Best French Fry Cutters for Perfect Fries in 2023

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Do you love eating French fries?

Can you visualize enjoying fast food without French fries included in the set?

No, right? Be it your favorite pizza or cheesy messy burger or simply just a glass of coke, French fries are a must, if we are not wrong?

For some people, it is just an easy-to-grab snack but for some, they are like a slice from heaven itself. Do you have an unabashed love for French fries? We understand how tempting is those crispy little things not only for but for many. Have you ever tried preparing them at your home? If yes then were you able to cut the potatoes uniformly having the same width and length?

And how much time it took you just to cut the potatoes for the French fries? Yes, of course, we agree that those golden, warm, crunchy, yet soft lovely things are worth the pain. But do know this task can be done in just half the time you take to cut the potatoes with just a regular sharp knife? Well, if it so then let us introduce this savior.

Yes, a potato french fry cutter that evenly cuts the potatoes making your work damn easier. If you have never tried making French fries at home then you should try it, with the help of a French fry cutter.

Buying Guide For Best French Fry Cutters in 2023

French Fries when served hot, soft, and crispy they just spice up the taste buds, unlike any other food. Be it family gatherings or just hanging out with friends or you just want to treat yourself to some yummy food French fries not included? Is a big no.

Everyone we know, including ourselves, must have at least tasted a single piece of this fry. And then obviously, took another one, and then a handful and it goes on. Yes, French fries are so irresistible. But there comes the question about food quality. Especially the ones which we buy because we literally have no idea where are they from, are any preservatives or chemical added to it and how they have made them did they use a good potato or did they use a good oil?

And the list of questions in our minds goes never-ending. So, why not just make them in the convenience of your home? Worrying about the handwork? Well, you need not worry about it anymore because to choice french fry cutter will not only take minimum time to cut the potatoes but also cut them uniformly without much fuss created. If you don’t own one then in this article you will find all the features you need to be concerned about while buying a French fry cutter.

Features Best French Fry Cutters in 2023


  • Manual French Fry Cutter:

Manual french fry cutters use a manual lever or handle to cut potatoes into straight fries, wedge fries, and specialty cut fries. Manual fry cutters are a perfect choice for homes, small businesses, or entrepreneurs because they are less costly and ideal for concession stands, restaurants, and cafes.

  • Automatic electric or air-powered fry cutters:

An automatic electric french fry cutter is ideal for companies that prepare a large number of french fries on a daily basis. These time-saving units will help high-volume restaurants, central kitchens for hospital campuses, universities, and schools. They push potatoes through the cutting blades with electrical power or air cylinders, minimizing operator pressure.


When looking for a French fry cutter, the material is an important factor to remember. Plastic, stainless steel, and cast iron are the three most popular materials used to make French fry cutters. Plastic is the least durable of these materials and is typically used in home-use French fry cutters.

Stainless steel or cast iron are the most popular materials used in commercial french fry cutter. Both of these materials are tough and suitable for heavy-duty applications. Although stainless steel will not rust, if not properly cared for, a cast-iron French fry cutter will rust. If you want a cast-iron type, look for one with a rust-resistant powder-coated finish.

Most French fry cutters have a stainless steel blade, regardless of the material used for the housing. French fry cutters are made of stainless steel, which is a tough metal that slices through potatoes and other vegetables with ease.


When shopping for a French fry cutter, one of the most important features to remember is the style. If you don’t have much counter space, a tiny French fry cutter will suffice. You will possibly get away with a more heavy-duty French fry cutter if you intend on using it for commercial purposes ( or any sort of hard type of vegetables).


Purchasing a cutter with a handle has its own advantages and drawbacks. Its drawbacks include the possibility of being heavy and unsuitable for use by children; however, if you have any helpful children, you might get them, just make sure they are well tucked away. Aside from that, the handle’s excellent lever makes chopping and slicing easier.


French fry cutters are usually thin, even when they are of high quality. The typical French fry cutter weighs less than 5 pounds. Commercial cast iron heavy duty french fry cutter is more durable, and they can be a little larger and heavier. However, since this system is designed to be portable, there is less size variance.

