Best Bartender Kit for Making Pro Cocktail at Home 2023

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How do you make your drinks at home?

Do you not crave preparing your favorite drinks?

But isn’t preparing drinks difficult?  There are high chances of you messing up the measurements even though you might excel at it.

This is because without a Bartender Kit making your drinks can be a really difficult task for people or even professionals.

The best bartender set is built to allow favorite drinks like cocktails to be blended in an elementary way. They are available in packs of variable numbers of pieces to choose from to add more. Besides, they are made from high-quality materials to ensure extended use and healthy beverage production.

Buying Guide for the Best Bartender Kit in 2023

A cocktail shaker, a measuring ‘jigger’ cup, ice tongs, a long bar spoon, and a strainer are some common instruments included in the bartending package. The bottle stoppers, pourers, shot glasses, a garnishing knife, and a conical strainer are also included in a fuller package.

Some sets are designed to be lightweight and portable, while others are intended to be prominently displayed. Professional mixologists also make their own personalized bartender set, whereas home bartenders prefer to create pre-packaged starter kits.

There is a reasonable range of bar tools in each bartending kit that can make you mixing and making drinks easy.  But it is necessary to understand a variety of considerations when shopping for a bartender package. If you feel confused then go through this guide that shall explain to you each essential accessory and factors that are relevant while you buy a Bartender Kit.

Features of the Best Bartender Kit in 2023


There are several essential types of equipment that you need to consider while you buy a Bartender Kit. Here are some for you:

Shaker Tins:

In order to blend well enough and release their basic qualities, the ingredients in cocktails need to be combined and shaken vigorously. This job can be well accomplished by a single-piece cocktail shaker set, but many mixologists prefer to use a big weighted shaker tin and cap it when combining the ingredients with a smaller ‘cheater’ tin. For a safer fit, novice bartenders can either use a larger size cheat tin also.

Bar Spoon:

Usually, to make a more delicate mix or to stir in a long swizzle spoon is required by the bartenders. This spoon enables them to easily mix around or stir several different ingredients. Many bartender kits can include a metal spoon capable of touching a shaker tin’s rim.

Ice Tongs:

Before the drink is served, many common cocktail recipes call for ice cubes to cool the spirits and other components. Other adult drinks, meaning over ice, are sometimes served “on the rocks”. The ice tongs for bar are an elegant and convenient way of transporting ice to the shaker tin or serving glass from a bucket. This ensures that you would not have to use your hands or any other things for transferring.

Hawthorne Strainer:

Although the cocktail recipe which involves ice cubes and muddled leaves, usually does not always go in the final product or it isn’t served at the end. A strainer from Hawthorne fits snugly over the rim of a shaker tin and avoids the entry of unwanted ingredients into the serving glass. This ensures that all the things that are not required are segregated from the mixer.

Jigger Cup:

Spirits and mixers are measured in ounces or fractions of ounces for making a majority of cocktail recipes. A measuring cup with a double jigger bar equipment enables the bartenders to add the proper proportion of each spirit to the shaker tin easily and without messing up the amount.


Here is a list of some extra accessories that can form a part of your Bartender Kit.

Bottle Stoppers and Pourers:

To decrease spillage, sommeliers usually apply special stoppers and pourers to the spirit and wine bottles. The narrow spouts boost the flow, making it possible and also easier to measure spirits or pour wine into a serving glass into a jigger cup. Some cocktail bartender kits contain six or more pourers, and separate orders may be made for more. Many pourers are also crafted for wine aeration.

Speed Bottle Opener:

The opening of beer bottles is one regular activity a bartender normally performs dozens of times a day. A special bottle opener helps bartenders to remove caps as easily as possible from glass beer bottles, preventing the adverse effects of manually twisting or prying off several caps. This shall efficiently and elegantly remove the cap.


For common cocktails such as mojitos and juleps, a mortar and pestle are specifically designed to crush leaves and for this, a necessary element is a muddler. Although the muddler bar tool is frequently left out by the most common bartender packages, many expert mixologists strongly advise home bartenders to have one on hand.

