Best Citrus Juicers for Home Kitchen in 2021

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Do those sweet and bright fruits burst sunshine on those lazy winter days?

Does that tangy, zesty, oh so delicious thing uplift your mood?

No one can deny that eating fruits proves to be a boon for your body but what about having it in their juice form they are like oh so tasty thing? You must be loving that sweet delicious sip energizing you to another level in just a minute.

Are you aware of the nutrition that those sweetly tangy fruits provide your body?

Isn’t it a kind of relief from those hot summers by just having those citrusy juices and feeling the cooling effect all over your body?

Whether you be a fitness freak, or you want to lose weight, or just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this disease-prone world fruit juices are a must. Is not it? Thinking to store fruit juices available in the market and store it in the fridge to have them daily? Are you aware of the added color, sugar, preservatives that it contains? These added preservatives can make your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle go in vain. Try making juices from your favorite citrus in your home with the help of various juicers for citrus fruits available in the market.

Buying Guide for the Best Citrus Juicers in 2021

Once we start to explain the health benefits we get citrus fruits the list goes like a never-ending one. It’s no secret that citrus delivers a healthy dose of vitamin C that helps preventing colds. Do you want that glow on your face? What about adding some extra shine and volume to your hair? Want to keep those sturdy pimples at bay? You should add citrus juices to your breakfast without a second thought.

But when kitchen citrus juicer comes to making it, no one wants to follow those irritating and time taking procedures to enjoy the drink. But this is not a problem to consider anymore. Nowadays varieties of the citrus mixture are available in the market which prepares your juice within a fraction of time. It is also a great way to retain essential ingredients in our bodies. In this article, we try to help you out with things that you actually need to prioritize before buying your much-needed machine to help get you and your family the necessary Vitamin C your body needs.


  • Manual citrus juicer:

You have to put more time and effort to make juice in a manual juicer. This type of juicer is totally manual and often called hand press juicer. To get juice, first, you need to make the fruit ready for the juicer. You need to cut the fruit into two halves and then place it inverted in the juicer.

After that juicer is pressed into the conical-shaped juice top. It weighs very little and also easily portable. This manual juicer citrus is easy to clean and waste materials are easily disposable. You don’t need to spend extra money on electricity for this juicer. It makes no noise and the process is quite easy to handle.

  • Electric citrus juicer:

If you want to prepare the juice more comfortably then you should try an electric juicer which is much more comfortable than the manual juicer. This juicer works effortlessly and also saves time.  This electric citrus juicer comes with a conical dome that exerts pressure to make the pulp of the fruit. It is really quick and easy to handle. This electric citrus fruit juicer is used for various other food items because it has various settings that let the user control the pulp and speed also.

  • Handheld Squeezers:

Handheld squeezers were a handy citrus juicer and a staple instrument found in every kitchen right before modernized manual citrus juicers and motorized citrus juicers were invented, even though some still would like these squeezers over electric and tabletop designs today. It utilizes a simplistic and effective juicing technique with no power needed.

To get all the basic juices, all you need is just a bit of force to squeeze the fruit. And furthermore, it comes in a portable size that can be used and carried at any moment! In an accessible price range, you can find these handheld squeezers.

  • Wooden Reamers:

It is the simplest form of juicer and, in terms of price, certainly the cheapest. It has been considered as one of the essential tools in the kitchen due to its affordable price and efficiency. When it comes to the design, it isn’t as fancy as the other juicers. These reamers are typically made of wood and are durable and resistant to acidic fruits, you can make it a hand citrus juicer that is reliable.

You can simply hold the reamer with a halved piece of orange or lemon and stick it into the fruit and twist it to extract the juices. When you’re using, it can be a little messy, so make sure you have a bigger bowl or pitcher to capture the juices. But maintenance is the simplest part of using it. So there is no sweat in the cleaning process. To remove the pulp byproducts, just give it a quick rinse with soapy water and use a sponge. With a towel, wipe it dry and you can put it back into your kitchen tool stash.

Features of the Best Citrus Juicers in 2021


It is essential to have a place in the kitchen for a juicer. You must choose a small and easily portable juicer to drink your favorite juice anywhere you want. It is also essential to have a good size container that can serve juice at least to one person at once.


A pulp controller is a part of a kitchen citrus juicer that, without any pulp residue, filters the juice and keeps it smooth just the way you want it. This can also be used if you prefer some pulpy bits, to control the amount of pulp you want to mix with your juice. In order to maintain the smooth texture and good quality of the juice, motorized and manual or tabletop citrus juicers generally have this characteristic.


When it has a quality that can last for years, you can tell that the citrus juicer you buy is worth your dollars. There is the best citrus juicer for bar which is made of heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel, streamlined for ease of use with ergonomic parts. You don’t want to tumble and splatter out any messy spillage with your juicer while you are juicing the fresh fruits.