It’s important to assess your requirements as well as the size of your kitchen. A commercial cast iron cutter would take up more space and be more difficult to store. It’s reasonable to consider the cutter’s long-term viability. The smaller it is, the less often it will be used.

When it comes to a fixture in a big commercial kitchen, size isn’t always the most important factor. It should be remembered that larger sizes do not always imply higher quality.

Blade Quality:

You need to pay careful attention to the size and style of blades used with your French fry cutter. Multiple blades are included in the best French fry cutters, allowing you to cut a variety of fries. The blades on the majority of stainless steel french fry cutter one of the best cutters. These blades are usually corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

A sharp blade is necessary because it reduces the amount of effort required by your hand when pressing down on the machine. For the best results, choose a blade size of 14 to 12 inches. Some French fry cutters come with interchangeable blades, which is useful if you want to use your French fry cutter for different purposes.

Blade Sizes:

Some French fry cutters have interchangeable blade sizes, allowing you to cut a wide range of fries, from thin to deep. You can pick a sweet potato cutter for french fries with this fixed size if you are very particular about the size of the fries you enjoy. If you have a large family that loves various sizes of fries, however, it might be preferable to buy ones with interchangeable blade sizes.


Sweet potato fry cutters are known for their durability; as a result, they rely on purchasing rust-free cutters. Since it is commonly used in the kitchen, you might want to consider purchasing something that will provide you with good value for your money; our top recommendation is to purchase durable goods made of long-lasting materials.


Some, but not all, French fry cutters have safety features that are beneficial to have, particularly if you intend to use this device with small children. When searching for a new potato french fry cutter, look for features like safety guards.


Above all, it’s important that you keep yourself safe when working in the kitchen. When cutting up potatoes, your French fry cutter should be stable and durable. The more stable your cutter is, the smoother the cut will be – and the more likely you will use your French fry cutter often.

Some French fry cutters may be wall-mounted, countertop-mounted, or table-mounted. Some fry cutters are provided with suction-cup legs or bases that prevent the cutter from sliding while it’s in use.

Replacement Parts:

If you need replacement wing nuts, guide rods, bushings, or handle pieces, the large range of commercial french fry cutter parts will help you keep your machine up and running for longer while reducing downtime.

Ease of use:

Of course, the main aim of a method like this is to make it easier to cut French fries and other vegetables. The ease of use should be the primary consideration when looking for the ideal product. Under minimum strain, the cutter should be able to cut smoothly and efficiently.


Multi-purpose kitchen cutters can be used to cut a number of vegetables. It’s common in a kitchen to have food items that involve dicing or slicing from time to time. As a result, when making a purchase, think about how versatile the cutter is.


The blades and components of a good french fry cutter, whether manual or automatic, should be easily removable so that they can be cleaned. They should also be made of long-lasting plastic or stainless steel that won’t rust after being washed. Although some manual french fry cutter is dishwasher secure, handwashing is normally recommended to extend the life of the appliance.


How quick would it be to clean your French fry cutter, must be your concern isn’t it? You’ll want to look for items that are not only simple to disassemble but also simple to clean. Dishwasher-safe items French fry cutters are also available in the market, so all you have to do is disassemble the cutter and place the parts in the dishwasher.


This is your road map to the most effective tool. Some are so confident in their products that they give a money-back guarantee. Other tools, on the other hand, provide you with a warranty period that allows them to remake it for you if it becomes spoiled.

Available Price:

The cost of a French fry cutter may vary from $20 to $1,000 or more. Manual cutters are usually made of plastic or stainless steel, and their accuracy and effectiveness vary greatly. There are a number of automatic french fry cutter that will do the job for you if your budget is between $500 and $1,000.

FAQs for the Best French Fry Cutters in 2023

What Is the Best Way to Clean My French Fry Cutter?

Depending on what type of French fry cutter you have, you'll have to clean it differently. Some may be washed in the dishwasher, while others must be rinsed in cold water. Be sure to read to choice french fry cutter cleaning directions before using it.

