Best Fat Separators for Making Gravy in 2023

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Do you love those flavorful gravies?

Be it a cold winter dinner night or a warm afternoon lunch, stock, gravies, sauces, or bone broth feels like bliss, right?

Does the smell of the savory Classic Turkey gravy dance all-around your house every Sunday?

Then you must be aware that if you want to make these gravies, sauces, stocks, and bone broth absolutely delicious then you need to put extra oil in it if we are not wrong?

But a kind reminder from us yes no doubt adding a little extra oil makes them super tasty but do those extra fats add any benefits to your health apart from enhancing the taste?

Well, certainly not. Then are you risking your family’s health as well as of yourself for the sake of taste?

Now reading this are you thinking of not extra adding oil to your gravies or are you thinking of removing the extra oil that sums up at the end with the help of a fat skimming spoon?

Thinking about the time and effort it will consume, itself is so tiring. Assuredly you don’t have to lessen the amount of oil you add generally neither do you have to use a skimming spoon because fat separators come to the rescue.

Buying Guide For The Best Fat Separators in 2023

In the long run, where most of us want to maintain a healthy lifestyle avoiding fats seems a mandatory thing. Imagine yourself skimming the oil floating over the gravy you have prepared giving so much time and effort with the help of a skimming spoon and letting your near and dear ones wait for you is a big no.

Now certainly you don’t have to do the tiresome task nor do you have to compromise with the taste as we fat separators at hand. With a long pouring spout, the fat separator for gravy resembles a pitcher or watering can. The best versions have a strainer-like lid with holes.

When you spill broth or other liquids over the lid, it traps all of the big vegetables and other particles you’re trying to strain out. The liquid enters the fat separator through the gaps. Within a few minutes, the fat rises to the surface of the liquid, and the fat separator is designed so that the fat is higher than the pouring spout, which emerges from the bottom of the bottle.

The de-fatted liquid, but not the fat, comes out when you tilt the fat separator to pour. Amazing, right? Now you must be convinced how important it is to have a gravy fat separator in your kitchen. If you don’t own one then you should surely buy it.

This article will provide all the features that you need to give your prior attention to while buying a fat separator.

Features for the Buying Guide For The Best Fat Separators in 2023

Types of Fat Separators:

  • Bottom-drainers Style:

This type releases sauce through a hole in the bottom of the bottle, keeping the fat at the top and out of your gravy or sauce; all you have to do is keep an eye on the amounts while you release the drippings. In general, bottom-drainers are easier to clean.

  • Pitcher Style:

As it pours the strained sauce through its spout, a pitcher-style fat separator most closely resembles a measuring cup. The best pitcher homemade fat separator has a spout stopper that does a better job of separating the fat than pitchers without one.

but pitchers may need a little more finesse to keep the fat fully out and may need cleaning with a bottle brush due to the narrow spout.


The most critical factors to remember when purchasing fat separator for soup are the contents. The majority of them would have a clear basin with measurement numbers etched into it. This allows you to keep your production to a minimum and cook meals on a meal-by-meal basis. Usually, the basin is made of solid plastic or glass.

The hard-plastic models would be a little less expensive, but the gap between them and the glass models isn’t significant enough to justify choosing hard-plastic over the glass. The fat separation process can be carried out perfectly in the glass models.

Glass preserves heat more effectively than hard plastic. Since heat retention is critical for the fat to rise and detach from the gravy, glass is the obvious option. A rubberized or plastic handle may be used on some models. The rubberized versions are used to minimize heat transfer to the handle, which is essential for handling capabilities.

While plastic attracts heat more quickly, a protective handling measure such as an oven pad should always be used during the cooking process. As a result, the gravy strainer and fat separator handle become a matter of personal preference.

Neither handle has a direct impact on the manufacturing process, nor does it help with fat separation. The spout is the last and most obvious piece of the make-up puzzle. Most spouts curve upward and outward from the basin, similar to a plant watering can.

The spout’s length is important since it must stretch higher than the basin. This extension eliminates the risk of overflowing and causing a mess. The spout is also essential for heat retention.

The strainer:

A strainer that sits on top of the jug should come with your gravy fat separator. When using a fat separator, the size of your filter will decide your experience. Strainers decide how much gravy or sauce you can accommodate at a time, as well as the amount of time it takes to prepare it.

