Best Lip Balm for Dark Lips in 2021

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Many of us have those dark and pigmented lips. Dark lips somehow create a bit of embarrassment in public, but there are many reasons our lips become hyper-pigmented.

It is basically because of alcohol consumption, more intake of caffeine, frequent changing of kinds of toothpaste, dehydration, excessive exposure to the sun, and lip sucking.

There was a time when I was also addicted to smoking and alcohol for a very long time, and slowly because of chemical intakes, my lips started turning dark and black, which made me embarrassed in public.

So, what I did was I brought a tremendous change in my lifestyle; that is, I quit smoking and alcohol consumption.

In addition, I increased my water intake and reduced my caffeine to a minimum. But this wasn’t enough to get my facial beauty back. I started using lip balm for dark lips to lighten, and when I saw the results after some time, they were amazing.

I never knew lip balms could be a piece of heaven for me. With lips balms, I gave a hit to lip-lightening cream to solve my pigmentation problems within a few weeks.

So, do you also have those dark lips?

Do you feel a lack of confidence in public?

Is the lip pigmentation bothering you?

If yes, then my dear friend, you have come to the right place. Here we will give all the answers to your worries which are concerned with dark lips. So, let’s get going.

Buying Guide for Best Lip Balm for Dark Lips in 2021

Lip balms might be the first thing you might have started using when you were familiar with cosmetics and beauty products. But, little you know that they also help reduce the hyper-pigmentation of dark lips.

So, let us see what all do you need to look for while buying the best lip balm for dark lips.

Ingredients to look for

The composition of the lip balm will define its service quality. Few ingredients should be present in your lips moisturizer to provide those desirable results. Some of them are:

  • Beeswax will help in providing natural moisture to the lips and will keep them hydrated.
  • Butter to give those softening results and to protect the lips also.

Undesirable ingredients

As much as you need to look for the desirable ingredients, there are some items that you also need to avoid in your lip balms. Your lip balm should not contain the following:

  • Artificial color
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Alcohol
  • Camphor
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Phenol
  • Salicylic acid

It’s vital to avoid these ingredients because the artificial color and fragrance can result in lip irritation. Alcohol and camphor can cause dryness. While petroleum jelly, which is derived from crude oil, can block oxygen absorption. The parabens are derived from animals and are seen to cause hormonal imbalance in them.

That is why it is recommended to avoid these ingredients in glossy lip balms. Instead, look for those balms which are free from these ingredients.

SPF in balm

We know very well that the sun rays have those harmful UV radiations. We all keep in mind the safety of our face and apply the sunscreens having SPF built in them, which provide us protection from UV rays. But what about the lips?

The darkening is the result of the damage caused by the UV rays. So, never forget to apply a lip balm that has SPF protection in it. Your lips are equally vulnerable to sun damage. So, protect them as much as possible.

Shimmer or Matte

This is based upon your personal liking and choice that whether you want to go for a shimmery lip balm or for a matte one.

If you’re going to have that glam look, you can consider buying the shimmer one. While if you want to stay simple yet fabulous, then you can prefer the matte one. This will also depend upon the occasion you want to wear a lip balm.

I believe the matte ones will do just perfectly fine for regular and casual days, while for an evening party or a club party, the gloss lip lightening balm for smokers will definitely outshine you in the crowd.

Tinted or clear

I will suggest you not go for the tented ones.

Let your lips come back to your original shade once, and then, of course, you will have all the choices to consider. If you still want to have some tint on your lips, then go for the best lip balms for dark lips that have some natural colors in them.

Never go for artificial colorants as they will cause you many problems. They can result in unnecessary dryness and also cause a lot of irritation.

There are many balms available that are made up of some natural fruits to provide the natural tint. Go with such kinds of balms.


As mentioned in the reasons for hyper-pigmented lips, dehydration is one of the major causes which cause the darkening of lips.

First of all, you need to increase your water intake to treat the lips internally. Then, when your body is internally hydrated, you can consider treating the lips from outside using lip-lightening creams. Your balm should provide a good amount of moisture to your lips because it is its sole purpose.

What good a balm will be if it cannot hydrate and moisturize your lips, isn’t it? So, to get that extra protection, go for balms which can provide good hydration.


Packaging is the next important point that you need to consider. Lip balms come in various shapes and sizes.

