Best Avocado Slicers to Cut Avocado Easily in 2023

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Want to enjoy Avocado salads every day?

Aren’t they versatile?

You can use them for several purposes. Avocadoes can such healthy addition that you can easily eat them with any meal. They are also a very versatile fruit as they can be eaten with anything, such as toasts, salads, or anything. Avocados are also used in guacamole and shakes, as a hair treatment, or as a face mask.

Do you face any issues slicing avocados? Are your slices not of uniform size?

This is probably because you are using the wrong tool. You need to start using the best avocado tool for easily slicing the avocados perfectly in uniform sizes.

Avocado slicers are useful tools that allow you to get the most out of your fruits, specifically avocados. These tools can essentially break the fruit and remove the pit, making it much easier to slice these fruits.

Buying Guide for the Best Avocado Slicers in 2023

The avocado slicer is a cutting and slicing system that cuts and slices the fruit without making a gooey, slushy mess. It operates by slicing a single part of the fruit in a single motion. There are avocado slicer models that can fully extract the pit and skin the fruit.

Using an avocado slicer would prevent you from throwing away any of the avocado flesh and with the help of just one best avocado tool, you can cut pit, and slice the avocado. Avocado wedges that are uniform in size are ideal for avocado toasts, salads, and any meal that includes avocado. They also aid in the fast preparation of avocados for guacamole and other avocado-based dishes.

There are several factors that you need to consider even before buying a simple avocado slicer and this guide mentions all these essential features in detail.

Features of the Best Avocado Slicers in 2023


The slicer’s and its parts’ materials are extremely important because this is what determines the slicer’s longevity. If the slicer has some metal components, check to see if they are rust and corrosion-resistant. While stainless steel is a long-lasting and functional option, other materials can also serve you and your avocados well.

When it comes to plastic avocado slicers we advise that you avoid the flimsy ones because they are made of inexpensive materials and aren’t durable enough and would get damaged in a matter of time.

A great quality slicer should be made of food-grade plastic and premium stainless steel. These products, on the other hand, should be BPA-free and FDA-approved. And it will not affect your health. As a result, you must be mindful of these factors prior to purchasing.


Buying an avocado slicer that wears out after a single use isn’t a smart idea, so make sure you have one made of long-lasting materials. You do not want it for a one-time purpose. You should aim on buying an avocado slicer that shall last for a long time and can be used again and again without it getting damaged.

The material of the perfect avocado slicer and cuber is important as good quality materials of avocado slicers shall ensure that it is durable and would not get damaged easily. So, we would recommend you to look for stainless steel avocado slicers and other parts made of BPA-free, food-safe plastic or silicone rubber.


Certain avocado slicers can only slice through the avocados while others, can perform a variety of tasks, including cutting, pitting, and slicing.  When purchasing an amazon avocado slicer, make sure it can perform at least two of these functions.

But again, it shall also depend on the need of the customer, as to if you want it for just one purpose, then you can go for the single functionality ones and if you want it for all the purposes, going for the multifunctional one is a wise decision. Although, we would recommend that you go for the ones that cab multi-work so that your purchase is worth it and you can use just one tool to easily complete all tasks.

Rust and Corrosion Resistant:

It is, in essence, the avocado slicer’s most essential function. If you’re looking for a high-quality, long-lasting slicer. However, you will undoubtedly opt for the corrosion and rust-resistant slicer. Since it is reliant on your slicer to keep your avocados perfectly sliced for a long time.

Also, if the avocado cutter tool is rust and corrosion resistant then they would not be harmful to your health.


You can look at the specification of any avocado slicer before you buy it. Many aspects of your avocado slicer will be determined by this. You should inspect the handle to ensure that it can provide you with a safe grip while still being simple to use. The construction and design of the avocado slicer should suit your requirements and should make you feel comfortable while you use it.

The avocado cutter tool you buy should be easy to use if you’re using it for a short or long period of time. Avocado slices with ergonomic grips are more secure in your hand and have additional features including non-slip grips. A good grip on the handle shall ensure that it does not slip down from your hands while you slice or cut the avocados.

Ergonomic grip:

If you’re going to buy a slicer, opt for one with an ergonomic grip. Since it will avoid palm cramping and pain when cutting, peeling, mashing, pitting, scooping, and slicing a large number of avocado fruits. The slicer’s ergonomic grip ensures that it will become comfortable and easy to use. In conclusion, it will assist you in preparing a beautiful avocado slice in a matter of minutes.


The aim of buying an avocado slicer is to make the process of slicing an avocado much easier. You should be able to easily slice through the avocados without any issue. As a result, user-friendliness is the most critical thing to remember. The best avocado cutter is pretty basic kitchen tools, so you shouldn’t need a lot of help learning how to use one.