A further notable thing is to ensure that the material is safe for food use and free of harsh chemicals and is certified. If it is BPA-free, much better. Always check the product’s specifications for these particulars.


On the other hand, the warranty coverage may also reinforce the total price of the citrus juicer. This could vary from 1 year to 5 years, but other brands can offer a lifetime warranty with extensive coverage. The extended the warranty, the more costly the machine will typically be.

It may still rely heavily on the brand or form of professional citrus juicer, though. Nevertheless, you may be certain that the coverage of the warranty can also define how reliable and durable the juicer is, so make sure you find one with a decent guarantee that will back you up if the juicer ever wears out or malfunctions.


Proper washing and management can keep the juicer in its best state, and when it is easy to clean, a citrus juicer does a lot. For speedy cleaning, there are citrus juicers that come with removable parts that you can just chuck in the dishwasher. Some can just be washed off easily with soapy water and wiped dry.

There are, nevertheless, machines that, because of their complex components, require a complex cleaning process. But when choosing a citrus juicer for restaurant, we recommend that you opt for an easy-to-clean juicing machine. Not only would it save you more cleaning time and effort, but it also saves you from expensive repairs or replacements due to improper cleaning and maintenance in the long run.


Citrus juicers fall into a massive range of available tags and, according to your preferred price range, you can find your optimal brand and type of citrus juicer. These juicing machines have affordable options, while high-end brands or juicers with additional features may come in a more costly price range.

If you choose to buy a professional citrus juicer that provides only the essential characteristics, it will never break your budget. Only if you want the latest features with the best machinery will you need to spend a decent sum of money.

FAQs for the Best Citrus Juicers in 2021

Which is better for citrus juicing, electrical or manual?

Since a variety of juicers ramp up production, you have the liberty to pick according to your desire. It's better to go for a citrus manual juicer if you're concerned with electricity consumption.

Should you peel the fruit before juicing it?

Juicers should be simple to use and full instructions should be given on how to use them will come with them. Citrus fruits do not need to be peeled. From inside, the reamers operate on the fruit and do not come close to the skin. You make the fruit simpler to handle by leaving the skin on.

Should you require to add water to electric citrus juicers?

As there are no electric juicers engineered to be soaked in water. They are electrical devices, and so they should be kept away from water for safety purposes. There will, however, be components that come into interaction with the juice and fruit and that would need to be cleaned to preserve hygiene after use.

Do electric juicers remove fruit vitamins and minerals of the fruit from it?

Vitamins and minerals are packed in fresh fruit juice. A lot of vitamin C is provided by citrus fruits, which is vital for a healthy immune system. No heat treatment has been performed on the fruit juice and so none of the vitamins or minerals are denatured.

However, some of the natural fruit fiber will be removed by even the best citrus electric juicer. That's because the fiber after the juicing process is concentrated in the pulp that is left behind. By using the pulp in recipes or by adding other fiber sources (such as wholegrain bread) to your diet, you can balance this.

How do you keep a citrus juicer clean?

In order to clean the citrus orange juicer, you should start by removing all the components after using your juicer and dip them in the cleaning solution. Take the brush now to remove all the deposits from the parts and wash it in the running water so that it removes the excess cleaning solution.

Take a dry cloth and gently wipe the parts off. Re-assemble the components now. If some of the parts have a mineral deposit coating, apply one part of the water to one part of the vinegar with a cleaning solution.

How to use Manual Citrus Juicers?

Video Transcript:

When life gives you lemons well that’s when you know you need a good citrus juicer and Adams here to tell us which brand is worth buying you know Julia we’ve been using this citrus juicer in the Test Kitchen for ages problem is it proved a lot less durable that we were hoping for they chip the enamel cracks you end up with little pieces of enamel in your lemonade so we’re gonna get rid of that and go back to the drawing board with a lineup of 12 different citrus trees, ah they’re priced from 6 dollars up to 23 dollars and change and because there were a lot of citrus juicers.

We juiced a lot of lemons and limes we used 50 pieces of fruit for most of these let me show you the first one this that looks suspect to me you have a good eye it’s a spout that you are supposed to stand right into a whole piece of fruit you screw it in and then you squeeze away well squeezed that looks like a good hand look at it takes a Herculean effort to get any juice out of a piece of fruit with that and you squeezed there’s still a ton of juice left in there testers not impressed let’s move on to style number two which are these.

These are handheld Reimers super-familiar it worked a little better than that still not great they splatter juice all over the place they so do it’s almost like a counter cleaner at the end you just rub it in getting a nice fresh citrusy smell except for the seeds that they’ve dropped all over the place testers not very impressed with these ones aren’t tabletop Reimers worked a little bit better we got about 13% more juice out of these because they’re more stable they’re more secure you can press a little bit harder they have these grates in the top that catch the seeds we can still do better all right the last type is these are the presses.