Small filters result in increased consumption and fat separation in smaller amounts. You’ll only be able to pour a small amount of liquid through the strainer at a time if it’s too small. It’s also crucial that the strainer holes are small enough to trap all of the unwanted particles.

In our recommendation, the best filter is any unit that holds onto all the big food particles that may cause clogging if not done so.

The handle:

To the chance of injuries, you must be able to get a good grip on your gravy strainer and fat separator handle. You run the risk of pouring hot oil on yourself if the handle is sticky with oil. It’s a good idea to look for a model that has a non-slip handle.

The handle should be big enough for you to comfortably carry it. You need to keep in mind that when the jug is full of liquid, it can be very strong. As a result, the whole hand should be able to fit around the handle without touching the jug.

Heat Resistance:

First and foremost, you must ensure that the model you choose is heat resistant. When hot liquids are poured into your new fat separator, the last thing you want is for it to crack or buckle. Heat should not be transferred to the handle, as this would make holding it difficult, if not impossible.

The Stopper:

If you’re purchasing an oxo fat separator with a spout, make sure it includes a stopper. This will prevent the liquid from dripping back into the fat after it has been separated. One of these stoppers comes standard on all good ones.


Check the capacity of the fat separator to make sure it can accommodate at least 4 cups of liquid. Smaller ones are not recommended because they can negate the intent of purchasing a fat separator, and it may take several rounds to separate the fat.

Jar Design:

The design of your jar is as important as the size of your jar. You should give particular attention to measurement boundaries and a sizable for easy pouring of all liquids. Not only this having an aesthetic jar design can add a little classic look to your kitchen making it a bit vintage.

Dishwasher safe:

Let’s say you prefer to use the dishwasher and don’t want to clean the fat separator yourself. You must determine whether or not the product can be washed in a dishwasher.

Fortunately, most of the DIY fat separator that is available can be put on the dishwasher’s top rack. However, if you choose to scrub thoroughly by hand, everything appears to be easier.


You should also think about how simple it is to clean the fat separator. To get a sense of what to look for, look for models that can be washed in the dishwasher. They are unquestionably more user-friendly, and you can find them far easier to manage.


You will also see if the oxo fat separator comes with some extra accessories. Along with the fat separator, some brands can include a cleaning brush or an oil brush. This will undoubtedly assist you in the kitchen, so keep an eye out for the available add-on accessories.


You should give particular attention to the warranty. You don’t want a fat separator whose strainer or the jar gets desecrated after just a little use. You must make sure that the company provides you a warranty.

There are products available which give warranty for 2 – 3 years and some even claim complete replacement within the warranty period. So while making a choice make sure to choose wisely.

Available Price:

While considering the price of a fat separator, you should take note of your budget. Fta glass fat separator is not costly enough for you to buy, so they shall generally fall within your budget.

But we advise you to check the other features like are dishwasher safe, the capacity of the jar, etc rather than jumping onto the price factor.

High-quality fat separators shall offer all good features and a good warranty period be offered with it and this shall hence cost a little more. While the cheap ones would compromise with the quality and thus there are chances you may end up with bad a quality amazon fat separator.

And this something that neither you nor we want. You can also consider a mid-range price considering your budget as an option.

FAQs Buying Guide For The Best Fat Separators in 2023

What do you mean by a fat separator?

A fat separator cup is a special measuring tool for defatting sauces and gravies. They're also known as soup strainers or gravy strainers.

It removes the fat from the broth, leaving you with a tasty lean broth that's packed with health benefits. The fat can then be saved and used for other purposes.

Is it necessary to have a fat separator?

Well, the question to this answer depends on you. A fat separator allows you to separate the extra oil added to any gravy, broth, sauces, etc in a very simple yet effective way without yourself doing much of the work.

If you want to maintain enjoy delicious dishes like gravies without much worrying about the calories it contains then a fat separator for gravy is a good option.

How do you use the fat separator to separate fat?

As we have previously said, using the fat separator is extremely easy. To begin, pour sauces, broths, soups, and other liquids through the strainer. Then you'll note that meat, onions, bits, and other items have been captured.

Wait a few minutes for the fat to rise to the top of the liquid, higher than the spout. To the final move, depending on the type of amazon fat separator you have. You just pour the liquid through the strainer if you're using a spot-style pitcher.

