Best Bagel Slicers for Home Kitchen in 2021

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Do you enjoy eating bagels?

How many of you crave a hot bagel slice with cream cheese everyday morning?

But isn’t it difficult to slice your bagel using a regular knife?

It surely is. It can lead to non-uniform slices and also the crumbs scattering all over. Because of the uneven slices that would come out, at last, cutting bread on a cutting board or tabletop is a difficult task.

You’ll need the Best Bagel Slicers for fast cutting and for getting uniform slices of bagel. A bagel slicer is a useful kitchen tool that has an integrated blade for slicing crusty bagel halves into smooth halves.

Instead of struggling why don’t you switch to a better easier and efficient option?

Bagels would taste much better when they are sliced in perfect sizes and uniformly. It is a necessity if you eat a lot of bagels.

Buying Guide for the Best Bagel Slicers in 2021

The bagel slicer is a useful kitchen tool for serving perfectly sliced bagels without accidentally hurting your fingers in the process of slicing them. The bagel slicer can make slicing a perfect bagel an easy task, and you won’t have to waste much time doing so as it is efficient enough even from the knives that you usually use to slice it for.

You can prevent accidents incurred by cutting a bagel with a slicer.  For a quick and even cut and to keep your hands clean, the professional bagel slicer is designed with ergonomic handles and has attached a protective transparent cover over the stainless-steel blade.

If you think this is what you need to switch then you need to be informed about the product. So we have brought you this guide that would make your work much easier.

Features of the Best Bagel Slicers in 2021

Types of Bagel Slicers

Bagel slicers are available in 2 types: Bagel slicer and Bagel knives

Bagel Knives:

Bagel knives are multipurpose items that can be used to cut bagels, muffins, bread rolls, and pastries. The blade is safe to use since it is secured between two plastic holders.

Bagel Slicer:

The bagel slicers have pointed guillotine blades that can cut the bagel into halves. It is equipped with a protective transparent cover around the blade to avoid possible injuries, which is a distinguishing feature of this adjustable bagel slicer. It also comes with a bagel holder that holds your bagel in place while keeping the blade from slipping and damaging your fingers.


The blade is unquestionably the most critical feature of any bagel slicer. To cut any bagel, roll, baguette, or other flour-based product, it must be sharp. However, the blade must be safeguarded as well. The blade should be secured so that it doesn’t injure while you use it. They generally have a protective cover or plastic sides to keep the blade or knife away from the hand holding the bagel or bagel slicer.

The blade should be made of stainless steel so that it is long-lasting. The blade’s non-stick feature is always a bonus because it helps you to cut bagels without the blade sticking to them. It must also be resistant to rust so that it doesn’t pollute your food by adding chemicals.


The nature of the bagel slicer is the most important thing to remember. It addresses the majority of its elements, such as usability, size, and, as a result, storage convenience. The bagel guillotine is the most popular type available on the market. Provided the product’s construction quality, it requires minimal effort and provides smooth performance.

Other designs you might see include a bagel base made of different materials such as wood, plastic, and so on. Except for the fact that they need a separate knife, these are fine and simple to use. Another choice is to use the bagel slicer knife, with the exception that it comes with guards. As a result, it is better than using bare blades. In the end, it shall always depend upon the user’s convenience.


The protection of the electric bagel slicer is determined by the material used in its manufacture. The best bagel slicers are those made of bamboo wood. They are chemical-free and antibacterial, making them safe to use. Plastic material slicers, on the other hand, will serve you well for several years. While some bamboo wooden bagel slicer contains BPA, it is always a good idea to buy bamboo wooden slicers.

Durability and Quality:

You wouldn’t want your bagel slicer to just last for a few days, and this is why you need to go for good quality or even the high quality of bagel slicer. High-quality bagel slicers would definitely be durable enough and can last for a long time. The most popular types of slicers are those with wooden, metal, or plastic bodies.

Also, since the plastic parts and the blade can come into contact with food, they should not easily crumble or hurt. And this can be detrimental to one’s health. So, it is essential that your commercial bagel slicer is durable enough to outlast any force and last longer.


You would really not want to buy a bagel slicer just for slicing bagels. This can be a waste of money sometimes. But let us tell you that the bagel cutters aren’t just for bagels, though. It is versatile in nature and can be used for slicing other food products also.

It can be used to cut rolls, baguettes, croissants, and other flour-based foods. You can use it to cut hard-boiled eggs. The wide bases of most adjustable bagel slicers allow you to slice even the bread, muffins, and even cheese and vegetables.


You can get a bagel slicer that slices either vertically or horizontally. Each alternative has something special to offer. When it comes to accommodating various thicknesses of bagels, many upright bagel slicers aren’t as adjustable. Horizontal bagel slicers can take a little more finesse to operate. While you can use one of your hands for slicing the bagels, the other hand can hold down and press the top of the bagel for stability.

