Best Floating Pool Lights Buying Guide for 2021

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Are you planning a romantic dinner with your loved one at your home’s backyard beside the pool?

Or, is there a pool party at your lodging?

There are never fewer thoughts that come to your mind when you desire to purchase a product. Just like in the floating pool light, you might be wondering what all things might happen at your home, after which you have to buy a floating pool light.

Latest Shortlist of the Best Floating Pool Lights in 2021

Take a look at the table below to get a glimpse of the Floating Pool Light you need.

However, you don’t have to think much. What you need to do is to find the best floating pool lights, which will make your swimming pool a delightful place for night swimming. Then, you don’t have to spend thousands at expensive hotels or lounges with pools.

But, before purchasing the floating pool light, we would like you to have an in-depth look at the product’s features. After all, these features will let you buy the best floating pool light at a budget-friendly price.

So, what are you wondering about? C’mon! Let’s go through the post together.

Buying Guide for the Best Floating Pool Lights in 2021

At times, it may become problematic to purchase a floating pool light without enough knowledge about it. Although we have an option to consult our friends or relatives, we cannot trust them always. After all, every person doesn’t have waterproof led lights for pools at home.

So, without thinking much, we always go for some buying guide which informs us more about it. Hence, this buying guide will help you in gaining perfect knowledge about the lights which you could have missed in real.

So, have a look at it.

The location of your pool

What matters the first is your pool’s location! Different types of lights work for different areas of the swimming pool. If your pool is indoor, then you can buy a regular floating light.

However, if your pool is in the garden or backyard, then solar lights will work the best for you. But you should be sure about the availability of sun in your area for solar lights.

Solar lights are available in different kinds. They are easily purchased as underwater lights as well as inflatable orbs.

The exact size of your pool

So, going through the location isn’t difficult as compared to determining the size of the pool. This is because the type of floating lights differs with the pool size.

If your pool is significant, then you can consider the solar lights or orbs, but if the pool is small, the flower lights can work the best.

Determine the condition for which you require the lights

There can be varied reasons after which the light is being desired to be purchased. It can be for a romantic dinner or a house party. So, the design of floating lights matters at that time.

If you have a date with your loved one at your home, you will go for the soft floating lights such as flower lights, which will make the moment more romantic.

On the other hand, if you have a house party, it would be recommended to go for the lights which can’t be damaged easily. Well, we recommended you because if you purchase floating light balls and use them like a volleyball, then you can never imagine it light up again.

The number of swimmers that will be there in the pool

A party is just incomplete without unexpected swimming. So, you would never want your pool to look dull while your whole house is glowing with the lights.

Hence, you would always wish your pool to be lighted up to enjoy swimming. In fact, the lights to be used in the pool highly depend on the swimmers willing to dive into the pool. But it is difficult to determine so.

However, if the estimated number is of swimmers in your gang is more. It is perfect to go for the lightings of different shapes and designs. It will offer an elegant look to your pool.

Well, it isn’t always that you would require some led light for swimming pool for the outsiders. Sometimes you would wish for a product to be for your own use only. So, at that moment, you can opt for the option of orbs.

The sturdiness of the lights

Will you ever wish to purchase the floating pool lights which aren’t durable enough? Obviously NO! After all, no one wants to waste their money selflessly on pool floating lights that won’t work for years.

But you should remember that the manufacturers don’t disclose the durability in bold letters. So, you have to deeply look into the package to determine its sturdiness. Still, if you can’t find any information regarding it, you can have a look at Google or Amazon for the desired model.

Easy to Use

Floating lights should be easy to be used. How difficult it would be to turn on or turn off the lights regularly! So, we advise our viewers to go for the floating lanterns, which are controlled over the remote. After all, if the light sets are enormous, every light can be turned on in a single moment.

While you can get the lights, which are to be turned individually, but it becomes difficult to use them. However, you can also go for the floating lanterns, which floating lights for pool up as soon as they come in contact with the water.

So, the option is yours. Go for the one which is suitable for your use.

Safe to use

Earlier, you might have heard about the pool lights blowing while they were in the water. But the technologies have advanced themselves, and such mishappening has reduced to 100 percent.

