Best Baby Lotion for Newborns in 2021

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Do you feel baffled in deciding the right type of lotion for your newborn?

Don’t you have enough knowledge about the baby lotion brands you should go for?

Want to gift the best baby lotion for newborns?

No matter what your requirement might be, we have you covered.

Well, we indeed take the risk with any kind of product to measure its effectiveness. However, the same cannot be done with the skin of newborns. Their skin is delicate and sensitive, thus can be affected easily with a single mistake.

So, we have come up with a few knowledgeable points that will guide you in getting your baby’s right product.

Buying Guide for the Best Baby Lotion for Newborns in 2021

Here you will come across a few specs you should be considering before buying the best baby lotion for newborns. These points are quite mandatory to be considered if you don’t wish to risk your baby’s skin at all.

The Skin Type of the Baby

Just as you are highly concerned about your skin type before purchasing beauty products, the same has to be done with your baby. Before buying the right lotion for your child, you have to find out about your kid’s skin type.

Let us head up towards the different baby skin types –

  • Dry Skin –

If you see chronic redness and itchiness on your baby’s skin, then he or she has dry skin.

  • Normal Skin –

If your baby’s skin doesn’t dry up after bathing, then it’s the normal skin that your kid has.

  • Sensitive skin –

Just by touching your baby’s skin, a red patch or your hand’s prints can be seen, then it is the sensitive skin.

There are different lotions available for different skin types. It is recommendable to choose the right lotion for the baby. Don’t go for the creams used by your friends or relatives for their baby because a wrong decision can let your loved one suffer.

Don’t get attracted to ‘100% Natural.

Well, why did we say this? Is it wrong to go for natural products?

Don’t worry! It’s magnificent to go for natural products. Still, it is quite essential to be cautious while choosing the natural lotion for your kid.

Obviously, there are hidden chemicals used to prepare a lotion, be it for a baby. Thus, you should look through its ingredients and instantly search for unfamiliar names. This will give you an image of whether the best whitening lotion for babies you choose is ideal for your baby or not.

Should it be With Fragrance or Without Fragrance?

Do you know that the fragrance in the products is due to the added chemicals?

Well, don’t be shocked!

If you were using the scented baby products, it is high time you should avoid them as it will affect the baby’s skin to the maximum. However, it’s your call ultimately.

After all, if you want to protect your baby from allergies, you can use the unscented products until they are around 6 to 7 months.

Watch Out for the pH Balance

pH balance matters a lot for sensitive skin, especially for a baby. For the baby skin, we advise you to go for ph balanced body lotion. These lotions don’t affect the skin in any way.

However, suppose the lotion has a high or low pH balance. In that case, your baby may likely face dryness, irritation, and most probably acne issues.

Thus, while deciding the lotion, go through its pH balance on the package. If it is not listed there, then Google will definitely help you out.

Tested by Dermatologists

Do you know there are fake brands around who fool you with their unnatural products just for your money?

If you didn’t know about it, then it is time to upgrade your knowledge.

As the baby’s skin is quite fragile, soft, and sensitive, you cannot use any body lotion for baby skin that isn’t dermatologist tested. Dermatologist tested means that the product is personally tested in the lab and ensures its safety.

But how to know that the lotion is tested by dermatologists?

Nowadays, people are quite cautious about cosmetic products, and so are the manufacturers. To ensure the quality, manufacturers have now labeled ‘Dermatologist tested’ on the lotions’ packs.

Condition of the Skin

The skin condition doesn’t mean that it is good or bad. It indicates whether the baby is going through any skin issues, be it an allergy, rashes, or eczema.

According to the condition of the skin, you are requested to purchase the lotion. Different lotions are available for various skin issues.

But wait! There is one mistake that most parents make.

They mistakenly consider every skin issue to be the same. The moms use the lotion for rashes on the skin, which is infected with eczema. This will not sort out any problems but give rise to other skin issues.

Active Ingredients

Every lotion is prepared with different kinds of ingredients. Thus, you have to study them all. Maybe your baby is allergic to some type of herbs. Using the baby lotion on face newborn with the same herbs your baby is hypersensitive to will not suit him at all.

Thus, have a look at the active ingredients while going through the features of the lotion.

Gentle on the skin

The lotion to be used should be gentle on the skin. It should make the skin soft, supple, and comfortable.

Further, it should not be thick enough that it takes time to get absorbed. It should instantly get soaked on the skin, making it hydrated for a longer time.

Free from Dyes, Paraben and Phthalates

Alcohol and other harsh ingredients such as soap are prone to cause allergies and irritation on the skin, which is quite much to be handled by a baby on his skin. Thus you must ensure that your lotion shouldn’t contain dyes, paraben, and phthalates.

It has been found in research that the paraben content is found more in babies than adults. So, you can now imagine how harshly this chemical can infect the body of babies.