Conical Strainer:

While a standard Hawthorne strainer does a decent job of keeping a finished cocktail away from ice and other ingredients, some recipes can require a conical strainer to eliminate any muddled leaves and other finely processed additives from the rest of the mixer.


Almost every amazon bartending kit on the market is made up of stainless steel as its main metal component, even the cheapest ones to the costliest also.  Stainless steel not only offers an enticing mirror sheen, but it is also non-reactive to acidic ingredients and also does not hold scent/flavor, and is safe for dishwashing.

The gauge and chromium material, however, can widely differ from set to set. A thinner gauge of stainless steel appears to be used in less costly bartender sets, which ensures that individual parts are more prone to wear and tear. Better shaker tins are not only made from stainless steel of a higher quality but are also weighted for extra stability on the rim.


Each time you purchase a replacement bar tool, you waste money.  Every time you send back a faulty product for replacement or repayment, you also lose money. So, this can frustrate you. Nevertheless, if it does not meet your standards, a money-back guarantee on the bartending kit you buy provides you with a net of security.

Make sure you buy high-quality and reliable amazon bartending set from reputable brands to avoid the inconvenience of faulty goods. You should not compromise with the quality and the durability of the instruments in the kit as it shall be a waste of money if you end up with faulty ones.


Some bartender kits are designed to shift and thus, they are portable enough to be carried around with the bartender anywhere he/she goes.   For working bartenders, this makes portability an essential factor. Some kits are built to be self-contained: inside the oversized shaker tins, all of the individual parts fit snugly.

Others provide a special carrying bag that will keep all the instruments between jobs in place. High end bartender set, with particular slots for each instrument and barware, prefer to use dedicated storage cases. In order to show their bartending hardware during uses, many home wet bar owners use these decorative cases.

Convenient Use

Some bartender kits are primarily designed for skilled mixologists, which means they may be difficult to use by a casual home bartender.  Others are sold to casual home bartenders, which can frustrate a trained mixologist attempting to meet business standards. Hence, there would always be a difference between the kit used by a professional and a home bartender. So, we souls advise you to choose one according to your needs and requirements.

The size of the jigger bar tool can differ enormously while bigger cheater tin fits differently than a smaller one in the shaker. Some bottle openers are more suitable than others for high volume demand. When it comes to determining the best match between the bartender and their instruments, these are all essential factors. So, there is a huge difference in size also. So, choose the one you are comfortable working with and what suits your requirements.


Looking for the best brands while buying anything is important. Going for good brands ensures good quality and warranty on the tools. Generally, good brands provide the best bar tool set to their customers, It shall ensure that there are fewer chances of you getting deceived. They spent huge resources to research and provide you the best. So, we would advise you to go for the best brands while buying a bartender kit.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback and ratings are usually truthful comments on the items that they have purchased and tried. These are reliable enough to be trusted and you can also make up your mind seeing them. The people who have used it and listed their issues with the vintage bar tool set would have genuinely expressed their concerns.

To see whether these issues concern you or not, you should read through the comments and take into account the problems they have listed. There are definitely some demanding consumers who score one or two stars for the goods merely because of a minor problem. So, when reading the reviews, be patient and think carefully before making your decision. Also, try to usually get the product that has the best reviews and best customer ratings.

Available Prices

If you want it on the starting point then it would cost you under $20. The bartender kits can include just a handful of tools equipped for simple cocktail recipes, but strainers, ice buckets, shot glasses, and garnish knives can also be included in it.  The overall quality does not equate with higher-end stainless steel sets, but the completeness of the sets can still satisfy casual users. These best bar tool set can be recommended for use at house parties and rather not in bars or pubs.

Going for a mid-range price shall cost you between $20 – $50. In terms of quality and value, this price point can be considered a good one. An eight-piece bartender set should be made of stainless steel of high quality and contain virtually every instrument that an amateur mixologist requires.