The gravy will then be released from the bottom of the separator, while the oil and fat will remain on the surface, and you will obtain the liquid that has been separated from the fat. If you're using a bottom-drain gadget, all you have to do is pull a lever to drain the liquid through a hole in the bottom.

How to use a fat separator for soup?

Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome I’m going to do a demonstration today the dark put our vidcon kitchen gravy and fat separator just to show demonstrate how it works this is a bottom relief gravy separator and so you’ll be pouring the broth into the top and then when we’re ready we’ll be replaced pressing this tab and the broth with Bakrid Brock will come out the bottom into our paint container first you want to take the strainer top off this will strain out my dog like celery leaves and carry in here to flavor the bra this will separate that out for me as it goes into the container.

I want to make sure that the little red plug is in the bottom that it’s in the hole in the bottom so that nothing comes off the bottom until I’m ready for it so I’m going to put this top back on and then I’m going to take the fur off that I put me and I’m going to ladle it in go and do it but here I’m just doing the demonstration so so it’s catching out all of those the celery and carrots small pieces with me who’s left in here pretty big job training it out if you needed even extra strength of this you can put a strain on a fine mesh strainer of painter and strain it but more armature that you’re letting it go into the container so I’m waiting for a few minutes for the fat.

To rise to the top some people like to put their gravy separator in the refrigerator and really let that fat get to the top before they separate it but I’m not going to wait that long I’ll just give it a few minutes this will work obviously with Turkey and your turkey broth for Thanksgiving or Christmas or and of special occasions that you have we’re going to make turkey gravy just so wonderful this works with roast you can pour out whatever is left in the bottom of the roast add in a little more broth cooking heat it separate it out and very flavorful broth I use this with chicken to make chicken broth I used these frogs for soups gravies for sauces.

For any things that I would buy boxed or can’t at the store so I’m gonna check here and it looks like it’s I can see the layer of fat on the top so this point I’m going to get my clean container and I’d like to use this one in a packed port clear glass Ball jars people look good in the refrigerator and so when I’m ready to straighten out my bra I just make sure it’s over mine in a clean container can I push the red cap it’s right over here and when I push the red tab it lifts up the little plug in the bottom and the bra comes out the bottom and keep an eye on the fact at the top.

And it goes pretty quickly you want to be careful if it if you get too much in there well then just strain it again and you can do it again you feel like you can you didn’t do it all out so here I’ve got the fat left in here and there are several things like to do with it I can’t discard it I can use it to make gravy put the flour in with it and brown it and then add the broth in it so there are different things you can do with it but at this point, I’m doing and what I’ll do then with this is I’ll put the lid on it it’ll be good in the refrigerator for about a week and I can use it for my cooking and place off the canned frog that I would get at the store so we’re a good home kitchen we’re a kitchen supply.

Store on Amazon I’m the owner and my name are Amanda if you have any questions just email us and we do Amazon and we will be right with you if you have any problems with your separator you can let us know there’s a 100% guarantee lifetime please do put it on the top of the dishwasher though and that will extend the life of your gravy separator but thanks for watching and good luck.

How do you make a fat separator?

Video Transcript:

I said we go edition with David every Sunday and Wednesday on our show there’s an item that I choose and I think is a must-have in your kitchen and this is from one of my favorite brand’s aux oh is that wonderful brand that is synonymous with helping us out in the kitchen and you heard I’m not talking about the wonderful make-ahead turkey and gravy but you know what when you make homemade gravy you need to be able to separate the fat from that gravy and you also need a way to baste your turkey when you’re ready for the holidays well OXXO has put together a wonderful what I like to call a twofer well, in this case, may be a three-for,

Because there are three components to this and all come together in this wonderful combination of a four-cup fat separator and then the angled turkey baster nee that has a little cleaning brush that’s the third piece and Kate Luba neck is back with us great to see you have you here so excited to have a garden in our kitchens well this is what’s so exciting I’m just talking about making that make-ahead roast turkey and gravy this is your chance to have all the tools you need to get really great results well Thanksgiving is coming up now we transitioned very quickly from summer and now we’re thinking about Thanksgiving and no pressure but it is the most important meal of the year.

