Best Hair Gel for Black Hair

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Hairstyling is a part of our daily routine now. A perfect hair look obviously speaks about one’s personality. Whether in official meetings, formal outings, a casual day out, or any specific occasion, you will definitely outstand others in the crowd. However, it often happens that your hair does not remain in its place due to traveling or the winds. And what to say about those baby hair! It even becomes more irritating for us to manage them throughout.

I get entirely frustrated when these baby hairs keep on moving in the winds and come over my eyes. So, to fix this problem, I started using hair gel regularly. And believe me, this turned out to be the best possible solution to get that sleek look and obviously to fix the hair in their respective places. But while buying the hair gel, I faced many problems and difficulty in finalizing the product that I actually needed. I didn’t know what my hair wanted or whether is it safe to go for it or not.

Later, I realized that it is not that easy to get what you actually want for yourself. It takes effort and requires research, and then I found the benefits to go for the best hair gels available. And so, I decided to share my knowledge and experiences with you to help you buy the best gel for slicking black natural hair.

So, do you all also want those hair fixed in their places?

Do you get irritated when the wind blows your hair unnecessarily?

If yes, then this won’t bother you from now onwards. You simply have to go through this guide very carefully and then get your product. Let me help you in getting the best hair gel, which will solve all your problems.

Buying Guide for Best Hair Gel for Black Hairs

A hair gel comes in different types, flavors, and styles. They also accompany other ingredients, among which some may not be suitable for some people. Similarly, there are many other things to notice which a regular buyer neglects and then regrets later.

Thus, I have personally come up with some points which I found valuable and mandatory to be known by people.

Natural oil

As you know that the benefits of natural oil are immense. You name one, and you get. But the most important of all is the moisturizing property.

The natural oils are rich in compounds that provide your hair the proper moisture. In the absence of hydration, the hair becomes frizzy, and the scalp becomes dry. Here, the person eventually suffers from a wrong hair type and blames the gel. So, to avoid such a situation, the users should go for gels that are rich in natural oil.

Shea butter

Shea butter is rich in many nutrients, including Vitamin A and E. Also. It contains some good fatty acids which are required by the hair for their growth. These constituents add an adequate amount of moisture to the hair, locks it, and make them shine.

In addition to providing the shine, it repairs the brittle hair and fixes the split ends. Also, the best thing about this butter is that it is absolutely non-greasy and doesn’t give your hair a sticky texture.


Gluten refers to a protein that comes with glue-like properties. It is very elastic and sticky. Some people have intolerance towards gluten and suffer from Celiac disease.

Many a time, the condition remains undiagnosed or sometimes can be misdiagnosed. This can result in really severe issues later on, which can be very problematic when dealing with. Also, gluten proteins are large molecules which makes it difficult for the scalp to absorb them. Thus, to avoid all the after-sufferings, it is advisable to go for gluten-free hair gels.

Chemicals that shouldn’t be present:

  • Sulfates – When sulfates come in contact with hair, they produce a negative charge and thus creates fizziness. They are also responsible for taking away the absorbed moisture from the hair, making the hair look very dull and dry. They also make the scalp very dry and cause a lot of irritation. Thus, in totality, they make our hair unhealthy and prone to easy damage. Even the sulfates may lead to various severe diseases also. So, always choose a sulfate-free hair gel.
  • Parabens – Parabens are easily absorbed by the hair scalp. It reaches the blood inside and eventually flows throughout the body. They are harmful chemicals that can cause many skin diseases and hazardous side effects. On the hair externally, they fade the hair color and cause a lot of hair fall. The hair becomes frizzy and loses its luster. Thus, we advise you to opt for those hair gels which do not contain parabens in them.
  • Silicones – Silicones affect the appearance of your hair and also their weight. They can cause the hair to look very heavy, dull, dry, and frizzy. They build up very quickly on the hair and are difficult to remove.
  • Paraffin – Paraffin or mineral oil, which is preferred by many, can devastatingly affect your hair. People are generally unaware of the pros and cons of the chemicals and simply buy based on some fancy constitution. But my friend, paraffin can actually cause hair damage instead then replenishing them. These compounds can actually build up on the hair roots and scalp and thereby cause excessive hair fall.
  • Phthalates – These chemicals are now very frequently being used by many hair gel-producing companies in their products. However, they should not be used. They can quickly enter the bloodstream after coming in contact with the scalp. They are absorbed rapidly through the hair scalp and thus can flow inside your body via the blood. They cause hazardous side effects and many diseases. Therefore, always research the chemical constitution and their reactions on the skin and body. Do not go for a hair gel that contains phthalates.