If you want to go for the best qualities and choose a lot of accessories and are willing to pay a high price, then you can go for the expensive bartender kits that cost over $50. The showroom-quality bartending packages, complete with personalized storage and presentation cases, reside on the higher end of this price scale.

From the shaker tins bartending tools and equipment to the strainers and muddlers, all the instruments would either have an elegant antique look or a high gold- or silver-plated sheen. Both practical and ornamental, these bartender kits should still be included and contain a range of useful additions not found in regular sets.

FAQs for the Best Bartender Kit in 2023

How many pieces do I need from the set?

You need to get a great package that will serve you better and something that would easily fulfill your requirement. The items that are available in the most number of pieces are 10-piece bartending tools and equipment or 23-piece kits. You might consider items with 10 to 13 pieces if you want to use them for home purposes.

What kind of material is best for the Bartender kit?

We would advise you to get a perfect bartender kit choice designed to serve longer and something that ensures better protection. To serve better and securely, the bartender kits should be made from high-quality, robust food-grade stainless steel material. Again, to prevent corrosion and rust, it should be polished or powder-coated.

I am a traveling bartender, what type of kit do I buy?

If you are a traveling bartender, you would require a kit that can be easily carried or is portable. Also, for improved storage and portability, you need to get a Bartender package bartender for home party that comes in a compact carrying velvet case. To add more, for protection and durability, you need to find a package that comes with a wooden stand made of bamboo or pine wood.

Can I use a set of standard kitchen equipment instead of buying a bartender kit?

With common instruments such as a paring knife or an ice scoop, there are a few mixology-related tasks that you can perform even in your kitchen using your regular instruments, but many of the instruments included in a bartender kit are specifically made for the art of making cocktails or specific drinks that cannot be made with your tools.

With traditional glassware, shaker tins are difficult to replicate, and it can be difficult to achieve exact alcohol measurements without a jigger cup. For improvising with standard kitchenware or kitchen bar set, even a simple five-piece cocktail shaker set is preferable. So, we would advise you to purchase a bartender kit if you plan on making cocktails at home. This shall ensure that you can follow up on the correct measurements and get the best final result rather than messing it up.

How To Build A Custom Bar Set For Bartenders?

Video Transcript:

Bartending tools probably one of my favorite topics to discuss I know a lot of you guys asked me In the comments to give advice on onboard tools bar sets sorry for the delay so today let’s do this so there’s a different type of bar sense If you search online you probably find right away a cheaper basic option for home and we’re not going to discuss In this video a bar set for the home we’re going to discuss professional bar set that bartenders use for behind the bar.

I will get more for where you going to be using It I will help you to build an almost perfect bar set that you will be able to use On any occasions as a professional bartender you should have your own bar set even for example If you work behind the bar full time, of course, your bar most likely has all power tools needed but the thing Is there Is a lot of time you prefer to use your own let’s say bar spoon for example maybe there’s a different type of bar spoon and you prefer to have yours with a heavier bottom like this pretty often managers decide to go with the cheaper options for like let’s say shakers and maybe you prefer to have nicer like Japanese and that you can use for your tricks and also our shakers let’s say there Is a two Identical 28 ounces Boston shaker and then you take one cheater shaker and then the other one see If you put them together they’re really completely different.

And somebody maybe prefer this one so that’s some of the reasons why you should have your own bar tools when you work behind the bar next reason why you need to have your own bar set Is basically when you will be working bartending events, yes professional bartenders being asked a lot to work private events maybe as a mixologist or Flair bartenders sometimes guests directly ask you to work event or maybe through the company If so when you get the gig you should have your own bar tool so when you show up for the event there will be very limited or no bar tools at all and clients sure will be expecting you to have all your board tools ready to mix cocktail so every bartender that work events should have a bar set with a decent amount of tools.

