Best Airless Paint Sprayers for Wall Painting in 2021

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Are you tired of using the same roller to paint your home?

Is your hand aching after using the paintbrush?

Of course, it does. But we all know that using these instruments isn’t just physically exhausting, its time consuming as well.

Not to mention that you can’t get paint on a large area fast with brushes and rollers. So it’s too much work and pain, but not enough returns. However, there is indeed a solution now and that’s airless paint sprayers.

These airless paint sprays are excellent instruments that will give you the neat finish you need. Also, of course, these are easy to use and not physically exhausting.

Not to mention that you can cover a large area quickly with them as well. But before you buy them, know that there are a lot of features and factors that you need to consider.

Buying Guide for Best Airless Paint Sprayersin 2021

Here we have listed all the factors you need to consider before buying an airless paint sprayer:


If speed is the thing you are after, then get an airless paint spray with high horsepower. After all, if your sprayer has more horsepower, then it will spray out the paint faster.

As a result, you will get a thicker coat and be able to apply it faster as well. However, here’s a word of caution- don’t buy a sprayer that’s just too powerful for you to handle. That will just lead to paint and time wastage.

Consider The Purpose

When you are buying your airless paint sprayer, you need to consider your purpose for buying it. For example: if you are buying a paint sprayer for painting the walls of your home, then it’s advised that you buy a powerful one. This will help you cover a lot of areas fast and you will get a uniform thickness as well.

But if you are looking to buy an airless paint sprayer for walls or just a part of your house, then a handheld one will help you get the job done. However, note that the handheld unit will produce comparatively less power.

So, your job requirements will determine the kind of sprayer you need. Large projects will definitely require more horsepower and pressure. But if your paint area is small, then handheld units will help you get the job done nicely.

Cost Of The Equipment

Airless paint sprayers will cost you a pretty buck. Know that each such piece of equipment can cost you anywhere from $200 to $400 depending on the quality and the components which come with it.

But along with the buying cost, you also need to consider the storage space. These machines are pretty big and so you will need a large area to store them.

So if you are just planning on spraying just some parts of your house once, then instead of spending money on a whole machine, simply rent one.

It will cost you significantly less at just $50 to $100. Also, renting means that you won’t have to worry about storage. So keep in mind the purpose you will be using these machines for as well as the budget before buying one.

Power Sources

An airless paint sprayer for the exterior of the house can be powered by electricity or gas. So you can buy the one that suits your needs. But if you are confused, then we are here to help you out:

Gas-powered paint sprayers:

Gas-powered sprayers are perfect if you don’t have any electricity source near you or if the painting job involves you having to roam around large areas.

Electricity-powered paint sprayers:

This kind of paint sprayer is perfect if you have an outlet where you can plug the sprayer in. So for small home-based painting jobs, such sprayers are fine.

As such, before you buy an airless paint sprayer, make sure that you know the kind of power source you will have at your disposal.

Hose Length

Note that your purpose for buying the paint sprayer will determine the hose length you need as well. For example: if you are planning on painting your fence, then you will need a long hose.

Similarly, other long-distance painting jobs will probably need an extension cord or hose that’s about 25 to 35 feet at least.

Paint Volume

Here to your purpose for buying the airless house paint sprayer will determine the volume of paint your will need. So if you have a large project to cover, then you will need to buy a sprayer that can accommodate a large paint volume. For example: having a sprayer that supports 3000 ml to 5000 ml will get the work done for large projects.

This is because, if you have a sprayer that can hold only a small volume of paint, then it will get frustrating to fill up the empty small can repeatedly for large projects. As such, it’s advised that you determine the size of your project and estimate how much paint your will need before buying the equipment.


Before painting, you must have planned out all the different kinds of paint coatings you will be putting on the walls and the thickness they will have.

So know that it is the tip of the paint spray that will determine the thickness of your paint. Also, the tip will determine just how wide the paint will be spread as well as the speed at which the paint will be released.

So, here are the various kinds of spray tips available in the market:

Small tips:

These tips are great if you are looking to carry out only a medium to a light coating job. But note that going for a too thin tip isn’t advised as well. This is because the thin tip will get clogged up soon with paint. Also, a thin airless paint sprayer for cars tip will not give you paint thickness.