Now, if you do not have convenient packaging, do you think you will frequently use the balm? No, you definitely won’t like to use the in-convenient balm time and again. Therefore, choose a balm as per your comfort to bring out its maximum utility.

If you are comfortable with lip balms available in tubes, then definitely go for it. It is convenient for the application and to carry around in public. If not a tube, then consider the pots that can be handy and easy to use. However, go as per your personal choice and like.

Avoid Scents

The chemicals present in scents can cause you a lot of irritation. Rather than reducing the pigmentation, they can even make your lips darker. So, it is advised even by many dermatologists to avoid scents in your lip lightener cream.

Double-purpose variants

Well, what better than getting the purpose of two services done with a single product. Then, you can always invest your money in wise purchases. For example, you can get a lip balm with a natural tint, maybe berries, which can later be used as a blush.

So, make some wise choices and treat two purposes simultaneously.


It is always possible that one product that works for somebody else won’t work on you. That item might have some composition to which you might be allergic. It happens many times that at the suggestion of our friends or known persons, we get ourselves something which is not meant for us.

You might be allergic to some specific compound that constitutes the best lips moisturizer’ composition. So, please go through the description of the product before buying. Read all the ingredients used so that you may get an idea about the constituents. Make your final decision only after making a check on these points. Else, you may end up harming your lips.


You should always prefer some good brands when it comes to cosmetic products. This is because these items will come in direct contact with your skin and can cause many ill effects.

If you are getting local lip balm, then be ready to face the devastating after-effects. So, to avoid all these, always search for some affordable brands which offer quality products. See what fits in best for you.

The better the brand, the better will be its service.

Brands provide you an assurance of improving your lips’ pigment without causing any damage. If you aren’t knowledgeable about good brands, you may consult some professionals and take the help of some beauty experts to get the best lip lightener balm.

Manufacturing and expiry date

Beauty products are primarily chemicals and compounds which have only a limited and small shelf-life. The chemicals after their expiry date start misbehaving and can result in a lot of skin damage.

You must get yourself the best lip balm, which is perfect from all aspects. It can be from the best brand, be budget-friendly, and even very efficient in reducing hyper-pigmentation, but all these things will just go in vain if the product crosses its expiry date.

Therefore, to prevent all the harsh effects, read carefully about the manufacturing, packaging, and expiry dates. Only then finalize your balm.

Product’s price

Go for something very economical. Do not cross the budget limit. You can always wait for the season’s sale time, in which you can get the best lip balm of the best brand at a very reasonable price. Learn the smart shopping tricks and utilize them in doing budget-friendly shopping.

FAQs Best Lip Balm for Dark Lips in 2021

Can your lip balm melt depend upon the climate and where it is stored?

Yes, definitely, they can melt in regions where the temperature is considerably more than moderate. But after the temperatures stabilize, the glossy lip balms will again solidify and return to their original state.

How does smoking cause dark lips?

The main chemical compound present in cigars and cigarettes is nicotine. The nicotine makes our blood vessels shrink, and as a result, they become very narrow.

This narrow path reduces the blood flow circulation, and due to this, our lips receive less oxygen. This starvation of oxygen and other essential nutrients, which are transported with the help of blood, makes our lips dark.

How can I make my lips naturally pink?

Pink lips are a dream of most people as they look attractive and pleasing with the face. But most people do not have them and look for different ways to get such lips. You may purchase the best lip lightener cream for dark lips to pink lips, but there are a few tips you need to follow too for fast results.

  • Try exfoliating your lip before going to bed.
  • Make use of homemade scrub.
  • Increase your water intake.
  • Intake fruits and vegetables and juices which are rich in Vitamin E.
  • Moisturize your lips frequently.

Is it essential to protect your lips from the sun?

Just like our face faces danger when exposed to the sun, our lips also face the same situation. The harmful UV rays of the sun's radiations can cause sunburn, which eventually leads to dark lips. So, it is imperative to use lip balms with SPF to fully protect your lips in the sun.

How can I remove the darkness of my lips?

The entire guide tells you about using lip balms to reduce your pigmentation.

Get a good lip lightener balm that will provide good moisture to your lips, bring back hydration, and eventually reduce the darkness. However, if you want some more tips, then here they are:

  • Use coconut oil – Coconut oil has immense importance in the beauty industry. One of the significant roles this oil play is in reducing pigmentation and lightening and dark spots.
  • Use Rosewater and honey – Mix 2 tbsp of rose water and 3-4 drops of honey. Apply it on your lips and see the results.
  • Massage using aloe-vera
  • Eat pomegranate

What is the best lip lightener?