And the last reason why you should have your own bar set Is when you will have to go for an Interview or addition for example besides being ready to answer all kind of questions and have a new CV I would recommend bringing tools because what If you really Impress manager and he/she will be like hey I really like but like let’s try to see how like you work with guests and let can you like step In for a few minutes and work behind the bar and when you step In everything will be like new to you and will be you will be out of your comfort zone.

And of course, It looks good and professional If you like use your own tools and set It up your way so you have your triggers you have your shaker you have your mixing tool and It will be much much more comfortable for you so that’s probably the last reason why you should have your own bar set I spend a lot of time researching and trying to find a perfect bar set and guess what there Is no such thing that I would pick up just one set and It would have everything I need online you can find some great options and they go from $100 to $500 and more but I’m sure a majority of my viewers you guys wouldn’t be able to afford bar set for $500 or more and In my opinion If you are a bartender and you thinking of mine a bar set for the price of five hundred dollars.

And more It’s either you working In the super high-end bar or pretty much preparing for like a big competition big mixology competition final and you would like to have set of shiny copper tools that you use not for every day and just for like special occasions maybe like the final or be qualifying so, In that case, I would recommend having like really expensive tools because don’t forget If you use them on a daily basis bar tools get lost or maybe If It gets stolen by a drunk yes so It happened before and keep that In mind when you will be Investing a lot of money Into your tools so sometimes you could miss few Items but at the same time, you definitely don’t want to go with the cheap option because support tools are something to use every day for hours a week and you constantly use them It should be something that you want to show off to your guests.

You want to really enjoy using It It’s just like a cell phone you don’t wanna go with a cheap phone you want to have something that you know like you truly enjoy using It so for tools I’m gonna feature In this episode strictly my choice maybe some of you decide to go still with a cheaper option but I’m sure a lot of you will decide to upgrade I don’t think It’s leather but It’s a water or corrosion resistant case so let me show you what’s Inside so there Are an 18 Items total and I will show to you what’s actually really good and what definitely It could be replaced what I like about It that everything’s organized everything’s In place and you see like for example let’s start with the speed opener Is really nice like this Is definitely should stay the good quality I absolutely love.

About It Is the V Road and If you guys don’t know what’s the V Road opener It’s basically didn’t have to take out poo spots with your hands all you need to do Is just use this part and then place It right right right here In the middle and then open It’s super super easy but we’re not gonna go Into what’s this for Its just definitely nice quality It feels good on your hands because It’s pretty thick so I would totally keep this one we have two poor spots which Are nice people work at the event you would need more than just two fine strainers I tried It before yes that one Is really good and then you can see how It goes back to place so this Is nice we have a wine opener.

We are just the standard one there’s nothing to change so we have a peeler Is not to have It but feels like the right size so yeah works really well okay okay to this okay this Is like butter super sharp yep I like It a lot okay this one’s very good strainer so I really like you see It’s like the perfect spot for It you basically just keep It like this Is not my favorite strainer but It does work pretty well so you could see like this and It’s definitely better than for example this Rainer so like I would go with this on any anytime to the strainer Is nice there Is no much you can do maybe If the handle was slightly longer but It’s pretty good okay we got lime squeezer It’s It It feels pretty good In your hands plus It has that you see like rubber or plastic earthing and It kind of feels good and your hands sorry a squeezer would sting okay here we got narrow Malta ah good really good It’s not super heavy.

But It feels good and your hand’s okay tongs feels really good In hand plus It’s really long so this Is a top bar spoon, okay so this Is probably my least favorite Item In this bar set you can see It’s much much smaller than a normal bar spoon this the heavy part this Is kind of awkward that It’s not just here on the bottom I just don’t feel good holding the spoon In my hand It’s Items for sure I chose to replace I recommend to have this type of spoon with It with the heavy bottom but again somebody might prefer to have this kind of spoon with with with the bottom like this maybe for all kind of tricks or layer It cocktails but this Is my personal choice I believe this one Is the 30 centimeters so there are 30 or 40 and 50 centimeters but I chose this type of spoon.