At least in my family everybody will remember if your turkey is dry was exactly and we don’t want that to happen so we’ve got the turkey baster and the turkey baster is a unique design which we’ll explain because it’s gonna keep it from making a mess on your countertop there’s a unique cleaning brush that’s included with all of this and then, of course, you get the fat separator indeed it also has a little strainer on the top so now you’re able to catch solids in the top you know a few vegetables maybe whole garlic cloves, etc and then it will separate in here and then there’s a unique to uniquely designed spout that’ll allow you to separate it just pour that’s correct our engineer’s call it physics I call it magic because I’m in but can I show you how it works everybody’s let’s do it so this is the fat separator and what this plug does there’s a silicone plugin here when this plug.

Goes into the spout it actually changes the air pressure in the spout so you pour your gravy in and I’ve got some balsamic and some oil so that we can kind of show you how this actually works once you pour these in together because the change of air pressure in the spout here you actually don’t have the liquid that goes up into the spout now typically what would happen is your gravy would separate and then you’d have about an inch of fat that you’d have to pour off before you can actually start to make your gravy that’s exactly to get that out of the way.

What this does is it stops all that liquid from entering the spout so you actually wait for it to settle and you can see it sort of settled now we’ve got the fat on top and the good gravy on the bottom you just take this plug out and now you can start pouring you have no fat that you have to get rid of you don’t have to pour it down your kitchen sink or use up an extra pan.

To get rid of that fat to start exactly right now let’s talk a little bit about the turkey baster because the baster is designed to never make a mess on your countertop because it’s got a little kickstand in typical xoxo fashion we love to watch how people use things in the kitchen and then we try to solve for some of the problems that we see and one of the problems with a baster is you have nowhere to put it when you’re done you have to find that spoon rest so what we’ve done is we put a little foot on it almost like a little kickstand here and so what that.

Does is it has the baster so it sits up and the pointed tip goes away from the surface of your countertop so you’re not making a greasy mess everywhere exactly I’m sorry I was just gonna say the other neat thing about this is that when you have that angle it allows you to get into your pot instead of going straight up and down with a typical flat pot you can go in at an angle and it allows you to suck up that liquid without being straight up and down which keeps your hand a little bit further out of the oven which is you can base your turkey but the other.

The great thing about that angled feature is it allows you to get around the back of it and you’re not squirting the back of your oven you’re able to baste more efficiently and trust me you squirt fat down the back of a hot oven and it hits the heating element down below the last thing you want to know you’re doing outside because the fire alarm is going to fire alarms deployed now I will tell you already over 500 of these are gone we’re very busy.

On our phone lines you’re getting all of this for $19.98 the other thing that we love about OXXO is that they deliver everything to us at a price we can feel very comfortable with now you saw right here what happened is she was able to pour all of her pan drippings down into the separator the strainer up top caught all the solids then the gravy and the fat went down inside now take a look here when you’re basting that holiday turkey so very important to do this routinely throughout that basting process when I’ve roasted turkeys before I’ve actually left cheesecloth.

On top of my turkey and I baste right through the cheesecloth but you have to keep they steam because if you don’t you have to continue it will adhere to the skin when you got to pull it off it’ll pull all the skin off your turkey so you want to be very careful then to keep that super moist and of course you want all those great pan drippings to make the most amazing gravy ever right exactly if you get that nice crisp exterior and that delicious gravy on the inside well let me go ahead.

And we’re pouring into this one sure is this the one we’re looking at, yeah I think so see what we’re doing is we’re catching all those bits and pieces that you don’t actually want in your gravy we’re keeping that out of the gravy so that when you do go in for it directly in see take a lookup here because the strainer up top caught all my pearlized onions they caught the garlic cloves the vegetables what have you and then look inside the spout as its separating you don’t have any of that liquid going into the spout so as it separates you can see back here.

We’ve got one that’s already fully separated and you see that there’s nothing in the spout so you can just pull this top out and the good gravy automatic all that good gravy right into this you notice another thing you’ll notice is we designed this lip on the top so you can pour every little bit of all that good juice out and it’s not going to accidentally come over the top and pour fat right into the gravy that you’ve been trying to separate oh this is perfect and isn’t homemade gravy fantastic it’s so yummy it is the best on top of a nice juicy turkey let me tell all my goodness.

