Best Backpacks for College Students in 2021

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Are you a student who is fed up with lugging around heavy backpacks?

Is it tiring to drag your heavy backpacks around the college campus every day?

Why not replace your bulky backpacks with something more comfortable!

You may be wondering why you need a backpack rather than some form of carrier. Because carrying heavy loads the wrong way strains your back, neck, and even shoulders, a good bag has health benefits such as avoiding back pains and headaches. A backpack provides storage and protection for your valuables, such as your laptop and books making carrying stuff around easier, which makes learning more fun.

It’s important to invest in a convenient, long-lasting, and versatile backpack! I promise you won’t be sorry you put any money in your backpack. This will ensure that it lasts for the remainder of your college career, saving you money in the long run and that you are happy all day.

Buying Guide for Best Backpacks for College Students in 2021

Most of you have probably struggled to find the right backpack for college. Previously, backpacks were only used to transport objects. However, today’s prototypes are more realistic, fashionable, and intelligent than ever before. The days of backpacks being confined to schools are long gone.

Today’s backpacks are designed to meet the needs of people from all walks of life. They have a more rugged, tough, and yet elegant appearance. There are so many features, fabrics, styles, and sizes to choose from when it comes to finding the right college student backpacks for college life that deciding which backpack is best can feel like a daunting and exhausting challenge.

It’s one thing to hit the books, but carrying them around campus all day is quite another. Since you already have a lot of responsibilities as a college student, make sure you have the right backpack for your needs. Backpacks for college students are made to fit all of your textbooks, electronics, and other belongings. They can also help you save time, so look for lots of well-placed compartments and unique features like USB charging ports and headphones.

Most significantly, college backpacks are aesthetically built to make transporting them fully loaded around campus as simple as possible. You’ll need the right bag for your needs, and it’s a good idea to look over this extensive list of the best backpacks for college students that we have prepared so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Features of the Best Backpacks for College Students in 2021


There is a different form of backpack available for each and every need in today’s world. A large mountaineering backpack is required to climb Mount Everest, while a regular backpack will suffice to carry your school books. So, when you’re shopping for a backpack, make a list of everything you’ll need to carry. An office bag can require laptop compartments as well as specialized stationery and paperwork compartments,.

while a single compartment drawstring backup is much better suited for an extra pair of gym clothes. If you plan on carrying heavy loads, invest in the best large backpacks for college. Make sure the bag has enough space to fit anything you’ll need. The rule of thumb is to look for the backpack’s functionality rather than its appearance. Choose the right type of backpack from the above models to suit your needs.


The user-friendliness and comfort of any product are the most important features. As a consequence, choosing a convenient backpack is important. It’s also vital to select a backpack that’s proportional to your body for daily use. It’s not worth it to pull around a bulky backpack that hurts your shoulders. Adjustable and padded straps equally distribute the weight of the contents, reducing shoulder muscle pressure. For sweaty weather, back padded ones with air vents are important.


You should secure your things, as well as your bag, from the elements. It’s a smart idea to get a backpack with extra padding if you’re going to take your laptop to school or work. Other delicate components are also covered by these pads. If you travel often, anti-theft backpacks for college girls can be extremely useful. Is it raining heavily every day? Purchase a rain-proof backpack with a rain cover. Is it hot outside? Purchase one with back air vents. Before you buy something, make sure to check the warranties.

Pockets and Compartments

You don’t want a bag that only has one big compartment. You want to keep your belongings organized and accessible in addition to transporting them. If you’re going to be carrying a laptop, look for a bag that has a laptop compartment (or carry your laptop in a padded sleeve).

Make sure you have the right size laptop bag by looking at the size listed on the bag. Next, think about the miscellaneous things you’ll be transporting: pens, notepads, sunglasses, a water bottle. You’ll want to make sure there’s enough room for anything you’ll need. To help prevent loss in the event of a spill, an external water bottle pocket is a good idea.


Backpacks are an investment because they last a long time. Purchasing non-durable ones, however, would be a complete waste of money. Look for good stitching and well-attached handles and straps to the main bag. When you put the bag down, a thicker fabric or even rubber on the bottom will help it stand up to being dropped or scraped on the ground. Water-resistant fabrics (with a flap of fabric over the zippers) can help keep your gear clean and dry under any weather, even if you don’t intend on being out in the rain.