Large tips:

These are ideal if you are aiming for block fillers or primers. So if you are looking for thicker coatings, then these are perfect. Also, if you have a large area to cover or are dealing with heavy paints, then these tips are ideal.

After all, if you are using heavy paints then applying them through small tips will result in the tips getting clogged up. So the job will become much harder for you to complete.

Tip extensions:

If you are painting hard-to-reach areas like foyers and high ceilings, then tip extensions will help you get the job done.

Here are some exact measurements of tips that you will need for spraying a variety of painting materials:

  • For shellacs, lacquers, water sealers, and stains use 0.009 – .013 tips.
  • For enamels, the tip range is 0.013 – .015
  • For exterior latex jobs use tips ranging from 0.015 – .019
  • For interior latex work and oil-based coatings use tips of 0.013 – .017
  • Exterior latex paints: recommended tips – 0.015 – .019

Versatility In Spray Tips

We know that people generally need to use different spray tips for different kinds of jobs. So if you are planning on working on a variety of painting projects, then it’s advised that you get a sprayer machine that supports different nozzle types. Generally, you will find airless paint sprayers that are compatible with two or more nozzle tips.

These sprayer tip measurements also generally tend to be 0.011, 0.015, 0.013, and 0.009. So you will be able to use these tips for getting a variety of painting jobs done.

Noise And Replacement Parts

Airless paint sprayers are known to be noisy. So it’s advised that you give your machine a test run before buying. But if you don’t have the time to test it then look for the number of turbines it has.

Know that the more turbines there are, the less noise there will be. For example: if your machine comes with 5 turbines then it will largely be silent. As for the topic of replacement parts, make sure that the company making the airless paint sprayer for walls you want to buy, has made replacement parts as well.

After all, you really wouldn’t want to buy equipment that you will have to throw away after use. So having replacement parts will allow you to repair your equipment when needed.

Adjustable Pressure Controller

No matter what kind of spray tip you buy- big or small, know that it can still be damaged easily after rigorous use. But you can prevent this early damage by buying a pressure controller. With the help of this tool, you will be able to adjust the pressure of your sprayer. As a result, it will last longer.

Gun Numbers

If you are buying and painting a house with a sprayer for completing your jobs at home, then only one will suffice. But if you are planning on starting a painting company, then obviously you will need to invest more.

Ideally, you will probably have to buy the same number of sprayer paint guns as the number of workers in your team.

Protectants & Conditioners

Airless paint sprayers are costly. So you must be looking forward to making them last as long as you can. One way you can ensure that is by using various protectants and conditioners on it.

These coatings will help protect the air sprayer from rust, freeze, and other things that can damage it. Know that you will be able to find these materials in a hardware store.

Extra Wheels

If you are working on a large project, then you will probably have to carry a lot of paint with you. In such situations, it’s advised that you buy a paint sprayer that comes with wheels. This will allow you to wheel it around easily.

But what if you are operating in a small space where you can’t wheel around equipment, yet still need to carry a lot of paint? Then you can get those airless paint sprayers for cabinets that come with a backpack. This will allow you to carry the sprayer you need without needing a large space to operate.

Instructional Guide for best airless paint sprayer in 2021

If you are buying an airless paint sprayer for the first time, then make sure that it comes with an instruction manual. This is because first-timers find it difficult to operate the equipment at first.

So it’s better to have all the information before you use it. But if a machine doesn’t come with a manual, then ask the concerned person if there is any online instructional content available.

Paint Sprayer Protection

Here’s what you should buy and do while operating a house painting sprayer:

  • It’s always advised that you remain cautious and wear protective equipment while operating these powerful and high-speed machines. So along with buying these machines, make sure that you buy eye protection and a mask if you don’t have them already.
  • Also, when painting makes sure to cover everything except the area you are painting.
  • Make sure that you read the instructions thoroughly on operating the machine safely before using it.
  • Avoid painting on a windy day and don’t spray at anyone. This is because the paints contain dangerous fumes and chemicals that can affect anyone’s
  • If you have an injury due to the sprayer tip, then don’t treat it as a minor issue. Know that through the cut, paint toxins might as well have entered your bloodstream. So seek medical help and attention immediately.