However, for phthalates, you won’t find the exact name in the ingredient portion. Thus, you can search for the word ‘phalate’ and, if found, leave that product right there without a second thought.

Should be Hypoallergenic

Do you know what hypoallergenic means in a cosmetic product?

It means that the lotion is free from the best chemical free baby lotion that can cause any kind of allergies. Thus, for infants, it is something you should look for. The gives you the safety that it is 100 percent safe for your baby’s soft skin.

Primarily meant for the Babies

Many people out there apply adult lotions to infants’ bodies because it won’t affect the baby. But here you are going wrong! You are risking your baby’s life with hazardous this.

The lotions made for adults have harsh chemicals that cause acne and blemishes on your face, as you might be facing right now. On the other hand, the lotions meant for babies are only meant to moisturize the body without reacting with the skin.

Thus, you should always go for famous brands for baby products such as Johnson baby lotion.


Ever purchased a product that had cost moderate and offered less quantity?

Well, you might have never done this, and here too, you shouldn’t do. The famous brands offer the right quantity at a reasonable price, which seems adequate to the purchaser. You should always look for its weight and design. It gives you a complete idea about the quantity of the cream present in it.

This way, you will be saved from getting looted by greedy manufacturers.

Expiry Date

Products meant for physical use should always be used under the expiry date, be it a baby lotion. Do not think that baby lotions are entirely natural, so can be used even after the expiry date.

The expiry is given after some chemicals react with each other and affect the skin if applied. Thus, be cautious! Further, you should avoid purchasing good quality baby lotion which has their expiry within a few weeks. It is the sheer wastage of money.


Baby products are an essential item. Thus they don’t cost much. You can get a bottle of lotion in a few bucks. But remember, to save money, don’t go for unknown brands.

It is prudent to go for the brands which are known and appreciated by the users. Such brands are not only trustable but also offer the product at a pocket-friendly range.

On the other hand, to get the best lotion for newborn skin, you shouldn’t go for expensive brands. It is because they are also offering the same thing as compared to other brands. It is only the brand name that adds hundreds of bucks to the product’s cost.

FAQs on the Best Baby Lotion for Newborns in2021

Do babies need lotion?

Babies are born with sensitive and perfect skin. They generally don't need any additional moisture on their skin, so there is no need to apply lotion. However, if you feel that your baby's skin is going dry sometimes, then you can use the creams only in the required area.

But remember! You should go for unscented lotions for his or her skin. Even after changing the diaper every time, you can use the cream. This will protect the skin from catching redness due to the wetness.

However, to remove the dryness, you shouldn't make your baby bath too often. Bathing frequently is likely to increase the dryness and the habit of applying lotion, which will affect the skin's softness.

What's better – baby oil or lotion?

Taking care of the newborn's skin is quite delicate as it has to be done with proper care and caution. This is usually done by keeping the baby's skin moisturized and free from itchiness or dryness. But what to use – baby oil or lotion?

Baby Oil – It can only be used as a massage oil. It doesn't absorb in the skin, thus cannot be used as a moisturizer.

Baby Lotion – It adequately moisturizes the skin of newborns. However, you should use it in small quantities on the baby's skin.

Thus, if you want your baby's skin to be soft and free from irritation, you should go for the best baby skin lotion rather than oil.

Is baby lotion safe for baby's face?

The newborn baby's skin is so delicate to touch. But his facial skin is more delicate and thin, especially when you compare it with a 1-year baby's face.

Thus, in such fragile skin, you shouldn't use a lotion that is 100 percent meant for the babies. However, even the baby lotion shouldn't be used frequently on the skin. It increases the chances of dry skin soon.

However, you can use some of the lotions on the lips to remove dryness.

How often should I put lotion on my newborn?

For the baby's skin, especially the normal skin, there is no need to moisturize it regularly unless necessary. However, the doctors recommend moisturizing the baby's skin regularly. If you feel the same, then go for the lotions that are free from fragrance and PAMAS. No PAMAS means No Paraben, No animal ingredient, No mineral oil, No alcohol, and no soap.

Using such kinds of best lotion for newborn skin protects your newborns' skin from future infections and allergies.

What’s the best baby lotion for newborns?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone we have a four-month-old baby it is wintertime in the midwest and we have been struggling to find the perfect lotion and we finally found the one that we love the best but I thought I would talk about the four that we tried Burt’s bees nourishing lotion the original one earth mama angel baby natural nonsense baby lotion the shea moisture 100 virgin coconut baby oil lotion and a vino baby so ideally, we don’t want chemicals or perfumes or parabens are all that stuff.