They are now available with high safety measures to be used in the water for an unlimited number of hours. So, there is nothing to worry about them.

Types of Floating Lights Available

While wandering around, your eyes might get stuck in the different types of floating pool lights. However, you might have thought that the design’s only different. But it is not so! In the market, there are the top two types of floating pool lights available. They are –

  • LED Lights
  • Fiber Optic Lights

Both of these types are the best as they have unique features. But you should always go for one kind which will reduce the risk of any uncertainty. So, think deeply before you head towards one!

The brightness of the Bulb

A floating pool light isn’t worthy if it doesn’t have excellent brightness. Brightness is all one desires in these lights to enhance the appearance of the pool.

Well, if you are willing to increase the complete visibility of the swimming pool at night, then the LED lights will work the best. You can choose the color, after which you would desire your pool water to look.

However, if you want your pool to have a romantic look, then go for the glowing orbs than the best solar lights for pool area. Since their brightness is quite dim, they will work the best to make a perfect night.


You might have seen your friend’s pool lightened with floating pool lights. This might have made you think that it would have cost a lumpsum amount. But it is not so.

You don’t have to spend your whole coinage on these little things. So, purchasing the best floating pool lights can easily fit your budget.

FAQs on Best Floating Pool Lights in 2021

Will the pool be covered with bugs all around after the lights?

Well, the lights indeed attract flying bugs or insects, and so do the pool lights. So, it is advisable to use the lights only when you require it. As soon as your work is done, don’t wait much and switch the led light for swimming pool off. This will reduce the bugs that would fly towards the pool and interrupt your night in between.

For how long can the floating pool lights last?

There is no such fixed time to assure the longevity of floating lights. However, it entirely depends upon you. If you are using big lights daily for 24 hours and even in bad weather, then your lights won't last much.

Otherwise, if you are making use of the small floating pool flower lights or orbs, then it is expected that they would be worn out within the duration time provided by the manufacturer. Well, we would advise you to go for a well-known brand which would last for years with zero cost on services.

Do I need to invest huge time to fix the lights?

No, floating lights don't require huge time to get fixed. All you need to do is to let the lights hover in the pool and get lighted up automatically. However, you can go for the remote lights too.

You just need to make the lights float on the swimming pool and can light it up in the evening or whenever your party would start.

You can, in fact, do this work all by yourself.

Can the pool light designed underwater be changed?

Yes! The pool light placed underwater can be changed easily. However, you might require some expert help to reduce any chances of the flowing of the current and break the pool floating lights.

But we would prefer you to go for the lights which continuously change their shine, i.e., you can enjoy blue, pink, yellow and many more shine in just a single piece.

How to determine the volts of the pool light?

It is quite easy to determine the volts of the pool light. All you have to do is to look at the package's back and check if it is 12v or 120v.

Well, you might think about a considerable volt difference in them. But there is nothing to worry about. Usually, this volt differs in comparison to their brightness and power held by it.

How to Fix A Pool Light Easily?

Video Transcript:

To the Roger beat craft Channel today we are looking at our pool light which was not working it was installed in a tan of 2004 so it’s pretty old 75 foot length which they only make pretty much 50 hundred plus lengths now don’t really sell 75 foot lengths and you can see the rating here is a 400 watt bulb and so this has been in here now for 16 years and looks like some moisture got in here this cable is little dehumidifier thing here is broken and it’s just kind of being held right there but you can see in here look at the corrosion down in there now the outer edge you see here there’s a type of corrosion in here yeah once that happens and it gets really corroded in there that’s a good picture right there I kind of scratched on that plate in the middle to see if that could get something to work but it just was not working at different bulbs in there to try it out and no go so we cut it out and I’ll move to the store and bought a new pen tear 400 watt so if this is on for two and a half hours a night here in the summer it’s 12.7 cents per Kilowatt-hour.

So if we leave this on for two hours it’s will unit cost twelve point seven cents for two and a half hours so I figured you know what I was really wanting to get an LED bulb but you know they’re quite a bit more the colored ones they were about that was $300 with tax the leds have about five hundred and some so there’s the pool light down there we already took it out and put it back we found out my pool light is bad because I kept tripping the breaker so I was under the water trying to pull it out and it wasn’t coming out so I had an idea hey why not do get some leverage in here so I called the guy at the pool company and asked them how do you this out he’s like you pull on it I’m like what if you really can’t get it out he’s like well you sometimes we get two people in there so I’m like why not use some leverage so it is we wrap the wire around and now that we have some.