Long-term quality is based on reliability and design, which can have a big effect on how long your backpack lasts. The fabric and material makeup of the best backpacks college, the frame it is mounted on, and the consistency of the stitching process, which helps the backpack retain its shape over time, are all factors that contribute to its durability.


Before you start packing a bag made of bulky materials, it will be heavy. Heavy bags can be a burden and can have several health issues. You’ll want something that’s both light and sturdy, which is typically synthetic fabrics.

Mobile Friendly

Although having a bag with enough storage capacity is necessary to ensure that you can transport all of your belongings, it’s also important that you choose a bag that’s mobile-friendly and doesn’t have a lot of wasted open space.

USB Charging

A charging dock should be attached to the backpack so that you can charge your phone when on the go. These backpacks are perfect for traveling since they keep your phone charged at all times.

Thus, even while traveling to distant places, you can use your phone as much as you want.


Although a visual check will give you an indication of how durable a fabric is, the denier is what you want to look for. A higher number indicates a more durable weave. This is an indicator of the density of the fibers used to produce the cloth.

Cotton (or cotton canvas) and leather are examples of non-synthetic fabrics. Cotton is lightweight and inexpensive, but it doesn’t hold up well to sweat, scuffs, or tears. Leather, on the other hand, is bulky and costly. Leather may last a long time, but it does take some maintenance to keep it looking good — if you’re going to misuse your bag, leather isn’t the best option. It’s also one of the bulkier choices, which can result in a bag that’s too big to carry.

Straps and Padding

Whatever type of bag you’re carrying, you’ll want wide straps with plenty of padding to evenly distribute the weight. When you’re lugging the bag around for hours, a padded back will make a heavy load feel a little lighter, and vents along the back (most common on backpacks) can help draw heat away from your body.

If you’re carrying a heavy load, a waist or sternum strap for college student backpacks is important. Look for similar straps on messenger bags for balance and weight distribution. All straps should be simple to reach and change for the ideal fit, and they should remain firmly in place once you’ve achieved it. It’s also a good idea to have a handle on the top of the bag so you can quickly catch it.

If you’re carrying a heavy load, a waist or sternum strap for backpacks is important. Look for similar straps on messenger bags for balance and weight distribution. All straps should be simple to reach and change for the ideal fit, and they should remain firmly in place once you’ve achieved it. It’s also a good idea to have a handle on the top of the bag so you can quickly catch it.

Tech Features

For the modern tech-savvy student, a bag with the latest tech features might seem like a good idea, but these add-ons increase cost and bulk. Though high-tech bag features can be useful, stand-alone gadgets such as chargers are likely to be less expensive, and you can bear them even if you don’t have your whole bag with you.

Reflective Materials

Look for a bag with reflective materials or straps if you’ll be walking or biking at night, particularly near roadways. If it doesn’t already have these features, consider adding your own reflectors so you can be seen in the dark.

Water-resistant material

You could be caught in the rain at any point during the semester, so Make sure the bag’s exterior material is water-resistant so that your belongings inside stay dry and wearable.

These backpacks are usually made of water-resistant materials like nylon and polyester. Bear in mind that water-resistant isn’t the same as waterproof, so try to keep your waterproof backpacks for college dry by restricting your exposure to the elements. Whether or not your bag is completely waterproof, make sure it is semi-waterproof so that it does not get soaked even if a small amount of water is sprinkled on it.


Lockable zippers have become more prevalent in today’s bag designs. It’s preferable if your bag has one, but don’t worry if it doesn’t. Simply inspect the zippers for consistency and make sure they are up to par. They should be greasy and smooth.


It’s crucial to understand how the company can back up its bag if anything goes wrong. Some bags also come with a lifetime warranty, making them an outstanding purchase.