Organic and plant extracts

Always prefer plant extracts-based gels. These gels are very safe to use and do not cause hair damage in any way. They have an organic constitution, which in contrast to the chemicals, will never harm your hair. They will, in fact, deep condition the strands and provide you the desired luster. The hair will remain fixed at its place without causing any frizzes.

Vegan and cruelty-free

Many hair gels are cruelty-free. This means that they do not have any compounds derived from animals and hence, are vegan products. This is so much in trend, and otherwise, also, it is not just about the trend. This is in general beneficial environment and ecology wise also. So, go for vegan hair gels that are not animal-based, and definitely, you will enjoy experiencing these products.

Hair gel as per your hair type

Time and again, we are told that everybody’s hair type is very different. Our hair texture will ultimately be different from mine, and a third person will have some other texture. Always do a patch test before getting the gel. Test the gel as per your hair type, and then go for it finally.

Product as per your hair regime

Different hair gels are meant for other occasions. Their quantity and specificity will vary as per your needs. Decide before buying your hair regime and when you have to use the hair gel. Accordingly, as per the routine, get one for yourself.


Check the composition and only then buy something. Maybe you are allergic to the main composition of the product. You likely have a sensitive hair type, and a particular chemical can act harshly on your scalp. It is always recommended to refer your dermatologist if you are allergic and have sensitive hair texture.


Good brands are there for some reason. Do not compromise on the brand, friends! Do not consider your short-term cost-saving benefit over the long-term side effects. A good brand always promises you a quality service, which they provide with 100% surety. They give you an assurance which is worth the use of their product. And also. If you feel like you are not satisfied with the service, you can always raise your questions in the feedback. They often make your compensation for all your loss and ensure that the complaints are rectified. While if you see the local brands, they will definitely have some cheap products, which will attract you for saving money. But after a while, you will have some hazardous side effects and the massive damage they cause. So, always go for the brands which have a name in the market.

Check the labels

The labels have a very important mentioning, that is about the packaging dates. These dates become very important whenever you get some hair care product. The manufacturing and the packaging dates have a definite time gap, which makes them suitable for use. When the expiry date is crossed, the chemicals in the hair gel will lose their function and start misbehaving. This may lead to many problems like hair fall. Hair dullness, brittle and frizzy hair. So, please check these labels and go through these dates before buying any hair gel.


The shopping has to be under the budget. And hair gels are something which you will probably not be used regularly. After all, they are made from mere chemicals that can cause hair damage if used in excess. So, as per your regime and routine, decide your hair gel use and after analyzing everything, make a good purchase from a good brand. For affordable shopping, you can always get the products during the brand’s sale.

FAQs on Best Hair Gel for Black Hair

What is the best way to apply hair gel?

There is a proper way of applying hair gel. Appropriate steps have been mentioned below, which can be followed for the best results:

  • Choose your perfect hair gel
  • Wash or damp your hair before starting
  • Partition your hair into small sections
  • Takeout a small quantity on your fingertips
  • Apply the gel very gently
  • Complete your hairstyle and finish the look

How long does it take for a hair gel to set?

It will likely take 3-4 hours for a hair gel to set. However, now you have got those instant drying gels, which do not take hours long now. They dry quickly after the application and do not leave that sticky texture. You are ready to go within few minutes with all hairs set in their respective places.

Is it bad to use hair gel every day?

Overuse of any cosmetic product will cause you damage. The cosmetics are simply chemicals that will just enhance the hair texture artificially. If used for an extended time, it will start building up on the scalp and the hair roots. This will make them very brittle and prone to easy hair-fall in the long run. So, make use of these artificial enhancers only and when required with limited use. For natural improvement, you can always work on your inner body. Improve your water take and eat healthily. Eventually, after some time, you will observe the changes.

Do you put gel on wet or dry hair?

Always make sure to apply the hair gel on damp hair. Damp hairs provide the best base for the setting of these gels. Do not apply on dry hairs, else they can look frizzier. If you haven't washed your hair, you can wet your hair under the tap on a sink.

Does hair gel stop hair growth?

Excessive use of hair gels will lead to their chemicals' build-up on the scalp and the hair follicles. This will block the pores and will prevent the growth of new hair. So, make use of this product only in a controlled manner.


Hair gels are something quite unique and amazing to be used. They are way less expensive and less damage-causing when compared to rebonding or keratin to keep the hair shiny and fabulous. But, do not use them every day. Too much hair gel can affect your hair strands and lead to grey hair. And yes! Do not forget to wash them off properly.

Every product has pros and cons, and so does the hair gel. As you know the pros, be aware of the cons, but do not forget to give your hair the best health with the best hair gel for black hair.

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