Best Anti-Aging Night Cream for the 50s in 2023

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Are you still searching for a cream that can give you a firm face overnight?

You are in your 50s, and the wrinkles and blemishes are ruining your face’s natural glow look?

If you are in your 50s, we guess that nothing can work better than an anti-aging night cream. But why only a night cream? We understand that this question will definitely strike your mind.

Anti-aging night creams are a better option than day creams because it works effectively when the body is at rest and not exposed to sun and dirt. It works overnight and reacts effectively over the areas, which are a must for attention.

However, all-night creams don’t work the same. Each night cream has its own property, which makes it a compelling choice for purchase. But there are hundreds of them available, so, which one to choose?

OK! We can that picking the right one can be a baffling situation for you. So, we have prepared informative content that will help you decide the right one for you.

Buying Guide for the Best Anti-Aging Night Cream for the 50s in 2023

Anti-aging night cream comes with tremendous benefits. It is –

  • It gives a younger look to the skin with time.
  • The wrinkles are reduced to the maximum, and the skin gets a refined look.
  • It protects the skin from flaking.

There are way more benefits of using anti-aging night creams, but these are the most common benefits you can get from maximum creams. However, their purchase isn’t an easy task.

You have to go through several things such as quality, components, skin type, and many more. Once you are through it, you will get a suitable best anti-aging night cream for the 50s for yourself.

But who will go through different places to find the information? We know you might be thinking the same. Thus, here we have a helpful guide which will explain to you a sure big thing about the cream and purchase the right one.

So, let us have a look.


Be it any skincare product, what matters is the quality indeed. Even in anti-aging cream, the quality acts as the foremost thing because you can never compromise with your facial skin.

Thus, before you decide to apply some kind of cream to your face, ensure that you purchased one of the standard qualities.

But how to determine the quality of the night cream? The quality of the night cream can be determined by overviewing its ingredients, the benefits it guarantees, and most importantly, it is brand.

These three are the main things to be considered and are likely to provide you with the best results with continuous use.


The primary purpose of the anti-aging night cream is to make the skin look younger, healed, and beautiful, with typical signs of aging with time. At the age of 50s, the skin’s pores loosen, wrinkles start to appear, and the blemishes increases.

With the best anti-age cream, all the skin-concerned problems go away, making it look healthier and glowing at the same time.

Anti-aging cream is actually purchased to look younger than before. The main aim of anti-aging cream is to moisturize the skin and prevent it from several damages that our skin is exposed to. However, the cream acts best when the buyer is aware of his needs and skin type.

There are hundreds of brands that cater to every customer’s needs and skin type. Some creams promise the consumer better blood flow, glowing skin. In contrast, others provide customers moisturized skin without making it look oily or greasy. Therefore, before making a purchase, one should know the skin type one has.


Before making a purchase, it’s essential to consider the advantages of using a particular product.

The best anti aging night cream has several advantages. The first advantage is to fight the signs of aging and to get youthful skin. Besides, it regenerates the skin, boosts collagen properties, and moisturizes the skin. It also protects the skin from several external damages that our skin faces in our day-to-day life.

Some companies come with additional benefits in their cream, such as removing dead skin cells, decreases the spots on one’s face, and tighten the skin. However, one should be cautious while purchasing anti-aging cream as it can also harm one’s skin. It can cause skin allergy and affect the cells of the skin.


The main components present in anti-aging cream are retinol, a vitamin A compound, and Vitamin C that protects one’s skin from sun damage. Another is peptides that reduce stretch marks, wrinkles, and wounds.

In some of the best anti-aging creams for the 50s, you are likely to find grape seed extract heals the wound because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, Hydroxy acid gets rid of old and dead skin cells. Niacinamide improves the elasticity of the skin, and CO-2 enzymes help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Lastly, these are essential components that should be present in anti-aging cream and help get young, glowing skin.


At the age of 50s, one should take extra care when it comes to skin. One should keep it hydrated and apply suitable the best night cream anti aging to the skin.

A cream that contains retinol and peptide is recommended. It helps to keep skin glowing and happy. Therefore, one should take care of one’s skin at this age and make skin happy and glowing.