Available Prices

Setting a budget and sticking to it is a good idea. Backpacks are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a wide range of prices. As a result, finding one that suits your budget is easy. A standard best backpacks for college students with laptops can cost as little as $20, while a high-end pack can cost up to $200. Expect to spend about $50 on a nice bag that will last you many years. Expect high-durability products, a well-thought-out design, and an outstanding warranty if you’re looking at packs in the $100 range.

FAQs for the Best Backpacks for College Students in 2021

Is it appropriate to wash the backpacks?

Yeah, backpacks can be washed by hand or computer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Your backpack can be washed with water and a mild detergent. The waterproof college backpacks are much easier to clean.

What is the average lifespan of a backpack for college students?

Backpacks will last for years depending on the quality and materials used in their construction. A high-quality, water- and dust-resistant backpack can last longer and withstand more wear and tear. This makes it more robust, allowing you to use it for longer periods of time.

How do I ensure that the backpack I'm purchasing is authentic?

Original backpacks have distinctive features such as much better logos, materials, and thickness that you can note. Initial best backpacks for college students with laptops are typically much more costly than knockoffs. Make sure you only buy from certified retailers.

What's the best way to keep odors out of my backpack?

Remove the contents and let them air out for several hours in a well-ventilated environment. If that doesn't fit, you can use fabric refresher spray to revive it. Some sprays deodorize efficiently, while others help mask odors while they dissipate.

Are there any backpacks with refrigerated snack and drink compartments?

This feature is only found in a few high-end styles, and even then, the compartments are usually very thin. A lightweight insulated lunch bag or a reusable water bottle with a freezer stick are your best options.

What’s In My College Backpack?

Video Transcript:

oh my god I’m already sweating didn’t even start filming yet what’s up you guys it’s Hannah welcome back to my channel and welcome to the third annual what’s in my college backpack slash school supplies haul video I cannot believe this is already my third time doing this video I seriously feel like I started my youtube channel like five minutes ago before we get started I just want to make a disclaimer that I don’t go here not that anyone thought that I did if you didn’t see my last video I did a little vlog well the vlog was actually long but part of it was me school supply shopping at target.

so you’re gonna be seeing the things that I got there in this video obviously back to school this year looks very different and truthfully I have no idea what this semester even holds for me as of right now my school is planning on reopening and doing in-person classes I know a lot of people whose schools have either gone completely online or they’re doing a hybrid type of situation where some classes will be in person some will be online all of my classes are supposed to be in person and canvas is supposed to be opening back up so that is why I’m making this video because I am actually planning on using my backpack and physically going to school.

the good thing is I’m a commuter student so I don’t have to worry about living on campus or anything I’m probably literally just going to go to school for a class and then come home and do all of my homework and everything here I’m going to be a senior in college this year which it’s just weird to say I felt the same way when I was a senior in high school I was like oh my god I can’t believe I’m a senior like where is time gone but now I’m a senior in college so um all right so let’s get into it and I am going to show you guys what I keep in my backpack.

my essentials this is my backpack I got this last year this is the classic backpack in the extra-large size I guess and the color is ASHRAE I’ll put the link that I used in last year’s video down below because that’s the one I just clicked on to figure out what this was called I have no idea if they have this color anymore but that’s the kind of backpack that this is I love this you know if it’s not broke don’t fix it so I did not get a new one for this year especially.

because I don’t even know what the hell is going on or if I’m gonna have to go back online halfway through the semester like it was just not happening there are two main compartments where stuff goes this little front one and then the big main one and then on the sides, there are these two pockets my only complaint is that my water bottle which you will see is too big to fit in here so I kind of wish that they had the like mesh pocket with the elastic that stretches out more that would be really convenient so let’s get started with the front pocket the things that are in here are smaller things that I grab for a lot of first things first the first thing I’m seeing is this okay that actually doesn’t show.

you what it is at all I started making my own masks for the square because once I got the email saying that it was required for us to wear masks on campus at all times I was gonna go and buy some but I’ve bought a bunch of masks in the past a couple of months and I never can find one that fits me perfectly so I just decided to make my own so that I could customize it to my own face so this is just one of the masks that I’ve made so far this really cute speckled pattern so we have this and then with all the masks that I’m making for the square I am making matching kind of like tote bags because obviously I’m going to be wearing this while I’m on campus at all times but when I’m in my car like going from school to home or something I’m just going to like throwback my backpack.

