Best Face Powder for Oily Skin in 2021

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Face powder can play a significant part in adding shine to your makeup look and also can help your cosmetics last more. But in any case, if you wonder that face powders aren’t for you, then my dear ladies, it’s probable that you haven’t got yourself the right one yet.

You really need to consider a few things before settling on any one product. The first thing to keep in mind in choosing a face powder is to decide how you need it to function for you. Get yourself very clear whether you want it to set your foundation or want it to make your makeup last long.

Do you want it to control the natural oil which your skin keeps on shedding every now, or do you need a crisp, gleaming look that holds your cosmetics back from wrinkling?

All the queries have to be answered by yourself first to have a clear purpose for making your purchase.

Assuming that you need a powder that further develops your cosmetics’ spunk, search for items named “setting” or “makeup fixing face powders.” These are generally helpful powders that can hold the foundation back from crumbling. They also somewhat shield the makeup from the harsh effects of heat and sun.

After deciding upon these significant factors, there are still many more which you need to consider before buying your face powder. I have listed here everything which you will need to keep in mind while making your purchase.

Buying Guide for Best Face Powder for Oily Skin in 2021

It’s time to not hide with the oily skin anymore. After all, your oily skin will not be causing you trouble because I have got you the best buying guide for getting the best face powder. With it, you do not have to worry about your smudging makeup anymore.

But before going directly to the face powder, we have listed some points in general that you should consider while going for the cosmetic product, especially powder for your face. It will make your shopping process easy, interesting, and knowledgeable for a lifetime.

Types of face powders

There is not just one face powder in the market. There are many, and so, you should know the difference between different types of facial powders.

  1. Loose powder

The loose powder contains oil or gum, which gets easily blended. These powders are also available in numerous shades and are accessible to all tones.

Many people use yellow powder to enhance their skin color, which has got suntanned. Others who suffer from acne and pimples love to utilize the light green blended powder. The powder also brightens the face with a smooth finish and is a perfect choice for evening makeup.

  1. Compact powder

Compact powder is likewise the pressed powder and is accessible in a lot of tones. The transparent and the translucent face powders are compressed with a lot of pressure and compacted and stuffed in a pack and a blending puff. Also, this powder functions with a dual purpose. If it is used dry, it will resemble face powder, and if we utilize the wipe wet and apply it, it will work as a practical base. It has different shades for light complexion and furthermore for the brown face.

  1. Baby powder

Child powder will be sensitive than talc and talcum. The child’s skin is exceptionally fragile, and therefore we should always use powder that is milder in nature.

Ordinarily, the baby powders won’t have the aroma or shading and won’t cause any ill effects or side effects on the skin. We can apply this powder after the shower and that too on dry skin. Try not to use the powder frequently on the kids. Also, keep in mind that baby powders are very different from face powders designed for adults. The powder for grown-ups will have more aroma and will have a harsh chemical composition. So don’t utilize the adult face powders on the infants.

So, as you have now known the different types of face powders, you can easily choose your type as per your purpose requirement.

Variety of shades

Face powder which comes in various shades can coordinate and complement better with changing skin tones. Moreover, it is also wise to pick the shade that most intently coordinates and goes with the normal skin. This will help the makeup look very regular and natural. Also, you can get different shades of face powders which you can apply as per the seasonal skin-tone change, as the skin may turn out to be tanner in the mid-year and might need additional dampness in the colder time of year.

The face powder shades should suit diverse skin needs; for instance, one with a greenish tint will limit redness, while a purple-colored powder may help the presence of ashen or yellow skin.

Good Absorbance

It isn’t so natural and easy to make the cosmetics stay on oily skin. Oil can demolish your makeup in an instant. On the contrary, if you have sleek skin and don’t set your cosmetics with face powder, you can ultimately expect the melting of the makeup in a few hours of application. Oil can liquefy your whole cosmetics. Applying face powder can help in absorbing the excess oil from your skin.

Minimal powders give your face a matte finish that stays for long and allows your makeup to remain as it is even after many hours. So, please ensure that whichever face powder you are getting for yourself should have good absorbing quality.


If you wish to make your cosmetics stay for long, you should get a face powder with good adhesive properties. Such powders will set each and every product fixed at its place. This, anyway, implies that you will not need to fix your makeup every now and then.

Coverage and even tone

A face powder can give you an even skin tone, provided you get the right one for yourself. With the application of so many products like the foundation, concealer, color corrector, highlighter, and whatnot, there are chances that your face might look cakey. So, to get that smooth finish with good coverage, you need to have face powder, making your skin look softer and even.