There are thousands of products available in the market to suits every consumer’s pocket. The company manufactures cream to cater to every customer’s needs.

The price of the cream varies from highly-priced goods to low-priced goods. There are several companies available in the market that strive to sell their products. It is made possible due to liberalization and globalization that result in intense competition and consumer satisfaction. The products are not as expensive as before.

Besides, the consumers have a wide variety to choose from. Therefore, consumers should purchase the cream that suits their budget and skin type.


There are many brands of anti-aging cream on the market. A brand isn’t everything. However, it is essential. If you purchase the best anti ageing night cream from a renowned company, you will access more information about that particular skincare product.

Another essential advantage is that one can go through the company’s review section before purchasing the product. The reviews are usually written by those people who already purchased the product. Therefore, one can get a clear glimpse of what one wants to purchase. Hence, one should try and buy a cream from a particular brand.


Before purchasing any product, one must go through the review section of the company. It is not only in the case of skincare but in any kind of goods.

The reason is that the reviews are written by the customers who have already purchased their product also buy for Teens. They give their honest opinion about the particular commodity. So, one can get a clear picture of the product one intends to buy.


Usually, the anti-aging cream is for a particular point in time and expires after a specific duration.

A consumer should always check the manufacturing and expiration date before purchasing a skincare product. The main reason is that applying skincare products after their expiration date may cause harm to the skin and harm the skin.

Therefore, customers should take into consideration the manufacturing and expiration date before purchasing a skincare commodity.


As far as skincare products are concerned, they should be safe to apply to the skin. Sometimes, it may harm the skin that may result in a long-term impact. Therefore, the customer should purchase an aging cream for sensitive skin that does not harm the skin or causes any kind of itchiness or allergy.

It should make skin moisturized, glowing, and young, thus, reducing signs of aging and wrinkles on the face. Therefore, one should pay proper attention while purchasing a skincare product.

FAQs for the Best Anti-Aging Night Cream for the 50s in 2023

How can I reduce wrinkles to 50?

There are several ways to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and get glowing skin even in the 50s.

Firstly, one needs to switch to a healthy lifestyle that can enhance the skin glow. Secondly, one should apply the best night cream anti aging and sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Thirdly, one should limit sugar intake or cut out smoking.

Besides, one should wash the face regularly and avoid ultraviolet light. One can also use coconut oil to reduce fine lines. Some people use makeup to hide their wrinkles, but natural ways to get rid of wrinkles are better.

How to choose a night cream?

Choosing a perfect night cream is a pretty critical task as a wrong choice may let you pay a thousand bucks to get rid of allergic reactions. Thus, a few things have to be kept in mind. They are:

  • Age
  • Purpose of Purchase
  • Skin Type

Also, one more thing to consider is purchasing a fragrance-free night cream as it doesn't come with chemicals. Further, the cream shouldn't be thick enough. Otherwise, it will clog the facial pores.

How can I tighten loose skin on my face?

Loose skin is expected at the age of 50s. Most people use aging cream for sensitive skin to get rid of wrinkles and dark spots and make skin healthy and glowing. It also keeps the skin hydrated, nourished, and tightens the skin that has become loose due to old age.

Another way to tighten the skin is to apply lemon juice that is an excellent vitamin C source and builds collagen.

It enhances the process of reducing smile lines and other wrinkles on the face and neck. Many foods help to tighten the loose skin, such as bananas, papayas, yogurt masks, green tea. One can also use lavender essential oils and grape seed oil.

How can I look naturally?

There are hundreds of ways in which one can take care of the skin and look younger. For instance, one can bathe at night and apply scrub for 2-3 minutes. Secondly, one should exfoliate the skin to eliminate dead skin cells, thus, leaving behind glowing skin.

Thirdly, one should apply the best anti aging night cream for 50s skin daily to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Another tip is to take complete sleep and reduce stress levels. Besides, one should quit smoking and drink plenty of water, eat healthy fats, and cleanse skin daily.