Can I Use a French fry Cutter to Cut Other Vegetables?

Yes, most sweet potato french fry cutter can also be used to cut regular potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and a variety of other vegetables. It is beneficial to select a system that can be used for a variety of vegetables, as this makes it a useful tool to have in the kitchen.

When using a French fry cutter, how long should a potato be?

When using a French fry cutter, many factors must be considered, including the potato itself. If you're using a regular potato, you'll want to use a long and thin French fry cutter. This is because a thin potato would be much easier to cut and will more likely be better off as a result. It's not a bad thing to have a thicker pampered chef french fry cutter. Cutting your potatoes can simply take longer, which is something to remember.

Is it mandatorily dishwasher safe?

Cleaning the apparatus can seem difficult, but it is actually very easy. The screws on these cutters are normally easily unscrewable with a big Philips-head screwdriver. Any other screw should be less difficult to unscrew with your fingertips.

You shouldn't have any issues with this. Also, most automatic french fry cutter comes with instructions, so you can easily clean them by following the instructions. Using a washrag or dunk in a basin is also an option.

How to use a french fry cutter?

Video Transcript:

Welcome Amy learn to cook I’m Eric and on today’s show we’re going to do a french fry cutter challenge, on one hand, we have a super slicer from Bed Bath Beyond it’s about $14.99 and in the other corner we have a commercial rated french fry cutter from Gander Mountain and we’re going to put them to the test to see who can cut the ultimate french fry now please join us as we do our head-to-head French fry cutter challenge you so the first cutter that we have is a super slicer from Bed Bath Aeon it’s about fifteen or twenty dollars it’s obviously expensive.

It’s lightweight it comes with a couple of different blades you can change out depending upon what you’re going to cut with it you know and it just moves pretty easily it also has a suction cup at the bottom that allows you to get pressure to hold it in place on whatever cutting surface you’re using we also have from Gander Mountain II commercial-style french fry cutter which promises to just one move slice through a whole potato and not require a potato be cut up in multiple pieces like what we’ve heard rumors of this little guy so today’s show.

We’re going to do a head-to-head to see what’s better this little guy will he meet all your needs including easily thrown in the dishwasher or this guy which is big and clunky but he is quite powerful the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take the super slicer and just a little suction cup for him and this is going to be true with both cutters here is they don’t have a huge range of travel so you will have to cut your vegetable so it fits in there let’s go ahead cut in there and cut in half there and we’re going to go ahead and put him in like.

That push in a night he’ll swim pace so a little bit of effort not much he is cutting and so it looks like he can handle zucchini okay next test is we’re going to have them try a potato so first we’re going to take a short russet potato that Amy is already peeled and just let you know she peels these because free frequently they have brown spots that she doesn’t want to eat so peeling them helps us with that there’s obviously no requirement to peel potatoes here that’s just personal preference so I’m going to put in a short one and we put some medium pressure.

Or heavy pressure jamming it, okay so he came through with a lot of effort so it can be done but now the suction cup came undone so let’s redo him now let’s go ahead and see if he can do the bigger one right let’s be careful we’re almost through all right so it does work it just takes a little effort so at this point it’s almost looking like cutting with a knife or something would be a lot easier so next we got the Gander Mountain commercial one and we’ll see how it does on zucchinis and their press and comes out no effort right going, in reality, there’s no effort involved here again so I will say without a doubt four zucchinis this is easy enough right now.

On to potatoes since the little guy seemed to struggle so much on the potatoes we’re going to see how fast this guy can go through them right so it’s going to go through a little challenge here okay problems get stuck here it’s a little inspected okay let’s go ahead try there’s definitely resistance but it’s futile because this thing just powers through them short potatoes has no effort right just goes right through them and then that’s the question do you want to slam it.

Right, how far can I get a potato to fly okay where Kathy well I’d probably say this a cheapy one is okay to do lightweight things like zucchini obviously is not made for potatoes unless you want to partially cook them first, and that whole defeats the purpose the Gander Mountain one, on the other hand, is big bulky heavy it costs $80 the question is it works so do you need it well if you’re going to cook for a lot of people if you like to cook a lot of french fries by scratch and we’re not talking about buying frozen ones but we’re talking to make them.