They should also be simple to clean, whether by hand or in the dishwasher. The use of the slicers should be self-explanatory that would make it easier for the users to understand the usage easily rather than wasting their time figuring out about it’s working.


Avocado slices generally can be used for a number of tasks. The model you choose will be determined by your individual requirements for each of these functions. Your avocado slicer should be able to cut the avocado into even slices and separate the fruit from the peel at the very least. Avocados can be pitted and sliced from the outside of the peel with ease using multi-function slicers. It is not just confined to one fruit, you can use it for slicing other fruits also.

Easy Cleaning:

The majority of customers are only concerned with how simple the avocado cutter is to clean. However, you should think about whether cleaning it is safe or not. You definitely don’t want to injure yourself when cleaning the slicer. So, before you buy the best avocado cutter, make sure it’s dishwasher safe and simple to clean. Also, we would advise you to exercise extra care while cleaning the slicer.


This is another consideration you can make before purchasing an avocado slicer. It is recommended that you choose an avocado slicer that is dishwasher resistant, as this will make cleaning much easier. Also, you would not really want to waste your time washing avocado slices. Thus, try going for a material that instructs that it is dishwasher-safe.

Available Prices

You may easily buy a regular one for the price of avocado slicers, which are usually less costly. The avocado slicer tool usually ranges in price from $5 to $40. More ergonomic models can be found in the $10 to $20 price range. They’re much more likely to be high-quality and effective. Although there are avocado slicers designed for heavy use that cost between $20 and $40, they are not cheap.

FAQs for the Best Avocado Slicers in 2023

What type of material is suitable for an avocado slicer?

Generally, it is advisable to go for the stainless-steel ones, as they are composed of good quality material and are long-lasting and would not break easily unlike the plastic ones that are fragile and not made up of good quality materials.

How to use an Avocado Slicer?

An avocado slicer has blades that are sharp enough to cut through the soft avocado fruit but not so sharp that they cut your fingers. After opening the avocado, use the avocado kitchen tool to remove the fruit from the peel and slice it into even sections.

What is the advantage of buying an avocado slicer?

3The biggest advantage of using an avocado slicer to cut the fruit is accuracy. You'll get tidy, detailed slices and cuts that look great on your serving plate. The whole process of cutting and slicing the fruit is made simpler, quicker, and mess-free. The majority of avocado slicers are also ergonomically built, making operation a breeze.

What are the best features of an avocado slicer?

The best avocado slicers should be made of rust-resistant, long-lasting materials. The slicer should be easy to clean and operate and have an ergonomic design. Furthermore, the best avocado slicer and pitter are multifunctional, allowing you to cut, pit, and slice the avocado with just one tool.

How can an avocado slicer be washed in a dishwasher?

Before buying ensure that your avocado slicer is dishwasher-safe that ensures that your avocado kitchen tool can be washed easily. Also, before you put the tool on the top rack of your dishwasher, make sure you rinse off any pulp that has stuck to it. You can also refer to the washing instructions that are out up in the manual.

Can I use the avocado slicer for slicing mangoes?

Because of the size of the seed, avocado slicers are not recommended for preparing mangoes. You should, however, use it on kiwis and dragon fruit. While you opt for a multi-purpose option, ensure that the good grips avocado slicer does not transfer the juices of one fruit to another.

What are the essential features for consideration while buying an avocado slicer?

Firstly, inspect the avocado slicer’s construction to ensure that it is made of food-grade, BPA-free materials. The good grips avocado slicer should also be simple to operate; a complicated model defeats the device’s intent. Even if the model has extra features or several functions, it should be user-friendly in the end.

An ergonomic avocado slicer is also useful because it makes the job more comfortable. This is particularly useful if you need to deal with a large number of avocados. Since the device is made of stainless steel, make sure the material is corrosion-resistant so that the fruit does not get contaminated by rust.

How to choose the Best Avocado Slicer?

Video Transcript:

What’s going on guys and welcome back to a video that is long overdue for the second annual kitchen gadget testing if I remember correctly the first installment of this was well over a year ago I still had a bunch of more gadgets to test and I just haven’t gotten around to doing them but today is the day people I’m feeling extra motivated this week kind of pump out some videos also because I didn’t do a Buzzfeed test this week and I feel bad so let’s get into it I think.

I’m gonna start with what I’m mostly expecting to work properly and then gradually get to the more far-out ones now upon review you may not know what this is and I honestly forgot what this was – I had to go back on Amazon and look up what it was supposedly these are pepper cutters either that or like an eyeball gougère I’ve got some peppers here I’m gonna give it a whirl that’s well why are their holes in this can somebody tell me what that means – I have worms in here or something I think I’m gonna start with the big one should I wash these first and that’s alright Wow hi either I’m very weak or all these gadgets just suck oh you got a little bit of dirt.