SPF protection

Sun harm is one of the numerous reasons for uneven skin tones, and every day, sunscreen application can assist with forestalling those impacts. However, the ladies who like to put on makeup above the sunscreen can get themselves a face powder with similar sunscreen properties. That is a face powder that can provide good SPF protection. Applying face powder all over can assist with keeping your skin tone even also.

Mattifying Properties

Mattifying powder holds abundance oil back from developing all over by absorbing sebum and leaving a smooth, matte finish at its place. These powders also provide your skin a new, smooth appearance by smoothing all the imbalanced hues.

Hyaluronic Acid Rich

As we age, we start losing collagen. So, our skin starts looking very dull and becomes very dry. Also, the harsh climate and the growing pollution can fade away from our natural glow. That is the reason why a skin health routine with saturating items can be extra useful.

Hyaluronic acid is one of those items that act as humectants to draw water to the skin to hydrate it. Hyaluronic acid enters the skin pores effectively, which is why it is being used in many cosmetic products. This is also very lightweight, watery in nature, and can absorb moisture from the climate to thoroughly hydrate the skin. So, make sure that your face powder is rich in this ingredient so that your skin looks afresh always.

Anti-acne properties

As you have oily skin, so expecting frequents breakouts in the form of acne and pimples is not a big deal. In that case, you have to be very particular about your choice of cosmetic product, which has to be skin-friendly. So, look for a face powder that has anti-acne properties so that it won’t cause any damage to your skin.


Always get a branded item to avail of the quality service. And especially when it comes to buying cosmetic items, be very selective and particular with the brands. Because if you get something from a local store, your skin will be the sufferer at the end. So, make sure whichever face powder you finalize is definitely of a good brand.

Cost of the product

Do not spend lavishly on the product. Go for something which is pocket-friendly and comes with all the best qualities.

FAQs on Best Face Powder for Oily Skin in 2021

Can face powder clog pores?

No, definitely not! Mainly when you pick the right one. Primarily, powder application ought to never obstruct pores or leave an oily build-up on your skin. They don't contain any emollients or oils. They have an evaporating texture and can also assimilate oil and keep the sebum under control. This is a perfect choice amongst all the cosmetic products for anybody who has sleeky, oily, or flaw-inclined skin.

Can I use face powder every day?

Face powder can give a light, everyday look and absorb the excess of skin oil. It additionally makes one sweat-safe and therefore helps in the long-lasting of the makeup. But with all these pros, there are definitely some disadvantages of this corrective item. Indeed, a few ladies prefer using colored face powder and try to avoid the foundation.

Face powders can be drying to the skin since they may ingest excessively a significant part of the skin's regular oil, and it might likewise prompt obstructed pores and skin break out. Also, the most concerning issue of applying it consistently is how it can put you in danger of an actual condition known as face powder poisoning.

Face powder often contains the fixing powder, which can be very risky if inadvertently breathed in. This can result in breathing difficulties, irritation in the throat, eye disturbance. However, the face powders can likewise be dangerous on the off chance that you, by one way or another, figure out how to ingest any of it, as this may prompt stomach agonies, heaving, and looseness of the bowels.

Does face powder help with oily skin?

Besides absorbing the excessive oil, a decent face powder will diminish the appearance of your pores and set your cosmetics without changing the shade of your foundation. Face powder can also help smoothen your skin's surface and even assist with masking the everyday skin breakout scars.

Which powder is suitable for pimples?

Diatoms are the best choice which is 100% natural. It has a powder of excellent absorbance and an extraordinary cation exchange capacity. When applied to pimples, it assimilates all the sebaceous fluid from the pimple and makes it dry, and in this way gives rapid relief from the spots.

Should I put face powder over the foundation?

There is no need to set the entire face with powder to make your foundation last longer. With a good fluffy brush and a free setting powder (make a point to tap off the extra, first), tenderly whirl the powder over the spaces that will, in general, get extra glossy and oily with the time that is just similar to your T-zone.

Final Verdict

A decent compact powder that goes with the skin type is an absolute necessity to have. But getting the best one for the skin isn’t that simple as the market is overflooded with the options. To settle your doubts, I have listed here every critical thing you will need to consider while making your purchase.

Towards the end of this detailed article, I believe that by now, you might have understood the significance of cosmetics items and their effect on your skin. One wrong thing, and you could end up harming your skin. So, go through this guide very thoroughly and simply remember the pointers, and settle on the right decision! You now know all that you are required to understand!

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