Yourself I would say this is definitely a double thumbs up if you’re going camping and you want to press your to know friends and family it doesn’t take up that much space right I would bring it along but for any Saturday morning cooking breakfast and stuff this is definitely and that we’re keeping this one this little guy is going back to store if you liked this video go please leave a comment and subscribe below and visit us at ami learn to cook calmly we’re also on Pinterest and Twitter at ami learns to cook.

How does a french fry cutter work?

Video Transcript:

Oh with every dress is it again no hey what’s up folks I just wanted to talk about this french fry cutter we recently picked up or actually we pick it up some months ago but truth be told pudding picked it up to put it in a cabinet completely forgot about it so we happen to pull it out and say hey let’s make some french fries it was really easy to put together after you get to put together it was slicing front potatoes in no time cranking out french fries like almost thirty minutes later so long story short I would recommend definitely having a french fry cutter as part of your kitchen gadget.

Arsenal it’s easy to put together it’s easy to slice potatoes it’s fun to fly potatoes when you’re doing with the family when you’re making french fries and then I tell you what after French fries come out everyone is reaching for some fries and one more so it’s definitely an easy way to make a quick snack and again once you slice your french fries and you cook your french fries depending how you cook it on our side we use an air fryer you may cook your french fries differently but you’ll have them pretty quickly this french fry color also takes additional blades.

So it comes you can do with like skinny or fries thicker fries but you can also do potato wedges as well so I’m going to definitely pick up the potato wedge blades as well to make those so like I said definitely instead of getting a french fry cutter we haven’t get ours from Amazon again is called NuSTAR french fry cutter just search it up we happen to get the black one and again the next video you’re gonna see is my son and me just Alden boxing and putting it together he’s slicing the french fries actually it’s pretty much doing everything and then I’m just cooking him.

And then I’m just pretty much being greedy at the end eating up all the fries so again thanks for joining us hit the subscribe button the like button please come and if you happen to pick up your own french fry cutter you’re gonna try out the new star and our general here very bad look have this potato a better shot shows the basics of how her friend behind it any sure to have happened from trying it like this these screws in the do things you see work.

Of stuff like you know the first thing out take your first thing out yes yes directions but this must be the blades next to it guys build dogs only in Seng, okay that’s it that is these suction cups touching suction cup though they screw under I’m gonna record you do it now go this handle got some weight this is history, okay so this has to be like this family and the other one goes inside of that you see that great to yourself that laughter has to join the other side of me locate the handle well we’re not we don’t make me those bringing home names you know easy right pounds.

An engineer you figured it out now oh this one is right okay tomorrow okay minister so it goes down like all right so we’re going to need worth our potato oh these are different size plate so this is a different size from try and this one’s a different size here hold on let me say I got the shot oh I definitely got I’m kidding now I get it can’t we trash it again no I was like a look at these fries I’ll be out with how I eat chips that are just wrong yep whoa down Kyllo slice.

No not like you work at a restaurant whoa how many words are just that quick wait let me get wouldn’t work I don’t even pay attention I’ll just amazing good job now this is gonna go into the air fryer Hey okay here we go this is looking kind of crispy let’s take this guy over here yeah yeah ha that’s good mmm hot fries nice yeah all right let’s see how these will see those sweet fries got the thickness okay I got that thick mine good that is something let me get some of that okay what are you doing I feel look at that good that is nice, mmm you want that one too yep.


Cutting and consuming French fries is an enjoyable activity that will appeal to everyone in the family. Restaurant patrons really enjoy French fries, so getting the experience right is crucial. Investing in a good cutter would yield the best results and save you time in the long run.

Restaurants should aim for a potato french fry cutter that can last for years while making consistently excellent French fries. In the market, there is a wide range of French fry cutters available where you can find the same that matches your preferences keeping in mind the features you want to settle with.

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