These steps can help one to reduce fine lines and to look young naturally. You can also increase the intake of vitamin C and limit sodium intake in food to get healthy, glowing skin.

How can I improve my skin at 50?

Generally, at the age of 50, our skin needs special attention. Signs of aging are caused mainly by genetics, ethnicity, and sun exposure. Thus, a few steps should be taken to protect the skin and improve it within time.

Firstly, one should keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. At the age of 50, anti-aging cream is essential as our skin is exposed to several harmful substances that can wreck our skin. Thus, to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots, it is essential to apply the best anti age cream suitable to the skin type.

Secondly, one should also increase consumption of aloe vera as it helps take care of the skin, keep a check on stress, and switch to a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, these are some ways one can get healthy and glowing skin even in the age of 50s.

What is the best anti-aging skin care routine?

Video Transcript:

I am taking you with me to shop for anti-aging skincare products that you can incorporate into a complete anti-aging skincare routine I promise you I’m going to keep it simple and approachable all focused around affordable products that you can pick up right at the drugstore and these products work you’re going to love your results if you can just show me some consistency with this routine so in this video all opinions are my own.

This is not sponsored in any way the products that I am recommending to you today are based all on just my own opinion and my personal use with these products my expert recommendation as a board-certified dermatologist and my experience using some of these products for my patients in my own private practice dermatology clinic and I further make recommendations on products based on my research into the brand the company the ingredients and the product and the way it’s formulated so are you ready to start building your own anti-aging skincare routine I am let’s do it I’m Marin Locke and I’m a board-certified dermatologist when I’m not seeing patients in my private practice dermatology clinic you can find me here on youtube.

Where I teach you how to transform your skin on a budget I simplify skincare for you so that you can get real results without the hassle so please subscribe to my channel hit that notification button so you stay up to date on all this premium content your skin will thank you now when you walk into the drugstore you are going to be super overwhelmed by all the choices and the marketing on these anti-aging products is out of control but this is how I am going to make it super easy for you or my four pillars for the foundation of your skincare routine number one you need a collagen-building product so in our 20s we start to lose one percent of collagen per year.

And some of us will lose even more depending on our environment and our lifestyle habits loss of collagen leads to saggy skin crepey texture and wrinkles so a collagen-building product will really plump the skin back up and make you look more youthful second protection you must protect your skin from excessive UV sun exposure because this will really break down that collagen even more rapidly by wearing sunscreen you will reduce this damage and prolong the youthful and healthy appearance of your skin if you ignore this step we really are just going to be spinning our wheels one step forward with our collagen-building product and one step back from.

All the sun exposure third you need to repair and maintain the health of your skin barrier I am huge on skin barrier health it’s not a sexy topic but it is the most important let me tell you nothing else matters if you have a damaged barrier and you can’t tolerate all these other products so you must focus on this first get it healthy and then you can start a routine after that so this means a proper cleanser and a moisturizer as we age our skin loses healthy components of the skin barrier which makes us more prone to trans epidermal water loss which really dries the skin out and makes it look even more crepey flaky and wrinkled so we must moisturize twice a day to keep this barrier healthy and use a cleanser to remove dirt oil and other damaging environmental toxins.

Lastly, our fourth pillar to an anti-aging skincare routine is brightening up that complexion as we age our skin becomes dull and loses that youthful glow this is because the turnover of our skin cells really slows down with age so we get more buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin so we need to focus part of our routine on the return of our glowing skin knowing these four categories will make it easy for us to shop for products to check off these boxes but before we head inside the drugstore to fill our shopping baskets let me tell you the framework for your simple routine in the morning step one is your cleanser step two treatment product step three moisturizer and step four is your SPF or your sunscreen product four steps in the morning is as complicated.

As it will get but you can condense this down to just two steps if you prefer you can combine steps one and two and use a cleanser that has an active treatment product in it and combine steps three and four and use a combination moisturizer plus SPF product so it could potentially be just as simple as two products in the morning this really just depends on your personal preference your skin type and skincare goals so you can personalize that part for yourself now at night a simple three steps step one cleanse step two apply your collagen-building product and step three moisturize that is it keep it simple if it’s simple you will stick to it and if you stick to it you will get results and you will love your beautiful and youthful skin so let’s go shopping to fill each of these categories with some of my personal favorite tried and true of course budget friendly anti-aging skincare.