but I didn’t want to just throw the mask itself like into my backpack because I don’t know I feel like it’s going to get dirty in there and I don’t want to have something that’s picking up dirt from my backpack then putting it on my face that’s just very unsanitary if you ask me I don’t want to do that so I decided to make cute little matching bags in the same patterns I don’t know I thought it was a cute freaking idea next this is my favorite gum it’s the orbit bubble mint another obvious one and sanitizer got this little one from the target I always have hand sanitizer on my backpacks regardless but especially right now this is extremely important I think I will get into this next.

this little pouch because these two things that I have to go in this pouch I just kept them in the packaging for dramatic effect just for the sake of the whole but this pouch my best friend got for me and in it this is kind of like an emergency kit I guess so we have an extra scrunchie an extra just normal hair tie I have a few of these hair clips in case I need them you know a tide stick this is extremely essential I don’t go anywhere without a tied stick because I am a very messy person and I always end up somehow like spilling something on myself some band-aids.

you never know when you’re gonna need those I keep this lotion this is shea butter hand cream from bath body works my hands get really dry really fast and it irritates me so I like to always put lotion on I keep a couple of these in there these are Neutrogena makeup wipes and they’re always going to stay fresh because there’s only one in these packs so I just have a couple of these I don’t know in case I would need them and then lastly I have this mini deodorant because one time when I went to the temple I forgot to put deodorant on before going to one of my early.

classes and it scarred me so I have kept deodorant with me ever since so that that never happens again so then a couple of new things that I bought that are just also going to go in this pack that I like to keep with me I always have some type of pain medicine pretty sure last year I made the comment that this is for all the headaches that college gives me but it’s always going to be accurate I got this from the travel section at Target that’s literally one of my favorite sections in the entire store because there are all these mini versions of stuff that’s also where I got the deodorant too and then chapstick this is my favorite kind of chapstick the Aquaphor lip repair it’s the best one so that is all that is in my little kind of emergency pouch and then the last thing I have in this front pocket is just a mechanical pencil I always have at least one sitting in this pocket that’s just really.

easy to access so that’s it for that pocket and then moving on to the main pocket first thing I see is my water bottle like I said this thing’s kind of big so it doesn’t fit oh my god wait for a second no it doesn’t fit are you kidding me my only complaint is that my water bottle is too big to fit in here you mean to tell me that ever since I got this water bottle I’ve just been putting it in my backpack because I thought that it was too big for the side pocket is that what you’re telling me well you know what that’s good to know so that I don’t have to stick it in the main pocket anymore because that was kind of inconvenient anywho this is my water bottle the way.

I love this water bottle is I didn’t even think I could ever be so obsessed with something the color iconic this is the lilac color it’s a hydro flask it’s the 40-ounce wide mouth with flex cap I just love that it’s huge it keeps my water cold I like to have a cute water bottle because it makes me feel more motivated to use it I guess we’ll be putting that in the side pocket now thank god moving right along this is my pencil case it actually came with this backpack yes this is from Herschel used it all last year in here I obviously keep pencils pens I’m using the same ones that I have had I think I bought this sophomore year maybe but I have colored pens because I like to color-code my classes in my planner so that I can like to look at it and know by the color which class it is I have a whole video on my college organization tips and I’ve talked about this method in a lot of videos.

so I’ll try and find them and link them down below if you guys want to see how I keep myself organized but these are the paper mate enjoy gel pens and then I always keep a sharpie and my favorite black pens are the pilot g2s so I have some of those in there every year I buy new pencils even though I really don’t need new ones I just feel like it’s a rite of passage at this point it’s just something I have to do these are actually different kinds than I usually get the big sparkle ones but this time I decided to switch it up and I got the big mechanical pencils with these rubber grips on them seemed kind of fun I kept this in the packaging.

again just for the sake of the haul another thing that I got that I’m gonna be putting on my pencil case is this pack of big highlighters, there are 12 in here and I actually really needed new highlighters because mine were really dried out I’ve been meaning to buy new ones so I just decided to get this pack of them I’m really excited about them if I have cute supplies that I’m excited to use it motivates me obviously to use them and therefore to be organized and be productive so that’s pretty much everything.