Now it’s the type that we used to really like we still like this if you haven’t used one of these they can be a little counterintuitive because it looks like you would just take the lemon half and pop it in and nothing’s gonna happen there what you really have to do is open it up and put the fruit in cut side down and then you squeeze and this illustrates one of the problems with this particular juicer look a standard lemon 1/2 fitting testers had to quarter the lemons to get them in here hail they also thought that this big wide sort of squared handle.

Not as comfortable as it could possibly be I want you to try this guy here well he’s handsome he’s definitely handsome he has a nice working hinge there oh holy cow that’s a lot of lemon juice out of half a lemon so this was the winner there are a couple of things we really liked about this first were these slots on the bottom instead of holes.

Which direct the juice in a nice steady flow they limit splattering there are no overflowing testers thought that the handle was really comfortable to grip and we went back to that durability question you know I said that we tested 50 pieces of fruit except for this one where we tested 200 pieces of a lot of lemon juice and not a sign of wear on this thing.

It was great this is the chef and fresh for a citrus juicer it was $23 and change and it’s our new winner pretty cool so there you have it if you’re in the market for a new citrus juicer check out the chef and fresh for citrus juicer at just $23 thanks for watching America’s Test Kitchen what you think we’ll leave a comment and let us know which recipes you’re excited to make or you can just say hello you can find links to today’s recipes and reviews in the video description and don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel see you later I’ll see you later.

What’s the best Citrus juicers for Home, Bar & Restaurant?

Video Transcript:

This is John Kohler with we’re coming at you from the trade show and I go to the trade shows to find the newest and latest products for you guys so we’re here at the Omega booth and we’re going to go over the Omega booth to find out the newest and latest juicers they got some brand new citrus juicers that are commercially certified so you can use them to open your own juice bar to juice oranges but you can also use these units for the home so let’s show you these brand-new citrus juicers they’re right here so this is the all-new c10 citrus juicer.

This is commercially certified to ETL sanitation standards which conform to the NSF standards now that’s very important if you own a restaurant juice bar or even a regular bar serving alcohol you need that sanitation certification so that you can use this according to Health Department so both these machines comply to that now this is the C 10 this is the C 20 on this side the main difference is the speed that the machines operate this one’s run at a hundred and fifty RPMs or revolutions per minute and this one over here runs at 1800 pm so it’s much faster.

This also has a chrome-plated cast aluminum body much higher quality than the plastic over here one of the things I like about both these machines is that they include three different basically cones to allow you to juice different sized citrus fruits so you can see here we have the cones here in the front this is the small cone now this small cone here would be good for you know juicing some small limes or some small tangerines here’s the middle-sized cone maybe the middle-sized cone good for orange.

Such as this size and we have the large cone over on here that’d be good for larger grapefruits or this oversized lemon once they get really large so by using the properly sized cone you’re going to get the maximum extraction in the maximum juice out of the citrus that you’re trying to juice next let’s go ahead and show you more of the features about these two different machines so some of the features that make this machine unique over other machines number one and this is the most important on the bottom of the machine you can see here there’s gripper feet so many juicers only have like four little small rubber feet this has a total of 8 contacts.

Points so that it will not wobble or dance around on your countertop very important we’re going to go ahead and set this up next we have a very simple to use on an off switch you turn it on it turns on you turn it off it turns off over in here you have a nice splash guard this is an optional part does not need to be used on the c10 comes off very easily so this does not need to be used once again very simple easy part to clean next we have the juicing cone and the juicing cone you could once again take it off you have a selection of three different style cones so next we have the stainless steel screen nice quality piece comes off easily for easy cleaning.

And then finally we have the stainless steel solid surgical stainless steel juicing Bowl so this machine is very easy to assemble in use you simply take this top piece put it over the top you put the strainer in there and the juicing tone you want to use and you’re all ready to juice next let’s talk about the c10 model over here this is the commercial model once again chrome-plated aluminum this has a nice on and off switch that has basically a protector so it protects it from moisture and liquids getting on to and into the switch once again on the bottom.

I mean this is a heavy-duty machine this must weigh like 25 pounds solid on the bottom once again all metal and once again it has the gripper feet this one has actually 10 gripper feet that go around the bottom of the machine once again you can see the certification on here this is very important if you own a juice bar or restaurant you need the certification to use it this is the ETL sanitation and the standard ETL certification so that means that these are very high-quality machines and whether you’re buying them for a restaurant or for your home.

You could be assured that you will have commercial quality appliances to make all your fresh let’s go ahead and set this guy up once again this has a splash guard and on this c20 you must use a splash guard or you will get splashing because on this machine it runs at 1,800 RPMs which is a lot faster we’ll turn it on in a second so you can compare the two speeds once again you get the three different cone sizes to juice the different size citrus and you also have the stainless steel screen and once again a solid surgical stainless steel bowl to assemble this machine is very easy going to take the blow put it right on the top take your screen put it in select.