Products that you can get all right at the drugstore I’m going to start with products to protect the health of your skin barrier so this would be your cleanser and moisturizer let’s first pick out a cleanser so here is your super quick education about cleansers now cleansers come in two general categories you either have a gentle cleanser that just focuses on cleansing away makeup dirt and oil without irritating the skin that is it or you have a medicated cleanser such as acne washes and glycolic cleansers or exfoliating cleansers for example for starting a new routine.

I recommend starting with a gentle cleanser if you will be following it with the treatment product so you don’t overdo it and irritate the skin right out of the gate my current favorite gentle cleanser is cerave hydrating cleanser this cleanser comes in three options for dry skin I recommend the creamy cleanser for oily skin I recommend the foaming cleanser and then there is a new option available called cream to foam cleanser and that’s really better for combination skin types or normal skin types another great cleanser option is by van cream I love this brand because they have really simple yet effective products this particular cleanser is good for all skin types especially sensitive skin eczema-prone rosacea-prone skin because again simple.

Ingredients and it’s super gentle but you will find it’s very effective at cleansing the skin now if you already have a gentle cleanser that you are using that works well and does not irritate your skin you’re all set that is what you will use for step one next is your moisturizer this is the next equally important part to protect your skin barrier in the morning you have the option of either using a moisturizer with SPF combined versus separated I personally prefer to use a separate product for each of those because it’s more effective that way but I understand for simplicity’s sake that not everyone is going to do that so if you use a combined product you must apply enough that is my caveat so choose a moisturizer that is right for your skin type that works well for your skin there are a ton of great options right at the drugstore but here are a few of my favorites.

First is Neutrogena hydro boost there are two forms of this hydro-boost a water gel for oily skin types and a gel cream for more dry skin types now only the gel cream is fragrance free so that’s important to note if you have sensitivity to fragrance or you just prefer fragrance free products this is a lightweight yet super hydrating moisturizer it has hyaluronic acid in it which really helps draw even more moisture to the skin and really lock it in this is an absolute staple in my own skincare stockpile I give out samples of this to patients daily and I just recommend it all the time I also get great feedback about this product from my patients so it’s one that I re-buy again and again another option that I have been using a lot more frequently and have loved so much.

Is by la Roche posay and it’s their double repair moisturizer now this is truly a workhorse it hydrates the skin so well if you have super dry skin I would really reach for this product maybe instead of the Neutrogena hydro boost because this one is just a little bit heavier on the skin now I particularly love this formulation because it has niacinamide in it which is an important ingredient to really boost skin barrier health and it has ceramides in it again for strengthening that skin barrier in sealing in water to keep it more moisturized so yes it is jam-packed with lots of great ingredients and it still remains lightweight overall even though it’s a cream formulation.

So it’s great for dry skin without leaving a greasy feel and it’s fragrance-free you can also grab a cerave moisturizer either the lotion if you have more normal to oily skin type or the cream for more dry skin so the lotion and the cream are both safe for the face and body so if you are looking to buy fewer products overall that can work in more ways than one these are both great options they have ceramides and hyaluronic acid you will get good results with these moisturizers or if you want to be even fancier you can use what I’m using right now from a survey it’s their skin renewing night cream I use this in the winter when the air is a little bit drier it is a heavier formulation.

It’s still a cream but it actually goes on a little bit more like a balm now it has ceramides hyaluronic acid niacinamide and peptides in it peptides are a newer ingredient that I’m starting to see more frequently in a lot of skincare products right now we do need more studies on this ingredient to really understand its effectiveness and how to best formulate it in skin care but nonetheless I still love this product for its formulation how hydrating it is for the skin so that’s another really great option next is your face sunscreen again choose which one that you like that will work well for you because the best sunscreen is the one that you will use every day now I tend to use tinted mineral options most often but get what works for you and whatever you don’t skip this step because to truly have a great anti-aging skincare routine you need a sunscreen every single day so my newest favorite tinted mineral sunscreen I’m going to tell you guys about is so elegant and very affordable.