that’s going to be in my pencil case and then this will be my third pouch in my backpack but it’s the final one so bear with me is this pouch these are my Copic supplies for this semester so let’s dive into what we have in here first off we have more face masks okay I got these ones at CVS a while ago if I ever forget one or if somebody else like one of my friends forgets a mask and needs one I can give them one especially because they are all individually wrapped like they’re obviously sanitary they haven’t been opened so if anybody needs one you know we’re in this together is my philosophy we’re all in this together next these are some Clorox disinfecting wipes so that I can wipe down my desk area I can wipe down anything that anyone else could.

have touched that hasn’t been cleaned it’s better to be safe than sorry also to wipe down like my laptop my keyboard all of that kind of stuff and then surprise prize another thing of hand sanitizer this one I picked up at target the other day I couldn’t find any plain bottles so I just got this star wars one you never have too much hand sanitizer the last thing that’s in here, for now, I’ll probably be adding to this are these wipe sets specifically for your phone these are from chastity I’m pretty sure that with every purchase you get a box of 10 of these for free so that’s really really nice because it’s important to clean your phone and I feel like it’s something that a lot of us at least myself I overlook that even though my phone is the thing that I probably touched.

the most there’s a wipe to sanitize and then there’s a wipe that’s dry just to get off any excess dirt and that’s it for what’s in here for right now like I said I’ll probably be adding to that another thing I kept in the package just for the haul this is just a pack of tissues four packs so I’m probably gonna put one of these in here as well and then I usually keep a pack of tissues in the front pocket too just in case I need to grab for it really quick all right so my notebook this is a five star five subject college ruled notebook I swear by these typically take five classes if I’m taking more classes I’ll buy like a single subject notebook to add to this but I like to use just one five subject notebook I can write notes for every single class in here I put tabs on the top for which section is for each class so I can easily flip to it and I just keep this with me at all times the amount of paper.

that is in each section is enough for me for my notes that I take for each class for the whole semester each section has this divider folder so if I get papers for that class I can keep them in here so literally everything is in one place this is just a plain white one actually but I put this wallpaper on it I had this leftover from when I did my bedroom office makeover video I decided to put it on my notebook because I thought it would be cute and then for overflow papers because I always have at least one class where they give you a ton of papers like literally a forest worth of papers for no reason always.

one every semester I just keep a folder this was like 50 cents from the target I only use the plastic ones I do not like the paper ones because they always rip this main compartment of my backpack is kind of split into two so there’s obviously the big section where all my books and whatever go and then there is this pocket here in the back where I presume your laptop is supposed to go at least that’s where I keep mine I don’t know what the hell else would be for this is the same laptop that I’ve had since I was a freshman in college it’s the MacBook Pro 13 inches 2017 model my laptop case the pink plain case is from amazon and then the stickers that I got are all from redbubble.

also in this pocket I keep a phone charger I always like to have a spare phone charger and if I am going to school and know it’s going to be a long day I’m going to be there for a while I bring my laptop charger too sometimes I bring my hard drive if I’m going to edit at school I keep that back there that brings us to the final item in my backpack and my favorite out of everything out of all school supplies this is my favorite thing to buy every year my favorite thing to use my planner buying a planner for the year is the most important thing that I do to prepare for school the most important the number one most important for the past couple of years.

I’ve gotten my planners from tj maxx because they do have quite a lot but I looked in the planner aisle at target there were so many to choose from the variety was literally astronomical I ended up finding this one and I fell in love with it so let me show you the brand is day designer it is a weekly monthly planner so this is what it looks like really enjoy this muted neutral color and also I liked that the accents were gold I just thought that it looked really nice it is lined with white and then it has gold polka dots and there’s also a ruler in here I can’t even tell you the amount of times that I have just needed a ruler at random moments so the fact that it comes with one is really nice there are all these stickers anything that’s really important you want to stand out you can use these stickers that they provide and they’re gold they’re very pretty we have overviews of 2020 and 2021 and then once you get into the months there is a month overview I love that it has a notes and to-do section where you can write stuff and then check them off I also love and it has the tabs on the side there’s another planner that I was looking at at target but it did not have the tabs on the side.