How to Use an Airless Sprayer/How to Paint fast?

Video Transcript:

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to use an aIrless sprayer well today I’m gonna show you step-by-step comIng up next hI everybody I’m Leah of See Jane Drill and If thIs Is your fIrst time here can I just say welcome to you we’re a home-Improvement channel we’re begInners are welcome as well now lIke I told you the begInnIng of the vIdeo I was going to show you how to use an aIrless spray gun now what makes It dIfferent than one that requIres aIr well the dIfference Is the aIr and the paInt wIth a gun that requires a compressor It relIes on the aIr to analyze the paInt now wIth an aIrless spray gun It’s dIfferent because well there’s no aIr there’s no compressor so If It doesn’t have aIr then what delIvers the paInt to the surface well It’s pressure tremendous pressure.

That’s forced through a very small openIng so thIs Is I want to show you a close-up of the gun because I want to show you a few features you’re going to need to know before you begin thIs to spray okay now thIs Is a Waggoner pro 170 that I purchased alrIght and all guns are basically the same most of the spray systems that you found If you rent one from a bIg-box store you go out and buy one yourself they basIcally have the same features so all guns should come wIth a safety and what that does Is It prevents you from pulling the trigger that’s what thIs Is that sure trIgger here okay next there’s a hook and It allows you to hook your spray gun up between uses all rIght so you’re not layIng It down on the ground now the next feature Is very Important It’s thIs here what Is It that’s the guard and the reason for the guard Is It’s a barrIer It’s a reminder for you not to put your hand In front of the tIp.

Because what wIll happen Is when you pull that trIgger If your hand Is anywhere near the tIp that paInt Is comIng out at a tremendous force It’s gonna Inject paInt Into your skIn and Into your blood supply the guard Is there to keep you from InjurIng yourself the next thIng Is thIs thIng rIght here looks lIke a key doesn’t It what thIs Is here thIs green thIng that looks lIke a key Is actually the tIp and I’m gonna pull It out of the guard for you so you can see It up close you just pull It rIght out now the reason why you can pull the tIp from the gun Is because dIfferent paInts requIre dIfferent tIps now we’re goIng to be paIntIng wIth a latex exterIor paInt today and the tIp that I have here Is a fIve fIfteen whIch Is a tIp that’s meant for exterIor latex paInt so keep that In mInd your guIde If your paInt sprayer If you decIde you’re goIng to get Into sprayIng paInt It wIll tell you what tIps are best wIth what paInt so let me turn the tIp around so you can see actually where the paInt Is beIng forced out of see thIs small openIng rIght here.

Where my thumb Is that’s the openIng that the paIn Is comIng out of but at tremendous pressure now what we have here Is the suction tube and the return tube of the sprayer we’re gonna take the suctIon tube and we’re gonna submerge that In our paInt and we’re going to make certain that we don’t submerge the return tube so take that we’re gonna place that In our paInt lIke so you want to get somethIng that’s gonna serve as a waste contaIner I’m usIng thIs here and what I’m gonna do Is I want to slIde thIs over to my paInt can and thIs return to thIs rIght here.

I’m gonna place Into my waste contaIner lIke so now we’re ready to prime the system now thIs Is our spray and prIme knob rIght now It’s In the spray confIguratIon what we’re gonna have to do Is we’re gonna have to turn It to prIme so I’m gonna turn thIs to the prIme posItIon now we’re ready to plug In the machIne now In the front of the machIne Is a pressure knob that’s what thIs Is here and we’re goIng to need to turn up pressure on and that’s going to get the paInt flowIng through the tube now I’m gonna set mIne slowly I’m going to turn It slowly once you get the paInt flowIng you know the system Is prImed you have to shut It off okay and that’s what we’ve done.