But the first one we tried was from the target and this one taste smells not tasted smelled kind of like diaper rash cream it’s not a very pleasant smell and it’s kind of a thicker lotion and what I noticed myself personally was that I did not want to put it on me that my hands were getting very dry and I didn’t want to put it on me and so that’s a sign that I probably shouldn’t put it on the baby either and it just didn’t seem to work it did my baby was still, super dry I didn’t have any effect now the non-scented earth mama has a really nice creamy texture.

But it smells like glue where this mine smells like glue I don’t know if we got unlucky and maybe we got some old earth mama but when I read the reviews some people said glue and some people said it smells lovely so I don’t know if maybe it expires this smells like glue or if that’s just some people like the smell of Elmer’s glue this stuff we got at Walmart and oh my gosh it smells wonderful and it worked wonderfully on the baby wasn’t very expensive but the perfume and it just adds up & before you know.

It’s your baby smells stronger than a perfume the store I looked on their website because I was hoping for a nonce I was curious if they had one that has all the same properties but no fragrance I couldn’t really find a good match but they don’t advertise this one for babies it was in the baby aisle at Walmart it’s got a giant word baby on it but baby the lotion is a thing that doesn’t necessarily mean it goes for the baby I asked a question on their website of the can.

I put this on my baby and they did not respond it worked really well as I said but if you apply it twice it’s the smell is super strong the Aveeno baby was recommended by my doctor as well at my baby’s doctor as well as a friend of mine who has multiple children she said that this stuff works the best for her its guy I think I said something about oatmeal in its fragrance & paraben-free fat-free pediatrician recommended which is funny.

Because ours was recommended by our pediatrician it has worked really really well the consistency is nice and creamy the the the smell doesn’t smell bad it’s not it’s a pleasant smell and it doesn’t buildup on the baby’s skin so out of those four, that’s the one I would recommend that’s my two cents have you found a magic lotion for your baby.

I’ve actually thought I’d a couple of other ones but these were the four big ones that I tried I’d be curious if you found a magic lotion other than that one what do you love what do you use and why thanks for watching the video.

Which is the best time to apply the lotion?

As you know that the baby’s skin is sensitive and more prone to get irritation and acnes if no care is taken. Thus, it can become necessary for you to apply good quality baby lotion to your baby’s body and face. But, do you know that there is a specific time for its application?

Yes! The right time to care for a baby’s sensitive skin is just after the bath. This keeps the body hydrated, and there are fewer chances for irritation to arise.

Video Transcript:

Hey guys welcome to the channel it is your girl and I came back with another video so if you’re new hi this is blue okay thanks for stopping but yet another video as you guys can already tell by the title of this video I will be sure with you guys best lotions that you can use for your baby’s also your teenagers and I’m also gonna be sharing with you correct me body lotions that are safe for your kids organically made well Bo would dive right into this video if you’re not yet subscribed to my channel sit stop doing the most hurry Ingalls subscribe to my channel.

And let’s dive right into the baby in tonight’s video like I said I’ll be sure with you guys fighting oceans that you can use for your babies your newborn babies yourself as a mother and your teenagers also lotions that you can use for right name your teenagers can also this luscious are gonna come with dry skin dig what I’m singing period I wrote a few of these lotions down so that I don’t forget I might be looking down a bit you know like just to get what I’m trying to say you dip warm same number one lotion that you can actually use for your newborn babies.

Even to your teenagers is the birth of these baby lotion so I’m going to be leaving a picture of this lotion on the screen right here so that you guys can actually get an image in your head as to helping you guys purchasing the right thing I’m talking about number two lotion that we gonna be talking about is Cetaphil baby Dino guys this lotion is actually the bomb if you don’t know anything about Cetaphil set up though is actually very very good brand as the skincare product.

They have a lot of ranges of skincare products that you guys can actually try bit like a mother also as a baby I’m also happy that they already have something for the babies and this Cetaphil in daily low shake I actually got to know about this daily lotion from my mom’s friend and then she’s using the slow ship for her baby you need to see how good this motion is I don’t even have to say too much I don’t even need to stress this just go and get it from but three low shakes.

What we’re gonna be talking about is the sera I don’t know if is Arab or survive but if they wanna say a periods Saurabh baby moisturizing lotion sera baby motion resolution is an amazing product you guys should go get that lotion and it’s good for your baby skin it will help with dry skin also help moisturize your babies again when you give it to a newborn baby.

According to my research babies always tend to have dry skin what I’m saying so need a moisturizing baby lotion that you can always use for your baby and also yourself if you’re somebody that actually suffers from dry skin and you’re looking for a good moisturizer lotion and will not harm your skin you can also use your baby solution as well it is not too because it is the baby only reason why it is called a baby lotion.

Is because the ingredients for Mueller has been broken down to the point where it is suitable for a baby’s skin a newborn baby’s skin did when I’m singing period another Lauren talking about is the app-v no baby lotion you guys have no idea as to how much I love a video product this brat I love them so much like when it comes to even things that they produce for us like we are a door to did what I’m saying I just love the way those people actually produces the body lotions they have the sentence they have the unscented.