Adjustable Thickness:

Buy an electric bagel slicer with adjustable thickness for fast and easy cutting. Some of the better bagel slicers have four adjustable thickness settings, while others only have three. It is best to buy one with four thicknesses if you want to acquire different thicknesses.


The safety feature is one of the most critical features of the best bagel slicers. It is not for you if it does not meet this criterion. The most dangerous approach is to hold the bagel and cut it with a bare knife. You really do not want to go through this and hurt yourself but and this is why you are here. So, safety should be your prior concern while buying a bagel slicer.

Make sure the commercial bagel slicer you select has a shield or guard that is attached for protecting the blades. Furthermore, the design should prevent you from getting your fingers coming too close to the cutting area. Having a cutter with handles and blade shields is the best choice for this.

Ease of Use:

The ease of use is extremely important when selecting a bagel slicer type. After all, you’re buying the best bagel slicer to make slicing easier on a regular basis. Though the guillotine method of cutting tends to be the simplest, it is highly dependent on your personal preference.

You might find the knife-like slicer or the bagel-base with a knife-sliding gap more convenient. So, it shall always depend on you as to what you think is more suitable for you and what you are comfortable working with.


Some bagel slicers can be washed by hand. Since bagel slicers have built-in blades, they can be dangerous to clean. With highly serrated and sharp blades, manual cleaning is not safe and is also not advisable. The majority of the best bagel cutter is made of high-quality materials that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

However, since most of these objects are lightweight, it is recommended that they be placed on the upper rack of the dishwasher for safe and thorough cleaning. So, while buying a bagel slicer ensure to look up whether it is dishwasher-safe or not.


While buying a bagel slicer it is essential that you look for the warranty offered by the manufacturer on the product. The warranty period offered generally would vary from each manufacturer. So, it shall always depend on the product, features, brand of the bagel slicer that you are buying.

The best quality bagel slicer would come with a good warranty period while the cheap ones would not rather come with any warranty. A good warranty period would ensure that as a customer you can approach the manufacturer in case of any defects and get your product replaced within the warranty period.

Available Prices

While considering the price of a bagel slicer, take note of your budget. Bagel slicers aren’t costly enough for you to buy, so they shall generally fall within your budget. But we would advise you to check for the other features rather than simply jumping onto the price factor.

A high-quality bagel slicer machine shall offer all good features and a good warranty period would be offered with it and this shall hence, cost you more. While the cheap ones, would compromise with the quality and thus, there are chances you end up with bad quality bagel slicers and this is what neither you nor we want. You can also consider a mid-range price considering your budget as an option.

FAQs for the Best Bagel Slicers in 2021

Are bagel slicers safe for use by the children?

For children, it is safe to use a professional bagel cutter. They have a protective cover or plastic sides to keep the blade or knife away from the hand holding the bagel or bagel slicer.

Can I adjust the bagel slicer to different sizes of the bagel?

Some best-quality bagel slicers can be modified to cut various bagel sizes. But, for the most part, they're made to split bagels in half, and the only thing that matters is having the bagel in the right place to get equally sliced halves.

Can I use the bagel slicer to slice other flour-based food products?

Other flour-based products, cheese, ham, and vegetables can all be cut with them. Because of their multifunctional nature, you can use them to slice bread rolls, muffins, Croissants, hard-boiled eggs, and potatoes for French fries. This is such a versatile option for your kitchen.

Why can’t I use a regular knife to cut bagels instead?

The knife tends to be the most obvious choice for cutting almost anything. But in the case of slicing a bagel, it can be a difficult task for you as there are higher chances of it resulting in different sizes and shapes and also harming you in the process of cutting it.

However, a bread knife can also do the job perfectly, resulting in bagel halves that are uniformly sliced. As a consequence, using a bagel slicer knife instead could appear to be irrational. However, for the safety of children or people with shaky hands, we use and prefer the bagel slicer. A bagel knife would rather be helpful for you to avoiding the use of a knife and can easily cut through the bagel in uniform slices.

How to Make A Bagel Slicer?

Video Transcript:

Now if that looked at all familiar you’re really going to enjoy using the new bagel slicer Matic all you need to do is place your bagel inside the bagel slice Ematic grab your favorite bread slicer and slice away it’s really that easy folk’s perfect sliced bagels every time now you might expect to pay $600 for the new bagel slicer Matic but today it’s not going to cost you $600 it’s not going to cost you $300 it’s not going to cost you $200 the bagel slicer.

Matic is only gonna cost you three easy woodshop visits at twenty minutes of peace actual woodshop time may vary for the two inside pieces that make up the bagel slicer I’m gonna use a piece of maple and for the two outside pieces I’m going to use a piece of walnut that I had laying around from another project the two outside faces of the bagel slicer only need to be about a quarter-inch thick so I’m going to take this 3/4 inch thick board and resaw right down the middle to get both pieces after squaring up to one end of this maple board.