I used to always go for the la Roche-posay tinted mineral sunscreen but this one is less than half the price and it’s just become quickly one of my favorite go-to new skincare products it’s the Australian gold botanical spf 50 tinted face sunscreen lotion it has iron oxides in it too which means that it’s great for melasma skin because it will help block visible light and blue light from devices which further prevents aging of the skin now as I mentioned before my other favorite go-to tinted mineral sunscreen option is by la Roche posay now it is super popular and almost every time I go inside to re-buy it it’s sold out it’s easier to find online actually but I love it because it really gives a nice little glow to the skin and this one has iron oxides in it as well there’s a similar non-tinted option if you prefer that it’s also great and it’s usually a little easier to find in person one of my favorite most affordable options is by Neutrogena it’s the sensitive skin face sunscreen Neutrogena.

Has tons of sunscreen options to choose from I actually made a whole youtube video all about their 52 options and how to choose one that’s right for you so check that out so now you are set with the basics a cleanser a moisturizer and a sunscreen use these first for a few days up to a week or so and make sure that you like them and that your skin is tolerating them well and not giving you any irritation and then we will add in the treatment products which is the fun stuff so now let’s talk about those treatment products I recommend for starting a new routine?

That you use no more than two treatment products one in the morning and once at night and start with only one at a time to see how your skin does with this and then you can introduce the second treatment product so the first and my absolute best holy grail of anti-aging skin care ingredients is a retinoid this is by far the most studied and scientifically proven ingredient to reverse the signs of aging because of that it is my favorite product to recommend and to place into my curated skincare routines so a topical retinoid is a vitamin a product that reduces fine lines wrinkles improves acne it can minimize pores helps peel away dead skin fades dark spots and acne scarring and it can even reverse sun damage spots on the face I mean it’s just awesome skincare.

The product I plan to do several videos all about this topic with in-depth product recommendations retinoid myth-busting how to use a retinoid properly and how to incorporate it into your routine so make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so that you don’t miss those when they come out but for now to keep this simple and straightforward I’m going to explain just a few basics so retinoid is a broad term and it encompasses many forms of this ingredient such as retinoic acids or tretinoin retinol adapalene retinol esters like retinal palmitate and retinaldehyde now all of these forms of retinoids can be found in various skin care products presumably they are all effective at building collagen but the most studied is tretinoin or retinoic acid which is available.

By prescription only however there is convincing research on the effectiveness of anti-aging from the other forms such as retinol which you can find over the counter I have a huge and important disclaimer about this ingredient if you are trying to conceive if you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding you must not use any form of retinoid it’s really just not safe in these populations as far as we understand at this time but we do need more well-done research studies to further understand its safety but for now it is off-limits in those groups of people so retinoids are available in over-the-counter forms and in forms that are available by prescription only we will be choosing an over-the-counter drugstore retinoid for this routine because that is the point of this video complete and effective anti-aging routines available entirely at the drugstore and yes over-the-counter affordable retinol products are effective and that is great news the not so great news is that not all retinoid products are created equally and it is so hard for you as the consumer to know what is what the retinoid ingredient is not very stable so the formulation and the packaging really matters.

And because of that, I like to go with brands that have a long-standing history of research and development behind their products because I feel more confident that their products stand up to their claims so as a side note if you are wondering about medical-grade versus drugstore retinol or retinoid products I have an entire video all about medical-grade versus drugstore skin care including myths about this topic so check that out if you want a little bit more in-depth understanding about why I recommend certain products okay so back to the routine.

You will incorporate the retinoid at night some retinoids are not stable in the light and they will break down when exposed to the sun so as a blanket rule I put retinoids in the nighttime routine here are my absolute favorite drugstore retinoids that I recommend time and time again first is by different it is their adaptiline 0.1 gel it’s actually an over-the-counter drug so this product used to be available by prescription only but now it’s over the counter this one is a little bit more regulated than the other over-the-counter retinol options you will see an actual percent listed on this product which is important for some people now don’t be turned away from the packaging of this product which is marketed towards acne treatment but it is also great for anti-aging.