In there going on but that actually worked pretty well I’m surprised how intact the core stayed here – Wow the real question here is can you use it to cut yourself some slices I was fully expecting this to fail what that worked dirty overall I’m very impressed I assume this is for like smaller peppers jalapeno stuff like that not too bad up second today is this thing I should probably unwrap these before I go you know how this guy may look like a finger slicer but supposedly this gives you very nice strips of carrots I don’t really understand what you would use this for well nothing because it’s not working I think this is just like a carrot sharpener.

So then you could use them as projectiles and stab people in the heart with them see oh my god that actually looks dangerous like watch out what would you do with thinly sliced carrots like salad purposes maybe oh it’s actually working now I actually have to take back the fact that it doesn’t work it actually works as advertised slightly I just don’t really know the use for them oh I don’t know I don’t like this what is this there’s a whole other little gadget on the side here what’s this for I want to use it, oh well the thing you have to remember always with stuff like this is even if it works it’s still a nightmare to clean these things carrot slicer by day.

Popeyes pipe by night the inside works as advertised I don’t know what the purpose of this guy is either way that’s gonna be a nightmare to clean third up on the list today is something I have seen before I feel like it might be the most commonly used thing out of all these gadgets I’ve tested the avocado Senor smash I don’t know what this little green sticker means does that just mean like it’s good for the environment healthy either that or I am very slow and it just means.

It’s a green utensil look at that marketing now tag me in taking a bow control now a lot of you guys might know this but I do not like avocados I think they just don’t agree with me I cannot eat them and like not having issues shortly after if you know what I mean all right so step one I believe is to cut all the way around I’m already impressed with how well that little plastic part cut step number two twists haha that’s a good-looking avocado to step 3 and what I’m most scared of doing Oh God, oh no it’s just tearing up the pace it’s already bent my tooth no you were doing so well it’s just not gripping it’s just tearing up that Center hey there it is torn up pay oh my god.

It’s completely been I’m not gonna try to fix that and then slice my finger open in the process no thank you and I think the last thing is just to try to get some slices in here I’m scared to do this and ruin everything here we go everything’s like gotten so slimy and impossible to hold on to okay in this thing’s defense I don’t believe that this avocado is very ripe maybe it is all of you avocado lovers at home are absolutely cringing in shambles right now yeah that’s not gonna work I’m gonna blame this one half on the gadget half on an unripe avocado even though that peeled really easily what a mess this table has had hundreds of strange substances.

Smeared onto it get your mind out of the gutter last and maybe least we will find out the Kiwi cutter now you may wonder why I left this for last and it’s mainly to do with the packaging because I’ve been dying reading through it it was very clearly manufactured by somebody who English is not their first language cut insert rotating whatever something has it easy with five exclamation points be wary here’s the directions cut with the attached knife two kiwi fruit into will this product at the center of the kiwifruit after the center of the insert until.

The skin edges Oh so this is two parts looks like a little shark fin going along you’re supposed to cut this in half mess and then stick this whisk part in the center which is not very stable who might I add oh maybe it might work and then once it’s all the way inserted rotate oh boy oh no did this fail completely no let’s try this half the problem with this I think is that you need and almost perfectly shaped Kiwi that one was actually a lot better and then it leaves you a little drink when you’re done with your hard work I am trying to rag on these to be funny this one is actually not too bad I think this parts a little bit pointless though I just love this packaging.

It’s so funny witty delicious kiwi fruit I’ve never heard a food item described as witty before I do have to admit these worked out a lot better than I imagined they would also a lot better than the first round if you guys want to see more videos like this or if you have suggestions how to make these videos better leave it down in the comments for me don’t forget too that subscribe.

Button if you have not already I think I just sliced my finger open no but seriously let me know what you guys think of videos like this don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you don’t already oh they do not have an awesome beginning of your week I will see you right back here next time peace yeah and without the egg cooking burgers and my money super lazy try making them tonight me trying to supersize my life for my age yeah I wasn’t wavy but we had.

What type of blade is suitable for slicing avocados?

The thinner the blade, the stronger when slicing avocados. You’ll notice that you’re less likely to mash the avocado when slicing, resulting in a crisper, cleaner result. So, go for a thinner blade for easy slicing and getting the perfect uniform shape.

How to Cut an Avocado at home?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone welcomes back to my channel I hope you guys are ready for another healthy tip Tuesday video today’s video I’m going to be showing you guys four ways to cut an avocado this is highly requested so I thought I would do this as my second healthy tip Tuesday and pretty much for this video you’re going to need some very ripe avocados I have three large avocados here and how you’re going to know if they are ripe is you’re just gonna have to press your fingertips in a bit and if they do press in and they’re not rock-hard then normally the avocado.