I can cut both pieces which make up the inside of the bagel slicer the funnel length now with a little bit of carpet tape I can attach both these side pieces together and attach my template and then we’ll cut it out at the bandsaw now that I have the innermost maple sides completed I can go ahead and turn my attention to the outside walnuts are pieces now it’s just a matter of gluing the outer walnut piece to the maple sides I intentionally didn’t go all the way to the template line when cutting out the walnut so that I could flush this to the maple.

Afterward, now there are two ways that I could do this I could use a flush-trim bit at the router table and reference the router bearing off of the maple, or I could use my oscillating spindle sander instead of risking chip out at the router table I think I’ll use my oscillating spindle sander okay now it’s time to attach the two sides together when I did this originally my plan was to drill holes on the bottom of the sides and then pound a few dowels all the way through both sides well with space in between for the knife to go through well.

I had a bit of a problem when I was pounding in the third dowel it got stuck halfway through it wouldn’t go through any further so I tried to pound it through from the other side and the whole thing split in half so I went all the way back to the beginning and made two more sides using the same techniques that I showed for the first one but this time.

I think I’m going to attach the two sides a little differently what I plan on doing this time is going on a small strip of wood on the bottom with the grain running in the same direction as the side and then glue on another small piece of wood at the top and then when I glue both sides together there should be plenty of room for the knife to go in between to slice the bagel you.

How to Make a Bagel Cutter?

Video Transcript:

When I woke up this morning I was totally not planning on doing this but I had this urge for a bagel and all I had to cut it with was this I’m gonna make a better bagel cutter first question I need might ask myself is how big is a bagel anyway I guess I just measure them so this is kind of funny I decided that the thickness of an average bagel is one and five-eighths inch thick I know they squeeze a little bit anyway so probably not that big a deal now I don’t want to go out and spend any money on this because I know I could actually buy this for about ten bucks at Walmart.

But I found some wood found some sherry found some walnut and so it’s gonna be the ultimate beta bagel cutter so my first cut is gonna be on this piece of cherry I’m gonna cut it one and five-eighths by I’m not sure how long we’ll see the length of a bagel diameter of a bagel I think is about four and a half inches so I’m gonna cut this about six right now cuz I need to allow for whatever things I’m gonna do on the end I think this guy needs in the little knife.

Slot right there found this peaceful while not laying around from something else I did it’s got some branding on it so I have to sand that off I’ll just gonna have to resize it this really is what this machine was made for it does mean that I got a little bit of sanding to do but you know what walnut is such pretty wood I think it’s gonna be an enjoyable experience all right I want you to see where I’m going with this so the bottom piece is gonna go right here and then I got my piece of walnut it’s gonna right there as that goes there that’s gonna go there like those bagels gonna go right there a knife is gonna go down a slot right there.

I need to glue these little sticks on here like this and clamp them so I’m gonna do that and walk away for a little while all right well I let this drive for about three or four hours or I kept them clamped up for about three or four hours I’m using this brown glue it’s same as the yellow glue it’s aliphatic resin glue it’s really stronger than the wood itself if you clamp it up now I’m gonna take this little guy right here that I cut which has a groove in it.

And I’m gonna glue that there and clamp it up and I’m gonna glue that there and clamp it up then I’m gonna take this little piece of a walnut right here and I’m gonna put it up at the top so I’m making like a little sandwich here and here we have a delicious wood sandwich well it’s a new day I’m gonna clamp this guy and take it from there lay this out on here kind of making this up as I go along this is kind of a scary part because I’m gonna cut it out my design is bad I can’t turn back Wow what do you think so far kind of looks like a throne it’s a bagel cutter at this point I sanded and filed Sanders and filed until the green of the would really pop finish drop the standing with a 150 grit sandpaper.

I also rounded the edges of my small trim router and a quarter of an inch around a bit and then there’s a little more standard linseed oil gonna make a perfect beautiful it’s gonna Berlin its no wonders this would so expensive all right what a fun little project that was just bagel in the slot knife in the slot and let’s slice up bagel yeah a perfectly sliced big hole every time all right finally a good cup of coffee in the morning nice toasty warm onion bagel it’s hard to beat you know the bible does say that God has given us all things richly to enjoy so I’m gonna enjoy this course it also says that we should be known for our moderation so maybe just half you’ll never know.


Cutting the bagels can be a dangerous task especially when you have to rush for work in the morning. So, it is all about adapting to the best option. Using a regular knife can be difficult and risky for you. You should start using the professional bagel slicer to get your bagel sliced in seconds and you can enjoy them.

The equally cut bagel slices with no crumbs would make you fall in love with this product or even consider offering it as a gift to your loved ones. Make your work much easier with this amazing equipment. You can rely on.

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