Video Transcript:

Hello, guys, it’s Xiaomi and welcomes to my youtube channels on today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the best lip balms for dry lips my personal recommendations on lip balms actually works and also helps my lips to be nice and moisturize on a daily so before we get started and if you have really dry chapped lips the best thing to do is to exfoliate first and I actually did a whole lip care routine on how I exfoliate my lips you can click up here to check that out and you also want to say a huge huge thank you for the life on that video.

Oh my gosh, it was really unexpected so thank you a million times thank you okay so to begin with how to find the best lip balms for dry lips you first want to look up the texture of the lip balm and this is really important because you want a lip balm that really saturates and moisturizes the lips so you want to look out for smooth and silky formulas which lock in moisture and it gets into the chaps area of the lips really well I found that by using smooth and silky texture two lip balms it really just helps.

To lock in that moisture on my chapped lips a really good one is this one, by the way, this one is their lip enhancer and I just really love this because it’s super moisturizing it’s not too thick and it doesn’t have a greasy feel I can just feel it really moisturize my lips and it also has a primer effect I don’t know if it’s just me but I find that this lip balm really makes my lips look so healthy and it almost evens out the pigments of my lip and what’s great about this lip balm is that you can actually wear it on its own or you can layer it on top of lipsticks and it just does a really good job a similar lip balm.

Are this one by terry and it’s really nice a velvety texture as well and this one just locks in the moisture so nicely and again it has that sort of primer effect where it kind of looks like it evens out the pigments of your lips but this one is on the pricey side so if you guys are looking for a cheaper alternative then I would go for this your way lip balm because it’s in a tube and it’s also not as expensive.

And of course the Laneige a lip sleeping mask I really like this one because you can use it as a mask overnight or you can just carry it around with you for a nice top-up throughout the day and it also has that really nice pink kind of glow to your lips when you use it making it look so soft and plumped and moisturized so another texture to look out for is a thick and slightly waxy feel I feel like these type of lip balms are really good for sealing in moisture it has almost a cocoa author effect where it just really moisturizes super chapped lips and super dry lips this really helps me out especially in winter where I really need a lot of top-ups this one by Kiehl’s is also an overnight mask but I use it for out the day and I find it works really well whenever I need a nice top-up.

And if you’re not really into glossy finishes like the previous lip balms I find that you will really enjoy this one because it has a more simple looking finish to it where it just makes your lips look a little bit more plump and smoother without it looking greasy or without it looking too shiny but I really like this because it’s more of a buttery finish which is really really nice and if you’re not a fan of tubs I would recommend this DHC lip cream which is basically the same effect as the Kiehl’s one.

Okay so the second thing to look out for when buying lip balms is the ingredients and having dry lips like myself I always wondered how come some lip balms don’t work on me and that is because they have certain ingredients that work on different types of lips and I did a little bit of research and I found that these lip balms have something in common they have ingredients such as beeswax sheer butter and also something called tocopheryl I do not know if I’m saying that right tocopheryl.

It basically an antioxidant ingredient that has vitamin E activity so I was like oh maybe Mr. Tocopheryl is the reason why my lips are loving these lip balms an important ingredients also look out for is alcohol make sure you’re not using any lip balms with alcohol in it because that makes the lips are really dry and chapped.

So always make sure to look at the ingredients and the texture before buying any lip balms I found that these lip balms have a similar texture and also similar ingredients that’s why it personally helps my chapped lips so hopefully, you guys can also find the perfect lip balm for you so thank you so much for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed it please don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification well so you don’t miss an upload and I will see you on my next one right.

Do lip balms make lips dark?

Video Transcript:

Hello everybody Oh sleeve hi welcome back to my channel today we’re going to be talking about lip care why am I pointing we will know where the lips are we’re talking about lip care today I feel like this is a part of the body that people do not forget about we forget that skin we forget to care for our lips as much as we care for the rest of our face and we’ve winter coming up a lot of you guys have been asking how you can sort out your chapped lips your sore lips and a lot of you guys have been asked about lightening your lips.

As well there are a few ways that your lips get chapped and there are a few causes for dark lips as well so today I’m going to be talking about both of those and how we can sort that out and make our lips look nice and light and moisturize and fresh all the time so let’s talk about the chapped lips first so according to the NHS website most moisture actually escapes our lips from our body which is weird I wouldn’t afford that so when they lose that moisture the skin on our lips becomes tight it becomes cracked.