Just because I need to keep It In this bar set so It should be easily able to close It however 40 centimeters would be even easier for you for tricks and It looks really good In your hands when you actually do the stir so It’s a personal choice but If you would be building bar set like this I went with 30 centimeters okay next we have here a plastic It goes for like a pretty convenient or you can do ounce and a half, yeah you can do out and a half and three ounces I am replacing with my favorite Japanese jiggers and actually two triggers and you can also place them right here actually the white one next to each other like this so totally works perfectly here you can see nicely packed shaker and mixing glass good Boston shaker we have just the regular mixing glass see the thing Is actually replacing both for the reason again It might be just my opinion but If you guys watching my videos you know that I do a lot of tricks with the metal parts.

I just couldn’t risk using the glass so for that reason I’m replacing it with this set I got from cocktail Kingdom and I will tell you why so first that one Is slightly heavier so If you take this one It just feels a little bit cheaper In your hands and this one It’s more like a solid metal so It feels heavier and It kind of feels good In your hand and the second reason like let’s say when you do board tricks pretty often and when you drop your shaker this part comes off pretty quick on this shaker on this one you could see that It’s more like solid so this one Is definitely a lasting longer I’m not sure me something could be changed I always had problems with loosen the bottom.

And basically, as soon as It comes off this shaker Is useless so you could use this as a mixing glass and now you don’t have It what I would also recommend there are two options you can get mixing glass from this company I’m gonna leave a link In the description I really like this one water Is another option Is right here they did pretty well so you could see that this one’s slightly smaller and It really liked this one It’s just pretty thick you could see It’s a solid glass so they wouldn’t break easily so basically If you put It like this Into the shaker so this Is how you can like this one and two so you see It fits perfectly and remember the beginning I said the I wouldn’t keep poor sponsor just because you could use more than two do you simply can put like one.

Two-three four-five like up to eight posts pass Into this mixing glass It fits you really well and you still can close everything so there’s a zipper, of course, you wouldn’t feed other Items Into this bag but for sure you would need maybe two more Boston shakers and then nice to have on you a cobbler shaker this bar set didn’t have a nice sharp knife which most likely you would have It at your bar but again for an event I would recommend having a bar knife as well besides this one there were two other great options one was from cocktail Kingdom but for the price and amount of tools to me this was the best option It’s a hundred dollars It was not Included and delivery and also don’t forget that I spend extra for shaker tree shaker spoon and the mixing glass so thank you guys for staying until the end this Is It I hope this review was helpful and If you liked It please consider subscribing and I will see you next Tuesday.

How to choose the best Bartender tools?

Video Transcript:

As with most Industries, bartending has a whole host of jargon and assumed knowledge, which can be a little bit daunting when you’re starting out In the Industry or attempting some drinks making at home. It took me about a month of working In Australia to figure out that when I was being asked to ‘restock the splits’ they were talking about the small cans of mixers In the bar. We’d never called them that In Scotland, so I would just wander around and restock everything that looked remotely low In the hope that one of these things would be the elusive splits. So let’s have a look at some of the equipment that I talked about In my other videos.

So that you can navigate your way with minimal confusion. This Is probably the most important piece of equipment In a bartender’s arsenal. It may look cool and very Tom Cruise of you two free-pour but not very many people are willing to put In the hours of practice that It takes to actually be good at It, so a jigger will make sure that you’re turning out consistently well-balanced drinks. There are different kinds and sizes depending on what style of bartending you’re doing. If you only have one then a classic double jigger will do the job.

So one end of this Is a standard shot which Is 30 MLS, one ounce, or 25 MLS depending on what country you’re In and the other one Is a double shot. Plus their markings Inside for 15 MLS, 20 MLS or a half an ounce, 3/4 of an ounce so on. If you’re going to be pumping out a high volume of cocktails consider a graduated measure, It’s a larger measure with steps of 15ml or 1/2 ounce Increments, so you can build a whole cocktail In there and then just tip It Into the shaker and you’re good to go.