so it was a deal-breaker I need to have these and then getting into the weekly spreads I have never had a planner that set it up like this when I saw this I instantly fell in love with it so it obviously has the day and the date and everything and then there’s a side where you can write whatever it is you need to do that day but then there’s a whole to do a section where you can write stuff and check it off I’d like to at the beginning of the week go through the entire week and figure out what tasks I need to do and assign them to different days so that I can make sure that by the end of the week everything that I need to do is done so it’ll be so nice to be able to put stuff like that in the to-do section instead of just having it mingled in with everything else that I have written for that day but that is my planner for this school.

a year and I love it I love the way that it is set up I’m really excited to use it it’s gonna make me feel super organized save this for last because that is my favorite part of school supplies shopping that is all in that pocket and that brings us to the end of this video that is it for what is in my college backpack for 2020 and also my school supplies haul this has been my third installment of this video thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope that you liked it if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up if you’ve stayed until this point in the video comment down below.

I’m a real one because you’re a real one if you want to see more videos from me make sure you hit the subscribe button I post a new video every single Sunday and if you forget that I post a new video every single Sunday or if you just want to get notified exactly when it goes up no matter what time of the day it is then making sure to turn on my post notifications it is the little bell icon so that you get notified every time I post a new video and yeah I think that’s it I hope you guys all have a wonderful rest of your day and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye.

  • Do I need a rain cover for my backpack?

It depends on the location’s weather and the contents. A rain cover is not mandatory if you live in a hot climate where it seldom rains. If your backpack isn’t waterproof, you’ll need to invest in a rain cover. Your best backpacks college would be able to keep your belongings dry without the need for a rain cover if it is water-resistant.

What You Really Need In Your College Backpack?

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody welcomes to my channel my name is Becca if you’re new here I go to the University of Arkansas and I’m a minimalist today I’m going to be sharing with you all the things in my college backpack all the school supplies I carry as a minimalist alrighty everybody this is my backpack I’ve shared this before but it is just the Herschel one I don’t know what size but it’s the one that has two pockets on the side I like to carry my water bottle around campus and so it’s nice for me to be able to stick it in the side pockets so that was something really important for me I’ve had this for years love it speaking of water this is my water bottle.

I’ve had this since freshman year it’s from target um yeah it’s really dented really scuffed up and it’s still checking I’m not gonna replace it until it breaks so I’m gonna start with this main pocket first things first is my laptop this is the laptop that I got when I graduated high school got it for college um it’s a dell this laptop is nice because you can like to flip it around and it can become a tablet but honestly that feature would only really be useful.

If I could use it as an ipad and write on it but you know it’s doing its job it’s a little broken has a few little issues but other than that you know it’s still going I’m saving up for a new one because I know that any data this thing is going to crash on me um so I’ve been saving up to get a mac hopefully have never had a mac we’ll see how that goes next in here is a folder I have one folder because I occasionally get loose sleep papers and I just need somewhere to put that I also use this to hold any flashcards I make because that’s the little flash card pocket I think I’ve had this folder since freshman year as well next I have this journal I got this from target last year I’m really trying to use all of my journals completely before I get new ones and so this one is a little over halfway full ish um but I really like to use this just to brain dump I use this a lot to plan youtube videos.

It’s kind of just my idea journal random things it might end up being retired because I do have a new planner that has a lot of space in it for notes and so I might be able to put this on the shelf and bring it back down at a later date when I need a notebook but we’ll see right now it’s staying in my backpack next is this notebook this is just a spiral notebook I actually have four of these but they’re all just kind of the same thing so I didn’t feel the need to pull them all out but I have four classes that I take notes in and so I have four notebooks and the reason I got there as they’re 100 post-consumer waste recycled pages they’re printed with soy ink.