Obviously very dry which then starts to make them flaky quite dark and very very sore in some cases as well when it comes to dark lips obviously genetics is in there in the mix but also things like sun exposure smoking if you’re using cheap lip products as well and of course, bad diets all add up to making your lips very very dark along with losing moisture from your lips too so here is how I think very very simply saw.

Out my lips in the morning and the evening so in the daytime, I like to lock in that moisture and going outside and battling with the elements out there at the moment is winter so it’s cold very very harsh cold wind so really easy way to combat the chapped lips and the dark Neil the lips is to exfoliate your lips and moisturize so this is what I like to do in the morning I like to after the shower once my lips are nice and soft I immediately go in with a lip scrub now this is just a sugar scrub from lush this one.

I’m taking this castor sugar jojoba oil jojoba I still don’t know how to say that please tell me how to say that so all you do is just scrub this very very lightly on the lips you don’t want to start scrubbing really harsh because your lips are very very sensitive especially if you already have chapped lips if you don’t have a lip scrub you can make your own really really easily all we need is brown sugar then coconut oil or honey with honey you just mix that in with the brown sugar then rub it very gently on your lips with coconut oil I like to melt a little bit in between my fingertips dip my fingers into the sugar.

And then rub that on gently as well alternatively you can use your toothbrush just very very gently scrub on your lips then it’s as simple as doing your normal routine cleanse tone moisturize I’ll put that moisturizer over my lips whatever moisturizer is and then finish it off with a lip balm my personal favorite is Nivea soup and protect with an SPF of 15 it is quite a low SPF but we will be using this all day so we’ll be topping this up maybe even every hour so as long as you’re constantly applying this that is a fine SPF as we are reapplying this you need to avoid licking your lips it’s the worst like the hardest thing to do biting off any dead skin or licking your lips or washing your lips whenever you have the temptation to lick your lips apply this on what I like about this one is it goes on very very smooth.

It’s not shiny and looks very very natural and in the evening all I do is repeat that same step but what I’ll do instead of using the lip balm is use a very heavy moisturizer so I’m actually using this skin food neck cream I just find it’s very deeply hydrating and has a lot of good plumping ingredients in it as well but overall it’s just a very very good thick moisturizer so I’ll rub that in and then I’ll just lock in that moisture with Vaseline yeah one of my favorite products of all time just a thick layer over.

Your lips you don’t have to rub it in and this will help lock that moisture in all night now I’m just going to touch on how to lighten your lips you should be using SPF lip balm if you are in hot countries especially Nivea like I said doing sunblock that’s specially made for your lips that leaves like zero casts it’s very very natural-looking as well if your lips aren’t already damaged or on cracking liyan can actually use lemon.

Just a little bit of lemon juice over the lips and then I would put vaseline over as well just to further protect them and this is just naturally going to lighten your lips be very careful though don’t use too much lemon it can be quite drying if you use way too much and only do this at nighttime as well a very similar fashion raw potato can lighten your lips potatoes contain something that I can’t pronounce so I’m just gonna write it here again this naturally lightens a lip so you want to rub this on your lips.

Before you go to bed don’t wash it off in the morning and let’s do a bit a week you’ll find that this is licensed your lips and for those of you who have asked me this will also help lighten your elbows underarms things like that just areas of your skin where it’s a little bit ARCA but that is it ready to round up very quickly.

Exfoliate your lips moisturize them keep them moisturized throughout the day don’t lick them don’t pick them but just be very very gentle with them I remember how sensitive they are and that they are also skin that you should be taking care of I hope that helped you guys and any questions that leave them down below as always all promote links will be in the description box below uh bye that’s it bye.


Dark lips will now be no more the reason behind your embarrassment. Let the reason be anything that might have caused you the pigmentation. Lip balms will do their justice in getting your pink and red lips back.

Throughout the guide, I have discussed with you the importance of lip balms. Go through this guide very carefully and keep in mind everything while finalizing the balm.

Try going for the best glossy lip balms that will have all the necessary nutrients, provide you the adequate moisture, protect you from all the harmful sun rays, and won’t go harsh on your lips.

You just need to make a checklist of all your requirements and get the best product with its help. Then, apply the balm regularly, and just wait for some time to see the magical results.

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