You do have to be careful though because obviously If you’re not paying attention you can over-pour quite easily and It’s not going to spill out so you could end up giving someone a very strong drink. There are two main types of shakers which are Boston and cobbler. Most bars now use what Is known as tin on tin Boston shakers which Is pretty self-explanatory. These guys are relatively inexpensive, easy to clean, big enough to build two cocktails, hard to break, and If you buy all of the same brands you can mix and match the larger and smaller half so you don’t have to worry about losing pieces.

Because you would be surprised at how easily things disappear In a bar! Your other option for a Boston shaker Is where half of It Is glass, obviously with that one you can see what’s being built In there but they are much heavier and you can break them so most bars have switched to tin on tin these days. Another option Is the cobbler, this one Is by far the most aesthetically pleasing. Look how cute It Is. And It does have a built-In strainer, but It’s really better for home use rather than high-volume bartending as It Is much smaller and harder to clean.

You can get as fancy as you like with this and there are some really beautiful cut glass and crystal ones out there, but It’s also probably the least necessary piece of bar equipment, especially for home bars as you literally just need a container to stir your booze on Ice. Or as a personal preference, I honestly think that homemade martinis taste better when mixed In a coffee plunger. There are three types of cocktail strainers commonly found In any bar, you have the julep strainer, this Is the oldest and simplest way of holding the Ice back as you pour your drink Into the glass.

This one has been around basically since Ice started being used In cocktails but you had to have different sizes to fit In different tins and glasses so there was a bit of a gap In the market for a more ergonomic strainer and so along came the Hawthorne strainer, which beat the pack to become the ubiquitous cocktail strainer thanks to the coil which fits Into any shaker and can be really easily cleaned, and little hooks which balance It on top of your shaker. It takes Its name from the Hawthorne Cafe which Is a bar In Boston.

The julep has had a revival alongside many classic cocktails from that Golden Age of bartending and Is now often seen used with mixing glasses like so, whereas Hawthorne strainers are more often used with your shaking tins. And finally, we have the fine strainer which really does what It says on the tin, so It collects all of the smaller shards of Ice left behind by the other strainers. It’s usually not necessary for stirred drinks as you should be moving the Ice gently enough that It doesn’t break Into small enough pieces to pass through your julep or your Hawthorne, but It Is used for shaken drinks.

Although personal preference can mean that you quite like a few Ice chips In your daiquiri for Instance. This multitasker Is both mixing and a measuring utensil so pretty darn useful. Again you can get as fancy as you like, there are really long and ornate ones, but basic ones like this are really cheap and easily found In hospitality shops. There Is a bit of an act to rolling It around the outside of the glass rather than churning It through the Ice when you’re stirring that so mastering It will help control the dilution and keep a silky smooth texture for your stirred-down drinks. Plus you look like a boss so It’s definitely worth practicing.

The spoon part usually measures 5 mils or 1/6 of an ounce so It’s really useful for those more finicky cocktail specs, which by the way Is what bartenders call cocktail recipes, short for specifications. So this one really Is a matter of personal preference. I much prefer a serrated edge for cutting twists, In fact, you can see If you can find the video where I forgot to bring mine and had to struggle through with a flat blade, thank goodness for editing, and on the bar.

I’ll actually quite often use a vegetable peeler for a more rustic twist. Just make sure that whatever you’re using It’s really sharp because you’re obviously way more likely to hurt yourself with a blunt tool, and follow the same rules as for cooking and keep your fingertips out of the way. Hopefully, this helps you find your way In the rest of my episodes. Let me know In the comments If there’s any other bar jargon you would like me to explain or If there’s a piece of equipment that you can’t live without. So now you know.


So, what’s stopping you from buying one? Making drinks would not have seemed any easier before. With the best bartender set, you would have everything by your hand and you can prepare it easily and efficiently without messing up anything. And we hope that this guide would have provided enough information to know more about a Bartender kit and probably made it easier for you to purchase one.

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