The cone you want to use we’re going to use the largest cone and then finally put on your splash guard and you’re all ready to juice next we’re going to go ahead and turn these machines on to show you how loud they are and how they work once again the RPMs are different between these machines this is like the commercial speed machine like if you have like a citrus group or want to juice like a lot of juice fast because this one will definitely do it for you at a lot faster rpm before I go on though I want to mention both these machines about full.

Five-year warranty so that’s a really long warranty so it’s important to get a machine with a long warranty so that you will be assured you’re going to be making some fresh citrus juice every single day because citrus juice one of the healthiest things you can be drinking it’s high in vitamin C and we all love our orange juice in case next let’s go ahead and turn the machines on and compare them side-by-side so on this side we have the c10 we’re going to go ahead and take the splash guard office.

And the C 20 once again you’re going to only want to operate the C 20 with the splash guard do the higher rpm it will tend to splash we’re going to turn this one on by itself and you can see I turn it on and now this guy is spinning at an incredibly fast pace it’s also rather quiet so that’s kind of nice so we’re going to go ahead and turn that one off and next we’re going to go ahead and turn the seat in on this one runs at much slower 150 rpm so you can see it’s running slower but it’s also actually a little bit louder let’s go ahead and turn them.

On at once both at once and you can see the difference in the speed so there’s both of them running and once again the speed and the RPM that extract the juice and basically how fast is going to extract this one literally liquefies the orange or the citrus you’re juicing so it’ll get a more complete juice but this one’s going to work just fine as well next let’s go ahead and actually juice in the c10 so now we’re going to juice in the c10 juice or it is very simple very you’re going to take your orange or other citrus and cut it in half but it’s so like the pre-cut all my oranges.

First, instead of cutting one at a time, it’s going to go a lot quicker in the long run so now that all the oranges are cut you’re going to need to put something to catch the juice coming out we’re just going to use a juice catch container there and you’re going to simply turn the machine on take your orange and put it on top and we’re going to take off the splash guard so you guys can see this work and just hold it on there and check it out I mean it just pretty much is juicing it’s orange really simple real easy you’re going to hold it on there let’s take a look I mean that pretty much wrung out.

All the juice out of that orange next we’re going to go ahead and do another one and I’m normally right-handed I’m doing it left-handed so you can use both your hands to do this really simple real easy in the Omega c10 citrus extractor let’s go ahead and crank it down waiting and you can see all that Gorge juice coming out the front there you have a continual stream of orange juice as you continually just put on the oranges on the juicing cone this is one of the easiest juicers to you in just a few oranges will make enough for an orange juice and.

I always encourage people to use fresh produce so instead of buying orange juice cause you trade for even orange juice in a carton at the store what’s much better is to buy the fresh oranges in the store and buy a juicer so you can make your own fresh orange juice because most of the juicers in the store whether it’s a concentrator even in the cartons it’s made from concentrate and we want to eat foods in their natural most natural state possible so eating the oranges and make your own juice always better can have higher quality nutrition.

Enzymes than those processed juices so here is the last orange so we deduce a total of six oranges and we’re going to put that on there we got to see the juice still coming out and this is virtually a pulp-free juice there’s a little bit of pulp in this juice but not much let’s go ahead and turn this machine off and now the secret after juicing in this machine is you’re going to want to tip this up and tip this down look at all that juice stored in there otherwise this would end up on your counter at the same time doing this you can see the juicing cone here.

There’s not a lot of pulp left on the cone but all the pulp is actually on the strainer and that’s the job of the strainer to catch all the pulp so that it doesn’t end up in your juicer you’re going to get up virtually pulp-free juice with the omega citrus juicers once again these are commercial units that you can use for the home so literally just six oranges made a full two cups of fresh orange juice nothing can be better than that let’s go ahead and.

Pour this out delicious fresh corn juice nothing better than that and you could do it in the Omega commercial sisters juicers once again the c10 the c20 both for commercial use but also for use in the home very heavy duty motors that are also energy savings low wattage high power so both these juicers are going to work great for juicing all your citrus fruits whether at home or at your business once again my name is John Kohler from discount juicers.


The best citrus juicers, with all that said, certainly prove to be a remarkable addition to any kitchen! They assist you to obtain breakfast with an instant yet healthy drink. In addition, you will not have to worry about the presence of sugar or any sort of added preservatives. You can also have a shot at new recipes that accompany fresh fruit juice with the best juicer for citrus fruits.

But on the other hand, it is essential to choose a top citrus juicer that matches your requirements. The usage frequency of the citrus juicer may be significantly impacted by features such as easy cleaning and pulp regulation. Electric citrus juicers offer an added advantage in such a situation, as they are far extremely easy to use than their contemporaries.

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