I can hardly wait for Turkey this year I love Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year so this is fantastic you got the fat separator you’ve got the cleaning brush and you had two uniquely angled baster with the kickstand now what’s nice about this brush is it allows you to get in here and clean out the tip which is great this actually comes off on the end there yeah this actually unscrews because that angled surface can be a little tricky to clean so it completely comes apart into three pieces you’ve got your tip you’ve got your baster and then you’ve got this nice soft silicone bit on the outside here mm-hmm come in from that side you can come in from this side.

You can clean all the way down use this brush to just clean the little tip here and you know what another nice feature is you can also use this brush to get right into the spout because that can be a part that can be fairly nice you can’t get in there to dry completely I can tell you we’re very busy on our phone lines and everybody’s grabbing this 4500 are gone Oh Kyle and another 1,000 on the phone lines let me also tell you about this set xoxo.

Only pairs these items together for us is that right that’s correct and this is a brand new product I don’t think you’re gonna be able to find this anywhere on the market right now we have it set paired with QVC we’ve got the angled baster the cleaning brush and the fat separator together and this is the only place you’ll find them together yeah the only place you’ll find it as a set is right here in fact if you find them as separate pieces at retail you’re lucky right now because they’re very limited and you know what happens is people forget that they don’t have all the tools that they need for Thanksgiving so you don’t want to wake up on Thanksgiving morning having done.

All the prep work and find you don’t have a baster or it’s broken race to the grocery store the only place open on Thanksgiving morning cause some of them stay up until like noon and just help out last-minute shoppers find a baster there are you kidding because if they have even five in the store they’re gonna go when the store opens that morning cause someone’s gonna realize it the night before right so this is K for one three four – we’re very very busy on our phone lines and a lot of folks are getting more than one sent here because they make great gifts for the funny these are really essential pieces I was thinking about you know the first Thanksgiving that I ever cooked it was my first Thanksgiving I was super excited I didn’t have any of the tools that I needed cuz.

I didn’t actually know what I needed so this is a great thing if you have somebody that’s baking their first Thanksgiving or you’re going to someone’s house what a wonderful gift these have a lifetime of satisfaction exactly take a look right here this is the gravy that I or the juices that I poured off earlier so I’ll lift this top portion off that’s got all the solids inside that’s the vegetables and whatnot that I wanted to strain out now look here as I take this stopper out watch what happens the spout fills up not with the fat it fills up with the juice mm-hmm just the good gravy that you wanted to serve up to your family here we go and see that that top lip is allowing.

You to pour all that gravy out the bottom and the fat will never come out the top because we’ve got that nice curved angle out there when you get down to just the fat and you even have a thumb rest for comfortable pouring a nice soft handle with a thumb rest here so it’s very comfortable to do your pouring and look at this we did this earlier with the balsamic and the olive oil just so you could see it separate yeah this is what’s amazing about this because it separates completely because remember the gravy juices are heavier than the oil so they’re going to separate and when they do send we took the stopper outlook what’s coming up just the gravy not the fat and you can eyeball that and stop just when it gets finally down to just only fat we also have measurement markings on there.

So if you’re following a recipe if you’re one of the people who like to follow a recipe for your grave you have all the measurement markings so you know exactly how much juice you have in there and it’s completely dishwasher safe well this is a phenomenal offer from our good friends at Ox oh I had a great opportunity earlier this year to travel to New York go to your showroom yes and help pick out some new goodies these are ones that we looked at I did fall in love with them that day and I’m not the only one here’s an update for you we started the show with 10,000 sets.

S uh-huh I have fewer than 3,500 remaining and I have 3,000 people on the phone lines I think you and I teamed up for a pretty good item I think there are about 10,000 people are gonna have a great Thanksgiving well they’re gonna have a more moist turkey and better gravy that’s fat-less fat in that Grady exactly just enough to make it flavorful but not so much to make it unpleasant there you go I need you to be very patient on the phone lines in fact that’s gonna be my mantra going forward for the next hour on QVC because just as we wrap up with this we’ve got another great item coming up with Mark Charles and then, of course, the one and only Barefoot Contessa is an art.


The fat separator is simple to use, and if you want to buy one, you will be making your life easier and heal for yourself as well as your family. The fat separator for gravy will last for years without causing any problems if you choose a costly one, so it is well worth the investment.

You should compare the prices of the best fat separators on the market and then buy the one that offers the best value.

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