And they’re made in the USA so they’re not just like your typical five stars um also they all have like a different cute print which is something that we all did in middle school we had like the notebooks with the cute prints and I missed that I thought that was fun and so I decided to get a cute print notebook that was like a little bit more mature so it’s fun it’s nice like the inside is like cool I don’t know so I’m really excited to use these but I just have four of them and they’re small like they’re not a huge notebook which is nice because.

I’m not somebody who has ever filled one of those five subject five-star notebooks as I’ve never filled one of those completely and so my goal this year is to buy a smaller notebook that is more eco-friendly so that way I do use all of the pages and it’s not going to waste next is my planner I wow I splurged on this was a tough purchase for me this is something I had to be very intentional about um I’ve used a planner since high school I’m somebody who needs to write things down but there’s never been a planner that I loved and there’s never been a planner that I’ve been consistent about using this plan is really thick.

I honestly didn’t think it would be this thick but it was like a 50 customized planner and I made this purchase because if I’m gonna spend the money on a planner and if I’m gonna add this item into my life it has to be something that I’m really going to use and I’m really going to love and it does everything I needed to do which is something that I probably wouldn’t have done before I was a minimalist and so this new mindset of really only adding things that serve a purpose and like genuinely help me in my life this was one of those items that I had to be really specific about it’s the student version from plum paper so I won’t go into detail about this if you guys want a plan with me feel free to comment that down below and I’d be happy to do one for you guys.

Oh next is my laptop charger, yeah and then the last thing in this main pocket is my pencil pouch I’ve had this pencil pouch since freshman year it’s fine and dandy does the job this was one of the first places I reduced as a minimalist was in the pens and pencils that I owned this is a really big one for a lot of people a lot of us hoard pens poured pencils we really don’t need to just keep track of your two you know so that is my policy is two and so in here I’ve two highlighters different colors for different things two sharpie gel pens which were a recent purchase of mine I have two erasable pens which I like to use for situations where somebody might want to use a pencil but I hate pencils so I use a pen and then I have two more random things.

These are random because this is my one pencil in case I ever need it like a scantron or something and then this pen um it’s just cute and I like the way it writes in my bible so I keep this in here because it’s good for those pages I also just have this one little pack of small sticky notes one of the flaws on my current laptop is that like the trackpad and the mouse don’t really work really well so I have a Bluetooth mouse and then I also have my AirPods and moving on to this pocket right here first thing is some gum that’s all I have to say about that I like chewing gum next is some headphones these are plug-in headphones I have these because we’re doing remote classes.

Now and if I’m ever out and about doing my class online or watching a video in my AirPods die that would literally be the worst thing ever so I have these as like a backup emergency thing but these are so old I have some blue light glasses I have a couple of pairs of blue light I have these and then I have my favorite ones which sit at my desk which is where I use them the most but I have another pair if I’m like at a coffee shop.

And I notice my eyes are hurting I might throw them on a hair tie because you never know and some chapstick cause you never know um but that is everything in my backpack I do have more post-its and flashcards and pens and things like that at my desk I try to keep my backpack pencils and things like that separate from my desk ones that way I know where everything is I keep track of it and I can also make sure I’m keeping those at a low number this video is probably gonna be really short because I don’t carry a lot and I don’t think you need to carry a lot I’ve definitely reduced since the last time I filmed the school supplies video but I hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching make sure to like and subscribe and follow me on Instagram bye y’all you.

How will I know what backpack best fits me?

To decide which backpack is best for you, consider the things you plan to carry inside the backpack. This will help you imagine the size of the backpack you need.

This bag is for you if you are an old-school lover who wants a bag to match your retro fashion statement, but don’t expect too much in terms of storage space or comfort.


On-campus, we’ve all had those painfully long and exhausting days when we don’t even have time to eat. Finding time to sprint back to our dorm or apartment these days is almost impossible! We can’t just leave the classroom in the middle of class to get a fast snack or a calculator for your next test.

That is why keeping your sanity and relaxing your mind throughout those long and painful days requires carrying the college backpack essentials. The right college student backpacks will last for years if you find the right one, but finding the right one is crucial. We’ve made the process a little simpler for you by including some aspects to keep in mind before purchasing backpacks for college students.

We hope this guide was helpful and would help you finding you the best backpack for college students.

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