Now what you do Is you take your return tube and we’re gonna submerge It In into our paInt wIth our suctIon tube now we have to get our spray gun ready what we’re gonna do Is we’re going to remove the safety all rIght so my safety Is off I’m gonna lower my gun to my waste contaIner thIs here just lIke so now I’m going to turn my pressure now on now once you’ve got the paInt flowIng through the gun you’ll want to put your lock on the lock that triggers okay once you’ve got your trIgger locked lIke I’ve got my safety on here It’s tIme to Install the tIp so I’ve got my system prImed I’ve got my sprayer turned on spray I’ve got my lock In posItIon I’ve got my tIp Installed wIth my guard and I’ve got my tIp poIntIng In the correct dIrectIon okay I’ve got the proper tIp Installed for the paInt that I’m usIng so I’m gonna turn my pressure knob up to fIve that’s what’s required for the paInt.

That I’m sprayIng now I’m ready to spray now what I would encourage you to do fIrst Is just take a scrap piece of cardboard and try some test sprays before you commit to the actual project that you’re gonna spray before you get started make certaIn that you mask off those areas that you don’t want to spray paint as I have here I’m usIng waterproof tape you may want to consider the same over here I’ve masked off glass wIndows that I don’t want paint on and I would encourage you again to mask off those things that you don’t want to be covered wIth paInt now what you want to do Is take off your safety lIke I have okay you want to hold your gun 10 to 12 inches from the surface.

That you’re goIng to paInt you certaInly don’t want to whIp your wrIst you want to move your arm consIstently across don’t use your wrIsts to arc the paInt If you’re flIppIng your wrIsts lIke that you’re goIng to get InconsIstent coverage on the surface that you’re sprayIng so just make sure that you lock that wrIst move parallel to the surface, okay lIke so the last thing to remember Is to overlap by 50% don’t just paInt In the drop-down and paInt agaIn make certaIn that you spray and then overlap what you’ve already paId It by 50% and you’ll be fine and we’re gonna paInt now one of the reasons you may want to consider a paInt sprayer Is It makes quick work of paint It’s lIke three to four times faster than If you were to use a roller and a brush thIs Is Leah sayIng you you can do thIs see you next time you.

How to use a Titan Airless Sprayer?

Video Transcript:

This Christy Idaho painter in this video we’re going to show you how to operate an airless sprayer I got an airless sprayer right here this is a small airless sprayer it’s a Titan 440 impact and you either can go get an airless sprayer by rent one at a tool store or a paint store or you can just go purchase your own and identify some of the main keator features on this airless sprayer and what they do and how to go about actually using this thing and so to start off with I got this airless sprayer sitting here and every airless sprayer is going to have on it an on/off switch and so you want to identify the on/off switch and make sure that thing is in an off position before you begin doing anything with it this Titan right.

Here has an on/off switch right there that turns the unit on and makes it so it’s functional this is an electric airless sprayer there’s also gas airless wares but we won’t be talking about the gas right now just electric you’re also going to have some type of knob that controls the pressure right here and this is the pressure control knob and that’s what actually controls the pressure coming out of your gun right here and I’ve got my cord this is what I actually plug the unit into also every airless sprayer and have some type of manifold filter on it that actually filters the pain this one here is a pretty convenient manifold filter that actually unscrews without any tools you can just unscrew.

It right here and it’s got a filter that filters the paint and you want to clean that thing pretty much every time you use it when you’re done operating the machine take that filter off and clean that thing and we’ll just switch this thing around right here this opposite side of this sprayer you’re going to locate a valve and that’s a prime spray valve and this valve right here switches up and down and in the down position that puts it into prime mode and an airless sprayer to operate the machine itself won’t have any air inside the machine and it forces all just paint through the tube if you get an air bubble or something in there you’re going to need to turn it to prime and that will purge the system of all the air out of it when you flip it to the up position on this model it sends it into the spray mode where actually starts sending paint out the gun you also have two tubes.

You’re going to have a prime tube and that’s when you put that thing in the prime mode you flip it down paint’s going to actually come of this tube and this is what’s going to purge any air bubbles out of your machine and so you’re going to flip it once you see all the air bubbles come out and it’s just solid paint coming out then you’ll flip it back up to the spray mode and you’re ready to spray this is your uptake right here this takes in the paint the paint’s going to go in this tube to supply your sprayer it’s got a rock guard on the bottom keeps any rocks or any debris from getting up inside.