Is ready to be used and then you can also take off the little stem on top and if it’s kind of a green or like a bright yellow color then normally it’s good if it’s dark you don’t want to find that avocado so if we’re going to take our avocados and the first one I’m going to show you guys is how to keep your avocado I use this a lot in my recipe video so you probably see me do it many times but I thought I would just give you a refresher so you’re going to start by cutting around the avocado I’m just to cut it in half and you can just twist it and normally it opens up quite easily like.

So and then you’re just going to kind of take the edge of the knife here and stab this seed that’s in the middle of the avocado and twist it and then I just kind of push it off like so just so you don’t cut your fingers when you’re trying to take it off and then you’re just going to cut it lengthwise into the meat of the avocado and then you’re going to cut it with wise if that makes sense um so I’ve done this before a lot of times like I said and it just what’s going to give you the perfect cubes for your avocado so depending on how thick or thin you want your cubes.

You could just kind of adjust it when you’re doing this and I’m just going to do the other half next using a larger spoon you want to just kind of follow around the skin of the avocado and all the little cubes will kind of just fall into a bowl and whatever you have underneath and I just love this technique it’s super easy and it just makes like the avocado look like you spent a lot of time cutting it when really you took about two minutes to cut it so I love this recipe and it’s great for when you want to mash up your avocado such as in guacamole now for the second a way to cut your avocado this is to cut in Forks now you’re going to do the same thing.

That I just did the other avocado you’re going to cut around the seed and before you twist it open you’re actually going to cut it the other way as well so you’re going to make a little cross at the top and cut down both sides and it’s gonna do something really cool in just a second but yeah you’re just going to cut around I’m making sure to kind of hold the avocado together so it doesn’t fall apart and you can’t really see but I have a little X at the top now here’s the fun part you’re going to twist it open so as you see one side is already in half.

And then you’re going to twist again this is probably one of my favorite techniques because it looks really fun and then you can just push out the seeds so if you don’t want to do that nice technique this is the way to do it this is good for do you have kids helping you and this makes it so easy to peel your avocado so if you’re going to do you know avocado sushi or something like that you can definitely use this technique and then you just slice up the avocado thinner if you’d like or you can store it or freeze it for smoothies on this which is a great alternative.

And it takes two seconds to cut like this next I’m going to show you guys how to thinly slice your avocado so you’re just going to the same thing cut around your avocado this seems to be the go-to way to open up your avocado and for the third time I’m just going to twist open my avocado, it’s just oh I love opening an avocado and knowing is perfectly right so there’s nothing worse than opening one and it’s still unripe in cuz you’re not patient enough but I’m just peeling off the skin and I don’t know if you guys saw but I scored the outside of the avocado.

Just so I didn’t hit the flush and that way it makes it really easy to peel off and then I’m just going to thinly slice and you just kind of want to hold the pieces down or they will kind of follow your knife as you lift it up and I’m just gonna slice away until I’m done or if used up all the avocado and that’s what it looks like when you are done now a trick for your avocado did not turn brown as quickly is to just sprinkle or squirt a little bit of lemon or lime juice anything citrus.

It Will help it from going brown this also works with bananas now the fourth option is to do a fanned avocado and this looks a little bit more gourmet and fancy so once again I just scored the outside of the avocado and I cut it the same way like I did the other ones and you’re just going to peel off the skin because you don’t need that part it’s not edible so I’m pretty much just going to start cutting lengthwise.

But not cutting all the way through I’m just cutting you know about I’m leaving about ten percent at the top of the avocado uncut and then I’m just smashing it down it’s so easy it looks more complicated than it is but and then you have this really cute fanned avocado look this is really good to kind of garnish your plate if you have scrambled eggs in the morning this would go perfectly with it so those remind four ways to cut an avocado I hope you guys enjoyed.

In this recipe, I learned some new ways to cut an avocado that I did know before this is why I love these videos because I learn as well, and hopefully you guys films like I said in this video helpful and let me know down below what other healthy tip Tuesday videos you would like to see thanks so much for watching and be sure to check my last video and I will see you guys in my next video have an amazing day bye.


The best avocado slicers are made of rust-resistant, long-lasting materials. The slicer should be easy to clean and operate and have an ergonomic design. Furthermore, the best avocado slicers are multifunctional, allowing you to cut, pit, and slice the avocado with just one tool.

Unlike other fruits, avocado is rich in health benefits, making it a healthier food choice for those seeking to lose or maintain weight. Avocado is also considered to have a variety of health benefits, including high potassium, fiber, and antioxidants, which can help lower cholesterol and lower cancer risk. Given the health benefits of avocados, it’s not surprising that people include them in their meals as much as possible.

This necessitates the use of the best amazon avocado cutter in their daily lives. Choosing the right avocado slicer, on the other hand, can be difficult if you have no idea what you should be looking for. But we are sure that this guide shall help you understand more about the usage and features of an avocado slicer.

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