And so well they have their body wash your body soaps so you can actually always try a vino product you can try this branch that I can testify to this branch that my mom had used it for my sister it was really really amazing for us camp you have so many varieties chair butter can always pick up the Aveeno Brad, not a lotion this one is actually very popular this lotion is actually very good the Johnsons baby lotion is an amazing lotion.

Can always use it for yourself as well actually trust the justice because it has been there for longer periods of time and the best one is the one that it did that is meant to calm your baby and help them to sleep better Mitylene a picture of that explosion all the lotions I’m talking about I’m gonna be living it on the screen take what I’m saying now let’s move on to the brightening lotion this lotion I do not recommend you using this lotion.

For your newborn babies although I’ve seen a lot of mothers I was wrong with you using brightening OSHA’s and lightening oceans from any motions on your small you want baby sponsee baby was like just let it shine it is black color stop doing that I don’t know just that this lotion the reason why I’m recommending this motion or prescribing whatsoever this lotion I can testify to the solution you can also use it as an adult if you’re not looking for all those harsh industrial right knees back lotions for yourself it can always use this lotion.

Alongside your teenagers, I strongly recommend this lotion for your teenagers baby so number one lotion that helps in retinol your skin at the same time it is very organically made and it’s safe for your kid’s body-safe to use for your teenager skin as the Viets code brightening teenagers body lotion this lotion actually helps in brightening your skin it contains tea tree oil avocado and honey that is the reason why I love this lotion.

My teenage sister is actually using it at the moment it brightens your complexion it doesn’t bleach your skin fitt looking for what is gonna bleach was tried skin this is not it in the video for you probably just go watch another video of mine so don’t even bother using it and start thinking that you’re gonna start bleaching baby skin I thought about to recommend you over actually bleach your baby skin now I’m not gonna do that my sister period the solution actually helps in moisturizing your body especially in those teenagers they’re always suffering from dry skin.

You can use this it’s called brightening body lotion tea tree oil which is a very good oil and avocado which is a very moisturizing oil also honey what is it brightening agents – brightening your skin of your kids a second lotion we’re going to be talking about is lilies kids and teens brightening I mean I love this one in particular because it is organic as well you can always use this for yourself also for your kid which is like your teenager, not your newborn baby don’t use baby that is not what I say I didn’t say blue nose like never said that.

So if you did you were on your own capsicum you’re hearing me so anyway the reason why I love this body make is that it is fortified with multivitamins and this is an amazing body lotion very good snow you make your child smells really nice it has SPF 15 which is the reason why I love this lotion the most because as much as even if your baby is already very complex from birth you still need to be protecting your skin with the SPF aka the sunscreen intake when I’m saying period this lotion already has SPF 15 which will help in protecting your baby’s skin so that is the reason why I even love to associate they also have your milk body soap as well and their body wash as well just your preference if you’d like using bar soap for your kids or body wash.

For your kids it just depends on you not me as your choose this actually also helps in brightening your skin complexion helps with dry skin moisturizes your skin and brightens it at the same time the last lotion they’re gonna be talking about is kids and more moisturizing organic body milk this also is an amazing product you can always see this in your online store Julia conga cosmetic stores you get you did what I’m saying so you can always say this lotion everywhere it’s a very good lotion but you have to be careful that you don’t get the feed because these lotions are actually very good and very safe to use for you teenagers.

This lotion it’s formulated with loads of vitamins and also it brightens the skin this product also smooth things and soft into your body it is safe to use and it’s organically made and I can testify to all of the facts you think what I’m saying anyway this is the lotions that I wanted to introduce to you guys for your kids and the reason why I decided to do this video is that some of my subscribers have been coming to GME it acts to be the best lotion for your kids and that’s the reason why I’ve decided to do a food dedicated video I share with you guys.

Lotions you can use for your newborn babies and at the same time brighten your skin and moisturize it at the same time you got it so anyway just do me the favor I have done you the favor of sharing with you guys my knowledge so do the favor bye-bye you get what I’m saying this is contra my channel if you’ve watched the end of this video and you’ve not yet subscribed to my channel I don’t know what to say we’re not enemies so just subscribe and join this baby girl I also know my kids give this video a huge thumbs up and I’ll see you guys in another awesome upload.


Infant’s skin needs to be kept hydrated and moisturized all the time, be it when they bath or get their diapers changed. It is because their skin is quite sensitive and active enough to catch bacteria and infections. Hence, it becomes mandatory to get the best baby lotion for newborns.

To get the right lotion, you can surf the internet, considering people’s choices and advice. Rest, it all depends upon your newborn’s skin type and condition.

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