So don’t be turned away because of that this is really a great product second is neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair the fragrance-free option so it comes in a jar but the retinoid is encapsulated so that means that it’s formulated in a way that is stabilized so it’s safe in this jar form I like this one also because it’s in a fairly moisturizing base so it can potentially be a combination product of your retinol and your moisturizer if you want a super simple and minimalistic skincare routine now a newer one that I consider the kind of similar to the Neutrogena option is the olay 24 Regenerist retinol product I love that this product has two forms of retinoid in it it is fragrance-free and again this one is in a very moisturizing vehicle which means if your skin tolerates you can use this as a combination product for steps two and three in your nighttime skincare routine and lastly cerave has a retinol product that is especially great for anti-aging in addition to acne scars.

If you have dark spots from that so pick up one of those anti-aging collagen-building products or use whatever retinoid you like that works for your skin here in this step and last how to brighten up that complexion to restore and maintain that youthful glow so you will do this as part of your morning routine you want to make sure that you are not applying this at night with your retinoid because that can be way too irritating so definitely separate these two out your brightening product in the morning and your retinoid product at night now if you only want to use a treatment product at night you can use these on alternating days so you have two options here you can either brighten the skin with an exfoliation product or with the brightening products.

Such as a vitamin c serum here are some of my favorite drugstore exfoliation products first is survey renewing a cleanser now this is a cleanser that has salicylic acid in it for chemical exfoliation now I have a whole video review of this product because I think it’s really great I talk about how to incorporate it into your routine and who should use it so be sure to check that out if you’re wondering if this is a good product for you so a newer glycolic acid cleanser is the l’oreal revitalift 3.5 glycolic acid cleanser this also has salicylic acid in it now I really love exfoliative.

Cleansers because they prep the skin very well for the products that you put on after it because they peel away that dead layer of skin cells for a smooth texture so that the serums and the moisturizers that you put on after really have much better penetration and work better so another drugstore product I love for exfoliation and brightening the skin is the l’oreal revitalift bright reveal peel pads these have 10 glycolic acids in it now glycolic acid penetrates the skin more deeply than salicylic acid for example so with this product you will notice a little bit of tingling on the skin when it is applied and that is normal to feel the sensation with this ingredient now you don’t have to use it every day for it to be effective you can even just do it a few times a week.

And you will still get great results so for drugstore brightening serums I love to go for a vitamin c serum there are truly some great options you can get right at the drugstore so first is vichy lyft active vitamin c serum now this is a favorite of mine because it has a 15 vitamin c concentration it’s fragrance free paraben free and there’s some great research behind the results of this product okay so if you are new to vitamin c or if you have sensitive skin I recommend going for the cerave vitamin c serum now this has 10 vitamin c concentration in it so it’s a little bit more gentle it comes in a tin tube that is similar to how prescription medications are stored so that really helps a lot with the stabilization of the vitamin c ingredient lastly la roche posay has a vitamin c serum as well I like this product because it also has salicylic acid in it so it’s a little bit of a two in one combination product and also this formulation can help the vitamin c penetrate better however compared to the vichy one this has less vitamin c concentration and it does have fragrance.

But I still think it’s a very solid option to add into your routine especially if you have never used a vitamin c serum before so that’s it that was the last part of your drugstore anti-aging routine I am so excited for you guys to build your own affordable and effective skincare routine to get your skin in the best shape ever so just to make sure after all that info I want you to have a very clear and easy road map to follow for your anti-aging journey and here is where you start to remember my four pillars for your anti-aging foundation collagen-building product skin barrier maintenance protection from UV damage and brighten it up for a youthful glow we choose products to achieve each of these pillars in the morning cleanse brighten protect and moisturize in the evening cleanse build collagen while you sleep and moisturize that skin barrier.

