is much more convenient. First and foremost, they are much smallest mp3 players and lighter than a smartphone. MP3 players are known for their portability and long battery life. They're ideal for when you don't want to bring your mobile but still want to listen to your favorite music. With a single click, you can turn between songs.

Is it possible to get a decent mp3 player for a low price?

If you're on a tight budget, you can get a cheap MP3 player. However, they are ineffective in the long run. In terms of battery life, a low-cost MP3 player can suffer greatly. As a result, instead of using the MP3 player, you can spend as much time as possible charging it. Furthermore, if navigation is difficult or storage space is limited, an MP3 player can not be sufficient. As a result, it is not advisable to purchase the cheapest mp3 player.

What is the most effective method for listening to music while running?

When running, it's important to let ambient noise into your ears. This will encourage you to be more conscious of your surroundings. Furthermore, wearing noise-canceling headphones in high-traffic areas can put you at risk. You should also keep the volume down to a manageable amount.

This will allow you to hear oncoming traffic and people in your immediate vicinity. Ear harm can also be avoided by playing music at a respectable pace. If you're in an area with a lot of traffic, you may want to remove your earphones. When running or listening to music, be conscious of your surroundings.

What is the best way to listen to music while working out?

Video Transcript:

Hey, guys welcome to go comer talks Tuesday and this video we’re gonna over at the mighty vibe this is the vibe the company just reached out to me to see if I would do a review on it on my channel but we know pregnant with a she’s a positive but negative review on it is my own thoughts on this product in this review we’re going over whether this eighty to ninety-nine product is worth the price tag and I’m giving my pros and cons on it and finally I’m telling you if there’s a product worth buying so what is the modify the money vibe is a streaming music device basically if you have Spotify or Amazon music this is the product that you might want to look into buying.

Because you simply download the music from Spotify or Amazon music into this device and then once it’s in here you can go to the gym go for a run without your phone and just use this device as a music player but that being said you do need to be a pain member of those services you can’t have the free Spotify app or the free Amazon Music app you do need to be a paid member of that I used to be a spy fide member for a long time but I realized that if you have Amazon Prime Amazon music is free there’s Amazon music and there’s Emma is I’m using HD the Amazon.

The music part is free and it has tons of songs to listen to so that’s what I use and this device now has Amazon music on it so that’s what I use so let’s talk about this device this mighty vibe has a 5 plus our playtime I haven’t tested that out but I’ve been using it for two or three hours and it’s been working fine for me it is also splash and water-resistant meaning you could get a little bit of water a little bit of sweat on it and it won’t break on you it’s also a shockproof you could drop it on the ground a few times and it’ll be fine and also this is compatible with your Bluetooth headphones such as these Gabriel headphones or any other Bluetooth device that you want to connect it with so let’s take a look at the device is made out of plastic material is a square device I do wish that this was not a plastic material I wish that they made it I some kind of aluminum or some type of metal.

Because it does feel a little bit cheap it feels almost like kind of cheap thing that you would buy out of the dollar store but you know it works fine so if it was made out of aluminum or something else does it feel a lot better on the hand but it being plastic does feel a little bit cheap it does have all the buttons here it has your volume up your volume down your forward and back and this button is for your playlist over here if you turn around to the side this is the audio jack area so if you still listen to music with the wired headphones you can do that with this device.

And like I said you can do it with Bluetooth headphones also if you turn around to the back it has the clip over here the clip is great to just attach it to your shirt whenever you’re working out and it’s easy you just fast-forward music over here just simply as that so one thing about this advice is that you do need the app in order to pair your phone to it and then also to download the music from your streaming services into the device for me that was not as seamless as should have been my connection from my device to my phone was a little bit shoddy even in the apis is that the connection is poor I don’t know why my phone is right next to the device whenever I’m doing it so I’m not sure what’s going on with that but once I did connect it everything worked fine it just was a little bit of process to do that I could see why some people have problems connecting their phone or downloading music into the device all right so that’s basically the device it is a streaming music player.

It has Bluetooth connectivity and all that so let’s talk about the pros that I have on it the pros is that this is a smaller device very nice to have to clip on to you it’s simple to carry around and you don’t have to worry about lugging around a big phone another thing that I like about this advice is that sometimes whenever you’re working out or at the gym I know I’m a little bit addicted to social media so I’m always scrolling up and down but if you don’t bring your phone with you to your workout to the gym you’re not gonna be screwing around you see me listen to music and almost more focus I know whenever I just brought this to my workouts.

I was a little bit more focused on working out instead of you know scrolling up and down Facebook seeing what’s going on and just aimless scrolling so that’s one of the good things about this another thing that I like about this is the little playlist button so if you press this button it’ll tell you whether voice prompt what playlist you’re on so for Oh tell me I’m a beast mode playlist or workout playlist or whatever another playlist I have on there it’s simple to use just like that’s a good get around when you don’t have any type of display on here to show you exactly what you listen to it has voice prompts to tell you exactly what playlist you’re on alright so those basically are the pros I’ll tell you about my cons the cons are the Bluetooth connectivity with your headphones.

If you connect your Bluetooth to your phone you’ll have to disconnect it from there and then try to connect it on to this device for me it’s kind of hit and miss I’ll have to turn off my Bluetooth on my phone and then put on my headphones and then wait until I get the prompt that tells me that is connected like let’s see let’s go ahead and try to connect it to this stereo see how long it takes to connect see it’s on and we’ll see how long it takes to connect oh that actually wasn’t too bad see you know is it connected see I can’t tell yet nothing is happening.

So like I said the connectivity with your Bluetooth headphones it’s kind of hit or miss I know with my Jaybird headphones they’re a little bit better but for some people they might have a little issue with it connecting I wish it was a little bit more simple than just pressing buttons and hoping that it connects that’s one of the big issues with it another con is that if you are not a paid subscriber to Spotify or Amazon you won’t be able to use this device and the last con is the build quality this plastic material just isn’t doing it for me I wish that for the price.

Tag of 80 2.99 it should be a lot more high-quality at least metal so that’s one of the downfalls of it so in conclusion what I say that this is a product worth buying I’m gonna say maybe I think if you get it on eBay or somewhere you can get it for cheaper I think for a price tag maybe $49 it probably better but for a price, I have eighty to ninety-nine and it being plastic the connectivity issues with the Bluetooth headphones sometimes I would probably have to this is the mighty vibe for some people you may love it I do like a product but I think that it is a little bit expensive for the price tag of 80 to 99 alright so that is my review of this I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know if you guys liked my review let me know if you can agree with my thoughts on it and I’ll see you guys in next video peace.


Mp3 players are very useful devices that you can use when running or exercising, even though they are not as commonplace as they were at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Smartphones are more compact since they are bigger, smaller, and less bulky. The best running mp3 player, in particular, is much less likely to disrupt the movement when combined with wireless earphones.

Additional benefits include a longer battery life and storage space dedicated solely to audio files. They don’t need some kind of internet connection or service to play music, so you can listen to your music even in the most remote locations.

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