Leverage as a puppy just pulls right out of first it was really really tough it would not come out and then I just put throughput some pushed a little bit harder next thing I know it came right out so what we’re doing is we’re feeding us I’ll show you in a minute we’re speeding a rope through so once we come out the other side we’ll connect a rope pull it back the other way and it worked out really well but look at this wire just coming right out real easy and I’m just twisting it as I go like so and hopefully it’ll come all the way out if it doesn’t we have a metal fishing line we can stick through there and pull the wires through that way.

Hey, look at that here’s our string blue look how cool this was I put a little bit of some metal on here because I had some for support just in case.

So next step we just need to hook up the new wire to this one and then pull it through the other way so here we got the wires I put a little bit of card cleaner you just rubbing alcohol or anything to get all the moisture off of this now it’s really really dry it off really good we’re going to wrap it this way with tape and then this way and the reason why we do that is that we want it to stick really really really really good.

Because we’re gonna be pulling this wire and we do not want it to come off if it does then we have to fish our metal fishing line through to pull it through to avoid an unnecessary step and get it done my wife is in the pool as you can see I’m using one hand but she’s kind of pushing a little bit and I’m pulling this I want to pull too hard and get that have that come off because then I’ll have to use other alternatives so it’s working pretty good my sub-panel is located by all the pool equipment I’d the sub-panel we have all the different switches you can see the light one is on and the pool that says pool here they had them backward so when we turn it on over there look at this see the little light down there in the pool it’s working so we fixed it actually has power to us I’ll be really careful here not to touch anything but as you can see here inside.

Here are the two wires this is the new one I put in cut a little extra length it goes down and there and this other one you can see that’s open right there that one is actually for the spa.

However, the switches so go ahead and turn the pool off so the switches this one was labeled pool this one labeled spa they were actually backward so when I was flipping the breaker flipping the switch on and it was cutting off it was the other one that kept tripping the switch so when I first was investigating this one was they have a pool which went into that.

That one right there you can see the open wire I don’t have the wire lock on there yet as I do on this one you can see that wire lock if yours doesn’t have a wire lock by the way which is a lock that locks on the wire you’re gonna want to have one of those because you’re not supposed to have just an open wire like this because it through it actually can be pulled back in so I thought this one was the one that went to the pool so what I did is I took some I guess I’ll pull it out of garbage so you can see what it is just armor I have some real old armor all which is kind of a when you put it in water it’s kind of cloudy which is pretty awesome.

So what idea is I stuck my air.

Compressor tip into the spot there and I spray-tan able I poured some armor all in there and was pushing air through the line and as I was doing that my wife’s like oh look at the jacuzzi over here which is just right here so what um air bubbles and the armor all white stuff was coming out of that switch and I’m like shoot it looks like that what was labeled pool was actually to the spa and they were backward so that’s one way to verify which is the correct one so then we knew that this one was true.

Not the pool that that one was the spa so by doing that that Liberty to half our problems so what I then did is poured some armor all in this one and had to run the compressor for quite a while about thirty seconds or more just kept pressing air pressing air and then finally air bubbles were coming out at the pool light which you already saw the pool light is now off as you can see blue floaty.

Anyways air bubbles were coming out so that’s how we knew we actually had the right one kind of a cool technique I just kind of thought of that as I went to sleep last night and I’m being an engineer that’s what I think of is how to solve problems woke up this morning inspired to spray air in the line and then the arm relax is a type of loop plus kind of like a little die that made white come out as well so then I have it the other video where we’re pulling on the line we’re able to pull the line through and then once we did that then we had the string and then I came on this site you saw and pulled the string which then pulled the wire so now it’s all set except for the Jacuzzi light is not hooked up right now because we are I’m gonna investigate that later in the week so pool light works great jacuzzis not hooked up we’ll have to deal with that another time so.

Put a couple of the screws on good so here’s a little close-up of this pin tear 100 foot 280 bucks got it Jasper’s pool supply they’re really helpful – 400-watt bulb hopefully you learned.