It’s very simple to have fun shopping and picking out your products follow me on Instagram at the budget dermatologist build your routines and tag me I’ll share and I’ll comment on them and you can even use my hashtag the budget dermatologist also over on my Instagram I’m going to be sharing more tips and behind-the-scene use of these products on my stories and saved in my anti-aging highlight so check that out if you are interested in any of the products I mentioned today they are all linked below I will also add some of my other favorite anti-aging drugstore products so check.

It out build your routines and let me know what you guys think and as always be consistent pick a simple routine that you can manage to follow every day and just stick with it you will see the results so take care of your skin if you found this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and make sure you are subscribed to my channel I’ll see you guys soon you.

What is the best anti-aging cream for over 50?

Video Transcript:

Hey there Jeffrey here’s the beauty director and I’m joined by the gorgeous Melissa welcome thank you no we’re here to talk to you all about skincare by age at Sephora we have a lot of skincare options that are available and in this particular video we’re gonna be really targeting those of you that are in your 50s plus now we’ve invited Melissa here as our model to really represent those of you in this particular age range and she has some concerns that we’re gonna definitely recommend some products, for now, there’s going to be some other products in this video but it’s important to remember that it’s not necessarily routine these are going to be some top picks from me to you.

So if you’re curious about how to really boost the energy level in your skin get that gorgeous glow going again and really help with firmness and elasticity in these videos for you Melissa I’d love for you to share with me a little bit of your skin journey or kind of like the relationship that you have with your skin my skin is changing I’m noticing it changing so I’m having to incorporate different products so there’s a few areas of skin that can cause some concern.

Yeah I get like here okay on my chin okay my skin is mostly dry, okay well that’s that tense stuff that sounds pretty like normal I think a lot of people in this age range are experiencing somebody changes as well and you know your skin is an extension of the body right you could be experiencing hormonal fluctuations you know your skin cells are not turning over as fast as they used to so all of this manifests itself in the skin so we definitely have some products to really help with that now I love that you also mentioned that you’re tend to be a little bit oily here may be dry in other places I love that combination can definitely happen and definitely experiencing.

When your skin is experiencing change this is something normal to see okay now tell me what else it’s fine you want your skin to have that snapback kind of vibe okay cool now this is definitely true I know a lot of you in this age range are experiencing kind of like a loss of elasticity like you said that snapback and this is due to your collagen production also starting to slow down think of collagen almost like little springs in the skin that start to give out over time so these are really gonna help to rebuild that resilience and give you that bouncy youthful glow again.

So I’m good great so I’m gonna start with the first product that I picked for you now this is from al Jeunesse and this is called the genius liquid collagen now this is a beautiful serum that’s gonna really fit easily into your routine okay have you used a serum before no okay perfect this is gonna go on clean skin so clean your cleanse your skin with your normal cleanser and you’re gonna take two to three drops of this right into the palm of your hand so you see these little yellow beads in here that’s actually encapsulated vegan collagen so again it’s basically going to help your skin.

To rebuild that resilience and they’re in those little capsules because when you put it on the skin they’re instantly activated you have to feel that go ahead and try that on yep so you can take it to start there in the center love that and any time you’re working make sure you’re doing kind of upward motions and that’s yes that’s gonna help to encourage that lift as well go ahead and grab some for your forehead love it so do you feel kind of like that burst of energy almost really fresh right so also what I love about this product is that it’s infused with microalgae oil and an algae Roenick acid now these are both derived from algae itself but I want you to picture algae sort of floating in the water throughout the day and it’s gathering all that beautiful energy from the Sun and putting it.

Right into the skin so you’re getting that instant glow and radiance along with that collagen for a beautiful one-two punch for dull sort of lackluster skin how does it feel good yeah I’m obsessed with this product it’s really beautiful and I love again that it’s all vegan collagen so it’s really great for anyone to incorporate into their routine now another really great way to support collagen in the skin is to introduce a form of vitamin C into your routine so a really great product from dr. Dennis gross is going to be the c plus collagen brighten and firm vitamin C serum.