The sprayer those are some of the key features of this sprayer right here this Titan 440 impact and now we’re going to show you how to operate this thing those are some of the key features pretty much going to be the same on all airless prayers that you go out there and you rent your purchase so it makes it really simple now to operate this airless sprayer obviously you got to have some pain so got some pain right here and I always like to put my paint in a five-gallon bucket because the paint itself when it’s sitting on the ground it’s a lot sturdier if it’s in a five-gallon bucket because it’s got a lot larger base so I always stick my paint into a five-gallon bucket and I set it on the ground I’ve got this thing on this bench right here to make it easier to show.

You how to run this thing so now I got this thing my paints in my five-gallon bucket all I’m going to do is with my power off thing plugged in I’m going to drop my intake right into my gallon of paint and then I’m going to turn my unit on and it’s going to start taking in paint through the unit right here and also running it through my gun if it keeps cycling and cycling and cycling it’s got an air bubble in it then we’ll actually purge it through this prime tube so got it all set up in my paint I can power this thing on you also want to have another empty bucket to run your paint into or the dirty water that’s in the thing so I’ve got it in the spray position right here so the spray position.

On this machine is up so it’s horizontal instead of vertical so in the opposition now I’m going to turn my unit on the flip that switch I want my pressure down low don’t have your pressure up high so have it in the low position then flip it on now it’s taken in pain is starting to suck it up to here now I can walk it little start it’ll start to lower in the gallon of paint as its sucking it up that can start to see the paint lowering and I’ll start running my gun you can see so run the water now there’s water in the line in the comments below write down here leave your comments and your suggestions what you’d like to see my next video be about and I’m gonna choose it from you my subscribers it’s gonna keep running it – I see the paint coming through here now I got my paint coming through.

And now it’s ready to spray I’ll just turn my pressure up put my tip and guard onto my gun and it’s ready to spray but I’m gonna take it now that I saw water coming through here I’m just going to run a bunch of my pain into my paint pan just to make sure it’s all taped on the tee there we go now I’m going to check my pressure good turn my pressure up to the pressure I want I’m going to screw my tip and guard right on here I’m ready this right if this thing is taking up paint but it’s got an air bubble in it and it won’t build that pressure you’ll just hear it cycle cycle cycle it’s not building the pressure then you’ll just take your prime tube right here stick my prime tomb.

In a bucket hold on to it because as soon as you flip the same to Prime a lot of pressure is gonna shoot through this tube and just want to shoot up in the air and throw paint everywhere so I’m gonna hold on to it put it down the prime oh you can see now paint coming out of it I’ll just perch it like this so I see no air bubbles look to flip it back to the spray mode so now I’ve heard it from any air bubbles that possibly were in there so now I’m ready to spray and when I’m done spraying then I’ll just clean my unit all up and that’s how you operate a small airless sprayer it’s a pretty simple process so when you’re done painting with your airless sprayer I do have a video on how to properly clean your airless sprayer so go check out my channel the Idaho painter and I’ll teach you how to clean it well it’s been another long day at work today outside you an x-ray repaints back.

In the office answering questions from youtube subscribers I got a question from Chris hablo and he wants to know what would be a good all-around airless sprayer to use around his house and just answer your question Chris when I started out painting this very small business I used a Titan 440 I and it was an excellent all-around sprayer it wasn’t very expensive it was small but very useful they don’t make the Titan 440 I now but they got the Titan 440 impact so you don’t need a really big sprayer just need a really good small quality sprayer and I believe it Titan 440.

The impact would be a great sprayer for you want to give a shout out to Jesse Phelan for supporting me on Patreon thank you very much Jesse and also when you’re done watching this video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking on the yellow button right there that way you don’t miss any my upcoming videos and also I got any more videos right over here for you to watch so check out those videos and we’ll see you on my next video.


Airless paint sprays will definitely make any painting job much easier. After all, now there’s just no need to waste time on paint rollers and brushes. These machines will cover large areas quickly so you can save time and money.

But before you buy them, you need to keep in mind the cost, tip sizes, the power source, hose length, and horsepower. There are a lot of other factors that you need to consider as well.

But these are the main factors that you definitely need to keep in mind. Now, if you do consider them, then you will have an airless house paint sprayer that will be perfectly suited for you.

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