Something remembers to hit the like and subscribe button and put your comment down below if you learned something I’ve never put in a pool light but I pulled wire before and then a lot of electrical stuff so this was pretty easy and I had a couple of little tips there make it a little bit easier for you so if you decide to take on this project hopefully this will help and you can learn from my mistakes and make it a real easy job so thanks for tuning in have an awesome fantastic wonderful swim season.

Are the floating pool lights likely to electrocute someone?

You might have heard about such instances earlier, but now there is nothing like this. The floating pool flower lights come with additional safety measures that protect the swimmer from currents or any other kind of worse mishappening.

How to Installing an LED Pool Light?

Video Transcript:

What’s going on everybody meeting up with Kane owner of premiere pool Carrigan met up with him a few videos ago talking about the day and the life of a pool guy.

It was pretty fun and now today we’re doing something totally different going to be installing a pool LED light so check it out.

So today Kay and I are going to be installing this quick bright LED light this is the newest light from a na manufacturing this is a retro light so it can fit into a large or small standard niche comes in different cord lengths this one happens to be 50 feet different trim rings the trim ring is what you see on the outside of the pool here stainless steel white or gray we’re in do brake there’s a pebble finish here at the pool and then lastly the color of the light.

The fancy pack is the best right here’s what I brought we’re getting more than that.

So Kane just finished bouncing the transformer here and again the reason we have the transformer is to get the voltage from 120 back down to 12 like this guy requires we want to drop that down low all LED lights do use low voltage some lights have a transformer built into them that’s why you can run high voltage to them but we prefer to have low voltage going into the water instead of high voltage all right with the transformer installed here now we are going to not a long run here we’re gonna pull the wire for the new LED light through the old part there old conduit canes got to be freezing that water’s like 40 degrees or something we played paper-rock-scissors off-camera you guys didn’t see that he lost so all right we’re trying to time this so that right as it gets dark we’re done here so it’s a nice thing about this light as that quick disconnect so if you ever need to change the bulb you would just pull this to the surface remove it and buy a new a new light here so this plugs in it’s got a over ring there for water protection we have just enough cord to get to the surface here we’re gonna plug it in so once we pulled this cord now we never have to pull the cord again on this swimming pool so we are going from 400 watts down to about 12 I believe so fraction of the energy usage here and this blue is gonna look really really nice in a swimming pool.

So I talked about this last time but just how hard-working pool guys are here it is Friday week before Christmas it is 6:40 almost seven o’clock canes over there on the phone helping people out get this light turned on excited to see it.

Alright, we got that light installed looking good out here boom nice blue LED light losing the fraction using a fraction of the power and looking good easy change bulb adjustable screen and looks awesome – pretty badass.

Is purchasing floating pool lights worthy?

Your lifestyle defines everything. In fact, having a pool at home isn’t a small thing for every individual. This clearly shows that usually rich class people have such extraordinary things at their lodging.

So, won’t it be amazing to light up your pool with lights and let the guests have a look at it? Obviously, you would always wish this to happen. So, purchasing a floating pool light is a worthy option to go for. After all, you aren’t spending your entire fortune in buying it.

How should I maintain the floating pool lights?

It is easy to maintain the floating pool lights. All you need to do is to wipe the lights when their work is over and keep them in a casual and dry place. But make sure that the area is clean enough.

While, if you are thinking about the maintenance of batteries, then try to have a look at the guide manual. Every floating light has a different charging type and capacity. But, Yes! You have to avoid overcharging them. This can destroy the led light for swimming pool battery at any moment.

Final Thoughts

Don’t think much about your place and get yourself a floating pool light. It is quite safe and exciting to use them. After all, your home won’t look dull like earlier. You will have a glowing garden with a pool offering immense pleasure while swimming.

Further, you can head up to your purchase with the help of the buying guide. It will let you consider every such feature in the decided waterproof led lights for pools. However, it doesn’t mean that it is necessary to have all these features in a single pool light. All it should have is the essential things which make it worth the money you will be paying.

Lastly, we would wish your shopping to be super amazing with our post. We hope that we had provided you with the knowledge fit enough for you to get the best floating pool lights for your super cool pool.

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