So this has 300 this ascorbic acid which is really great for maintaining its acidic properties when it reaches the skin so that way it really helps with the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots so think of this kind of like your BLT of skincare it’s gonna be really great for brightening the skin overall helping to lighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots and then really helps to tighten the skin or make it feel more firm to the touch which is really awesome then you also have a patented energy complex in there which is again gonna really help to boost radiance and kind of clarity overall so your skin just looks really bright and even-toned which I really love so next up is a product that I’m naturally obsessed with and this is from fresh this is the rose deep hydration moisturizer now this is an exclusive limited-edition jumbo size which is really nice now think of this product taking your skin from any texture to the texture of a soft rose petal so kind.

Of that smooth, even hydrated feel and touch like it looks almost sort of matte but still hydrated it’s like really just beautiful the way that it feels it’s got beautiful snow super botanical right always moisturize twice a day muy important so next up is a product that I’m definitely recommending for you now you talked about how your skin is changing a lot this product has patented technology in it that’s really gonna help to kind of get your skin to behave the way it did before you started experiencing those changes so this is from Korres it’s the meno reverse volumizing serum.

And moisturizer which is really cool so this is gonna be in two in one product which I think is really gonna help to fit into your routine really nice as well so it’s basically got your serum and moisturizer mixed together how awesome you can feel that there now you can go ahead and apply that to your face I think you’re really gonna enjoy this one this one’s really gonna help to encourage balance in your skin you said that since your skin has started changing that balance been thrown off whack so I really feel like this is gonna help to rebuild that for you which is really awesome then you have white pine extract in there which is really great for again that firmness and elasticity yeah what do you notice about the texture it’s very soft yes yes now do you wear makeup throughout the day very little okay yes perfect and I actually think that it’s gonna make your foundation behave a lot better for you.

To really help to help it glide on and look super smooth a white pine is not only good for elasticity but it also helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and then also really helps with kind of brightening and dark spots now another thing that you may not have considered is how you’re treating your insides I don’t know do you have a balanced diet do you feel like that’s something natural everybody can write everybody could benefit from a little supplementation right so from the Beauty chef this is the collagen inner beauty boost it’s got a bio-fermented probiotic concentrate that really helps to balance the inside so basically it supports your body’s natural system to produce collagen.

How does that sound, yeah I know and it’s delicious too I’m obsessed with this product it tastes so good yeah good so all you need to do is mix one tablespoon into your water directly give it a little stir, and then you want to drink it right away this next product is another one that I think is going to be great for you Melissa this is from super goop this is the hundred percent mineral smooth and poreless matte screen SPF 40 this is a really lightweight formula that’s also really great for blurring which loves that so you’re getting kind of like a cosmetic effect which is really cool it helps to sort of E those ow you can see on the back of your hand it has a tint yeah is it just one no it’s kind of a universal tone which is really nice it kind of brightens all skin tones which is really awesome so again you’re getting that brightening effect underneath your makeup plus the smoothing.

It’s also got that SPF 40 in there so it’s almost like a primer and SPF and anytime you’re introducing an SPF into your routine you’re protecting your skin from the Sun which prevents sun damage and dark spots so you’re sort of protecting all of that beautiful investment that you’ve been putting into your skin it’s a must-have smooth and light right yeah most sunscreens tend to feel really heavy but since this one’s almost like that primary slip, it’s really great under makeup that’s pretty much it for all the product suggestions in this video.

But we have tons of options Thank You, Melissa, so much for joining us on the channel and sharing your skin story really appreciate it and hope you like the products that we recommend for you so if you have any more questions shout that out on the comment section below and if you haven’t done so already subscribe to the channel so you can catch more videos like this until next time ciao for now you.


Night creams are of various types. Some of the common ones are easy to find in the market. They are rejuvenating night cream, face-lifting night cream, night cream for oily skin, skin-lightening night cream, and night cream for dry skin.

Among these types, you can finally decide upon the best anti aging night cream for 50s type you personally want for yourself. You need to note that each type has a different effect on the skin. Further, they provide an even complexion, reduced wrinkles, better blood circulation, skin clarification, and many other benefits. So, choose the type accordingly for good results.

However, you have to apply a small amount of cream on your face and neck with proper massage regularly for the best results.

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